How Mike Nierenberg is changing the investment landscape

For many years, Mike Nierenberg has made investment part of his career. Through his company, New Residential Investment Corporation, he has been showing people how to invest in public real estate. He uses a unique approach to investment, and that is the reason he has been mostly successful. According to information from the company’s website, they try to make changes to the investment process, and these changes have always made it easy for people to invest regardless of the project that they are working on. There are many projects that he has invested in, and he still seeks new investment opportunities.

Passion for helping other investors

Mike Nierenberg has a passion for helping people who want to invest. He loves to show people how to make more money, and this is the reason he frequently talks about this topic. If you follow him through his various online platforms, you will notice that he does not miss an opportunity to educate his followers about investment. He also focuses on the latest investment opportunities because he knows that it is the easiest way through which his audience can invest and make money. In addition to that, he tries to make people see things from a different perspective so that they can understand the magnitude of the investment opportunities at their disposal.

A worldwide audience

Although New Residential Investment Corporation has its headquarters in New York, Mike Nierenberg does not restrict his audience to one location, he has a lot of followers coming from various regions in the world. This is the reason he uses the internet to get to this audience. Most of the time, h will be taking questions from his audience and letting them know the most rewarding opportunities. He focuses on real estate, but he also advises people who want to invest in other opportunities.

New Residential Corporation became an independent publicly trading company in 2013, and Mike Nierenberg took over as its leader. It had been a subsidiary of another company, Newcastle Investment Group. Through this company, many people have learnt how to make money by investing in various opportunities.

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Edwin Miranda Transforms Marketing Options Through KOI IXS

Edwin Miranda is the current CEO of KOI IXS, a digital marketing and advertising agency. The firm was founded in 1994, and it has increased utilizing diverse technology for its website some of them including Google Font API and Viewport Meta. Based on its monthly web visitors, KOI IXS was ranked 3,536,433 among other websites in the world.

In current times, the marketing world is changing day by day. There is an endless list of agencies promising instant and unfiltered access to their client’s customer database. But just a few of these agencies are genuine having most of them are full of technological intermediaries. Many clients find themselves in a dilemma of identifying the sure marketing agencies which can fulfill their promises. However, to get a legitimate agency, in-depth research of the company`s history is vital. KOI IXS is a full serviced and performance driven agency with over two decades of service. The agency also hires a talented group of designers, thinkers, creators, and strategists who deliver quality services based on the needs of the clients.

Edwin Miranda is a graduate of the Inter America University of Puerto Rico where he specialized with business administration and marketing. One of the biggest virtue that has led Miranda to prosper in his endeavors is self-belief. Driving a big firm like KOI IXS, which has a successful proven track of record takes courage, and bold passion for accepting challenges, factors which have assisted Edwin Miranda greatly. Also, another ingredient for success is the corporation according to Miranda. During an interview he participated, Miranda advised those in business to involve others whom they trust and try to share duties among themselves, as a strong team is only way business grows.

As the Founder and CEO of KOI IXS, Miranda is dedicated to helping global brands to acquire, market and create beneficial customer engagement through his company.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina continues with is health care efforts

When you mention Shafik Sachedina, what comes to the minds of many people is Sussex Health Care. This facility provides support and peace of mind for those who provide care to those people suffering to dementia. Sussex Health Care staff keeps on gaining knowledge on the dementia progression to enable them to provide the best possible care to the loved ones who are battling dementia. Learn more about Shafik Sachedina at

Dr. Shafik Sachedina career in health dates back to 1975 after graduating from Guys Hospital Medical and Dental School as a dental surgeon. He practiced his profession for a long time, even though at heart, he knew he was an entrepreneur. Following his entrepreneurial spirit, Shafik Sachedina opened Sussex Health Care as well as care centers and support services.

Together with his team of compassionate healthcare providers, they have provided health care at his facility or the elderly, irrespective of whether they need a car for their dementia or not. They achieve this through the maintenance of their physical health, activities like cookery, handicrafts as well as quizzes. The facility also provides support to those with learning disabilities, around the clock service that is tailored to the individual needs of every resident. Health care providers at Sussex Health also cater to those who need Neurological care, like the ones suffering from Motor Neuron Disease, Huntington’s disease, and Multiple Sclerosis. Shafik Sachedina has also put together a specialized team that focuses on providing care to those with Brain Injury, whether or not it includes Spinal Cord Lesion.

