Rebel Wilson: Gratitude for a Bountiful 2019

2019 is a bountiful year for Rebel Wilson because of the number of projects that were given to her. One of the highlights of her career is her first lead role in the movie “Isn’t It Romantic.”

The story of the film centers on the life of Natalie, a hopeless romantic who will be transported magically in an unknown world that is filled with rom-com clichés.

Rebel Wilson said that she shares a lot of similarities with the character, and it will be very easy for her to portray the life of the protagonist. The director of the film, Todd Strauss-Schulson, said that Rebel Wilson managed to give justice to the character, and he enjoyed watching the film.

The test audiences who have seen the film before it was distributed to the cinemas also enjoyed the story and the performance from Rebel Wilson, praising her acting, as well as the flow of the story. The movie was given a theatrical release in the United States back in February 2019, and the rest of the world managed to watch the film through Netflix.

“Isn’t It Romantic” is not the only project that will be given to Rebel Wilson. It was also reported that she will be appearing on a Broadway Musical – “Cats,” to be specific. “Cats” has been a popular musical for years, and Rebel Wilson stated that she is excited to play the role of JennyAnyDots.

The musical will be shown in November 2019, and the Australian actress is already doing a lot of practice to perfect her performance. Aside from “Isn’t It Romantic” and “Cats,” Rebel Wilson will also be starring in two film remakes – one would be the hugely popular film entitled “Private Benjamin” and the other would be the comedy show entitled “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.”

The actress was also chosen to become a part of the cast for “The Social Life,” a movie starring Amanda Seyfried. Rebel Wilson was also given the role as Fraulein Rahm in Taika Waititi’s “Jojo Rabbit,” a dark comedy-drama film.

Rebel Wilson managed to transform from a small=time actress into one of the biggest names in Hollywood, thanks to her perseverance to succeed. Rebel Wilson said that she will continue to hone her craft, and she is also dreaming of receiving an award someday. Read more: Pitch Perfect Star – Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Hair Secrtes | Today

The Australian actress managed to appear in several other movies in the past, but the most memorable character that she played so far would be Fat Amy from the “Pitch Perfect” movie series.

Her confidence also allowed her to become one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood today. She continues to inspire other people in pursuing their dreams, just like what she did when she started playing different characters in Hollywood.

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Glenn Schlossberg on Fashion

He started out in fashion from his dad’s dress shop. He learned about the fashion industry on the ground floor. Glenn Schlossberg is both a clothing designer and business entrepreneur. Once he got the hang of creating a garment,he thought to himself that there was room for improvement. Glenn Schlossberg has no fashion degree, even so he created Jump.

Jump is for homecoming and prom apparel. Then he added some more labels and thirty years later, he is able to recognize what will be in style according to the fashion industry.

Glenn Schlossberg’s very first taste of success came from a small store named Montgomery Ward. It was his big break. What he received was a million dollar check. To begin with a check of this tremendous amount, was quite lucrative considering that it was his initial amount.After that he was known for being able to predict the trends in the fashion industry, even without a degree. He had a knack for taking clothing and turning his ideas into pure gold or platinum. The styles he created were both modern with a classic touch. His creations were his own.

The Jump Design group was founded in 1990. Glenn later studied at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. He said he had a need for speed. The fashion moguel’s love for fashion was a family affair. Days and nights were spent on the familys apparel line. Glenn might have started with no education, but later found it useful.

In conclusion, Glenn Schlossberg’s small beginning in his father’s dress factory and warehouse,was the start of something he carried down from his dads generation to his own generation. Carrying on a legacy of style and fashion. The family name remaining in place for years. Trendy and modern clothing for the eyes to behold and with his own personal touch added to every garment made that had his name on it. You could say it was worth every penny, starting out with a million dollar check from Montgomery Ward impressive for such humble beginnings. A large sum of money for just starting out. Being able to predict the fashion industry comes in handy.

