Dr. Mark McKenna’s Impact on the Future of Medicine

Dr. Mark McKenna has spent years following his passion with the company OVME. Technology is changing almost every industry and he hopes to change aesthetic medicine for patients around the United States. Patients always want the best product available and with the internet being so widespread in use, they know that they have many different options. Dr. Mark McKenna is hoping to bring these options to their fingertips with his OVME app.

OVME’s offices feature state of the art and luxury combined. They are for patients that their cosmetic procedure to be an experience that they look forward to. Every need of the patient is taken into consideration to ensure that they are comfortable and able to relax.

The app that is currently in development by OVME will be the first of its kind that is solely focused on connecting patients to medical professionals that can perform the aesthetic procedures they are wanting. Not only will they be able to message them and make appointments, they will be able to chat in real time over video.

While many people are afraid of the rapid changes that technology is bringing to the medical world, Dr. Mark McKenna is embracing it. Overall, he believes that the outcome of patients will be improved even more as technology continues to progress. While many patients are afraid that computers and other technology will eventually replace humans in many industries, Dr. Mark McKenna believes that this will not happen when it comes to the world of medicine. Instead, technology will enhance the experience of the patient and assist medical professionals in their work.

In the past, house calls from doctors used to be completely normal. Now they are rare, but OVME and Dr. Mark McKenna are hoping to change that. Not only can some procedures be performed in a location that is convenient for the patient like their office or home, they can choose to complete follow-ups through the app. This adds a level of convenience that has never been seen before. With just two devices connected to the internet, a large portion of a patient’s care can be completed online.


Talkspace and Depression

Michael Phelps is a champion swimmer. He has teamed up with Talkspace for a campaign on national TV. Talkspace is an organization that offers online therapy. The main agenda of the campaign is to ensure that the stigma connected to mental illness has come to an end. The organization makes sure that its clients get connected with a specialized therapist who can be reached through social media, Smartphone, tablet as well as a computer when they need help. As a world champion, Phelps has battled with depression and anxiety. His condition was getting worse unit he had started thinking of taking his life. He then realized how a strong man he is and got up to seek for help. Phelps claims that it was the therapy that saved his life

Through sharing about his anxiety and depression, Michael Phelps hopes that the story will encourage the people who are going through the same situation to come out and seek help. The champion will be the spokesperson of Talkspace as well as coming into its board of advisers as a member to assist the organization with its continuous strategy. Phelps has a broad knowledge when it comes to mental health advocacy, and he is devoted to improvements that are data-driven in the sector. This makes him of great value to Talkspace. The organization aims to become that central key when it comes to individuals taking care of their mental health.

Currently, most people are discussing mental health issues but have forgotten the stigma that comes along with depression. According to many people, the stigma that is associated with mental health has made them fear coming out to seek help. This is why Talkspace is out here looking for ways to end this stigma. The company wants to pass across a message that depression does not happen to the chosen few, it can affect anyone. Despite Michael being among the world’s best athletes, he had lost hope in life after he got into depression. With Phelps in the campaign, the organization aims to reach many people and encourage them that there is hope for their challenges.

Download Talkspace at  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.talkspace.talkspaceapp&hl=en

Lori Senecal Steps Away From Her Role At CP+B

After a two-year stint as the global CEO of the ad agency CP+B, Lori Senecal resigned from her position. She started her position at this ad agency in March 2015. In the middle of 2017, she informed the other senior managers of this company that she would be stepping down from her position at the end of the year. Chuck Porter, the chairman of CP+B and one of its co-founders, stated that she has been the perfect person in her role and would leave behind a company that was more flexible, nimble, and infused with an entrepreneurial spirit.

While working for this ad agency Lori Senecal had been instrumental in developing the next generation of leadership. One of these leaders is Danielle Aldrich who had been promoted to president of CP+B West. Along with Lori Senecal, they had gotten the advertising contract of American Airlines together. This is a huge account which had been with another advertising agency for 25 years. In a letter announcing her departure, Lori Senecal wrote that each of CP+B’s ten international offices was now being led by passionate entrepreneurs who would continue to find great success. For more details visit inspirery.com


Lori Senecal is originally from Quebec, Canada, and speaks both French and English. She earned her bachelor’s degree at McGill University and not long after she was named the president of McCann Erickson’s New York City office. During her time with this ad company, she designed effective ad campaigns for big brands like Xbox and Coca-Cola. She moved on and developed another ad company from the ground up, Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal. Some of her clients at this company were BMW, Homegoods, American Express, Vanguard, and Victoria Secret Pink. Check out huffingtonpost.com


She says that she became very interested in entering the business world while still in high school. During that time in her life, Lori Senecal loved gymnastics but wasn’t the right height to compete herself. Due to this, she became one of the coaches and credits that time with building her leadership abilities. Lori says one of the key skills she learned was to communicate in a way that didn’t come across as judgemental.


