Hospitality With Shiraz Boghani

Not many are successful in the hospitality field. Managing over 15 hotels and being a well known philanthropist in the world today is not something you hear of every day. Only a few individuals have been able to achieve success with both philanthropy and hospitality. Shiraz Boghani has made his mark in both industries creating awarding winning hospitality services. He manages over 15 brands in the UK and is known around the globe for his success. He received the Hotelier of The Year Award in 2016, and since then has had many accomplishments. He has been very successful in the hospitality industry creating a winning customer service environment for his customers.

Shiraz Boghani is also the Chairman of Splendid Hotels Group, an organization that manages nineteen hotels in the United Kingdom. He rose to the position because of his incredible and courageous skill set, and his experience in the industry. Splendid Hospitality group is one of the fastest growing restaurant businesses in the United Kingdom. Their services have provided quality and a luxurious service for all of its’ guest.

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While being in the hospitality industry, he has managed to be the co-founder of Sussex Health Care as well. This is an organization that provides nursing and residential care to the community. This organization was brought about for the elderly individuals, focusing more on those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This organization is one amongst many others that Shiraz Boghani helps. Shiraz Boghani is originally from Africa, which is where his drive to help people comes from.

Managing all of these hotels, Shiraz Boghani has received the Hotelier of the Year Award. Recently he launched the biggest hotel in the capitol, Hilton London Bankside. This was one of many accomplishments for him. He has really focused a lot on giving back through charitable events. He’s worked with the Ismaili Community, as well as the Aga Khan Foundation, which offers services to the needy. Graduating from the London School Of Economics has made all of his sacrifices worth it. His work ethic has awarded him with being well-known all around the United Kingdom.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, HEALTH MATTERS

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel undertook his studies in Medicine at the Louisiana State University. He graduated in 2012. After completing graduate studies, he became a resident doctor at Louisiana State University. He specialized in emergency medicine. With over six years of experience, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has grown to a reliable prudent mature professional.

Emergency medicine involves handling patients, providing care and treatment for unscheduled patients who need immediate attention and care. The primary objective being patient stabilization and resuscitation. This, however, does not mean they specialize in a specific area. Emergency doctors need to have the ability to deal with various situations, with different illness cases.

Forsthoefel is currently affiliated with the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Dr. Forsthoefel spends time addressing to patient needs in the emergency wing. There he has to deal with many conditions resulting from different situations that the patients might have endured. These complications include sepsis, poisoning, trauma, acute coronary syndrome, burns, fractures and cardiac distress. There are multiple complications, but this is to mention a few. In urgent situations, Dr. Forsthoefel makes timely critical decisions to save lives. In cases like these, every second matters and mistake are not affordable.

A very approachable man, Dr. Forsthoefel is amiable. He provides follow up when it’s needed. Patients can ask questions, and he is available to reply to them whenever he finds time in his program. He also explains in detail the method of treatment and the conditions for the same. At the moment Dr.Forsthoefel treats patients from the affiliated hospital, he doesn’t own a practice. Dr. Forsthoefel can be found in two location. The first being at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. The second place is at his office located 1309 Thomasville Rd Tallahassee, FL 32303. His contact number is (850) 431-07556.

It is always advisable that you have a doctor that can be reached during distress times. As much as we try to imagine life as a smooth ride, they are always bumps. There are things we can’t control, but we can be prepared to face them. For the same reasons, you may need to contact Dr. Forsthoefel.

Jim Larkin: The life of a man who saved the blue collar workers in Ireland

The period before the First World War witnessed a lot of uprising characterized by loss of peace and social harmony. Anyone in the right senses could clearly see that hell was about to break loose.

There was a lot of pressure for governments to allow women to vote and industrial workers had opened their eyes and they now wanted their rights recognized. In Ireland, the level of activism was at its highest due to the influential activists who led thousands of people to the streets to fight for their rights.

One of the most remembered episodes during this time is the Dublin Lockout of 1913. The uprising began on 26th August 1913 when Dublin United Tramways Company sent hundred men packing because they had joined the Irish Transport and General Workers Union that was led by Jim Larkin.