OSI Group: An American Success Story

Innovation has always been at the forefront at OSI Group. From its humble beginnings in 1909, when German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky opened a family meat market in Oak Park, Illinois, to today’s sprawling corporation ranked number 63 on Forbe’s list of American’s largest private companies in 2018. The company today operates at over 65 facilities in 17 countries with annual revenue of $6.1B. It’s international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois is the center of the action for the corporation which handles meat processing for the retail and food service industries.

The story of OSI cannot be told without the fateful merging with one of the most famous American corporations: McDonald’s. Ray Kroc did not open his first McDonalds until the mid-1950’s but well before he entered into an agreement with the sons of Otto Kolschowsky which eventually led to OSI becoming the first supplier of fresh beef to the fledging behemoth. As McDonald’s took off towards becoming one of the most famous franchises ever developed, Otto& Sons joined the ride and reaped the massive rewards.

Over the next 10 to 20 years, Otto & Sons expanded towards becoming a global entity. This was carefully intertwined with the booming McDonalds. The initial success of the hamburger giant was the consistency it promised with each and every sandwich. Therefore, as Otto & Sons became the global OSI Group, its goal was to provide McDonald’s with the best and most affordable product and stand-out in the busy food supplier business.

OSI continued to explore and became an important food provider all over the world. Through the 1980s and 1990s, expansion moved the company into South America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

More recently, the OSI Group has become a champion of value-added protein products, including pizza, all the while remaining loyal to its hamburger eating base. The OSI Group further expansion, including China, has also led the company to add some non-meat products to its resume.

The OSI Group is an American success story. From humble beginnings to worldwide dominance. The corporation’s story owes itself to being true to its initial values of excellent client relationships, investing in technology and understanding the global market.

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Sheldon Lavin Talks About OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer and chief and chairman of the meat processing company OSI Group LLC. He recently sat down to talk about the company and his career background. Lavin had a number of intriguing things to say about the company as well as how he got started in the meat processing and distribution business. Prior to getting involved with OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin worked as a financial consultant. He went into financial consulting in order to give himself key knowledge on how to manage his own business one day. His academic background in both accounting and finance also played a role in his decision to get into his initial career.

Lavin became a part of OSI Group when he arranged financing for the first meat processing facility in West Chicago, Illinois. He provided capital for the Kolschowsky family to get funds to make improvements on the facility. During the next several years, Sheldon Lavin would then continue to be involved with the company and eventually become its owner. Once taking over OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin looked to grow the company and make it into a world class food processing enterprise. Over a span of two decades, Lavin helped expand the company to 17 countries worldwide. With this expansion, OSI Group would eventually become one of the top meat processing and supply companies in the entire world.

Sheldon Lavin revealed that OSI Group is located in 17 along with having over 70 facilities worldwide. The range of products the company sells include protein items, sauces, vegetable items and baked goods. All of these products have allowed the company to help many food retailers and restaurants get what they need to satisfy their customers. When taking over OSI Group, Lavin looked to make the company very entrepreneurial. This meant that the company would emphasize innovation and independence among all of the managers and employees. The company operates like a family where all of the employees and managers work together and support one another. The current entrepreneurial culture is one of the main reasons why OSI Group continues to be among the most successful companies in its industry.

Ashley Lightspeed and Digital Media Investment

Ashley Brasier, or Ashley Lightspeed as she is often referred to, has become a prominent figure in the investment and venture capital sector.

From her experience at Bain & Company to her degrees from Duke and Stanford, Ashley has had the experience and the educational background to be able to carve a niche for herself in the competitive investment space.

And she has done that with great aplomb.

Currently a partner at a leading VC firm, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley Lightspeed has been able to lead new and innovative ideas from their shadow of obscurity to a light of prominence and exposure. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

The fact that Lightspeed had been the company to invest in prominent entities such as Goop and Snapchat only adds to how effective its identification of potential household brands could be.

Given the firm’s focus on digital media ventures, Ashley Lightspeed with her bachelor’s major in visual and media studies as well as markets and management seems to fit right into its business model.

That is why, Ashley Lightspeed has been focusing on all sorts of new ventures that focus on digital media and the trends associated with them. Through her focus on innovative ventures that transform the consumption, production and dissemination of media, Ashley has been able to support businesses that operate in this highly competitive but immensely in-demand space.

Since Ashley is a member of Lightspeed’s consumer growth division, she focuses on startups’ growth strategy. As part of her role, she makes sure that the pertinent businesses has an airtight brand strategy before going ahead and providing it with the capital that it needs. With that, she also closely looks at innovation and how it is being accommodated in the solutions that are being forth by the startup in question.

Ashley is likely to continue to be a great asset to the firm and for the people that she works with on a regular basis. View Ashley’s profile at

Richard Liu Qiangdong Views on Global Trends in E-Commerce

Richard Liu Qiangdong — one of the most hardworking investors — believes that consistency in the world of business is vital. In the last two decades, he has continuously made the most successful business entity in China. Although the journey of growing his company has been hard and full of challenges, Liu believes that the experiences have made him wiser and more determined.

In all his interviews, he is keen on encouraging young talents to be consistent with their venture regardless of the market dynamics. In order to make consistency a reality, Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that adaptability to different trends is critical. In his investment journey, he has successfully changed business ventures that did not make profits.

He is also a believer of teamwork, primarily operating in a new market. When he made the famous switch, Richard Liu Qiangdong understood the importance of bringing different talents on his team. For example, he created a strong team at and the team has assisted him to grow and expand in other markets.

Liu has also partnered with different companies. His partnerships have enabled his company to make some significant strides in the business world and more importantly — funding. Richard Liu Qiangdong understands the importance of funding and through his partnership; has one of the best financiers. When getting these deals, however, Richard Liu Qiangdong understands that the contract can either protect the interest of the company or not.

Thirdly, Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that creating an environment that favors customers is vital. In his investment journey, Liu has always protected the interests of his customer through the following ways. To begin with, he understands that quality goods in the e-commerce spaces are not a guarantee. However, he has made quality merchandises synonymous with his company. This approach makes relatable to millions to customers and more importantly, they can trust the company to deliver good commodities.

Liu also understands that changing a market — for example, the Chinese market — requires a consultative approach. Thanks to his excellent negotiating skills and his ability to mobilize people, he has created one of the best partnerships among business executives in China. Through this association, Liu has successfully encouraged entities to ratify policies on quality goods.

Liu Qiangdong: Twitter.

Agera Energy on Their Online Social Media

Agera Energy is well-known for their electricity and natural gas options. They offer their services all over the country despite being based out of New York.

What sets Agera Energy apart from a lot of the other companies out there is that they are incredibly active throughout social media like Facebook and Twitter. This is allowing people to keep in touch with Agera Energy and get the answers that they need for their own household or business needs.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing company, you can either visit the Agera Energy site or check them out on social media where they will be happy to respond to you. Be sure to take a look at this option for yourself to see why so many people are choosing this energy company and are finding them to be one of the best out there for all of their household electrical services.

Agera Energy’s Facebook Page.

OSI Group’s David McDonald’s Thoughts on Growing a Business

For most of a century, the OSI Group has been growing at a relatively steadily rate; initially founded as a small family-run meat processing company, it’s gone on to become one of the largest food and meat processors and suppliers in the world. Much of this has been because of a few innovative and strategic decisions that the company has made in the past. Over the past few years, much of this has been done under the leadership of David McDonald. Mr. McDonald had worked with a variety of other companies before joining OSI and has had a considerable amount of success in each role.

Throughout much of this time, however, David McDonald has always believed that many public agencies may not be as effective as people would want. Instead, he suggests, it’s been private businesses that have been at the forefront of economic activity and advancements in many countries. As an example, David McDonald used how the OSI Group made it so successful in the first place. This was done through partnering with fast-food giant McDonalds; at the time, the company was rolling out its franchise opportunities, which in itself was a somewhat innovative advancement in the industry. With the partnership between the two companies, both were able to thrive and innovate in their respective areas.

As such, both of these companies became a considerable success; McDonald’s became a household name, and the OSI Group has gone on the become the largest meat processor in the United States. According to most reports, OSI currently creates a few million burgers and food items on a daily basis. However, David McDonald has suggested that this may not have happened if it was two public agencies who had partnered together. While Mr. McDonald has noted that they are effective in some areas; however, he’s also claimed that much of the innovation that has been ascribed to public agencies have been overstated. Because of this, David McDonald has pointed out that historically speaking, it’s been private enterprises that have led advancements and have been the ones that have been truly effective at getting things done.


How Organo Gold Has Succeeded Under Bernardo Chua

Introducing a herbal supplement in a western country can be chaotic. Luckily, it was not his first time for Bernardo Chua. He had done it before with Gano Excel. He had pertinent expertise in Ganoderma and other herbal supplements. He also had the deep managerial experience required to launch a direct marketing company.

Today, Organo Gold managed position 55 in the globe in the competitive direct selling category. The company has achieved such a feat in 10 short years. Bernardo knows that it has not been a simple journey. It has taken him all his technical know-how.

He needed revolutionary products that had a clear market advantage over the competition. To achieve that without cutting corners, he had to invest heavily in research. The supply of raw materials is also another issue. He needed motivated farmers who can produce ethically.

Apart from quality control, he needed a proven marketing strategy. Luckily, multilevel marketing was calling out for him. This model of go-to-market is not for the faint-hearted. You need a strong character to motivate your team.

Bernardo Chua did not have another option. He had to lead from the front even when things were not going according to the plan. When the systems were complete, all the CEO of Organo Gold had to do was to tighten the screws in every department to ensure that customers were happy.

As long as quality Ganoderma-laced coffee and tea are available, the customer is happy. He has even found room to get innovative. Organo Gold is bringing in an entirely new class of supplements based on extracts from grape seed oil.

Research shows that these extracts have the elusive antioxidants. This discovery ushered in a new brand of supplements aimed at aging, cell degeneration, and deteriorating immune systems. The success of the company is in good hands of Bernardo Chua.

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Matt Badiali Shares How His Science Background Works Extremely Well In The Financial Industry

With his educational background in the sciences, Matt Badiali entered the financial industry as a natural resources experienced investing guru. His work has taken him around the world as he feels that he needs to see things for himself in order to recommend them as an investment to others. This includes going into gold mines, getting on oil drilling platforms, and meeting chief executive officers face-to-face. Matt Badiali says that unless you see something for yourself you don’t really know what is actually going on. He shares what he has learned in Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits, two financial newsletters. Matt Badiali shows how investors can double or even quadruple their investments in a matter of months.

In Front Line Profits he focuses on small-cap natural resource firms. He says that these companies could see their stocks go up by 1,000 percent or more in a short period of time. He was working to get his Ph.D. in the sciences when a financial expert he had met asked him to work on a project at his financial firm. He needed someone with a background in the sciences like Matt Badiali to help people make money from natural resources. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing several years later, in 2017, and continues to help others make money from assets such as gold, silver, marijuana, and oil.

Matt Badiali says he enjoys following trends and spotting the key times to invest. To keep up with the natural resources industry he spends a great deal of time reading. Matt Badiali says this helps him make the best decisions with the latest information at hand. His favorite publications to read are the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. By reading you also form new connections in your brain which helps you in all facets of your life. His research work shows that before long everything is going to be powered by electricity. It will mostly replace other energy sources such as natural gas and diesel. It will be the creation of very high-capacity batteries that ushers in a new era of how people and businesses power their activities.