Master Of The Mortgage Market

Michael Nierenberg worked for Bear Stearns for 14 years. Some of the titles he held were head of interest rate trading operations as well as being the co-head of structured products. He was also involved with mortgage backed securities trading and also served on the board during his time with Bear Stearns. Prior to his time at Bears Stearns, he was with the now-defunct Lehman Brothers.

During this time, he successfully guided his professional career through the crippling mortgage crisis of 2007. Navigating those waters was indeed challenging, yet he found solutions and a way to move on and now he is CEO of New Residential Investment (NRI). Mr. Nierenberg likely earned the equivalent of his PhD in mortgage-backed securities during the crisis, and now he runs a REIT based on opportunistic deals in residential real estate.

This could well represent the next junk bond market. NRI is also involved with the non agency mortgage backed securities market (RMBS), which ballooned from a $600 billion market in 2003 to over $2 trillion at its peak in 07. RMBS mortgages are privately held and not backed by the US government, or any of its entities, because the borrowers could not meet the standards, so there is credit risk. Just like with junk bonds, where there is credit risk, there is money to be made. Click here.


Matt Badiali Shares Investment Opportunities In The Marijuana And Metals Industries

Real Wealth Strategist is a newsletter that is put out by Banyan Hill Publishing. This company, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, in an investment analysis firm. Real Wealth Strategist is edited by Matt Badiali. He is a geologist and financial analyst who is well-known as an expert when it comes to investing in commodities.

Real Wealth Strategist is published monthly and sent out to its subscribers in an email. It cost between $47 to $129 a year which includes the newsletter and several ebooks. In each issue, Matt Badiali explores the latest happenings and trends in natural resources and commodities stocks. He covers gold mining, marijuana, copper, lumber, and all other commodities. If it can be mined or grown he will write about it.

Real Wealth Strategist offers stock tips. The types of companies he recommends his readers buy stocks of are those that are growing and showing stability. This can include major oil firms, pipeline firms, cannabis growers, metal mining firms, and more. In addition, Matt Badiali offers his subscribers a model portfolio, trade alerts, a podcast, and a website that only subscribers can access. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

He has been focused on marijuana stocks during 2019. He says that there is a huge opportunity in these stocks because they will benefit once the American federal government legalizes medical marijuana. Investors that get in early stand to turn every $50 invested into $2,080 or even more. Matt Badiali says that this market will increase by over 4,000 percent.

Marijuana reports are bundled in with Real Wealth Strategist. One of these reports is “Marijuana Millionaires: How to make 10X Profits in a $475 Billion Industry”. Matt Badiali says that average investors can earn millions if they buy stocks in the right companies. One marijuana is legalized across the United States investors will make a huge return on investment.

He also includes another report with a paid subscription, “the Mining Coup of the Millenium”. This report shares details on a Canadian mining firm that has a huge deposit of valuable metals. This includes 12 million ounces of gold and 25 billion pounds of copper. He calls this the opportunity of a lifetime for investors. Learn more:

Matt Fleeger on Traits To Think About

Matt Fleeger is an operator in the oil and gas industry, as an operator within this industry, he must be quick, sharp, and on his game on a regular basis. As such, Matt Fleeger is prone to stay busy but productive. He may not have time to check on Instagram or other social media sites because he has to stay focused.

The idea of reading random business or celebrity blogs may not be on his agenda either, he can not simply scroll on his device if he wants to make something out of his company in this world. Endless hours on Reddit or different shows such as the Game of Thrones doesn’t apply to him either. He must act as a key producer in his life and within his industry to pay the bills and keep his entity going. As such, he can not consume all day, he must prioritize the act of production.

Matt Fleeger may know that consumption is easy to do, it is something that most can get caught up in but Fleeger must keep his business running. Instead, Matt Fleeger may think about business topics, about how to refine processes, about how to hire the right people to move his company forward in a concrete manner.

Being Passionate About Work

Proper people that may be a good fit for his company would be those that have the brain, the energy and the time to possibly work ahead whereas person B is scrambling to get work done.

The way people think varies from one person to the next which is why corporations have a specific way of performing tasks and handling situations. This is to streamline the process and to have stability in daily routines. While creativity is necessary for emergency situations or problems that have not been encountered before,it might not be appropriate for daily tasks.

Luke Lazarus Unique Approaches to Startup Marketing Consultancy

Luke Lazarus has a set of principles which have helped him to rise above challenges and become successful in business. He always strives to stay productive and make the most out of his time. Lazarus believes that successful people have a tendency to keep looking always. His track record of achievements speaks for itself.

He has worked with many CEOs across Australia to identify, define and address matters that contribute to business success.

He prides himself in more than twenty years of experience in the business world. In the course of his career, he has helped corporate leaders to formulate business plans as well as assess contributing factors to success and set appropriate priorities. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

Looking back to where it started, he realized he had a thing for business while young. He went ahead to pursue his ambition by earning an Executive MBA at Melbourne School.

