Is Betsy DeVos Working with Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates?

Throughout her years in education reform, Betsy DeVos has fought extremely hard for educational choice. In fact, she has gone on several interviews and given away millions of dollars in support of these programs, despite how unpopular they have become in the education community. While many students have said that educational choice helps them go to a better school, public school educators and administrators disagree with these programs.


So what are the issues with Betsy DeVos’ educational choice platform?


For one, many state that DeVos is using educational choice to funnel public funding to for-profit schools. DeVos challenged this in an interview with “60 Minutes,” where she explained to Leslie Stahl how the program works and said that it doesn’t use public funding at all. In fact, philanthropy has helped with educational choice most of all.


DeVos has given away $35 million to education, and she has some major donors who support her campaign. This includes Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Sam Walton of Wal-Mart. It’s clear that many people support the ideals of educational choice, but there are some misconceptions of how it works.


After the interview, many people realized that Betsy DeVos is just trying to help out underprivileged students who are stuck in failing school zones. Students should feel safe and inspired to go to school, rather than afraid. It’s clear that in some school districts, it’s been difficult to get resources because of low standardized testing scores. While DeVos says that she can’t uproot the entire system, she can offer relief to students and parents.


This means that students are allowed to go to schools outside of their zones with educational choice. The best examples of these policies are in Florida. The Sunshine State offers the most opportunities to students. They don’t have to pick a failing school. Rather they can choose virtual school programs, homeschooling programs, magnet schools, or private and charter schools. DeVos has toured the state with the First Lady Melania Trump to view the progress.


It’s been remarkable how students are changing towards new schools. Many other states are working towards their own educational choice programs, but it’s been difficult fighting the stigma that these programs would use tax dollars for private school vouchers.


In addition to education reform, DeVos has also been working on campus safety and policies regarding gun violence on campus. It’s clear that America’s schools have problems, which is why new guardians have been placed on campus to keep them safe. There have been new drills and other policies regarding teachers with guns that have also helped to protect students.


DeVos has said that she will continue to fight for educational choice despite the opposition. She has one more year to convince more states about the effectiveness of her programs.


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James Reese Tigerswan

TigerSwan and James Reese are Unique

Former Delta Force commander, James Reese, founded his TigerSwan, LLC, in 2008. TigerSwan is a Global Stability and Crisis Management services and consulting firm that provides due diligence and all-source protection from fraud and corruption for clients with operations in more than 50 countries. TigerSwan uses state-of-the-art technology and monitoring to create a secure and safe environment.

James Reese Tigerswan

James Reese is the Chairman of the TigerSwan firm, which is also a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. As a decorated combat leader and a disabled veteran, he retired from the Delta Force in 2007 after more than two decades and is regarded as an experienced cross-functional leader with more than three decades of successful achievements inside and outside of TigerSwan.

One of James Reese’s dedications is speaking to groups about TigerSwan and his background, and one such occasion was a Chevy Tahoe and Suburban event, FRIEND OR FOE, at The Range Complex (TRC), which is a North Carolina facility for training special military officers stationed at the Fort Bragg Army base. James Reese is also one of the co-founders of TRC. He likes sharing some of the particulars of the training with Delta Force, which is the most elite Special Ops Team in the world.

The amazing experience included the simulation of hostage rescue mission in the middle of the night by special field operatives with live ammunition being fired using infrared night goggles to navigate a full-size Chevy SUV in unfamiliar territory at speeds up to 100 mph. There were shooting exercises including a target 800 meters away with a long-range rifle and trying to learn to eye a perfectly still metal breastplate through a gun scope, and more.

The event was particularly focused on highlighting how the Chevy Suburban and Tahoe are often among the most trusted tools and the team’s first and last line of defense for some of the United State’s most elite special forces. Reese said that they need something that always works and, when it is run into or gets hit with bullets, it still goes.

Reese detailed how a Chevy Tahoe one time helped save him and his commander during a Baghdad insurgent ambush and how they trust the reliability on covert missions. They don’t need anything fancy; they need something that works each time and can be depended on.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Reveals Updates on the Current State of the Financial Markets

HCR Wealth AdvisorsHCR Wealth Advisors has established itself as one of the most trusted financial services firms in Southern California. The firm provides regular updates on the state of the economy as well as the financial market. Recently, HCR Wealth Advisors provided important information about the position of the stock market. According to HCR Wealth Advisors, the stock market has seen very high gains and increases. As a result, the market has been very bullish over the past couple of months. However, the bond market has not been as prosperous according to the firm. Recent reports have revealed that that bond market has experienced low yields. Due to the volatile events in the financial markets, it can be difficult for investors on how to invest their assets and into what types of securities.

