TMS Health Solutions Offers a Unique Anti-Depression Treatment

There are between 14-17% of people who will suffer an episode or more of clinical depression. For these sufferers it is often difficult to find a medication that works. Depression often does not respond to just one medication, and it can take some trial and error to find the correct combination. The time it takes to find relief can often be overwhelming for patients who are already in a great deal of anguish. For over half of those patients, no combination of medications and talk therapy will work. For those who have a chemical imbalance that is causing their symptoms, talk therapy may help, but it will not provide any true relief. These patients have what is known as TRD, or treatment resistant depression.

TMS Health Solutions has created a range of treatment options. They use traditional medications, and they have a team of physicians who have been working in the mental health field for decades. They are also focused on alternative treatment methods. TMS, or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is their field of expertise. This treatment involves attaching an electromagnet over an area of the brain associated with mood regulation. It has been cleared by the FDA as a viable solution to depression. It requires no surgery, and patients are treated on an out-patient basis. Patients sit in a comfortable chair, and they can watch TV while the process is carried out. They can leave after the procedure, and they will be able to carry out normal tasks immediately. TMS does not have any of the side effects that medication can have. For very few people, it can feel slightly uncomfortable while it is in contact with the skin.

The facilities are overseen by Richard Bermudes, MD, and there are two locations in San Francisco and one in Sacramento and one in Walnut Creek. There is a team of highly qualified psychiatrists and a neurologist that work at all four locations.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum – A Reputable Medical Professional

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a reputable medical professional who invests a lot of his time and energy into caring for his patients. He pays attention to intricate details, and accesses his procedures in a delicate manner.

Recently, he stated that the importance of connecting with his staff members is something that he holds dear to his heart. Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum is a man who is passionate about other people, and has a burning desire to create a better world.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is an innovator and design expert who specializes in process engineering, information technology, and operational leadership. “Focusing on connecting with each of the surgeons and doctors in my department on a weekly basis as well as frequent and focused meetings with key management” is one thing that Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum said assists him greatly, in remaining steadfast. He talks more about this in an interview

His dedication to stay persistent, hard work ethics, and love for his field are major components of what makes Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum different from everyone else. He works in the field of Orthopedics and it is continually evolving each day as new technology emerges, various surgical techniques have to be mastered, and knowledge about the human body has to be honed in on, extensively.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum specializes in minimally invasive hip and knee replacement procedures. In addition, he also does complex revision joint replacement surgery, arthroscopy, and joint reconstruction. He acquired the proper training to accomplish hip and knee replacement and reconstructive surgery at The Rothman Institute which is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently, he practices in White Plains, New York.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is an enthusiastic member of The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, and The American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons. Furthermore, he has been a member of The American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons and The Orthopedic Research Society.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum designed joint replacement systems used in surgeries today. With extensive experience, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has completed thousands of joint replacement surgeries.

He specializes in knee, hip, shoulder replacement, and adult reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has won several awards for his innovation, ethics and quality care. To learn more about his honorary career, read here.

Madison Street Capital Awarded Turnaround M&A Deal of the Year

M&A Advisor has revealed what’s sure to be a massive boost to the Madison Street Capital reputation; they have named the Chicago based banking firm as the winner of its 13th Annual Turnaround Awards. The award – Distressed M&A Deal of the Year – is awarded to businesses with revenues of between $25MM and $50MM.



This is due to the firm’s role as exclusive adviser to Sachs Capital Group during their acquisition of RMG Networks. The deal, which saw Virgo Capital invest alongside Sachs Capital Group, was led by Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen. Merion Investment Partners also provided debt financing throughout the transaction. Founder and CEO Charles Botchway thanked the team that was responsible for the award and recognized the honor that came with receiving it.



The M&A Advisor also announced the winners of each of the other categories; namely the Restructuring of the Year, Transaction of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, Sector Deal of the Year, Firm of the Year, Turnaround Product/Service of the Year and Professional of the Year. Nominations represented a total of 275 companies; an independent jury of industry experts judged these.



Roger Aguinaldo, Founder of The M&A Advisor, commented that the winners were the cream of the crop and represented some impressive candidates. When announcing the winners Mr. Aguinaldo noted that the industry was increasingly demanding when it came to professionals, the winners delivered the highest levels of performance in an increasingly stressful environment.



Mr. Botchway said that the Distressed M&A Deal of the Year award helped to highlight the firm’s ability to navigate this kind of complex transaction. The award comes as the international banking firm has posted continual growth year-on-year over the past half-decade. For example from 2014 to 2015, the amount of hedge fund deals that were either closed or announced jumped by 10, going from 32 to 42 respectively.



Furthermore, if these transaction volumes were measured by AUM, then 2015 was approximately 27% higher than in 2014. This also helped lead to record growth across 2016 and beyond. In fact for much of its 14-year existence, Madison Street Capital has continued to go from strength to strength. Over the near-decade-and-a-half, the firm has repeatedly shown that they are dedicated to providing integrity, excellence, and leadership across all of its services.



