Shervin Pishevar Discusses Monopolies’ Influence upon Small business

According to Shervin Pishevar, monopolies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook limit the growth of small startups. This adversely impacts innovation. It results in the centralization of new ideas. The whole economy suffers in this situation.

The monopolies described by Shervin Pishevar have been an enemy of capitalism since the advent of the global economy. Nevertheless, they grew strong enough to set the stage for central banks. Alone, these events are not the most desirable circumstances. However, combined with nearly absolute power the result is a stifling of the economy.

These organizations have even demonstrated an ability to circumvent first world governments. Shervin Pishevar compels one to consider, that with so much power at their disposal, how can small startups expect to compete, let alone turn a profit. Notice that the monopolies discussed here are all US companies. The US is home to small business. This illustrates the magnitude of the global domination that big businesses have over the world.

The technology sector becomes a bigger part of the global economy with each passing year. Innovation has shown to be critical to technological advancement. This sector does not stand still. One can only speculate what might happen if it did. It is a foregone conclusion that computers will become faster, homes smarter, and cars more automated. These occurrences are as secure as when oil was compared to gold. Technological innovation is so impactful that philanthropic organizations dedicate their efforts toward digital interconnectivity. This includes the most remote regions of the third world.

As important as technology is to the economy and innovation is to technology, ideas are the starting point. Without ideas, innovation might only be limited to speed. All the world could be still sitting in front of high-performance PC’s without smartphones if it were not for idea men like Steve Jobs. This is where Shervin Pishevar shines. Small business is the breeding grounds for ideas. Yes, large corporations have formidable research and development departments, but they have an underlying agenda. Corporations need to make administrative decisions that blind them to possibilities that small businesses find apparent.

Dedicated And Determined, Mark Mofid Will Change Plastic Surgery Forever

Dr. Mark Mofid is widely known for his unique approach to the medical field, which is namely his desire to improve the field as well as patient relations. Mark works out of California and has his own practice in the San Diego area. Mark was dedicated to becoming a licensed professional and a successful plastic surgeon from a young age, which drove him to attend the John Hopkins University School of Medicine as well as Harvard University, where he took his undergraduate courses.

There are many hospitals throughout the San Diego area, and Mark regularly moves to different ones to work and perform surgery. Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, Palomar Medical Center, and Scripps Memorial Hospital are a few of the hospitals he has taken up work. Much of Dr. Mark Mofid’s achievements and history has been published in various articles that encompass the plastic surgery field. Mark’s reputation today is gaining a lot of momentum thanks to his improvements to the industry, which include high-quality implants and safer procedures.

Mark Mofid knows the impact that is created by plastic surgery’s, which is why he strives to create a good and unique experience every time for each client. Mark’s methods are what has allowed him to achieve such success and acknowledgment from various prestigious organizations for plastic and reconstructive surgery. Mark continues to research each and every day to create new and better methods of performing plastic surgery on patients.

Mark’s methods take each patient’s needs and desire into mind while also removing the risky parts of the plastic surgery process. Using the highest standards in medicine and the latest instruments available, Mark is able to perform some of the best and longest lasting plastic surgery procedures. Thanks to Mark’s many years of hands-on experience and study of other surgeons around the world, including Brazil, he has been able to nearly perfect his method for delivery to his clients. Dr. Mark Mofid’s results are so good that he regularly has clients seek him out begging for his work.

Talk Fusion: The Answer to Your Business Marketing Strategy

Talk Fusion is an app that can take a company’s marketing efforts to the next level by increasing sales and profits through the use of video that is engaging and which provides a memorable experience.


Company Description


In 2007, Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion, and it is quickly expanding globally by providing video communication that is cutting edge for organizations and individuals. Talk Fusion believes that it doesn’t matter about the type of industry, country, or your goal they can help your business through video email, video chat, video newsletters, live meetings, and sign-up forms. In many instances, most people utilize several companies for their marketing needs, but Talk Fusion has all of the marketing tools you need on one platform making your marketing efforts more streamlined


Features of Talk Fusion


The Fusion on the Go App provides businesses with a competitive edge by offering features such as video email. Video email allows companies to effortlessly connect with their contacts by being able to oversee marketing campaigns from any location. Incorporating video email messaging provides your clients with a personalized experience. The experience of video messaging will get your clients attention in a way that can never be achieved through a written promotional email, Talk Fusion’s level of engagement result in more clickthrough’s.


The App is available on both Google Play and the iTunes stores. On Android devices, you will need to access the 4.4.3 system or a newer version. You can download the app on iPads, the iPod Touch, and iPhones that feature the iOS 7 operating system.


