The Man Of Change and International Partnerships

On July 28, 2015 Tim Armour was named as the new Chairman of The Capital Group. The Capital Group had been coordinating a leadership succession plan that would continue the business strategies of the organization. However, due to a loss of the former Chairman, Jim Rothenburg, it was necessary to put the succession plan into motion.

Mr. Armour brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Capital Group and as the new Chairman, Mr. Armour will continue to lead The Capital Group into the future. Mr. Armour began his career with The Capital Group in 1983 as a member of the Associate Program after graduating with his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College. Additionally, Mr. Armour has served many roles at The Capital Group, for example, Equity Investment Analyst, Equity Portfolio Manager, and now the Chairman, Director, Principal Executive Officer of The Capital Group.

Mr. Timothy Armour’s experiences and background with The Capital Group has opened up many doors for success. For instance, the new partnership with Samsung Asset Management that will aid in building retirement solutions and asset allocation products in Korea. Mr. Armour quoted in a news release stating that, “broader plans is to co-design investment solutions to fulfill the savings, retirement and insurance-linked needs of Korean investors”. Furthermore, a spokes person from Seoul expressed that the partnership would be the foundation of becoming Asia’s top three Korean based asset management companies by 2010.

Since July 28, 2015, when Mr. Armour was named as the Chairman, Mr. Armour has not only brought his skills and knowledge as assets to The Capital Group, Mr. Armour has brought The Capital Group to the forefront of forming international relationships and development of new programs to aid international investors success. Mr. Armour will continue to lead one of the oldest and largest investment companies into the ever-evolving and ever-changing world that we live in today using his experience, skills that he has developed over the years working for The Capital Group, and his passion for creating programs that continue the legacy of The Capital Group.

A Fabletics Way to Sell.

When Fabletics was born, Kate Hudson gave to women all over the world just what they were looking for. What they wanted was simple – gym clothes that are comfortable and at the same time look absolutely fabulous.


Born in 2013, the active and leisure wear brand was the brainchild of Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. Since then, the brand has seen tremendous growth, shaping up into a $250 million company over the span of three years.


However, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, by being part of the active wear movement, has managed to be a pioneer in such a diluted market segment.


One of the reasons Fabletics has succeeded as a brand, besides their activewear looking like a stellar piece of clothing straight out of a fashion magazine, is their business strategy. Fabletics uses a simple subscription-based model to sell to its consumers. It follows a simple system of giving the customers exactly what they want and need in terms of activewear, by letting consumers choose their sport and then showing them options that fit their needs perfectly. Customers can select the subscription plan, which entails them to receive new sets of activewear every month.


Fabletics serves as a convenient and time-saving process to get the latest active wear outfits delivered right to your doorstep, every month of your subscription. With the growth of the brand, six stores were opened up in 2015, and subsequently, sixteen more were opened in 2016.


In a market where in-store purchasing and showrooming is in the midst of a cutthroat competition, simply owing to the number of stores and availability of online shopping, Fabletics decided to try a new market strategy to attract new customers and better serve returning ones.


This strategy known as the reverse showroom technique has proved to significantly aid the brand and customers alike. With the adoption of this strategy, customers can view the outfits and products online on the Fabletics website and then go to one of the many the showrooms and try on the clothes they have picked in their online cart. From there, customers are then given an opportunity to either pay in store or choose to add or keep things in their online cart which they can then purchase at the convenience of their homes.


The aim of this move is to help the brand build stronger relationships with its consumers while offering them a better shopping experience. The aim of the offline store isn’t to make the customer buy the product, but merely try it on and have access to look at it in person before they make their decision. In other words, the store serves as an aid to help customers choose the perfect active and leisure wear which they can later purchase online.


To the brand, establishing loyal relationships with the customers is one of its main objectives. For this purpose, to supplement the reverse showroom technique, Fabletics also developed a system where it maintains the data of all the products in stock and ensures that only those products are shown in stores for greater appeal to its customers. All of this data is sourced from the activity happening in-store, social media updates of people about the brand and data regarding the heat-mapping of the particular store.


Today, the growth rate of the company is at an all-time high of thirty-five percent.

Future Roadways, Smarter Roadways

Mike Heiligenstein, currently runs the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. This is a government agency that is independently run. The agency was born in 2002. They were hired to design and implement a more updated transportation network within Central Texas. This design begin to function a year later when Heiligenstein was elected to lead the Authority.