He got into entrepreneurship at the age of 24 and started several enterprises which he later sold after becoming successful. Business people got interested in his skills and he leveraged his experience to help struggling businesses to get on their feet.

Luke Lazarus appreciates the role a business plan plays in the success of a business venture. It serves as a guide to create a vision, limitations and provide a financial model that supports it.

From his point of view, a business plan is a product story that would help investors, customers and employees to understand the business better.

Once a business plan is in place, you will need funding. Lazarus comes in to help his clients to secure funding leveraging his storytelling technique.

He uses storytelling to mobilize startup boardrooms and investors to in arms to take the business forward. With his ability to use illustrations which members can relate to on a deeper level, his ability to secure funding is unmatched.

Another challenge which businesses today are struggling with is marketing. He chips in to identify important variables before launching a new venture or product.

Lazarus is also instrumental in the formulations of plans that drives organized sales. He does that through developing a complete outline which incorporates marketing plans.

He is often faced with the question of how he manages to stay productive owing to his success in what he does. Early in the morning, he meditates for 10 to 15 minutes. During the day, he multitasks to accomplish as much as possible within a short time. He is good at keeping time and making every minute count.

When it comes to bringing ideas to life, Luke Lazarus designs solutions that only improves performance in the marketplace. He is always striving to make product become synonymous with the its describing story.

Looking back, the only regret he has is being anxious. If he could go back to his hey days, he would reassure himself that he had the drive to succeed.

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Gino Pozzo is the Leader in European Sports Club Management

Gino Pozzo’s the son of two sports enthusiasts from Udine, Italy, named Gianpaolo and Guiliana Pozzo. Pozzo believes he caught the football fan bug from his parents who had a woodworking business in Italy until they sold it in 2008. Presently, Gino Pozzo’s the CEO of the Watford FC Sports Club, and Mr. Pozzo wants you to be among the fans.

On his mother’s side, Gino Pozzo is related to former presidents of the Udinese Sports Club. The entire Pozzo family are devoted fans of the Udinese Sports Club. Using the profits from the family tool-making business, Gianpaola Pozzo bought the Udinese Sports Club in 1986. Today, the family runs an electric appliance business in Barccelona, Spain.

When Gino Pozzo was 18-years-old, he left Italy for the United States to attend college.

Pozzo earned a bachelors degree and a master’s degree at Harvard University. After completing his education, Pozzo married a Catalan woman and moved to Barcelona, Spain. In 2013, after 20 years in Spain, Pozzo, his wife, and three children moved to London, England. Gino Pozzo has become involved with the daily operations of the football club on Vicarrage Road.

The family focuses its investments in football clubs. Udinese Football Club rose to fame ever since the Pozzo family bought it. The Pozzo management of sports club ownership is held up as a model for anyone who wants to own and run a sports club. Udinese is the most forward thinking club in all of Europe. Udinese was purchased with passionate love of football, not wealth alone. Pozzo purchased the Watford Football Club in 2012. Udinese taught the Pozzo family how to handle the financial issues surrounding the Watford Football Club. Watford Football Club was struggling. Its best days were in the 1980s. Watford improved after the Pozzo purchase.

Ashley Lightspeed: Female Driven Economy

Ashley Lightspeed is no doubt considered to be one of the most revered and sought-after talents in the venture capital industry. Her ability to recognize trends and develop innovative business strategies is the reason for her success. Recently, Lightspeed Venture Partners announced that Ashley would be joining the team. The addition of Ashley Lightspeed will no doubt provide the venture capital firm with an asset that has proven herself time and time again. In a recent interview, Ashley Lightspeed spoke about her career, life as well as shared some advice for young entrepreneurs.

Can you provide us with some productivity advice?

Ashley states that although she isn’t a morning person, she finds that waking up earlier than usual and getting small tasks such as emails or phone calls out of the way lead to a more confident day. She adds that when setting the alarm for her morning, she always makes sure to place an Alexa alarm instead of her phones, this helps her not immediately look at her phone. As for the day, Ashley Lightspeed explains that it’s mostly filled with client meetings, this, of course, being her favorite part of the day because it allows her to be creative.

Are there any recommendations for up and coming entrepreneurs?

Stay very close to your customers and see how they react to your product, says Ashley. Ashley recalls while working for Thumbtack the many instances where she needed to stay close to her customers. This allowed her to see not only if they liked the product but how it was used throughout their daily lives. It also provided her with very valuable information on how the product could be improved.

Is there a current trend that you find interesting?

Ashley explains that one of the most exciting trends that she sees rising is the demographic shift in the country. She believes that the baby boomers have not only caught on to technology but will as they become older in age require and demand better technology within their homes. Therefore, there is a huge opportunity in the home IoT technology sector.


Todd Levine: One of the Most Respected Lawyers in Florida

There are many law firms operating currently in the United States, but the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. Law Firm stands out because of the number of business clients whom they have represented through the years. Todd Levine is one of the attorneys working with the law firm, and he is satisfied with how he is performing. As an attorney that represents the business sector, it is important for him to gather every detail about the case, and create a strategy that would enable him to create arguments that would protect his client.