Using the App


Sending videos can be done directly from the app. You will be able to record live video or upload a previously recorded video; then you can choose a template for the video. Also, there’s an option to change display names and add other features to make the video more cohesive. Talk Fusion can not only be used for business purposes, but it can be used for your personal life with family and friends. Unlimited messages can be sent to your professional or personal acquaintances as long as you have 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection. Learn more:


Talk Fusion’s user-friendly setup and speedy functionality make it clear that they are aiming to be the premier business app that attracts the masses. Reina believes in Talk Fusion adhering to the highest business practices and states that “with great success comes greater responsibility.”




Talk Fusion Delivers Award-Winning Video Communication Products And Video Marketing Solutions

Heal and Soothe My Aching Joints!

     Heal and Soothe is a joint formula that was developed for men and women who are battling the aches and pains that are all too common for people to experience as they get older. As a person ages, they oftentimes discover the hard way that the activities they once took for granted have become painful and difficult. For some people, even walking around their home becomes a painful task. For many, a day will come when they wake up with red, painful, swollen joints. When they visit the doctor, they may be shocked and dismayed to find that the only option the doctor can offer to keep the inflammation under control is to take costly immunosuppressant drugs or chemotherapy “light” drugs for the rest of their life.

Heal and Soothe was developed for the person who believes deep down that there has to be something else that they can do to increase the quality of their life without taking years off of their life by taking dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Heal and Soothe is all natural and does not contain any harmful ingredients. In the pain relief category, Heal and Soothe has clear benefits over NSAIDs. NSAIDs are a category of drugs which have been linked to the destruction of a person’s stomach lining. In the end NSAIDs only make pain much worse because when a person’s stomach lining is destroyed, the food that they consume will leak into their bloodstream and cause even more pain and inflammation.

The ingredients used in Heal and Soothe are carefully selected to reduce inflammation. The ingredients are gentle and aid in healing the body and getting rid of pain and inflammation. Just ponder a few of the ingredients found in Heal and Soothe. These ingredients are from nature. Turmeric and ginger are from roots that grow in the ground. Bromelain is from pineapple. Rutin is found in plants and fruits. Heal and Soothe does not contain any strange chemicals that are difficult to pronounce. Only natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients are used in Heal and Soothe, so don’t let the pain get the best of you and prevent you from living life to its fullest. Don’t wait another minute to get your life back. Get your bottle today!

Read more about this product at

Securus Technologies Keeping Correctional Institutions Safe from the Use of Contraband Supplies

There has been a law on using drones over high-security areas such as airports, prisons, and government buildings. But, the law has not stopped criminals from flying these drones over the premises to carry out illegal activities. If one follows the news, they would know that there is always a new report of drones being detected over prisons and how correctional officers were able to shot down some drones carrying illegal goods meant for inmates. But, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Prison officials are not equipped or trained to spot these drones that can fly at several heights without being seen. The operator can manage the drone from far off. It means that even with a thorough search of the prison perimeters, the person operating the drone might never be caught.


Drones are more than just a tool for smuggling. If they are left to be operated by the criminals for smuggling things inside the prisons, there will be a time when it can turn violent quite quickly. Most of the modern drones are created to carry a weight of anything from 20 to 30 pounds. Thus, these drones can be utilized to smuggle bombs and guns for the inmates. Once they have their hands on these weapons, the prison officials would have a difficult time bringing things under control. Thus, the time has come to install high-end systems that would allow the prison officials to detect these drones easily and also stop them at any time of the day and night without any delay.


The usage of weapons and drugs has been increasing in many of the correctional facilities across the United States. Even though there are numerous security measures and checks in places, the inmates are somehow managing to get their hands on these illegal contraband items. It is due to the increasing use of drones in the recent times. The drones are small devices that fly along with the package that needs to be transported, and once the drones are at the precise location that the inmates are informed about earlier, it drops the container in a sly fashion. The inmates carry the package that has been dropped, and the correctional officers are not able to detect such operations that hardly take a few seconds to complete.


The drones fly in the air and as the corrections’ area is spread through acres of land; it is not possible for the corrections officers to be present everywhere at every time. The drones survey the area, and after carefully ensuring that no law enforcement officer is current, it drops the contraband supplies. However, now with the drone detection technology installed in the correctional facilities, the presence of drones near the correctional facilities would be immediately notified to the corrections officers. They would shot down the drone and confiscate any contraband supplies it would be carrying.