Dr. Shafik belongs to the Agha Khan Development Network Committee, chairs the Focus Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee. He belongs to several committees that aim to have better relations with different societies and different faiths. An exemplary leader promotes better relationships with people of different religions and cultures. Dr. Shafik Sachedina continues to use his gift of knowledge as well as compassion to impact the community in a way that not only benefits those in need of longstanding care but also supporting their loved ones as they wade through the process of providing care with them. The idea is to ensure the families remain together throughout the process.

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A Look into the SEC Whistleblower Program

Since various people and institutions have been violating the federal securities laws, Congress came up with a whistleblower program as a countermeasure. Every whistleblower is entitled to an award that ranges from 10% to 30% depending on the monetary sanctions that the SEC has collected. Other regulatory bodies also chip in wherever possible. Employers cannot also engage in any form of retaliation against their employees who may have come forth to issue evidence of some violations that may be taking place within a company.

To be an eligible whistleblower, you must be in a position to provide information that is entirely original regarding a certain violation that corresponds with the federal securities laws. By utilizing the information that you have provided, the SEC can recover monetary sanctions that amount to more than $1 million. The only restrictions are that an organization or a corporation cannot qualify to be a whistleblower. Although you may not be an employee of the company that has violated the federal securities, you still qualify to be a whistleblower. You should also comply with the whistleblower rules when issuing information about the fraudulent activities of a company to the SEC whistleblower office.

Depending on the SEC tips, an investigation will then be carried out. The information that is present should also be credible so that it may be followed up by the investigative staff. Such information will help in identifying the individuals present in the scheme. Some of the fraudulent transactions will also be unveiled, and some materials will also be used as evidence. If the information does not align with the violation of the federal securities laws, the SEC whistleblower lawyer will forward the case to another body that will handle the case accordingly.

When providing information to an SEC whistleblower attorney, there are various instructions that you should follow. The cases that the SEC handles include; insider trading, misappropriation of securities, pyramid schemes or Ponzi schemes, manipulation of the volume of securities, and other fraudulent activities that involve securities.

A person provides information voluntarily even before the SEC requests it from your attorney. The information that you provide should also coincide with your independent analysis. It should also be original meaning that any other individual has not presented it as evidence.

If the information that you are providing relates to an ongoing case, you qualify to be a whistleblower. The SEC whistleblower can utilize such information to their advantage when investigating a particular corporation that has violated the federal securities laws. If you report the news to your company first, then the corporation engages the SEC, you will still qualify to become a whistleblower. An internal investigation will then commence.

Rebel Wilson’s Isn’t it Romantic


Isn’t it romantic is an anti-rom-com movie, currently on Netflix, featuring Rebel Wilson, an Australian born actress, writer, and producer. She is known as Natalie in the movie and acts alongside Jennifer Saunders who casts as her mother.

The thirty-eight-year-old graduate from the Australian Theatre for Young People started her career by appearing as Toula on a comedy series known as Pizza and a sketch comedy series The Wedge. Five years later she won the Tropfest best actress award for the role she played in Bargain and hence appeared in City Homicide as a guest.

Isn’t it romantic and the normal romance comedy movies

The movie deviates from the normal rom-com movies and by large chooses not to blend with their characteristics. With the normal expectations that Wilson would fall for her best friend Devine, Wilson Rebel does not seem to see that he is the best man for her.

She then falls for a doctor who she wakes up to in a hospital. It is also the norm of rom-com movies that the leads have to be unattainably hot with the audience and everyone, in particular, being able to see their attraction to each other before they do.

This is not the case in this movie since the doctor and Rebel’s attraction and falling in love is in a way spontaneous. Save for the hospital scene, not every scene in the movie is bright and colorful as would be expected.

It is however evident that the movie does not fully separate itself from the mother genre as Wilson’s life later becomes a rom-com complete with the romantic comedy tropes after she falls in love with the hot doctor. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Why Wilson is the perfect role for the cast

Wilson is able to derive humor from social awkwardness. Her ability to identify her shortcomings and brush them off in a humorous way makes her even better. This helps her embody her character which is by large mostly bewildered.

Background music and the scenes

The background music perfectly blends with the scenes. For instance, the music that accompanies the hospital scene is perfectly placed, the romantic type of music coming from Vanessa Carlton. Other tracks are filled with Donna Lewis, Six Pence None the Richer as well as Annie Lenox.