The majority of the discussions that take place on transit focuses more within the city. But at the Williamson Growth Summit, the opportunity was given so that transportation needs around the region could be discussed and resolved.


A discussion panel that involved the Executive Director of the Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Mike Heiligenstein, Founder of RideScout LLC, Joseph Kopser, External Affairs Director of Uber Technologies Inc., Leandre Johns, and Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign’s, focused on transportation in Austin and how technology is constantly changing it.


Heiligenstein spoke of how the Austin region needed to modernize the roadways with smarter roads.


The mayor of Round Rock, Alan McGraw, said that the transportation demands of the future need to be addressed while building codes and land codes need to remain adaptable.


Ficklin added that when you have a driver-less car, many accommodations will be needed. Parking garages will change drastically. Charging docks, stations to service the vehicles, more parking levels adds to the growing number of changes that would have to be in place for this advanced technology. Current building codes are not designed to withstand the advancement.


Mike Heiligenstein claims that while the driver-less cars was a great investment, the adaption of the world around this investment would be slow starting. The roadways needed to be improved for the increase of the growing population demands.


Leandre Johns urged that travelers and commuters in Austin needed both first and last mile resolutions to be able to get them on public transportation and off. Companies like Uber fit the supply and demand of this question. Johns spoke of creating pecuniary aid that benefits the transit company and the patron rider.

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Good as Gold

No wonder gold is used for athletes who obtain the highest ranks in the field. It is also no wonder why individuals bind their marriages with a ring of gold. Gold has always been an expensive and important part of civilization for thousands of years. Here are a few more reasons why not many things are as good as gold when it comes to investing.


Gold has always been a trusted safeguard against losing money in times of recession or in times of government’s collapsing. Gold is traded globally and even if your millions of dollars of hard earned cash is worth next to nothing your gold will retain its value. In such a dramatic time in the history of the world it would be a great feeling to know that if something happens beyond your control that you will not be left penniless of your hard earned fortune.


There is only a limited amount of gold in the world so the value does not get affected by geological and political fortunes. The US Money Reserve has lots of information about the reasons to buy gold you may want to check out. There is no government in the world that can just print more gold in order to provide for its economy.


The more money a government produces actually lowers the value of that cash. The things that you want to buy cost more because the dollar bill you have is worth less than it was in years past. The food you eat, the gas you buy, everything will cost more because more of those bills exist. There is an inverse relationship between the amount of actual money produced and its actual value. Inflation continues and it always seems to be going at a faster rate. The gold you own will not be worth any less in time and looks to be possibly raising in value in the future.


Gold is a precious metal that has been sold and traded as currency for thousands of years. There is a limited supply that will not be affected by inflation.  There is no better choice that is good as gold is when you are planning on investing your money. If you are interested in finding more information, make sure you check out the US Money Reserve.

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Focus on Timothy Armour and Finding Active Managers

Timothy (Tim) Armour is the current Capital Research Management Company’s director, chairman and principal executive officer. Tim started working for the Group back in 1983 and has gained industrial experience running into years at the company. Mr. Armour was awarded with a Bachelor’s in Economics degree from Middlebury College, a private college in Vermont, US.

Joining Capital Group

Timothy joined the Capital Group as part of the associate’s program. He was so committed to his job and soon this was recognized leading to him earning a promotion to an equity investment analyst.  He was then promoted to become an assistant chairman and worked with the other senior members in the passing, adjusting and implementing Capital Group’s overall strategies and monitor its operations.

Tim Armour Elected as Chairman

Capital Group board members settled on Timothy Armour as the right candidate to succeed James Rothenberg as the chairman. This followed the death of Rothernberg who died as a result of suffering a heart attack. Tim has defended the persons responsible for picking stocks on behalf of the company in the Los Angeles office. He revealed earlier in an interview that he always adheres to his leading mantra “we will get you better returns over time”, which has brought him significant success over the course of his career.

Seeking Active Managers’ Services

Timothy is described as a team-player and suggests often to the investors about seeking services from active managers. These are the type of managers who believe in benefiting from their quality input. Tim believes that the best managers are those who devote large amounts of time to research and scrutiny to help uncover the perceptions on any upcoming opportunities for the company.

