Smita Shah Marks Annual Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago

Smita Shah, who is chairperson of the Delhi Committee for Chicago Sister Cities International, joined a few public figures to celebrate the yearly event, Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. Among them were First Lady Amy Eshelman, Andrea Zopp, who is World Business Chicago CEO, Senator Dick Durbin, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot. It would be the fifth year in a row that the man who fought for civil rights initiatives in the world was honored in the event.


Mayor Lightfoot declared Mahatma Gandhi Day on the 2nd of October for the city of Chicago. Through the guidance of Smita Shah, the Delhi Committee for Chicago Sister Cities International created the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon back in 2014. The aim was to honor the long-standing relationship between the United States and Mahatma Gandhi. She believes that the luncheon would bring recognition to the Indian Community of Chicago. Smita Shah viewed it as a way to bring together the various communities in Chicago without leaving anyone behind.


Borrowing from the philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi would inspire people to have an impact on bettering the lives of those around them. Delhi, which is a neighboring city to Chicago, shows a significant connection between the city and India. It also highlights the cultural significance of the Indian-American community in Chicagoland. Smita Shah is also known for her entrepreneurial pursuits. SPAAN Tech is a project management enterprise that focuses on ventures in the field of construction and engineering.


The firm offers and implements workable solutions for a broad range of industries, including water, aviation, energy, transportation, and technology. It provides tech solution services, construction and program management, amenity, energy efficiency, as well as engineering. The head offices of SPAAN Tech are in Chicago, Illinois, where Smita Shah currently works as the president and founder. Before venturing into business, she acquired the basis of her skills using her academic history.


She went to prominent institutions of higher learning like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


(MIT), the University of Oxford, and Northwestern University. Smita Shah graduated in 1994 from Northwestern University, where she got an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering. She then went on to pursue her Master of Science degree in Environmental and Civil Engineering, where she graduated in 1996.


At Oxford University, Smita studied for one year and graduated in 2007 in Management Studies in Business with a Post Graduate Certificate. Aside from her academic credentials, she holds certification for LEED AP BD+C and Professional Engineer (PE) with a particular interest in engineering, construction, and program management.


The World Business Chicago has a subsidiary known as the Chicago Sister Cities International, which is devoted to forging a connection and sharing concepts between Chicago and its partners in the global community. The Chicago Sister Cities International acknowledges the understanding as well as the cooperation via citizen diplomacy and, at the same time, endorsing various cultural arts, tourism, worldwide trade, state exchange, and international education. Learn more:


Background Information


Smita Shah first became a member of the Chicago Sister Cities International and later got the chairperson role for the Delhi Committee. She believes it offers a platform to nurture worldwide leadership in Chicago, along with honoring the multiple communities in the city.

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Jack Plotkin, Harvard Alum, and Modern Healthcare Advances

JACK PLOTKINJack Plotkin has gained notoriety as the CEO of Cardinal Solutions, a modern customized company that focuses on advisory and investment assistance. The firm is based out of New York City and has been gaining success for a number of years now. Plotkin has over 20 years of experience and hands on training when it comes to investment, marketing, and business growth. He is most comfortable working at the crossroads where business and technology join and change lives. With more than 100 past and current Fortune 500 firms having received counseling and advice from Plotkin, he has a wealth of knowledge that can be beneficial for businesses across all major industries. The majority of his passion and focus are in the areas of healthcare and life sciences.

Plotkin feels that we are just now catching up to the full potential that modern medical and technological advances present to us. We now understand that to be living and to be healthy involved more than basic vital signs, lab results, and diagnostic picture. True health and a life worth living is one that relies on much more than the bare minimum. However, what is exceptional about where we are now in the modern world today, is our technical ability to track, record, interpret, and apply a wealth of data and records related to individual health and wellness.

Today we have wearable technology that can record everything from the number of steps we take, to our blood pressure, to our breathing rate, to our blood sugar levels. This gives us access to personalized data that can make developing tailored health care and treatment plans much easier and much more practical. This has been one of the goals of Plotkin and his team, to keep healthcare up to date with the modern time and to ensure people are taking full advantage of the technological tools available to them.


What the future holds remains to be seen but Plotkin and his team are ready to help doctors, health care professionals, researchers, and individuals take the next step towards an even smarter way to monitor and improve health in the digital world we live in today!

