Tim Ioannides Discusses Skin Disease

Tim Ioannides is currently one of the most well-respected dermatologists in the Treasure Coast region of Florida but things didn’t start out that way. So how did he get to where he is today? Well, he began his career by studying dermatology at the University of Miami School of Medicine. After receiving his medical degree, he started working in the private sector for a bit but promptly left when he realized they were more interested in marking a quick buck than actually treating the conditions of the patients. This led to his decision to open his own practice and treat people in a professional and proper manner. His practice is adamant about attempting to treat skin conditions before symptoms even begin to manifest. They also take notes by hand in lieu of electronically.

As you can imagine, he has seen pretty much every type of skin condition throughout his fifteen year career. They are typically divided up into five different categories. There are ways you can tell which one it is. If you have itchy, red skin, this is most likely being caused by contact dermatitis or eczema. Rosacea is typically characterized by pimples, redness and flare-ups. If you have swollen and cracked skin, that’s probably atopic dermatitis and, finally, if thick and bumpy patches are showing up on your skin, that would most likely be psoriasis. Tim Ioannides has completed an internship at the Health Science Center located at the University of Florida.

He currently serves as a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and has been certified by the American Board of Dermatology. His offices have expanded from just one location to five different offices throughout Florida. He has also completed his residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital and also teaches a few classes at the local university.

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Paul Mampilly Stock Picks and Investment Recommendations Earning Investors High Returns

Paul Mampilly is an experienced Wall Street Investor who has made a name for himself as a top investment analyst, researcher, and author. Paul Mampilly has an eye for lucrative investment opportunities, and whenever he recommends a stock pick, there is a 90 percent chance of return on investments. Paul has an impeccable investment record, and almost all the stock picks and companies he has recommended to his over 100, 000 followers has come earned them massive profits. Read more with this topic on dailyforexreport.com

Paul Mampilly was among the first investors who believed in Amazon in its early days. Paul, from the very beginning, saw the innovative capabilities of the company even though it was not profitable at that moment. Amazon started as a small online retailer of books. The company financial books were in a bad state, and many false prophets predicted that the company would not last for long. Today Amazon is regarded as one of the most profitable companies not only in the US but globally. Those who listened to his advice on Amazon then are now laughing all the way to the bank.

Paul tremendous success record in the world of investment did not start now. It began a more than a decade ago when he won the Templeton Foundation annual award in 2009. The award is an award that seeks to reward the forward thinkers in areas such as science, religion, and the world of investment among other areas. Mampilly is a forward thinker and in the competition was able to turn a 50 million dollar worth of investment to an 88 million dollar investment. The achievement came as a shocker to many as the competition was held during the most turbulent times of the economy the recession.

Paul Mampilly has again in 2019 made some bold predictions about lucrative business opportunities and judging from history almost all his predictions have turned out to be correct. Some of the business sectors that have huge potential in 2019, according to Mampilly include data companies as big data will increasingly become available, voice search companies and blockchains companies, among others. Blockchain Mampilly says will help enhance personal security and as more people and companies begin to look for safer and secure ways to protect data companies in this sector will become more profitable.

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Successful Investor Bhanu Choudhrie Talks About His Career

Bhanu Choudhrie is a strategic investor, philanthropist, and the founder of C&C Alpha Group. C&C Alpha Group is a private investment strategy company. Choudhrie’s investment strategies help companies reach their goals. Bhanu Choudhrie is active in the real estate, healthcare, utilities, and banking industries.

A native of New Delhi, India. Bhanu Choudhrie studied international business & marketing at Boston University. After finishing his studies at Boston University, Choudhrie was accepted into Harvard Business School. Choudhrie serves on several executive boards, notably Bancorp and The Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation. Bhanu Choudhrie has been honored for his work as a philanthropist and entrepreneur. Recently, Choudhrie sat down to give some insight into his successful career.

Choudhrie notes that his family has a track record of making successful real estate investments throughout India. Choudhrie says that it was a natural progression for him to open his own business through pursuing new areas of expertise that had not been previously explored.