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Janet Yang, CFA on Capital Group’s Success

Janet Yang, CFA believes that the success enjoyed by the Capital Group is as a result of the hard work the company employs in achieving its goals. The company has a multimanager system that it put in place six decades ago. It keeps its focus on investment, commits to financial advisers and generates great long-term results. The group has seen a number of transitions and its stocks have occasionally trailed bonds.

This results in the materialistic funds ending up with the smallest stakes in terms of equities and the moderate allocations end up having the most. Janet observes that when this is checked in more detail then it could be safe to state that the allocation funds are successful.

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The Frye Festival Is Set to Attract Spring Breakers

Individuals who are looking for a fun and exciting new destination for Spring Break this year may want to take advantage of the Frye Festival. The event is new and will take place on the private island of Frye Cay in the Bahamas. The Frye Festival will include a number of great activities, such as snorkeling, seabogging, water trampolines and yoga by the beach. Learn more about Fyre Festival:

Bella Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio and Hailey Baldwin, along with several other models who have been gracing the runways these days recently took a trip to the Bahamas and got fans curious when they posted photos enjoying their time in the sun.

The models used the hashtag #FryeFestival on their social media accounts during the trip, which led people to want to know more informaiton about the upcoming event.

According to MTV, Frye Festival will take place from April 28 to 30 and May 5 to 7. During these two weekends, people will be able to take advantage of all the festival’s activities, listen to live music and entertainment and explore the island.

There is said to be about $1 million of jewels and treasure on the island as well, so vacationers may be able to go home with tangible valuables in addition to a worthwhile experience. Read more: Packages | Fyre Festival

The artists who will be performing at Frye Festival will be announced soon.

The Rise and Rise of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a successful executive. She has been at the top of some of the largest agencies in the US. Lori started out at McCann Erickson where she was the co-founder of TAG Ideation. Lori worked here for four years before she became the Global Chief Innovation Officer at the McCann Worldgroup. She was later appointed the President of the New York office and held the position for two years. She left McCann to become CEO at KBS on in 2009 after the founders left the company. She was president and CEO for two and a half years. Lori was then promoted to Chairperson while still maintaining her position as CEO.

KBS was listed as one of the agencies to watch for three consecutive years while she was there. The company was listed as one of the best places to work in New York. She also grew the workforce to 800 people as it took on bigger clients. She left KBS to become the Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) which is owned by MDC. Lori has been called upon by companies to help them evolve into mature enterprises throughout her career. Lori Senecal was a speaker at the 3% Conference. This is a movement that seeks to increase the number of women executives in the creative industry. The number is currently at 3%. Lori was asked to speak and show women that it was possible to get to the top.

Lori Senecal has written for some media outlets. She wrote a post on Marketing Daily on what brands can learn from celebrities. The celebrities are those who have become infamous for the outrageous acts that they have done in recent years. Lori observed how these celebrities have managed to remain relevant despite humiliating themselves most of the time. There are a few tactics that they have used and which could help brands to gain huge followings on Twitter. One of the things that they can do is to market themselves better. This is what Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie have done to look stylish for every occasion.

A good stylist will help the brand get a unique and fresh image. It will automatically attract more people. Consumers love products that look good. Companies with elegant products at sell more than their counterparts. Senecal advises brands to team up with each other to create partnerships that will be mutually beneficial. The partnerships could result in innovative products that could improve the image of both brands.

Well Rounded, Understanding Staff – Capitol Anesthesiology

Over the last four decades, Capital Anesthesiology has learned how valuable a well-rounded, understanding, compassionate staff is. They currently cater to over 20 facilities in the Austin, Texas areas, including trauma centers, hospitals, dental offices, and outpatient surgical centers.

Every physician and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist understands the high standards of the practice, and are continuously researching the newest scientific research, the most up-to-date procedures, and they maintain the extremely high education standards of Capitol Anesthesiology Association.

They know how important it is for them to remain abreast on the data in their specialty. This reassures patients that they are receiving the safest, and most comfortable experience when it comes to anesthesia.

They ensure that patients are comfortable and supported before, during, and after their procedure. Even after the patient is released from medical care, if they have any questions, they are more than welcome to call in and request information regarding their care, and after care.

Staff members are extremely active in the community, and in various charity organizations in the Austin, Texas area. Staff members also volunteer their time to provide low-cost, and no-cost, anesthesia for families who normally cannot afford state of the art medical care.