Gulf Coast Western

MATTHEW FLEGERWe live in a day and age where making sure impact on the environment is minimal is more important than ever. The oil and energy industry are one that has not changed much in the last few hundred years. Companies seek to make as much profit as possible with little thought into what it does to the environment and the people around it. Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger are going the extra mile to make sure that their company does good and that they can change the industry as we know it.

Instead of opening up new drilling sites or working to make a huge profit, Gulf Coast Western works with existing sites and existing companies to partner and to harvest oil with minimal effect on the environment. Instead of opening up new sites, Gulf Coast Western uses sites that have already been in use. This helps to reduce impact, reduce time that the company has to wait to start working, and also helps to eliminate things like permits that will have to be drawn up.

Gulf Coast Western also takes the time to listen to customers to help make sure that their everyday operations are up to the standards that their customers have grown to expect. Rather than just going on about their business as usual, Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger actually listen to what their partners have to say in an effort to improve overall operations. The company has a fantastic rating on the Better Business Bureau and they are working to do more for the community every day.


With an industry that has been around for so long and that is so stagnant, it is important to change and evolve so that the industry can truly make a difference and move toward something better. Gulf Coast Western is just one company that is eager to spearhead change and they are doing it every single day that they operate.  

James River Capital – Technology for Everyday Financial Goals

JAMES RIVERJames River Capital understands that building savings and capital can be a challenge when day-to-day life – and the associated expenses – continue to distract. However, the firm also understands how modern technology can help make saving and financial management much easier, no matter where you are in your financial life. Here are several important ways that James River Capital suggests you can use technology to help gain control of finances.



  • Connect with a larger community: The online world is filled with communities that can help you spend wisely and save. Are you connected with any of them? Look for apps and online social organizations that focus on creative ways to give, smart savings, how to look for discounts, and more. This will help you make wise spending practices a part of your everyday life.
  • Create goals with financial apps: Financial apps can connect to your bank accounts and give you a healthy snapshot of your financial situation. However, many of them also allow you to set specific financial goals for savings or other objectives. It’s important to learn how to use those goal-setting features to help you meet monthly amounts. Once these apps help you get into the habit, the rest is much easier!
  • Auto payments: While automatic payments aren’t for everyone, they can be very useful to set up for certain monthly bills so that you can ensure you’re never late on them. This may be especially important for credit card debt or loan payments, but automatic payments are quite versatile. Set them up with your online banking services.
  • Invest wisely: Today’s online tools and platforms make investment very easy, even if you’ve never invested before. You don’t have to start with large amounts of money, either: Look for investment apps that allow for smaller investments and simple goals, and make sure you read reviews on any platform before making a choice. A little bit of education can set you up for years of smart investment choices that fit your financial goals.

Stock vs. Cash Donations with HCR Wealth Advisors

With the Holiday season in full swing and the end of the year only days away, it is time for many clients of HCR Wealth Advisors to look into their final donations for this calendar year. HCR clients have the option to donate their stocks instead of cash this holiday season. These organizations have the option to utilize these assets as they see fit by allowing them to grow or cashing them in, based upon their own needs.


When HCR clients donate stocks to their respective charities and organizations, they may be able to receive their tax deduction as they would for any cash donations. When removing these stocks from the portfolio for a donation, they are also removing a tax liability for future payments, which provided double the benefit for the donating client. Beyond the benefits that donating stock has to the client personally, they are donating much more when they choose stocks. Because they have the potential to continue growing in value, these organizations can invest in these stocks for their own wealth management and the donation become much more valuable than its initial value. When a cash donation is gifted, that is the maximum value that an organization can receive from that single donation. HCR Wealth Advisors can help make the switch for clients and ensure that the donation process is properly administered.

The financial experts at HCR Wealth Advisors want to offer their clients a variety of options that allow them the opportunity to maximize their charitable donations and spread their good fortune as far as it can go. While these charitable acts can alleviate some of the tax burdens, having options to give to these causes can make a difference in how an organization will fare in the future and what their options are based upon what was donated. Make your gift count this holiday season and reach out to your advisor today.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

Who is Sergey Petrossov?