During the month of May, the S&P 500 Index achieved an all-time high in stock values. Shortly after reaching an all-time high, the index quickly went down and consolidated for a period of 8 weeks. In the month of July, the index was able to achieve more highs again. Many experts in the financial sector say that whenever the stock market attains high values, the overall economy is in good shape. It also indicates that the economy looks to be prosperous in the near future as well.

Whenever experts are attempting to determine the condition of the economy, it also evaluates the attitude of investors. According to the weekly AAII survey, many individual investors had an outlook that was quite bearish and this group investors were more common than ones who have a more bullish outlook. This attitude was prevalent during the months from May to July. It is a bit unusual because most investors have a bullish outlook when the market is achieving highs on a regular basis.

After revealing the latest developments in the financial markets, HCR Wealth Advisors has said that the expansion in the United States economy has been at a historic high. For 121 consecutive months, there has been positive economic growth. While there has been lots of growth, there hasn’t been an excessive amount of growth which is typical at the end of a business cycle. As a result, the economy is still looking quite strong. Inflation has remained stagnant while the stock market has not gotten overvalued. These factors now indicate a healthy economy for the foreseeable future.


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Kisling Nestico & Redick More Than a Local Law Firm

For Ohioans, there’s perhaps no law firm more readily recognizable than Kisling, Nestico, & Redick. The law firm has grown in a few short years to a sprawling operating with 10 locations across the state, and have won hundreds of millions on behalf of their clients. But the law firm’s reputation goes far beyond that.

Rob Nestico is a Managing Partner of the firm, and his experience with personal injury influences the firm’s handling of cases. When he was a young man, he was in a vicious car crash, resulting in the death of one motorists. Time spent in a hospital bed, fighting to recover, meant Nestico’s parents had to advocate for his recovery. Immigrants from Italy, their limited command of English left them at a disadvantage when dealing with insurance companies that wanted to do less than the bare minimum. Nestico remembered the whole ordeal.

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Nestico’s firm stance against the insurance industry as a whole hasn’t just been good for getting settlements. It’s promoted this company as one that runs on compassion as much as experience. When going against insurers who don’t want to pay out in situations where they are liable, attorneys with this firm apply their knowledge of the industry to navigate their tactics. It’s why Kisling, Nestico, & Redick are regularly mentioned in headlines on Ohio newspapers.

In addition to being aggressive advocates for their clients, the firm promotes a charitable culture within their offices. Those who follow the firm on social media are aware of their regular giveaways, giving things like school supplies to those in need, and food on Thanksgiving for the hungry. Active in many charitable functions and events, members at their offices have raised hundreds of thousands to help support food banks and similar organizations throughout the state.

Why devote so much energy towards charity? For Nestico, it’s personal. A personal injury law firm that is trusted to have other people’s best interests at heart, when they are at their most vulnerable, have a responsibility to contribute towards the welfare for all of Ohio.

Gump’s Legacy To Continue Under New Ownership


Gump’s is an iconic American retailer that can date back all the way to 1861 as two brothers named Gustave and Solomon Gump founded the business. The brand is currently based out of San Francisco, California and New York City. An article from Premier Gazette shares how the retailer came together because of a single buddha.

Gump’s built a reputation by selling many items such as jewelry, furnishings, art, silk, and other valuables. Although one of its main stores had burned down, it relocated and grew as a result. One individual named Chachas became interested in taking over Gump’s as he arranged to purchase a buddha off of them with their closing.

The individual was fascinated with the figure ever since he was a boy and finally acquired it in 2005. Chachas would then find out that the Buddha was very valuable and sold it for a whopping $4 million dollars, which was much higher than what he had originally purchased it for. He would go to found his own firm and work with a number of prominent brands. Go To This Page for related information.

Recently, Gump’s has been acquired by Chachas and taken the money earned from the Buddha to reinvent the company. Gump’s has always been a family-owned business and will continue to be under the Chachas family. They understand that the brand is iconic and value the customers that have always stood by their side. They plan to reinvent the company, but, sell products that they have always been known for and deliver excellent service.

The new Gump’s store is set to open this upcoming holiday season in time for Christmas. Something that the new owners have done is rehired employees who have been with Gump’s ever since. The legacy of Gump’s will continue as people will have to stay tuned to where the next location will be.