Click here: http://lorisenecalglobalceo.com/


See more: https://www.accompany.com/people/lori-senecal

The RealReal – A Big Break in Funding

The RealReal is a leader in authenticated luxury consignment. An e-commerce based out of San Francisco, California, they provide the largest selection of pre-owned and authenticated luxury items. This includes:

  • Men’s luxury fashion
  • Women’s luxury fashion
  • Fine jewelry
  • Watches
  • Fine art

Top designer brands are sold through The RealReal. Brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Rolex, Andy Warhol, and Sam Francis, among hundreds are carefully inspected and authenticated, then curated for daily sales. The RealReal provides easy free white glove pick-up in 16 U.S. cities, or free shipping by FedEx. The RealReal team is comprised of gemologists, horologists, art appraisers, and luxury experts, to ensure you will receive authentic pieces.

In 2018, The RealReal has been able to raise $115 million in Series G funding. Using another round of investment, as they have only been on the scene for seven years, The RealReal hopes to build new fulfillment centers and more brick-and-mortar shops. After this recent funding, The RealReal has in total raised $288 million in private equity capital. This start-up company is thriving because it found a niche, providing consumers another way to acquire luxury goods, such as buying authentic items second-hand. Consumers have been focusing their time on e-commerce, thus creating a retail store online has allowed the company to make its mark. These shifting trends have put this company in god favor with investors.

The funding was led by PWP Growth Equity, which is a middle market private equity group of Perella Weinberg Partners. Also, there was additional help from new investor Sandbridge Capital and existing investor Great Hill Partners. Another investor, Chip Baird, the co-founder and partner if PWP Growth Equity, also became a member of The RealReal’s board of directors. Online resale will continue to thrive, its expected worth to be about $41 billion by 2022. Millennials frequently shop online, looking for bargains, reusing, and recycling for items.

The RealReal currently has a brick-and-mortar shop in Soho and LA, but wants to expand on that to reach out to more potential consumers, such as opening a shop in Manhattan. The founder of The RealReal, Julie Wainwright, plans to release more jewelry and watch appraisal centers all over the nation. Wainwright is providing a feasible way to access luxury goods of quality and authenticity.

Dr. Rod Rohrich and the Advancements of Modern Plastic Surgery

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is an esteemed, board-certified plastic surgeon based in Dallas, Texas. He is recognized throughout the world for his teachings, innovations and skills that have helped contribute to the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich specializes in a multitude of advanced reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. His rhinoplasty procedure is well-known internationally and sought-after for its realistic-looking results. As the chairman of the prestigious Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium, Dr. Rohrich has traveled to many countries to showcase his modern surgical techniques for reshaping and repairing all types of noses. He has also released hundreds of up-to-date medical textbooks and articles that help teach others about the procedure including his most famous, “Dallas Rhinoplasty: Nasal Surgery by the Masters.”

Dr. Rohrich has received many requests for revision rhinoplasty, a corrective nose surgery that is also commonly referred to as secondary rhinoplasty. These requests were from people all over the world who have received botched nose jobs from other plastic surgeons. Revision rhinoplasty is still considered as one of the most difficult cosmetic procedures to date. Dr. Rohrich’s adept skills and knowledge pertaining to this procedure has allowed him to successfully perform these surgeries on his all of his patients in need. Most of his academic work, lectures, articles and research focuses on revision rhinoplasty and the proper ways to successfully perform this difficult procedure.

His practice, the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, is also renowned for its incredible surgical procedures including breast augmentation, breast lifts and facelifts. Dr. Rohrich’s informative consultations have left many patients felling well-educated and confident about their upcoming procedures. He is known for offering patients many options when it comes to breast enhancements. They can choose from a large selection of the most compatible implants, the incision areas and placement of the implants to achieve their desired looks.

Details Rohrich on Instagram :http://Instagram.com/rod.rohrich