It is amazing how the movie is able to make fun of the overused statements in rom-com movies both cheekily and naughtily. With the satire in it, it is able to ignite interest even from the non-rom-com movie lovers as well.

Wilson is nevertheless a perfect cast. The movie is absorbing and lovely with the ability to capture an audience in its one hour and thirty-nine minutes of cast.

Mike Nierenberg Contributions to Investment World for the Last Two Decades

Mike Nierenberg is without a doubt one of the most versatile investment managers in New York and one of the most respected real estate experts around the world. In his long career, he is fortunate to have worked with some of the best investment companies. In his latest interview, he pointed out that working for different companies expanded his view on management and investment in general. Here are some of the lessons he has learned from his two decades career in investment management. Working with companies such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch has helped him in understanding different dynamics in the global market for alternative investments.

Big banks such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch have unmatched policies, and according to Mike, some policies are long term. From this institution, Mike Nierenberg understood that having a long-term view on investment is ideal especially in the money market. The same applies to his business tenure at JP Morgan, where he points out that although the organization was relatively smaller to Bank of America, the same long-term approach still applies. Second, in the last two decades, he has understood the worth of working as a team. Teamwork according to Mike Nierenberg is underrated but is the key to capitalizing on the investment trends. Regardless of the company he has been part of, some structures encourage teamwork.

This understanding according to him has helped him to apply the same philosophy at New Residential Investment Corp. Thanks to his execution of this ideal, the company growth is currently at its best, and many pundits believe that in the next five years, it will be a global reference point in real estate. Thirdly, in his long career, Mike Nierenberg understands the value of service expansion. Although the best place to capture what a company is passionate about is from a blueprint, change is important. In all the companies he has been part of, there is an aspect of change. Unlike many investment markets, dealing with real estate requires a company to understand that some factors are not constant and changing is therefore important. He has helped many companies to adapt to changes. Some of the companies include Fortress and JP Morgan. Click here.


Deirdre Baggot on her revolutionary bundled payments

Deirdre Baggot is a seasoned clinician and hospital executive. She helped pioneer bundled payments thanks to her leadership for Acute Care or CMS ACE Episode. She is also credited with the development of consulting practices that focus on innovations in bundled payments and payment reform for two advisory firms in the healthcare sector.

Throughout her career,Baggot has been instrumental in her field, developing client relationships while designing and implementing strategies and programs for over 200 hospitals and sixty bundles. This has seen patient experiences improve significantly while clinical outcomes have not only become more accurate but also less costly. As a result, the hospitals and physicians have shared in the savings. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot at

Deirdre Baggot also doubles up as a senior advisor to various senior leadership and healthy system boards. Her expertise has also been tapped by Centers for Medicaid and Medicare services thanks to bundled payments.

Based on Baggot’s hard work in the medical field, she has received national recognition. This is especially so for her revolutionary work on bundled payments. In the course of her tenure, she has received several invitations to be a keynote speaker in various medical conferences. Some of the organizations that have benefited from her services include the American College of Health Executives, the American Heart Association, Innovation Summit, Medtronic, SAS, Pay-for-performance Summit among others.

Baggot has not stopped at introducing bundled payments. Her constant research on the topic has seen her write well over twenty papers on healthcare reform as well as bundled payments and her much-hyped payment transformation. She has also served in various leadership roles at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital and University of Michigan Health System.

Deirdre Baggot is a proud holder of a Ph.D. degree from the University of Colorado. She is also a Gregory LaVert Scholar and holds a Nursing Bachelor of Science.

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About Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He is a specialist in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. His main aim was and remains to help patients achieve high-quality health throughout all the stages of their lives. His commitment is in providing the advantage of the emerging medical studies to his patients.

Dr. Dov Rand and his team have expertise in providing treatments on many different health issues. The doctor is popularly known for his expertise in treating erectile dysfunction using emerging methods. He uses a treatment philosophy on the approach of” pill for ill’ when treating his patients. Dr. Dov Rand engages in health optimization from a prevention position. He teaches his clients on ways to create sustainable health for themselves.

Insightful Career of Dr. Dov Rand

Acting as a role model to his patients is one thing that he takes pride in. Dr. Dov Rand does this by ensuring he leads a healthy and active life. He involves himself in activities that keep him sharp and help him to gain more knowledge which he uses in his daily practices.