In 2016, the investment bank also introduced a few new mechanisms to accommodate both buyers and sellers in their transactions. The winners of the M&A Advisor Awards will be presented with their awards on March 28, at a black-tie event during the 2019 M&A Advisor Distressed Investing Summit. The summit is set to take place in Palm Beach, Florida.


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Hyland’s Teething Tablets Provide Effective Pain Relief

Teething pain is horrible for mom, dad, and for baby. But, it is all a part of making it to that first birthday, so parents know that it is coming. Parents hate seeing their baby in pain and the discomforts associated with teething certainly cause them to experience pain in massive amounts. Choosing a product to stop teething pain can be a challenge because so many products sold OTC is risky to a baby. There is no shortage of products to pick from. The problem is choosing medicine that actually works and that will not cause worrisome side effects and symptoms to baby. Luckily, many parents know the name they can trust and choose it over the rest.

The Brand Parents Know & Trust

Hyland’s is the #1 homeopathic brand on the market today. They’ve offered all-natural homeopathic health products for more than 100 years now so parents know they can trust the brand to provide safe, reliable, effective products for their baby. Their product line includes several different products, all of which provide the same effective results. It is the Hyland’s Teething Tablets that many parents reach for, however.

The Lowdown on Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Hyland’s Teething Tablets work fast and can be used by newborn babies because they’re paraben-free and all-natural. Simply place a tablet in baby’s mouth where it dissolves within seconds. Baby instantly feels no more pain or discomfort and the day is saved for everyone. The tablets even reduce swollen, irritated gums. Hyland’s Teething Tablets are a lifesaver for baby and for parents.

Give Baby Instant Teething Pain Relief

Nothing is more excruciating to a baby than the pain associated with teething. Parents want to help them but cannot trust just any product. Now that you know Hyland’s Teething Tablets are around, there is no more worry or owner. It is easy to treat teething pain with Hyland’s Teething Tablets!

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New Residential Investment Corp Does Things Different from Other Companies

When New Residential Investment Corp first got started, they knew they had to be different from other real estate business if they were going to succeed. They also knew they had to make the right decisions to grow their business while also showing their clients they knew what they needed to do. It was important for the company to keep helping people and keep giving them the options that would make a difference in their lives. It was also important for them to always show others they made good decisions. Between working on their own and pushing to make things better for their clients, they felt they had a great chance at success in the future. It gave them the ability to perform better and also gave them the chance they needed to show other people they made great investment decisions.

While New Residential Corp knew what they wanted to do, they felt they had a chance to make things better thanks to the hard work they put into the business. Focusing only on real estate gave about New Residential Investment Corp the chance to try something different from what other people looked at. It also made the business want to help people see how things would keep getting better no matter how hard they had to work or what they were doing with the opportunities they had. The company spent their time figuring out the best way to do business and help other clients get the same chances for success.

New Residential Investment Corp keeps growing and more people can see what the company does to succeed. New Residential Investment Corp knows a lot about real estate investment and they pushed to give more people the chances they needed to succeed no matter what they were interested in. It was important to the business to always show people things would keep getting better and people were doing things on their own. New Residential Investment Corp grew their business to reach new levels and that’s what pushed them to keep doing things the right way through the best investment options they had on their own.

The Secrets to Great Hair

Ask 10 different people what the secret is to getting great hair and it’s probable that you’ll get 10 different answers. Every woman has her own secrets to gorgeous hair that she uses. What works for one lady might not be so nourishing for the next. The key is to find a hair care plan that works for your hair.

According to Wikipedia, one of the most important factors in caring for your hair is having a great shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo removes all of the dirt and grime from the hair and can create a healthy, shiny, bouncy appearance. Conditioner nourishes the strands so they’re soft and manageable. Not all shampoo and conditioners provide the same results so taking some time to sort through the choices is vital.

WEN is a popular hair care line that many women swear by. Yes, every woman has her own routine to care for her hair, but for many, it includes these products. Chaz Dean developed Wen by Chaz and for many years now the products have been on the market, used by people who want hair that rocks the world. These shampoos and conditioners smell great and have all the right stuff to make the hair look great.

Chaz Dean is a stylist to the stars. He has his own studio in Los Angeles where he works on hair for some of Hollywood’s most elite. When he developed the Wen by Chaz product line, it was in an effort to ensure that everyone has great hair, even people who cannot get to L.A. to visit his salon. If you’re busy, then just visit the website. These products could be a part of a good hair care routine for you!

Equity First Holding, LLC Information

Equity First Holding, LLC is a lending company that was started in 2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana and has an office in New York as well.

Equity First Holding, LLC is a lending service that will give out loans to businesses along with individuals if the loans they are giving seem like they will get their money back or will improve on the loan given through stocks, bonds or any kind of better return. It is completely up to Equity First Holding to decide whether or not they feel the loan is worth doing before they will give out the loan.

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Freedom Checks Defined by Matt Badiali, the Investment Expert

Perhaps you’ve heard of an investment docket called freedom checks, often promoted by Matt Badiali, an investment expert. Many think that this is a scam. Others have read thousands of online reviews and claims on freedom checks. The strategy behind this investment is solely based on purchasing shares of various companies that operate as master limited partnerships. This is an investment opportunity for many business professionals. But others have been duped before. Therefore, they think that freedom check will lead them to high-risk investments. In a promotional pitch by Matt Badiali, he reiterates the fact that freedom check can change investor’s lives.

