Goettl Caters to Customers Who Need Help

Since the time that Goettl started to work harder on their business, they have known that they can do different things to help other HVAC companies out. Whether they are working to acquire these companies or they are doing their best to make their business model better, Goettl knows the right way to try different things and they know that their company will continue to help others out as long as they are in business. This is a huge part of what they are able to do and something that they continuously demonstrate through the work that they do.

Biz Journals recently talked about Goettl acquiring a company based out of SoCal. They knew that the company was struggling but they also wanted to help them with the issues that they had. They remained positive about the things that they were doing and they also knew that they could try more with the situations that they were in. Since Goettl did the same thing with their own company, they knew that they could do that with this new company, too, but they didn’t know the right way to be able to do it so that they could profit from the things that were going on.

As Goettl continued to see major profits with the things that they were doing, they used this company to break into a new market. Their website is reflective of this and they now offer services in the Southern California market. They are hoping to retain the legacy of the other company while they bring these improvements to it. They are also hoping to show people what they can get from the situations that they are working in and from the opportunities that they have to succeed no matter where they are located at.

Since Goettl knows how to do different things, they believe that they will be able to help more people out with the issues that they have. Goettl has always been committed to their clients and they know that their clients are able to get the benefits out of the business when they are trying new HVAC providers. They also know that the company will continue to be successful since they have now been in business for a long time and they are doing things that no other companies in the area are able to do with the resources that they have for their own companies. To learn more about Goettl, visit the company’s Linked In page.

Are You or Someone You Know Suffering from Sleep Apnea?

If someone you know wakes you up in the middle of the night with snoring that seems loud and obnoxious, it might be annoying and it might prevent your from getting the correct amount of rest; however, it might be more serious than you would think. This could be disorder known as sleep apnea. Many people try to treat this snoring with over the counter items like medicine and nasal strips. Often this does very little to address the problem. A proper diagnosis is often needed to diagnose and treat sleep apnea. Many people don’t know that this can be life threatening in some cases.

Sleep apnea is a specific from of disorder and needs a sleep apnea doctor for the correct treatment. There are many doctors who can treat and diagnose sleep apnea. Selecting a doctor to treat this disorder is a process that often requires research on the part of the patient. It is very important that you connect with a doctor that has the knowledge to offer experience in the treatment of sleep apnea. The doctor’s knowledge to successfully diagnose and treat sleep apnea is a key ingredient to getting the correct treatment.

When you start to search sleep apnea doctors, one doctor you will find is Dr. Avi Weisfogel. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist in New Jersey and the owner of New Jersey-based Dental Sleep Masters. Because Dr. Weisfogel has an extensive background in disorders involving sleep, he can offer extensive knowledge in this field.

Dr. Weisfogel has treated several cases of sleep apnea with much success. This means you can rest assured that he can offer solutions that work in the real world to restore the health of yourself or a loved one.

Sleep apnea is something that can be treated. This disorder can cause many people to suffer sleepless nights and can even put relationships under much stress of left untreated. Under the correct doctor, treatment for this disorder can be easy to obtain. If you or someone you know is suffering from a sleep disorder, you owe it to yourself to get treatment quickly.

If you think you have sleep apnea or want to get checked for this disorder, call Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s office and talk with them. They will be more than happy to help you get the treatment and diagnosis you need so you can get a better nights sleep and restore your sleep pattern. Why spend another sleepless night? Call now.

How Nathaniel Ru and his Friends Established Sweetgreen

Did you know that the founders of Sweetgreen almost gave up when nobody showed up during their opening? Only the investors and their parents showed up despite spending thousands of dollars for this event.

This is not everything; they say that during the first two weeks, no customer turned up to their restaurant in Washington. It’s during this period that they decided to acquire new speakers and introduce a music session outside the restaurant every Saturday and Sunday. To date, this is the single most important idea that propelled the company to what it is today.

This resulted to 600 people coming for the event. Later on, they would introduce a music fair to the company’s culture. The recent event attracted over 20,000 people, and this is an indication of the customer base of the company.

Nathaniel Ru says that they understand the importance of local tastes. This is why they ensure that every restaurant is designed by a local architect. They also maintain a billboard at every store reminding their customers that the products they consume were produced locally. This helps gain the trust of the local people and also ensure that they promote the local economy.

The company has a model of hiring the best people in the market who are also great at what they do. Nathaniel Ru also notes that Sweetgreen has performed well where employees have been together for a while. This is why the company is also concerned with the well-being of its employees.

Sweetgreen can be described as a smart, sexy and social company that emphasizes on locality. One of the executives of the company says that people rarely buy what you do. Instead, she has come to realize that people are interested in buying how you do your thing.

Sweetgreen can be compared to Apple in so many ways. Just like Apple, they focus on making things that are easy to use and those that are interestingly beautiful. Nathaniel Ru says that from the moment they began the company, they had a deeper purpose and didn’t want to concentrate on salads alone.

By the time that Nathaniel Ru and his friends established this company, they were students at Georgetown University in Washington. All they had was an idea. They neither didn’t know how to run a business nor did they have prior information related to the food industry. However, through proper guidance and luck, they managed to establish a growing chain of restaurants in the US.

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Protecting Officers Using Securus Technologies

I work as a full-time corrections officer in perhaps the most dangerous prison in this country. There is not a day that goes by that my life is not in danger, and many times it happens more than once each day. When you are outnumbered by inmates who can get access to drugs and weapons, the threat is real that you may not be walking home that night. For these reasons and more, my team has developed a few ways to try and keep the peace inside my jail.


The reason it is so important that we keep the inmates from getting any type of illegal contraband is because they are not just putting my officers in harm’s way. An inmate who has a weapon or is high on heroin, could potentially hurt a guard, another inmate, a contractor in the jail, or visitors. We try to stop drugs and weapons getting into the visitor center, into the inmate cells, and we d it in a number of ways. Cell inspections usually yield things that made it into the jail already, my hopes was the new Securus Technologies monitoring system would help us stop things from getting to the jail.


Securus Technologies placed our inmate telephone monitoring system in the jail recently, and it is fast becoming a tool that is invaluable in the quest to keep things from getting to the inmates. The company has these systems in a few thousand jails, and despite there being 1,000 employees of the company, they all are working towards the objective of making the world safer for us.


The LBS software can detect when inmates are planning to get family to smuggle drugs into the visitor center, how inmates are making weapons, and where the contraband is being hidden inside the jail.