SERGEY PETROSSOVThey are known as the Uber of private charter flights, and he is the mind behind them. He is Sergey Petrossov, and they are JetSmarter, but defining who this young and successful businessman is may not be so easy.

He is an innovator, evidenced by his strategic insight and employment of technology via a mobile app in the private jet charter industry. A move that has witnessed his privately-owned company JetSmarter grow from 50 employees in 2015 to more than 260 in just two short years.

He is a creator, which is revealed by his creation of what is essentially an entirely new line of brokerage. Petrossov’s brokerage techniques are creating ways for private jets to maximize available hours and use available charter space in new ways.

Last but not least, Sergey Petrossov is an entrepreneur at heart. He has already founded or successfully co-founded multiple startups as proof of this, but JetSmarter is his crowning achievement thus far. As a privately-owned company valued at $1.5 billion, Petrossov and his company JetSmarter are in rarified air.

This Moscow born and American-raised businessman isn’t done either, and his vision for JetSmarter is far greater than what we’ve already seen, and what we have already seen in a few short years from his company is more than impressive. With offices in continents around the world and flights covering the globe, it looks as if the sky is literally the limit for JetSmarter and its founder.


Who is Sergey Petrossov? Well, that might depend on who you are and when you met him. He could have been that guy with a new innovative idea for a company. Maybe you might have known him as that creative co-founder who was always looking for the unseen angle or better way to get something done?

He is Sergey Petrossov, the smart and successful founder and owner of JetSmarter – and he is an entrepreneur at heart. 

Raffaele Riva – The Renaissance Man of Today

If you wonder who a man of success in business and in life is like and who he is from within, look no further than Swiss Italian investor and international entrepreneur, Raffaele Riva. He is the consummate man of success in what he does, his broad and sought-for-expertise and unquestionable perspective.

Raffaele Riva has businesses in Switzerland, Italy and the U.K. with partners as a senior executive in a multinational corporation with subsidiaries in Canada, Western Europe, South Africa and Latin America. Raffaele Riva does business around the world.

And with his expertise in putting together unique and relevant financial products and services, he has become the resource for his clients when it comes to asset management, real estate, estate and wealth planning, trusts and International investment and business.

As such, he has gained a substantial following as a known international figure inspiring many up-and-coming entrepreneurs and younger achievers in business to persist on their passion, believing in it and to keep learning from their efforts and from anywhere.

Raffaele Riva believes in taking constant action towards a vision above all others and just letting the journey provide the experiences anyone needs to take on the next step. Such a journey will necessarily require a lot of curiosity and humility to learn even from others, especially from those who are a step or two ahead. Raffaele Riva advocates for constant reading to learn and keeping tabs in technology and in the world.

Raffaele Riva shows such a passion in his ability to speak Italian, French and English fluently, in how he takes care of his marriage in spite of his busy schedule and his diverse interests like boating, skiing, auto racing and scuba diving. He walks among art and wine connoisseurs and enjoys his yacht at the Monaco Yacht Club and London Reform Club.

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Privinvest Maintains Global Shipbuilding Prominence

The shipbuilding industry remains one of the more intriguing to study. Commercial vessels, naval warships, and superyachts require expert designers, engineers, manufacterers, and other professionals to come into existence. The quality level required at all levels of production must be exceptional. Otherwise, the company producing the ships won’t last long. Considering the millions, if not billions, of dollars at risk running a shipbuilding enterprise, the company must deliver. For nearly 30 years, Privinvest proved it can deliver incredible ships for a multitude of clients in 40 countries.

Privinvest manufactured 2,000 ships since its founding in 1990. Iskandar Safa, the company’s chief executive officer, co-founding the company with his brother Akram with plans on establishing one of the top shipbuilding companies in existence. Looking over the accomplishments of the Safas and Privinvest, it seems the two strived hard to achieve their goals. The company delivered cutting-edge naval vessels to many militaries around the globe while also producing superyachts for the mega-wealthy. Privinvest’s track record is impressive.

Iskandar Safa stands as the face of the company, and his leadership style helped drive Privinvest to prominence. Recently, the company produced the brilliant Sailing Yacht A at its Nobiskrug shipyard in Germany. Philippe Starck, a designer from France, came up with the idea and plans for Sailing Yacht A to meet the specifications of a billionaire buyer. With the completion and sale of Sailing Yacht A, Safa could proudly announced that two of the grandest superyachts in existence came from Privinvest’s yards. The other vessel, called Yas, went to a prominent buyer in the United Arab Emirates.