Choudhrie tries to surround with a great team. He values their in Choudhrie also enjoys exercising, as he feels that allows him to stay productive. Choudhrie feels that entrepreneurs should spend time away from the office, so that they can rest their minds. Research has also shown that getting regular exercise can help boost people’s energy levels. Choudhrie also advises entrepreneurs to constantly look for opportunities to educate themselves. Try to stay up to date on everything that’s going on. Choudhrie notes that entrepreneurs never know when their next opportunity will arise.

Choudhrie says that failure is inevitable. However, Choudhrie tries to use his past mistakes to make changes. Failure does not define a person, it’s about using those mistakes to improve.

Looking ahead to the future, Choudhrie notes that the healthcare sector is changing. Choudhrie is excited to see how today’s young people will make a difference in their communities. Choudhrie would like to see the invention of a Tesla charging business similar to how Uber operates.

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Serge Belamant Dedication to Making Technological Advancements

Serge Belamant was born in 1953 in France. He later relocated to South Africa with his parents. He learned speaking English while he lived in South Africa. Serge Belamant acknowledges his father, who worked as a tiler for having inspired and motivated him to work hard. His father always encouraged him to be attentive to every aspect that helped him to create many successful patents, inventions, and businesses. Belamant’s father, consistent counsel, has played a vital role in modeling the person he is today.All through his career, Belamant has always worked to improve diverse interests in many areas. He came to a program through which he analyzed the factors that lead to the success of businesses and those that contribute to business failure.

Belamant tried to formulate ideas that could help all businesses succeed in their ventures. He was able to come up with a strategy that could examine the sustainability of a business. He utilized his computer science and linear programming skills to model the program in a way that it could identify challenges that would lead to business failure. This helped in fulfilling his passion for business theory. Serge Belamant founded Net1 Technologies. Visa contracted the company to help in coming up with a pre-authorized card. The establishment of the card was successful, and it helped people complete transactions easily. It was beneficial in the fact that it could detect any potential fraud.

Net1 Technologies continued to advance their activities all over the world, gaining great popularity. Through Net1 Serge Belamant has been able to take place in many ventures. The South Africa Social Security Administration also contracted Serge Belamant to come up with a system through which welfare and social grants would be paid. The system helped in delivering services to where they were needed most. Belamant remains to be a famous investor who has played a significant role in creating modern cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Blockchain Technologies was established in a bid to bring efficiency, the accuracy of information and transparency to financial services and their customers. The technologies replaced the aging and inefficient systems used to cover transactions. They also help large companies to efficiently manage large supply chains, thus reducing the labor required and speeding up the process.

Serge Belamant`s Journey to Success in Financial Digital Products

Serge Belamant studied computer science and applied mathematics at Witwatersrand University. He is very passionate about the subject, and this prompted him to major in digital financial services. He found it necessary to study information systems via UNISA. His area of expertise is the generation of coded software, which facilitates safe digital financial transactions. His ambitions have seen him through progressive success in his career. Serge Belamant founded Blockchain Technologies, which is one of the leading companies in offering digital banking. He is also the founder of Net1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. which basically oversees how universal payment systems work.

In 1995, Belalmant got into partnership with VISA, and this resulted in the development of the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card (COPAC). This innovation has been used worldwide for most digital banking services. In 1999, Belamant invented a digital payment system that was meant for payment of grants to the poor in South Africa. The system has been adopted by various countries with different levels of economic development where it has been very useful. Recently, Serge Belamant and his son Philip co-founded Zilch Technologies; a tech firm based in the United Kingdom. This company is focused on providing the young generation with financial services that correspond to the trending lifestyle and also help them manage cash flow wisely. According to Serge Belamant, every innovative idea is feasible.

One is only required to break down the concept into various components and analyze them critically. This helps in determining the success rate of the idea. He also tends to identify the core cause of a problem and design a solution. This eventually turns out to be a source of entrepreneurial idea, which has greatly attributed to his success. The talented entrepreneur feels that a flexible mind, passion, and self-confidence are critical factors that every individual requires to achieve success. As a chess player, Belamant he believes that strategy in entrepreneurship is inevitable. He believes that creativity can be implemented to improve the output of the accounting and legal fields. There are, thus, a lot more of existing opportunities to venture into with the aim of improving digital financial services.