Irish Transport and General workers union had managed to bring together industrial workers from all over the country under one umbrella. The union had also managed to organize several industrial strikes in a bid to fight for the rights of their workers. Read more: James Larkin – Wikipedia and James Larkin | Biography

William Murphy, the owner of Dublin United Tramways Company was determined to keep the union out of his company. The sacking of hundred men triggered demonstrations in the streets of Dublin. The temperatures escalated when the police started using excessive force to disperse the demonstrators. During the confrontation with the police, one man was killed and hundreds injured.

On 16th November 1913, Jim Larkin and other ITGWU officials organized a historic meeting at the Manchester’s Free Trade Hall. The meeting marked the start of a massive Dublin Lockout that brought Dublin to a standstill.

Jim Larkin, James Connolly, and other trade union officials led the meeting that saw more than ten thousand industrial workers down their tools for eight months.

About Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin was born on January 21st, 1876 to Irish parents who lived in the slums of Cumberland, Liverpool. Jim Larkin was brought up like any other kid who grows in the slums.

He hardly acquired good education and eating was also a problem. As a result, he was forced to menial jobs from a young age. At the age of seventeen years, Jim started working as a foreman. He then joined the Independent Labor Party.

Outside of work, Jim Larkin was a vocal socialist who believed in fighting for equal rights for the workers. He did not drink nor smoke. Besides, during his time as a foreman, Jim never accepted bribes to give men jobs. He never cordoned any wrongdoing.

Minnesota-Based Accounts Receivable Firm IC System Places Great Emphasis on Community Work

IC System has grown a reputation as one of the nation’s leading accounts receivable companies, famed for their dedication to innovation that ensures they remain at the cutting edge of their industry. Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson, the St. Paul, Minnesota-based firm has seen three generations of ownership within the Erickson family, and has throughout their eighty-year existence maintained a dedication to honesty and ethical behavior.


IC System has also placed great emphasis on contributing charitably to the well being of the St. Paul and wider Minnesotan community. This effort, in 1981, resulted in the creation of an in-house charitable organization devoted to channeling the company’s philanthropic mindset into action. This institution, known as the Employee Charitable Help Organization, or ECHO, is made up of volunteers employed at IC System who organize and execute community activities and charity events. In 2016, ECHO was recorded to have raised $32,000 for charity, while volunteers logged more than 500 hours of community service, through initiatives such as food drives, sporting events and food pantry volunteering.


Much of ECHO’s event organizing is centered around food drives, which have proven to be one of the more popular volunteer opportunities for the organization’s members and a staple of ECHO’s yearly schedule. Previous food drives have been organized in association with organizations such as the the Hunger Task Force of La Crosse, Emergency Food Shelf in Minnesota, Gillette Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House.


The company also holds blood drives at which ECHO volunteers can donate blood aboard a mobile blood drawing station operated by the American Red Cross. These events historically have high numbers of volunteers, with 2016 seeing over fifty pints of blood, capable of saving more than 150 lives, donated by ECHO volunteers.


A particular popular drive among ECHO volunteers is the annual Fall Fundraiser, which sees initiatives such as Blankets and Quilts for Kindness gain high numbers of volunteers and donations. In 2016, the drive saw donations of $1,400 and 77 blankets to the local children’s hospital from ECHO volunteers.

Jorge Molls’ study on Neurology and Group Identity

A study was done recently at the D’Or Institute for Research and Development in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In the study, 27 fans of the four largest, local Brazilian teams were brought to the institute and asked to answer a simple question: How would you donate your money? As part of the study, subjects asked to pick one of three choices:

Donate the money to anonymous fans of their favorite team

Donate the money to an anonymous person who identified with a team not their favorite

Do not donate the money, and instead keep it for yourself.

The goal of the study was to measure the altruism of people towards a group they considered themselves a part of, versus altruism towards a group they considered foreign to them. Group identity is one of the social aspects that define humanity, and while present in other animal societies, such as in a pack of wolves or a pride of lions, part of being human is having an incredibly refined sense of group identity, crafted by numerous factors. When given this option, the subjects were put into a device known as a functional Magnetic Resonance (fMR) scanner, and their brains were observed for any activity when they made their choice. While people have known that humanity has a very sophisticated sense of group identity, never before has it been able to be seen physically occur in the brain. The head of the research project, Jorge Molls, states “Attachment to cultural groups is a unique property of humans, fundamental for our survival, which, in turn, makes the investigation of its neural basis very critical.”