Continuous learning of new information is the key to his success. Attending conferences and frequent reading of books helps Dr. Dov Rand to advance his professional development. Bringing his patients the benefits of new scientific information allows them to be healthy in ways that could not have been possible before.

Dr. Dov Rand is a great believer in continuing with education. He recommends people to use anything from which they can get information from. He encourages people to use the internet and peers as sources of information to stay abreast of their fields other than just focusing on school.

Counsel to Young People

Dr. Dov Rand advises young people to believe in themselves and not to trust other people blindly. He tells them to do what they can to achieve their goals and be who they want to become in the future. By doing this, he assures them of attaining the best in life. He also recommends people to read the “unbroken” which he believes is truly inspiring.

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Vijay Eswaran Speaks At Concordia Summit

Vijay Eswaran is seeing what the effects of technological change in the workplace climate are doing, and he often speaks on how entrepreneurship in the Asian business community is doing with this. He attended the Concordia Summit in New York this last fall in which he brought up the need to keep updating university curriculums to make sure students have the correct training for their respective industries. Eswaran and his holding company, QI Group Ltd. own a stake in a Malaysian college known as QI University. He also spoke on how more women were becoming business leaders, but he still believes there is a lot more work to do on that front.

Vijay Eswaran is Malaysian-born but also has family history in India. He graduated in 1986 with an MBA from Southern Illinois University, and then 12 years later cofounded QI Group Ltd. The key company QI manages is QNet, a direct selling and network marketing organization. Eswaran chose this business model because people who know how to make sales can earn commissions on their own selling QNet products and using their own sales strategies. He also opened up several other businesses including QI Lifestyle and a finance and investment firm known as QI Asset Management.

Vijay Eswaran is not only a business executive, but he also writes books and blogs on spiritualism. He believes having a spiritual routine and following certain dieting rituals to have the right mindset and discipline when he arrives at the office. Eswaran wrote about this in his books “In the Sphere of Silence” and “18 Stepping Stones.” Vijay Eswaran has also closely embraces his father Vijayratnam’s principles of generosity and sacrifice, and as a philanthropist he’s even named a foundation in his honor that supports special needs children programs, environmental issues and educational resources for poorer communities. In addition to the Concordia Summit, he’s been an honorary speaker at the World Economic Forum, and the Prime Minister of India invited him to speak at the 2012 6th Pravasi Divas.

Genucel Produces Anti-aging Products Through Chamonix

The Genucel System is an anti-aging line that consists of four anti-aging products that are meant to provide you with smooth and youthful skin. Aging causes the skin to become loose and therefore any accumulation of fluid causes the skin to become saggy and puffy. This is why old people have eye bags and puffy eyes because their skin is loose and the fluid causes it to sag. Genucel products are formulated with some of the best ingredients that are meant to tighten the skin and brighten it up to look youthful and rejuvenated. These ingredients have been tested on humans, and therefore when purchasing Genucel products, one is guaranteed that they will work. People that have used Genucel products before can attest that they work especially when it comes to eliminating eye bags.

One major ingredient that is contained in the Genucel products is called Eyeseryl. If you have eye bags that you would like to get rid of, Genucel is the product line to go for. This is because these products contain twice the amount of Eyeseryl than any other anti-aging products. Eyeseryl is an ingredient that eliminates any swelling or puffiness that might have been caused by the accumulation of fluid in the eye region. Eyeseryl has been effective in elimination this congestion and providing you with smooth skin. Eyeseryl is also an important ingredient because it eliminates any glycation that is caused on the skin, Glycation is not good for the skin because it makes it appear droopy and saggy. Therefore this is a powerful ingredient in the Genucel line.

Genucel by Chamonix products also contain powerful antioxidants that are important in correcting any DNA damaging caused in the skin cells. Some of the anti-oxidants that are contained in this product include goji berry extract, green tea leaf extract, and algal extract. The algal extract is also essential because it is an anti-inflammatory ingredient. This is important in eliminating any toxins that may have built up in the skin cells or the body as well. Collagen is also another product that is contained in Genucel, and it is made from the skin, scales, and bones of marine fish. Collagen serves as an essential anti-aging ingredient because it strengthens the skin and tightens it. Therefore if you have saggy skin collagen is essential in ensuring that it is tight and it is rejuvenated. All these ingredients are infused in the Genucel system that ensures you get youthful skin. To know more about Genucel visit LinkedIn.