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CEO Zeco Auriemo Is Someone JHSF Owes Credit To For Its Newfound International Real Estate Success

Considering the monetary impact that JHSF has witnessed through the leading efforts of its current chief executive officer, it is certainly worth taking a peek into how Zeco Auriemo came into that role over time and which projects that he has had the most influence in with regards to the impressive expansion that we’ve seen from JHSF so far. Brazil is an interesting real estate region to discuss, and among the most prominent development companies over there is JHSF, which, in accordance to Zeco’s wishes, no has a luxury focus in its property developing endeavors. This luxury element can be quite clearly seen at locations like the Parque Cidade Jardim.

Besides just being the professional backbone for JHSF, Mr. Zeco Auriemo also has outside responsibilities. This is because the CEO also has to manage efficiently a family of two Brazilian children and a wife with what time he has remaining outside of JHSF. After learning about engineering during his Sao Paulo, Brazil studies, which were inside FAAP University, Zeco was later intent on becoming a member of JHSF, where he would help out with the organization’s parking administration efforts. This was all before Auriemo’s ascension up towards CEO and his company altering expansion decisions.

Whether it happens to be office buildings, shopping locations, prominent residences or even an executive airport, Zeco Auriemo is sure to find a way to leverage luxury offerings and JHSF’s resources to create immensely wonderful properties, and these developments can do quite a lot for the bottom line over at JHSF. These results from Zeco’s project involvement can be clearly observed in his properties of Brazil, but also in his properties of Uruguay as well as the U.S. Thanks primarily to Mr. Auriemo, JHSF has consistently flourished in both Brazilian real estate and luxury real estate.

Steve Richie’s Promotion to Papa John’s New CEO

Papa John’s International Inc. is the world’s largest pizza delivery company. Towards the end of 2017, the company announced that Steve Richie would be promoted to CEO and steer the company towards meeting its objective. He would then start serving in the role fully as from January 1, 2018.

Mr Richie, who is now 44 years old, has worked at Papa John’s for a very long time starting his career as a customer service representative back in 1996 earning $6 per hour. From there he became the company’s franchise owner in 2006 and 2010 started to work in an increasing capacity towards anything leadership related. His ambition saw him get promoted to become Papa John’s Chief Operating Officer in 2014.

In 2015, Steve Richie continued climbing higher up the hierarchy after being named the new president for the company. Ever since Richie started working for Papa John’s, he excelled in every single position he served. Steve took his responsibilities seriously and always made sure he did a good job.

The promotion to become the new CEO for such a large company is only as a result of his hard work and determination. The company’s top brass believed that Richie was the right person to put the spotlight on their pizza as well as the rest of the team members. Steve Richie has proved to be the best leader that Papa John’s needs and under his stewardship, the company can pursue its next stage of growth.

Being the new CEO comes with a different role, one that has many challenges. Steve Richie is tasked with leading the company towards global development. He also has the responsibility to oversee the right marketing strategies for the company while providing customers with world-class experiences towards their brand. Richie is confident that Papa John’s will grow stronger and achieve great success.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick and Aiding Ohio’s Youth

Kisling, Nestico & Redick isn’t just a standard legal practice. It has a mission that’s referred to simply as “KNR Cares About Kids.” That’s how it has aided many youngsters who are scattered throughout the Midwestern state of Ohio. The team members at Kisling, Nestico & Redick typically put their time into individuals who are going through personal injury cases of all kinds. That doesn’t take away from their desire to do beneficial things for others, however. That’s the reason they frequently zero in on youngsters nearby. The acclaimed law firm has aided kids who lack wherewithal. It has done so by going on shopping excursions with these types of kids. Apparel is a major dilemma for an abundance of pupils in America these days.

Webby Awards are widely known. They make professionals feel positively about all of their activities as well. Kisling, Nestico & Redick has gotten a Webby Award of its own in recent times. Webby Awards have been traditions for more than two decades. The team members behind these awards are well aware of Kisling, Nestico & Redick and its highly effective site. People who visit the firm’s presence on the Internet never have to feel any sense of bewilderment.

Education is a major priority in the nation and elsewhere in this day and age. The legal aficionados who are on the team at Kisling, Nestico & Redick grasp that all too well. That’s exactly why the office is doing what it can. It has given its backing to a contest that revolves around scholarships. The employees at this renowned firm want to motivate people to reach for the stars as far as educational paths go.