A Helping Hand From Rocketship Education

Low-income areas are far too common in the United States of America, where we currently live through the world’s worst spell of income inequality. While many families are left behind during hardships, some are associated with organizations that take care of their own. Many wouldn’t recognize school members, faculty, and associates having such close bonds, though families tied to Rocketship Education are never left behind in the wake of disaster.

The Proof Is In The Pudding, Not In Verbal Promises

Cesar Gonzalez is an eight-year-old student at one of Rocketship Education’s public charter schools in San Jose, California. Born to a pair of Mexican immigrants, Cesar is lucky to live in the United States, where the environment facilitates higher potential for success, better schools, and generally higher wages than in Mexico.

Dulce, Cesar’s mother, along with her husband, live near Coyote Creek, a running stream of water considerably larger than a traditional creek located in North San Jose.

In February, 2017, Coyote Creek flooded, leaving the heavily-populated area with more than 14,000 displaced residents.

Cesar, Dulce, and family were one of the households affected by the flood.

Rocketeers From All Over San Jose Were Forced Out Of Their Homes

While families in the Coyote Creek area affected by the flood could have stayed, many homes were rendered uninhabitable, effectively forcing all families out of their homes.

Cesar Gonzalez’s family unit wasn’t the only one ejected from North San Jose – households with 30 other Rocketeers, or members of the Rocketship Education extended family, were left with feelings of impending doom, wondering how they could resume their normal lives as soon as possible, if even possible at all.

Rocketship Education Came To Help

All the 30-odd families benefited from hot meals provided by faculty members, dry clothes, and other necessities.

After Rocketship Education’s network had linked together with Catholic-related charities, the $62,000 nest egg was distributed among displaced families to help get them back on their collective feet.

Rocketship Education was created in 2006, and has 17 facilities dispersed across the United States.

Ara Chackerian, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and angel investor who lives and works in San Francisco. Mr. Chackerian is best known for his work in the field of healthcare technology, and he has founded a number of companies that specialize in diagnostic imaging service equipment. These companies include BMC Diagnostics, TMS Heal Solutions and Pipeline RX, which operates a telepharmacy service.

Ara Chackerian received his higher education at the Florida State University College of Business, and in 2001, the same year that he graduated, he founded BMC Diagnostics. He acted as the CEO of BMC from 2001 to 2007. In 2007, he became a Partner at ASC Capital Holdings, which is in the business of investing in healthcare companies that are still in their early stages. In the subsequent years, Mr. Chackerian served as a board member for a variety of companies, including Pipeline Healthcare, Juma Ventures and Mint Medical Education. In 2015, he co-founded TMS Health Solutions, where he now serves as a board member. Aside from serving on the TMS board, Ara is currently the Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings.

Mr. Chackerian has also been working to spread awareness of a new, potentially revolutionary mental health treatment known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, with the help of one of his longtime business partners. This is just one example of his dedication to helping communities around the world, as Ara Chackerian has been involved in a variety of philanthropic ventures. One cause that he has been particularly focused on is improving youth education and development in underprivileged areas. Ara and his family have set up non-profit youth education initiatives in the United States, Armenia and Nicaragua. Check out to see more.

Other ventures of Ara’s include co-founding Limoapa Teak Farm in Nicaragua, a farm that uses only environmentally safe practices and hires employees from the local community. Ara Chackerian continues to invest time and money into both non-profit and philanthropic enterprises as well as early-stage healthcare companies, and in doing so contributes to underprivileged communities as well as to the future of healthcare. You can visit YouTube to see more videos.

Dr. David Samadi Offers Insight on Prostate Cancer and Possible Treatment Options

Mitt Romney is a former Republican. He recently announced his cancer diagnosis and the surgery that was conducted to remove the tumor. The diagnosis came earlier in the year, but the prostate surgery was performed last summer.

Samadi’s Sentiments

We all know that such instances attract the public attention because citizens always want to know what is going on with their leaders. Consequently, many health practitioners aired their opinion. Dr. David Samadi is one of the health practitioners. The Urology chairman and head of Robotic Surgery who works at Lenox Hill had essential points. He shared some vital points that cannot be ignored.


Samadi noted that prostate cancer is prevalent in older men of about 65 years and above. Medical reports from the American Cancer Society indicate that in 2018, about 164,690 men will be diagnosed with this type of cancer. Samadi roots for surgery as the primary treatment option. Samadi said that if the cancer is still on the first stage, surgery should be the first option that doctors and patients explore.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation is the second treatment option that patients can explore. In this case, the doctor works with the radiologist to expose the targeted cancer cells to radiation. Radiation uses external beaming therapy to damage cancer cell’s DNA.