Molls is not only the head of this particular research project, but is also head of the entire D’Or Institute for Research and Development. Over his career, Molls has accumulate an impressive resume. He is an elected member of both the International Neuroethics Society and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. He is also the head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinformatics at the D’Or Institute for Research and Education. Also, Molls is a recipient of the D’Or Institute for Research & Education Awards and Research Fellow NIH award 3 times, from 2004 to 2007.

Lee May and Beamridge Are Supporting Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club

Boxing Club Fundraiser Support

Lee May is hosting a 10k fundraiser to help the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club purchase a new minibus. Any money received in the fundraiser will go towards the club to help them with their work. Lee May is a proud sponsor of the club and are happy to be a part of their training improvements and be a part of the grooming of young boxers who can now successfully compete in boxing tournaments. More than boxing, the club works towards the development of our youth. They get the benefit of being in a family environment and groomed with the values instilled by the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club.


About Lee May

Lee May has been a fan of boxing for a long time so he is especially proud himself to be a sponsor of the club. We are all hoping to help Lee May get the extra support he needs to reach his goal of 20k. No matter the size of the donation, it will be greatly appreciated.


About Beamridge

Beamridge was founded in 2013 by wealth and construction experts with experienced beyond 100 years. The company holds the highest standard of quality and safety while providing ingenuity and innovation to its projects. The company creates lasting relationships with clients and is a chosen contractor in the market. The company ensures professional, cost-effective service that will please the client beyond expectations.


Company Culture

Beamridge believes on sustainable construction practices. The company is eco-friendly and strives for an accident free work environment. The company has built a culture around caring for each other and being responsible for each person’s safety. Beamridge is looking ahead positively at the future. The company’s infrastructure has grown as well as client base and construction services offered. The company is now a provider of Design and Build, Residential and Commercial projects. The company believes in investing and taking care of its most valued assets, which are the people that work for and represent the company.


Perry Mandera: A Strategic Logistics Provider

The Custom Companies Inc. is a logistics provider that was established by Perry Mandera, an established entrepreneur based in Chicago. The company is one of the fastest growing logistics providers in the United States, and one of the reasons is because of their software integration to the services that they provide. The Custom Companies Inc. designs software programs that ensure that the products sent to them by their clients will be delivered to the receiver. They are also making sure that each delivery will make it to their destination, without any delays. Founded in the year 1986 by Perry Mandera, the company was his idea after he realized that the United States lacks a logistics provider that uses the power of software programs for an accurate delivery of the products. One of the things that also made his company gain so much attention from the business sector is its ability to hasten the time incurred for delivering freight and cargoes. Perry Mandera led the company well, and he was well received by his employees and colleagues. Through the years, the Custom Companies Inc. managed to grow tremendously, and their revenue skyrocketed to $200 million annually. Their logistics sector is one of the fastest growing departments in the company, and it is projected that their income would continue to rise in the years to come.


Another positive characteristic of the company which transformed it into becoming a fast growing logistics firm is the rule of Perry Mandera that they should be helping any client who is in need. They never look at how big their client is – be it a startup or a top American company. What the company wanted to do is to deliver their services efficiently, so that the client would return for more services. Perry Mandera is credited for being an effective leader of the company, and many business owners are wishing him good luck, hoping that his logistics firm would continue to grow.


Perry Mandera continues to establish an extensive partnership with a lot of businesses in the United States. He wanted to get more clients that would help his business expand further.

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Perry Mandera, CEO of The Custom Companies Inc, Inspires Chicagoans To Give 100 Percent Through Quality Work And Charity


Justice Marco Antonio Marques da Silva Vignette

Justice Marco Antonio Marques da Silva received an honor on 1st April courtesy of PUC-Sao Paulo. Being a Criminal Law professor at Perdizes Campus, a recently build auditorium was named after him to demonstrate the act of honor. The university president, Dirceu de Mello, presided over the cutting edge opening ceremony. He captioned Marco Antonio’s acts of justice as someone who is always available to assist whenever possible. He praised him for spearheading the construction and completion of the modern auditoriums terming the honor as quite appropriate in the process.


Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was born in 1958, at Itapetininga City. At a younger age of around 15 years, Marco Antonio already knew what his passion was in life. Contrary to the popular belief that the younger generation especially in its teens is a confused sheep, not knowing where to actually settle, Marco Antonio proved different in this regard. He made a lifetime decision early enough to design a promising path towards a law career.