There aren’t many legal practices in the state of Ohio that can hold a candle to Kisling, Nestico & Redick. This is a practice that’s becoming more and more notable with the passing of time. Individuals who have been through distressing personal injuries often do not think twice about dropping the firm lines. The professionals who work for this company have a lot of details about personal injury matters swirling around in their heads.

How Sergey Petrossov Improved Flying in Luxury

JetSmarter is a company in the private aviation industry. It was founded in 2012 by Russian-born Sergey Petrossov. Having flown on a private jet once, he thought there had to be a better way of booking flights and making the industry more efficient. He released the JetSmarter app which soon started to attract more flyers than any other company in the industry.

He developed several innovations. This included a shared flight service where people could book seats on private flights already scheduled on the JetSmarter app. The app gives users a way to create a flight in minutes, a process that used to take days. The app makes private air travel more affordable which means it is accessible to more people than ever before.

Sergey Petrossov introduced a revolutionary feature to his app in October 2018. Before this date, users who created a flight paid all the costs associated with it. Other people could book seats on these flights but the cost burden was still on the originator.

Sergey Petrossov

He created a crowdfunding option. If someone takes this option, everyone onboard shares in the price of the flight. Seats can be canceled before the flight is confirmed. This greatly reduced the entry-price of booking a seat on a private flight.

Sergey Petrossov grew up in the Miami, Florida, area. He was born with a drive and a passion for whatever he was doing. It was not long after graduating from college that he founded JetSmarter. This wasn’t even his first company. He started an import/export business while in high school, for example.

While in college, he founded a startup in the educational industry. He saw that Russian and Eastern European schools and universities couldn’t afford legacy systems. He developed cloud-based software that that was an affordable alternative.

When it comes to marketing JetSmarter, he says it’s on the demand side that things are most difficult. The people that book private flights to this point are those who are pretty wealthy. They aren’t used to sharing flights with others. He says showing them the value and how they would benefit from JetSmarter is where a lot of his work lies.

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Dick DeVos and Education Styles

Dick DeVos doesn’t ever forget about the individuals who mean a lot to him and to his family members. He doesn’t ever forget about the places that have made a serious impact on his existence, either. What place has impacted this businessman from the United States? Grand Rapids is a major metropolis in Michigan that has influenced this person in all sorts of ways. He’s been a fan of the Midwestern locale for a long while. He was a major influencer in the city in the nineties. He handled significant lobbying duties for Grand Rapids for some time back then, too. What exactly was all of his lobbying about back then? It was about construction work and its effects on urban settings.


DeVos is just as tenacious as he’s ever been. His ambition isn’t something that ever fades. He’s married to a lady who is equally ambitious. That lady is Mrs. Betsy DeVos, formerly known as Elisabeth Prince. People called her Elisabeth Prince when she was a lively and vibrant college student in Holland, Michigan. She attended Calvin College for her four-year formal education.


Dick DeVos has a true penchant for business. This penchant may be something that he inherited as well. His father was a big part of the Amway Corporation and all of the things it had attained for decades. The younger DeVos tackled the role of Amway CEO in the nineties. He thrived in the position for years and years on end as well. DeVos hasn’t been the leader of the business for a while. He made the decision to go after other pursuits not long after the millennium commenced. DeVos currently is busy with all sorts of activities that involve the Windquest Group in the United States.


DeVos is redolent of many people who have had fascinating existences thus far. He’s redolent of them in that he has a true adoration of charity. He’s just as enthralled by philanthropy. DeVos bonds with Betsy over that. She’s a woman who is committed to doing positive things for the citizens of the United States. She’s committed to doing positive things for people globally as well. DeVos and his wife like to donate funds to the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation any time they can. It’s a non-profit favorite that’s associated with education, family issues and culture.


The West Michigan Aviation Academy is one of the most remarkable schools in the entire United States. It’s in Grand Rapids. It’s not just a standard educational institution in the city, though. It’s so notable that it’s actually part of its airport. People who travel in and out of the region are often highly familiar with it and with its aviation approach. People who want to become pilots frequently decide to go to the charter school. It’s been in action since roughly 2010. DeVos wants to boost the amount of charter schools in the United States. His wife honestly wants to do the same exact thing. They’re both authentic education buffs.


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