Who is Matt Badiali?

Matt Badiali is a prominent wealth strategist as well as a financial analyst. He has served in the industry for more than ten years. His roles and responsibilities in the investment world have contributed to his travel across the globe. Some of the places he has visited include Hong Kong, New Guinea, and Singapore to mention a few. His efforts to study different economic markets with the aim of assessing their viability yielded excellent results in terms of helping him to build a career. Badiali is a trained geologist who has a vast set of skills in analyzing the investment sector. He has worked in the drilling sector as well as the oil mining industry. While serving in these capacities, Matt Badiali learned how the industry operates. He understood the ropes of the business to the point of interviewing executive leaders of high-profile companies dealing in the production of oil and gas. Badiali learned much about mining. Today, he disintegrates freedom check including who runs them and who can invest in them.

Why You Should Invest In Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali, the prominent wealth strategist, focuses on natural resources as well as stocks that have great potential. He points out that natural resources are compelling to novice investors since they understand the risks involved in the business. They also sustain the community. Freedom checks are a direct output of natural resources since they are controlled by organizations that manufacture and supply oil and energy resources. Matt Badiali advises investors to put their resources in freedom checks since it pays.

Get the Best from your Skin with Sunday Riley Skin Products

When it comes to choosing between different brands of skin care products, most people are usually stranded and lost between different brands. The good news, however, is the fact that there are brands that work perfectly well on different skins. One of these brands is Sunday Riley.

Sunday Riley is a brand of skin care products produced by Sunday Riley. Little is known about her other than the fact that she has over 200,000 Instagram followers, a clear indication of how important her skin care products are to the general public.

Here is a breakdown of Sunday Riley’s skin brands that you can choose from the next time you go out shopping for a skin product.

Good Genes

Good Genes is an all-in-one lactic acid treatment product that smoothens your skin and makes it look more youthful. Good Genes brags as being the best-loved skincare product under the Sunday Riley emblem. For instance, at only $105.00, this skin product can make your skin appear brighter, clearer, and younger.

Luna Sleeping Night Oil

The Luna Sleeping Night Oil is widely known for its plumping and line fading properties which bust the myth of dryness usually associated with retinoids. Additionally, it has a beef jerky smell that will keep your skin smelling fresh all day long.

Saturn Sulfur Acne

The Saturn Sulphur Acne skin care product from Sunday Riley is your best treatment if you are looking for an antibacterial skin product. Additionally, this skin product has been designed for anyone suffering from mild to moderate acne associated with occasional breakouts and whiteheads.

Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil (UFO)

If you are looking for a skin care product that will leave your skin supple and hydrated, look no further than UFO. This skin product from Sunday Riley brings together a well-balanced formula and drying ingredient that keeps your skin hydrated all day long. If acne has been a long time issue, you can rely on UFO as a solution to your problems.

Auto Correct

Auto Correct is an eye hydrating product that functions by moisturizing the skin areas under your eyes. This skin product from Sunday Riley brightens up dark circles under your eyes as well as depuffs your eyes. The good thing about this skin product is the fact that it rarely leaves a tingling effect on your eyes.

Dr. Chris Villanueva Created MB2 Dental In Order To Liven Up The Dental Industry

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental and has served for many years as an active practitioner in the dental industry. He started up his company with the knowledge of having served the corporate dentist sector and as a private practitioner. His company now serves and supports more than 70 affiliated dentist locations in the United States while employing more than 500 people. The idea for his company came after he graduated from dental school and was dismayed by his options. Instead of caving in to fate, he decided to build a company that would allow dentists to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Dr. Chris Villanueva was asked in an interview to reveal what makes MB2 Dental so unique, and he commented that regular dental practice management networks are boring and that they haven’t progressed in many years. His company focuses on more than just the amount of money a dentist makes and is owned by a dentist. This allows dentists to build fun networks and to grow together in an environment that is very supportive. MB2 Dental also allows dental practices to make the kinds of changes that are good for its patients. Dr. Villanueva is able to bring his ideas to life by surrounding himself with people who he sees as smart. He believes in collaborating when it comes to his ideas and always appreciates hearing perspectives outside of his own. Something that truly excited him is how technology is playing an increasingly important role in the dental industry.

As an entrepreneur in the dental sector, Dr. Chris Villanueva has found he is more productive when he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He has found that this helps him to remain flexible and to gain the trust of others, as well. He also believes that the culture of any company should produce a fun atmosphere where people can be themselves. When work is treated as something that is fun it has the chance to actually become fun. When looking back at his career, Dr. Villanueva has realized the importance of self reflection. He also believes that vacations should be spent doing something other than just sitting around. He, personally, likes to get as much outside of his normal daily life as possible so he can really appreciate his life when he comes back to it. As an entrepreneur, Villanueva believes it is best to stay focused on his industry rather than getting distracted by the next “greatest thing.” This has helped him to continue to be an innovator in his field.

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