In 1977, he started his law degree at PUC and completed in 1981 leading to his historic graduation. It is in Pontifical Catholic University where Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva advanced to masters and doctorate as well as brainstorming a little bit on teaching degrees. He attended a postdoctoral fellowship at Coimbra Faculty of Law in the year 2005. Marco Antonia became a professor based at PUC in 1982. Fast forward into the year 2003, he earned his tenure and still lectures until the recent time.


It was in 1983 when Justice Marcos Antonio Marques da Silva was selected to the State Judiciary. He specialized his skills in Palmeira D’Oeste, Diadema, Monte Alto as well as Sao Paulo counties. He got promotion to the position of a substitute judge in 2002 and successfully rose above the ranks to the coveted status of being in the judge bench at the court of appeal. He has a penchant desire for literary works and is the architect of 13 books and 40 articles. Included in his literary works is the “Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity” where a joint editing between him and Jorge Miranda, the European Law Professor who has a specific focus in the constitutional laws was witnessed.


Stansberry Research: Publishing Reliable Business Information

Stansberry Research is an American publishing company that focuses on writing articles that are related to business and finances. Through the experts who have signed partnerships with the company, Stansberry Research can provide detailed insights to their readers, especially those who are in the trading sector. The newsletters and software that the company manufactures have been distributed to their loyal subscribers, and these are being delivered all around the world. These products helped thousands of entrepreneurs who are still new to the business, and it helped them gain additional knowledge on what they should do to promote their business to the public.


Through the years, Stansberry Research became one of the most sought-after companies in its field. They built a stronghold and acquired so many subscribers who follow their newsletters and other affiliated write-ups. Millions of clients are relying on their insights about the current condition of the economy, and their forecast about the movement of the stock market is being watched closely by traders around the world. Aside from their publication, Stansberry Research is also maintaining their website, accessible to anyone who has a connection to the internet. The website provides a variety of information that has been examined by their experts before being posted online. One of the most recent articles talks about the performance of Walmart versus Amazon, in a world where physical retail is slowly diminishing because of the presence of online retail. The article also talks about how Walmart could survive the changing landscape of retail, if they can adapt to the new system.


To become a successful company in the field of research and publishing, Stansberry Research keeps on telling the public about the principles that they are undertaking to ensure their progress. These principles helped Stansberry Research to be on it, and these principles talk about providing truthful and unbiased information and creating a publication that is easily understood by the people. Stansberry Research has been following these principles ever since its establishment in 1999. They have proven its effectivity, and they are hoping that more people will apply these principles in their businesses to assure them of extensive growth that they have never seen before.


Author and Medical Expert- Dr. Jonathan Rand

Jonathan Rand is a medical doctor who has specialized in aging. After his high school graduation, Dr. Rand received his medical preparation at Albert Einstein Medical Center based in New York. After receiving the knowledge of how to assist his patients to fight aging, the medical expert decides to co-established a medical institution and they named it Healthy Aging Medical Centers. The primary aim of establishing the wellness center was to assist individuals who are suffering from aging-related illness. For the period that Dr. Rand has been treating his patients most of them have been complaining of several illnesses among them low libido, insomnia, hot flashes, night sweat, depression, fatigue, as well as fatigue, and depression.


Dr. Rand together with his team of experts have been treating their patients using productive medicine which is tailor-made for each patient. Through Healthy Aging Medical Center Dr. Jonathan’s patients receive; weight loss program, anti-aging therapy, as well as fruitful medical therapy. Through research, Dr. Rand has discovered the difference between the young and the old generation and according to him, their difference lies in hormones. According to Jonathan Rand, we all have both good and bad hormones and as we grow old, the good hormones become less. The good hormones include human growth hormone, estrogen, thyroid, progesterone, testosterone, as well as DHEA. To treat aging due to loss of good hormones the anti-aging expert introduces bioidentical hormones to his patients.


Jonathan Rand is the co-founder of Healthy Aging Medical Center a medical facility located in New Jersey. As a doctor, he holds several titles including physical medicine, a physiatrist, as well as Rehabilitation doctor. The doctor has a vast experience in the anti-aging sector and he trusts that without research as well as a medical journal he cannot defend or even present a prescribed treatment. DR. Rand can be described as a role model to his patients, he has developed a strong and longterm relationship with his clients. The patients refer him as gracious, understanding, and sensitive. Jonathan Rand is also a publisher and he has written a book known as “it is too late to live 100 years”.