Most of the cases that he handled in the past ended in favor of him and most of his clients are happy that they have trusted an attorney like him to handle their cases. Todd Levine is one of the premier lawyers working with the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. Law Firm, and because of the competitive nature of the law firm, they have been awarded some of the highest recognition in the legal services industry.

Todd Levine has been bringing his own ideas to life through merging creativity with logical thinking. When he is not inside the court to represent a client, Todd Levine is busy playing with musical instruments. He is also dedicating some of his time creating artworks, and the combined focus and creativity is helping him transform his mind to better cope with the stress inside the court. When he goes back inside the court as an attorney, it would be easier for him to create strategies that can help him uncover the weaknesses of the opposing party. It can also enable him to point out some flaws on the arguments of the opposing team, much to the delight of his clients.

Todd Levine is also telling his clients about the importance of being prepared, especially if they will be facing the judges inside the court. As an attorney, he would advise his clients to look for pieces of evidence that can help them with the case, and in the end, the results are in their favor. Today, many people are flocking to his law firm and asking him to represent them in court.

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Betterworks Survey Shows Managers Need More Resources To Be Effective

Research from Betterworks revealed that people want the management of talent to improve as businesses are being hurt by the shortcomings. The concerning aspects of organizations’ talent management are summarized in the report. There were over 1,000 managers surveyed in the industry all working in areas that had over 500 employees.

Improvements Needed

The roles that managers play in performance improvements, motivation and development of teams is not a large one. Betterworks found that the areas of talent management were all considered to be in need of improvements in the organizations. People who manage other people do not always feel they have the support they need to do their job and the performance and management of talent is suffering.


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Research Insights

There is no longer a sense of purpose for managers. Companies with clear objects are performing 42% better than those that do not. Management feels that organizations lack purpose and the organizational alignment faces several challenges. A third of managers thought that employees clearly understood the vision and mission of companies while less than 40% thought the values were lived by the senior leaders.


Companies Lack of Alignment

Over half of the managers surveyed believed that priorities and goals were not communicated clearly enough for all team members to know what they were responsible for. The percentage was similar when it came to not clearly understanding the top priorities for companies during the following year. Managers do not feel that they are provided the proper training and people are primarily rewarded on the level of the job and the amount of time at the company.

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James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Gives Back

James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management gives back often to make sure that the city of Dallas has all the support that it needs. There are several places that he has given back, and he has made sure to put down roots so that he could be a part of the community. Highland Capital Management sets aside money every year to give to a number of causes, and James gives his own money to these same causes. Because of this, he has become one of the champions of giving in the city. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

There are a number of people who have benefited from what James has done, and James often finishes up the fundraising for many different organizations. He wants these causes to have the money that they need, and his company has stepped in just like he has to give the money that would make dreams come true.


There are many people who would like to come to James for help, and they often hear from him when they have questions about how they could get him to bring in more partners. James Dondero will match donations for a number of different causes, and he will continue to look for local causes that he believes could be best helped by the money that he can provide or the funds that his company can provide. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

The Beginnings For Dick And Betsy DeVos

Almost 30 years ago, Dick was working for the family company when he learned of plans to construct a new convention center and sports arena in the downtown Grand Rapids area. Though he was trying to work his way up the ladder to CEO of Amway, Dick DeVos decided he had to do something to try and stop the plans from going through.


He made some calls to other prominent business leaders in the area and together they formed the Grand Action Group. They all felt the new convention center was going to be detrimental to the area. Though they were not successful stopping the plans from going through, they still felt there were lessons to learn from trying.


Both Betsy and Dick DeVos came from families who were wealthy. Instead of living a lavish lifestyle and doing nothing constructive, they both spent much of their lives trying to change policies and institutions. They are both mega-donors for the GOP. Their political influences and big donations have helped to cause major changes in both labor and education state laws.


In 2012, Dick changed the Michigan law that allowed employees to be able to work without having to become members of unions. During that time, Betsy was working on expanding charter schools across the country. She was successful in this and in time became the Education Secretary for President Trump.


Though the pair are big in politics and education, their generosity with donations extends into other areas as well. From 1989 to 2015, the family reportedly gave away more than $139 million in donations to other types of charities such as health and human services, arts and culture, leadership programs, churches and policy initiatives that are centered around educational reform and scholarships for students attending private school systems.


DeVos Backed Charter School Growing


Betsy and Dick opened up a charter school in an unused area of the Grand Rapids airport in western Michigan. It is a nonprofit school that started with only 80 students. There are more than 1,000 students to date and many of the kids attending have to take public transportation from out of the country to attend. Each spring, a public lottery is held for the school to pick the students who can attend when applications exceed the openings.


The couple also founded the group called Great Lakes Education Project. It is an educational school-choice organization that fights for school advocacy. Recently, Michigan had a bailout for the Detroit school district. The DeVos’ group and many other groups fought together to get rid of the proposal created that would make the formation of a commission necessary to conclude whether public and charter schools could be opened. They were successful and able to block the proposal.


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