High-profile sales of this nature garner publicity for both Safa and Privinvest. Perhaps the publicity will lead to more high-profile contracts. Hopefully, the company will gain publicity for its marine renewable energy and media components, as well.

Jeffrey Stevenson point of View and Career Investment in Media

Contributions to the VeronisSuhler Stevenson (VSS)

Jeffrey Stevenson is a prominent leader and businessman serving at VSS as a managing partner. He is entrusted to provide substantial solutions and ideas to the company to increase logistics. He helps in the management and funds department, ensuring the smooth running of the company. Since 1982, Jeffrey has played a significant role at VeronisSuhler Stevenson as the senior member in the investment committee specializing with the capital and buyout funds.

Jeffrey Stevenson has more than two decades of experience in the investing sector. He advises the clients on private equities providing investment solutions. Before the promotion, Mr. Stevenson served as the executive Vice president in the corporate Finance Department at VSS. He was the founder of this department Stevenson was determined to make significant changes to increase its validity and contributions to the growth and development of the company.

Jeffrey Stevenson has led to significant achievements in the company leading by example and introducing substantial results. Currenly, he is a member of the board, making vital decisions in various departments. The committees include the Access Intelligence, Brand shop, cast and Crew, southern theatres, TMP worldwide, Remedy Health, and ITN Networks. His skills and knowledge are highly appreciated since they are a combination of extensive experience and past outcomes. He is a devoted employee striving to give his best in the company.

Jeffrey Stevenson is a graduate of Rutgers College, where he earned his BA and knowledge to apply various strategies to the business market. Besides his many roles at his current company Mr. Stevenson serves on the SBIA board of governors, Lincoln Center leadership committee, in YPO/WPO board. He shares his intelligence and skills with other people making various contributions.

Changing the Media Environment

Over the years, Mr. Stevenson has taken the initiative to improve the media environment by addressing market trends in the media forum. He is devoted to ensuring there is a significant revolution in the media. His primary focus is on the technology revolution, which Mr. Stevenson believes is the source of media environment change precisely in New York.

According to Jeffrey Stevenson, New York Media and other parts have changed with the mobile user being in control instead of the creator. He points out the need and to review media and the technology influence.

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Fortress Investment Group LLC Values Assessment Strategies for Client returns.

Get your equity assesment at Fortress Investment Group LLC. Since 1998, FIG has evaluated over 40.9 billion dollars in assets. Among plans to manage over 1,750 exclusive contracts for large corporate companies and individual clients. The Fortress staff consist of 500-1100 employees, who analyze investment strategies to generated global resources.

These resources are carefully estimated by the Fortress team to establish a marginalized presentation, talior-made to meet clients needs. At, customers can read more about their “significant experience in investing broadly and deeply in a diverse set of asset types”. Fortress Investment Group LLC strong diversify profile makes their investments techiques attractive to businesses in need of capital. In connection with evaluation standards, Fortress Investment Group LLC takes pride in considering clients financial goals.  The professionals at this company have spent years building relationships by assessing entrupurnurs demands across multiple platforms. Read more on Wikipedia.

Using the most competitive information technology in the investment world. Fortress is able to interpret and communicate extremely complicated market data. Having these tools enhances the companies market advantage over competitors, allowing them to translate information in record time. This contributes to the Fortress operation tremendously, by helping the institution secure liquid and monetary assets. The corporate headquarters is located in New York. The company specializes in private equity funds and credit funds. The company is comfortably positions near the famous Wall Street on Avenue of Americas. Making various deals in specialize finance, building properties and surgical devices this year acording to who list their investor status as an acquired and merging operation subsidiary.

Fortresses financial solution is to assess debt for risk management. Low – yield investments are the way to go with Fortress Group Investment LLC. Saving money to the sweet tune of guarantee profit is an expenditure all investors dream of. So Fortress finds opportunity like the launch of the 2015 opportunity fund 5 and Japan opportunity fund 3, for interested customers looking to advance in their career. Learn More: