The Transparent Trend With Donata Meirelles

The 2019 Louis Vuitton fashion show brought back an old trend, and it may be here to stay. The relaunch of the transparent bag has everyone in awe. Major celebrities, such as Rihanna have been given the bag to show it off in public for this new trend. DonataMeirelles, the fashion expert at Vogue Brazil magazine is excited for the new trend. She is a large fan of the transparent bag and has even dusted off her old collection in anticipation. In a recent article for Vogue Brazil magazine, she gives the readers some tips on how to rock the transparent bag.

The first thing that is important to consider according to Meirelles is that organization is key when it comes to rocking a transparent bag. It is a good idea to put only what you need and take out everything else, such as old tickets and crumbled up receipts.  View Donata Meirelles profile at Linkedin.

Once you get this down, Donata recommends a large metallic bag and a wallet to put everything that you need but don’t want to show through the bag into. She also recommends to put sunglasses in the hood of the bag to make them more of a fashion statement.

The transparent bag is also a great place to show off a special makeup product, such as the ones with beautiful and unique packaging. It is also a good idea to show off your smartphone with the screen facing inwards. This way no one is able to see your important and often private messages.

The best reasons to use a transparent bag according to DonataMeirelles is because it goes with every outfit. It is also a great small bag to use when travelling, and it allows you to see if you have everything you need before leaving your house.

DonataMeirelles thinks that the transparent bag trend is here to stay this time around.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Has a Great Story to Tell

Any man’s story, as a matter of fact, should always begin with his formative years. That’s his days in school so that then it is possible to obtain a clear trace of what made them what they are today. Felipe Montoro Jens legend is no exception. Saving the best till last we shall here begin our journey back in time to Felipe Montoro Jens’ days of childhood.

As his name suggests, Felipe Montoro Jens is from the land where the biggest names in the History of football come from, Brazil! He went to university at Getulio Vargas Foundation, which is one of the best schools in all of Brazil. Here, he pursued a degree in business where he received the best quality training in business. This school has a long and trustworthy History since it was first started in 1944. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Despite the fact that at home Felipe Montoro Jens had the opportunity to train with the best of the best, he realized that he wanted more. He desired to become famous in the entire world and he, therefore, chose to join an institution that would give him that cut above the rest. To do so, he joined Thunderbird School of Global Management, a move that would shape the rest of his life.

After his education in the United States’ Arizona State University, he went back home to give back to his community. While at Brazil, he overcame the odds to obtain an early footing in the corporate world, an achievement not so easily gained and especially not while just fresh from college. He began at board affiliations gaining experience and becoming a household name in chemical development industries, energy generation and so forth. In a little time, he was up in the ladder rubbing shoulders with key officers in the corridors of power at Enron, PricewaterhouseCoopers and more and finally cutting a deal overseas in Portugal.

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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Supports Charity in the Community

Established in 2005, Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a leading personal injury law firm that’s located in Ohio. The organization handles vehicle accidents, work injuries, class actions, coupled with nursing home neglect. The firm also caters to other class actions. It’s made up of approximately 30 lawyers who have combined experience of over 400 years coupled with 100 support staff. This has enabled the firm to delve into various settlements of roughly $450 million coupled with verdicts to favor clients. The management has offices in Ohio and its surroundings, which create convenience for customers. This could be big or small.

One of the organizations founding partners, Mr. Rob Nestico, suffered a serious injury at the tender age of 15. He realized that insurance companies neglected such families. His parents could barely understand English. The insurance firm took advantage of them. As such, the family had to pay the entire hospital bill. Consequently, he based his career in the sector of law. He has since established a strong portfolio of service provision in the legal industry.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick have an excellent track record of providing services. Its rapid expertise, as well as growth when it comes to handling cases, has seen the organization receive recognition as a leading law firm that provides excellent services in the community.

A client may feel like someone else should pay for costs related to an accident. However, they may feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start, especially when it comes to financial matters. Lawyers at the firm are always ready to assist. When a client schedules a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer, they can rest assured that their story will be heard and their cases evaluated.

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Serge Belamant’s Success with Blockchain Technology

While it’s true that the name Serge Belamant doesn’t naturally come to mind when you think of blockchain technology – it should. Why? Because he’s the founding patent holder and has been a key contributor in many related advancements. Born in France, Belamant moved to South Africa with his family as a teenager, and later studied at both Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa. Curious by nature, he studied engineering when he first started college, and later studied applied mathematics, computer science and information systems. There’s something about the enthusiasm of high achievers like Bill Gates and Serge Belamant, who both left college early to pursue their career goals.

What exactly is blockchain technology? It’s the type of technology from which you’ve probably benefited and didn’t even know it. Blockchain technology is used to make financial transactions more secure and accurate. It’s also used to make them more efficient. Specifically, blockchain technology is described as linking and encrypting a ledger of records that have sensitive information. The individual ledgers also include a time stamp and other data common to transactions.

Serge Belamant has filed many patents over the years, and he’s a patent holder for blockchain technology. He has also excelled as a business owner. As the founder of Net1Technologies, he was sought after by Visa for an important project that resulted in him moving to the United States. The project was successful beyond measure because he created the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card (COPAC) for Visa, which is still used today to mitigate fraud and the improper use of credit.

Another significant achievement of Serge Belamant is the work he did when First National Bank of South Africa purchased Cash Payment Services (CPS). There was a lot of work required to modernize the system that paid grants to more than a million South Africans primarily located in rural areas across the country. These types of achievements were on the heels of many other successes in Belamant’s career, such as the work he did for Matrix Engineering where he worked with finite element analysis software that optimized water levels in dams. These are just some of his many career achievements.

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Dick DeVos Is A Michigan-Based Businessman Who Cares Deeply About His Nation And Home Town

The latest stories about the DeVos family point to their generous philanthropy and political advancement in the past two years. Betsy DeVos is now the 11th Education Secretary, and Dick DeVos, husband of Betsy and son to the Amway founder, has been working his way into Washington DC as well. In 2017, he was appointed to the Management Advisory Council for the FAA. This new position placed him in the same room as those deciding policies, regulations, budgets, and future growth for the aviation industry.


DeVos had always dreamed of working in aviation. He had studied it a great deal and owned multiple pilot licenses. His love of flying has increased over the years, and he has a pilot’s license for his multiple jets and helicopters. DeVos and his wife Betsy have also co-founded a school in Grand Rapids, called the West Michigan Pilot Academy. The academy teachers students on how to become pilots on the Gerald R. Ford International property.


The changes made to the area of Grand Rapids can be attributed to the direct involvement of Dick DeVos who had changed career paths at the end of the 1980s. He wanted to work with local city planners and business leaders to do something great for his hometown. He also wanted more people to come to the area.


DeVos talked to the CEO of the nearby airport and discussed a plan for new customers. DeVos had always known that it would work. He had seen it work in other scenarios and thought that if he could just get new destination flights at the airport, then he could bring in some new ticket sales.


He worked with the CEO of AirTran Airways to achieve this. He simply made a phone call to ask for new flights at the location, and the CEO agreed. New flight paths were added for Orlando, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and Denver. These locations would bring in considerable business traffic, but it was also passengers who simply wanted more options. The new destinations worked, and they were able to start seeing ticket sales increase year over year.


As DeVos has worked more with the FAA than any other government association, he has been strong in his opinions that airports need better security that isn’t inconvenient. He has been working tirelessly to support the aviation industry and even help with new policies and regulations.


With the political climate remaining as charged as ever, it’s unclear what the plans are for Dick DeVos, but he certainly has been climbing up the social leader with every kind of aviation business. In fact, he received praise from the CEO of Southwest because of his ability to negotiate a merge easily.


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Q&A with Expert Wall Street Funds Manager Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly, once apart of the fast pace dealing of the investment world, has now moved on to helping everyday people find as much success as he did in the market. Paul Mampilly began his career as a funds manager for Bankers Trust and through hard work and a keen eye for detail he was soon sought out by multi-billion dollar companies as an investor. After a while, the day to day of Wall Street simply got the best of Paul Mampilly and would then decide to focus his talents and skills to help others fulfill their dreams. We recently sat down with Mr.Mampilly to go a little more in-depth about his career and future endeavors.

What are your goals now that you left Wall Street?

Paul Mampilly states that although working on Wall Street was often very exciting; the fact is that it doesn’t really help everyone. Therefore, he sought to now attempt to help everyday Americans make educated decisions on where they could place their paycheck or investment budget. Mr.Mampilly introduced to the world “Profits Unlimited” in order to provide such information to the public in hopes that they can better understand the market as well as find success in it. Get the latest update on his twitter to find out more.

What is the best thing about leaving Wall Street in order to follow other goals?

Mr.Mampilly explains that Wall Street often places heavy burdens on those who manage billions of dollars. One good move and you’re a hero, stumble, and you’re suddenly a zero to everyone. In addition to this, if one is not careful numbers on a sheet can suddenly begin to be just that, numbers. The fact is that those numbers have real people behind them, real consequences if you make the wrong move. Although it is hard, I wouldn’t trade it for anything as it has allowed me to help many people, says Mr.Mampilly.

Is the market rigged for the average American?

The market is rigged to a certain extent, says Mr.Mampilly. This is why the work being done by Mr.Mampilly through his newsletter is so valuable to the public. Mr.Mampilly goes on to say that this allows the average American to have a shot at success and be a part of this system.


Steve Lesnard Simplifies Digital Product Marketing

All businesses need to have the ability to adapt their best practices to accommodate changes in the marketplace. In today’s digital world; product marketing has become more important than ever. The digital medium gives businesses a way to get to the consumer faster. According to Steve Lesnard, there are 2 key things to remember when marketing your products in the digital world, keeping it simple and make it real.

To keep digital marketing simple, Steve Lesnard tells us to be clear and concise when explaining the benefits of your product to consumers. The easier the end user can understand how your product can help them, the faster they connect and consider the purchase. But what happens if your product has several benefits? Steve tells us to pick one and focus on that. By giving your consumers a reason to purchase your product that will enhance their life or make something easier for them, you have a captive audience that is engaged with your products and your company overall.

The second item that Steve Lesnard explains is vital to digital marketing is making sure you bring your product to life. In a digital world, it is so easy to gloss over a product. As consumers are scrolling through content, products need a clear message that can be noticed in an instant. Steve tells us that specifics about your product such as how it is used or how it looks on your body are crucial to enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience. He also suggests using short video content in appropriate contexts creates a storyline for the customer to follow while bringing your product’s best features to light.

Steve Lesnard shows us how to apply the specific consumer benefit within your next marketing campaign. By keeping the message simple and presenting the product’s benefits upfront are key to creating the most pleasant marketing experience for our customers. Creating the correct digital marketing can highlight your product in a way that is more appealing to buyers.

Sheldon Lavin Is a Brilliant Businessman

One of the most powerful people in the meat processing industry is Sheldon Lavin. He is currently the CEO of the OSI Group. His financial career is quite astonishing if you take a look at where he started and where he is now. He has risen to the top of his food industry because he has foresight and the ability to make deals. He originally went to school to be an accountant. However, all of that changed when he started to help a family get the financing they needed to buy a meat processing plant. The name of the family’s company was Otto & Sons. Sheldon Lavin began to work very closely with the family who owned Otto & Sons. They had already been around for many decades by the time Sheldon became involved with them.

He began to get very interested in the meat processing industry. He would eventually buy a large stake in Otto & Sons and began running the company. It was not long until Sheldon Lavin began to greatly expand the operations of the company across the United States and into various foreign countries. OSI Group now has literally dozens of facilities that are located in many different countries. Their most lucrative partnership with another country to this point has been China. This makes sense when you stop to consider that China has more people than any other country in the world. Therefore, they have more people who eat meat.

The Chinese people have been very receptive to the services that OSI Group can provide. Under his brilliant leadership, OSI Group has turned into a global powerhouse. They are now one of the biggest and most respected companies in the entire meat processing industry. This is thanks in large part to the many decades that this brilliant man has spent at the helm of the company. The employees of OSI Group love to work for Sheldon Lavin. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that he is willing to take suggestions from any employee. According to Sheldon good ideas to improve the company can come from anywhere.

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The Breathtaking Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens who was a fantastic painter and director for Sunset Magazine at the time. With the compassion and assistance of his wife, they opened the private university in a rented loft which started it all. It has since been the most significant private art and design university in the country. The elite teachers at the school help any student master their given talents to find executive positions in the modern world eventually. With a strict but manageable no-nonsense curriculum, students can expect to get great value and increase their skills. The Academy of Art University has a place for anyone willing to put in the time, hard work and effort to succeed.

The Academy of Art is an illustrious University which over the years has harboured artistic and creative minds alike. Prepare to shape your skills and journey significantly when challenged at this University. With many credible professors, you will be challenged to the best of your ability, but your success is up to you with various production technology and resources available; your ability to create is unlimited. The art school is equipped with various art techniques including VR systems, mannequin work, photography and anything related to the visionary mind is possible. Students and their other classmates share a common goal in expressing their most abundant creativity and innovative skill. Throughout your time here at the University, you will pick up many skills and tricks to truly put your mind to matter.

The university specializes in practice-based art, in which most of the work is hands on. Students are motivated continuously to evolve their skills and talents. Located in the beautiful city of San Francisco, there’s inspiration floating everywhere you can look. With over 30 areas of study, anyone can find their passion and chase after it. Many talented students specialize in advertising, animation, web design, game development and architecture to communication. Graduates have gone on to work for astounding companies like Warner Brothers, Pixar, The New York Times, Hasbro, Paramount and the Puccini Group. Anyone who has a dream and the determination to work diligently at this art school can succeed in their endeavors.

One on One with Business Mogul Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez explains that making a business idea to become real is a process. Creativity is the backbone here, and it is the most fundamental factor in play once a business takes off.

He further advised that the best way to get the job done is by delegating duties to the people who are actually passionate about that particular assignment. Put people where their talents are most suited.

Further in the day to day running of a business, it is important that the leader be a team player. This is done through active listening whereby the person in charge gives an ear to every response complaint or idea coming from their team.

This will make the teammates feel good, and this attitude helps them discover that they can do it. Otherwise, once the captain shuts out the very people who are supposed to make direct contact with their customers, their productivity is heavily compromised.

Gustavo Martinez is also a very generous person who believes in people, their contributions, and everything else they have to offer. He has the following advice for his younger self.

Be more patient surround yourself with talented people and have a receptive heart. Always be ready to learn since learning never ends. It is a lifelong process.

It is actually on this point the importance of being a generous soul that most people don’t read from the same page with him.

With him, charity should not be turned into a means to gain vain glory but should come directly from the soul without the need to parade oneself for everybody to see how good they are. No! Gustavo Martinez believes it is unnecessary to let the left hand know what the right hand has done or is doing. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Wikipedia  and Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

Martinez is a family man. Every morning except if he has somewhere to go, he takes breakfast with his family before heading out for work.

A normal day at work begins at 9:00 am and ends between 7 and 9 p.m. Gustavo Martinez has made a name for himself in business because his primary focus is on talent. He only seeks out and engages the most talented people to work with him.

To him, it does not actually matter how much he has to pay for it just so long as the talent is there. This is Gustavo Martinez’s winning strategy, and it has produced great results.

It is the one thing that has helped him turn many businesses into success in almost all of the companies he has worked in before including Price Waterhouse, Henkel, and in many more places. The Internet of Things is the latest most interesting trend that has come up in recent times, according to Gustavo Martinez.

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