Cancer Awareness through Samadi

Dr. David Samadi champions prostate cancer awareness through campaigns and medical programs. Samadi holds a degree in biochemistry from the prestigious S.U.N.Y. He also holds a bachelor’s degree from the Montefiore Medical Centre. Samadi uses robotic surgery to treat prostate cancer. He understands its impact on damaging cancer cells. That is why he advocates for it in the first place.

Samadi’s Qualification

Additionally, Dr. David Samadi is qualified to handle laparoscopic surgery for radical prostatectomy. He chairs some of America’s top fields in cancer treatment. Because successful cancer treatment is linked to extensive research and experiences, Samadi gives his best as a certified board member of the urologic department.

Samadi’s Show

Samadi also owns a television show that helps to disseminate facts on medical conditions. The Dr. Samadi Show was launched with the assistance of some of the world’s experienced, medical practitioners. Every Sunday, Samadi hosts one or more doctors to share vital information on health issues and possible treatments. The A-list medical practitioner is passionate humanity. That is why he largely contributes to better health and how patients can achieve it.

Ricardo Tosto Is A High-Profile Attorney

Are you facing a difficult legal situation in your business? Do you want to enlist the services of a top rated attorney in Brazil? Maybe you’ve heard about Ricardo Tosto and his legal offices.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a high-profile attorney and he has been guiding and advising clients for a long time. He is well versed in all aspects of business and corporate law and is highly regarded in the legal community. Many business lawyers provide legal solutions to clients in business, corporate and partnership transactions, commercial litigation, estates, taxation and trusts, mergers and acquisitions, products liability, insurance defense litigation, banking, employment law,real estate law, creditors’ rights, municipal law, administrative law, environmental law, labor relations, and workers compensation.

The legal structure you have chosen for your entity will potentially affect every facet of its operations. You may decide to form a sole proprietorship, limited liability company or general and limited partnership.Business disputes and related issues occur from time time and often require the expertise of a competent lawyer or law firm. There are many business lawyers and law firms in Brazil but not all of these legal practitioners are created equal. It is imperative to do your homework and find a law firm or attorney that has a proven track record. That’s where Ricardo Tosto can help – to address your legal matters effectively and efficiently.

Ricardo Tosto is a leading legal adviser and litigation expert in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto provides top notch legal services to entrepreneurs, organizations and businesses. Ricardo Tosto has more than 22 years of experience and his prominent law firm caters to a wide variety of clients throughout Brazil.Ricardo Tosto focuses on business and corporate litigation. He can also provide services in the areas of estate, tax, contracts, and business planning for both organizations and individual clients. In addition to helping form corporations and other legal structures, Ricardo Tosto has been involved in many business transactions.Ricardo has advised and represented clients in many high-profile cases and is well known for obtaining great outcomes for his clients.

The Academy of Art University Takes the Spotlight on the New York Fashion Stage

The 21st runway showcase was presented at the Skylight Clarkson Square in early September 2017. Sponsor, The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University continued their impressive streak of presenting remarkably talented designers.



Fashion design isn’t the only acclaimed course of study at the San Francisco school, but the School of Fashion took center stage in the middle of the world’s fashion capital. The range of ethnic diversity among the featured designers was remarkable.



It created an array of fashionable inspirations that the audience found extraordinarily impressive. Some designers captured trends in fashion sense, while others displayed works reminiscent of their unique culture. There were recent graduates, talented newcomers to the fashion world.



They were part of the program, releasing their own collections or working in collaboration with others. The Academy of Art University has a strong reputation of producing some of the finest minds in the fashion industry. World-renowned companies like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren, frequently hire graduates from the Academy.



A part of the San Francisco design community since 1929, The Academy of Art University models their curriculum to consistently produce graduates who aspire towards innovative creativity. Richard and Clara Stephens founded the school, with an initial class of 45 students learning in a rented loft on Kearny Street in San Francisco.



The current location on Montgomery Street maintains the school’s dedication to excellence, situated adjacent to the San Francisco’s famous Hilton Financial District. Students can select from 22 fascinating programs, most directly focused on design and development careers.



The Academy of Art University offers Associate and Bachelor’s degrees, plus six Masters Programs, three providing graduates with a Master’s of Fashion Arts. All total, there are nearly three dozen degree programs available at the school. Future students at the school will always have a sparkling example to motivate them towards perfection.



The school stormed the New York fashion scene with an electrifying presentation at the Skylight Clarkson Square in New York’s West Soho District. During the week, it was the official home for all things fashion. A building originally for housing and unloading trains was a railway to catapult fashion careers.