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Empiricus Research Company Details


Empiricus Research is a consulting firm that specializes in selling information through newsletters. This company is a partnership of Brazilian entrepreneurs Rodolfo Amstalden, Filipe Miranda, and Caio Mesquita, with The Agora, which is an American firm. Currently, its newsletters have 180,000 subscribers. Empiricus in partnership with Mario Sabino and Diogo Mainardi owns 50 percent of the website, O Antagonista.


Empiricus defend those termed as politically incorrect and use the polemic promotion strategies to do so. It is the video named The End of Brazil, which was sponsored for Google Ads and social media views that gave Empiricus attention. In this video, the firm predicted a disastrous outcome for Brazil’s economy. It also condemned the policies formulated by the government of Dilma Rousef. This video can be compared to the American play End of America, which was also produced by The Agora groups subsidiary, American Stransberry Research.


Empiricus employees a host of promotional strategies. One of these strategies is paid ads at Facebook and Google. Their themes are designed to address political matters. The design of these themes is attractive and always captures the attention of customers. Examples of these themes include: Which stocks should go up if Aécio wins the elections? What if Aécio Neves wins? and Protect yourself if Dilma win.


The Brazilian judiciary suspended these advertisements, which were produced during the election period because of their potential impact to the elections. However, a TSE (Electoral Supreme Court) withdrew the suspension after Supreme Court Judge Gilmar Mendes recommendation. In another occasion, Empiricus included the question Trump or shame? Is it time to buy? In a banner with the portrait of former Graca Foster who is the former president of Petrobras.


Free bulletins (Market in five minutes) and monthly paid subscriptions, with different plans are offered by the company. View More Information Here.


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Oren Frank: CEO and Co-founder of Talkspace

Oren Frank, a native of Israel, is the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace, an online company that provides therapy through video chat. The start-up company charges $49 dollars for messaging services to a mental health professional or $79 dollars per week our services to talk with an online therapist. The company has been in business for 5 years, and recently reached an estimated 1 million users. Frank has said that the company is bringing in several million dollars in profit. The company is beginning to get more focused on selling to employers, even hiring a chief medical officer which is enabling the company to soon be able to prescribe medication. Consumers are paying for services a month in advance because they are most likely to invest their money and helpful services.

Oren Frank worked for the global marketing service of McCann Worldgroup before becoming the co-founder or Talkspace. Frank was Employed under McCann Erickson from November 2001 to November 2007 while in the London, starting as the regional creative director and later moving on to become CEO of Worldgroup in Israel and later relocating to Tel Aviv. January 2005 November 2007 while Frank served as CEO, he also served as a chairman for McCann digital. Frank left for New York City 2008 to become Global Chief creative officer at MRM Worldwide and held the position until April 2011.

Oren has contributed many articles in HuffPost as well as writing articles in Israeli Hebrew language business newspaper called The Article. He began writing articles for the newspaper in 2012 and has since written many articles. After attending therapy and realizing how helpful as well as how difficult therapy can be, Oren and his wife decided to start Talkspace in 2012. Oren is a strong believer in innovation for the betterment of society.

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Businessman Wes Edens Makes His Mark In the International Sports World

Wes Edens, a financial industry entrepreneur, became the owner of a sports team in 2014. He is the co-owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. After buying this team, they rebuilt the team’s management which led to drafting better players than the team had in the past. The changes resulted in a team that is a top contender for the NBA Championship. They are also selling a lot more merchandise around the world.

He’s now the co-owner of the Aston Villa Football Club. Like where the Bucks were when he bought them, this team had seen its better days. A founding member of the Premier League, they were dropped from this league due to poor play and were instead in the English Football League. This is a respectful league to play in but it is certainly not the Premier League, widely regarded around the world as the best and most exciting sports league there is.

When Wes Edens bought this team, it was bleeding money to the point where it had to either move to another city or close up shop altogether. Aston Villa has millions of fans who would have been hugely disappointed by either outcome. It is said that Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris literally saved this team from extinction. The two business partners have led turnaround efforts in other industries so rebuilding Aston Villa is well within his wheelhouse.

Wes Edens is a Montana native who graduated from Oregon State University in 1984. He has worked in the American investment market ever since. Starting his career in San Francisco, he soon made his way to the financial center of the planet, New York City. He worked for a few multinational investment firms before co-founding Fortress Investment Group. He leads the private equity group that has invested in firms that have disrupted entire industries.

Nassef Sawiris is an Egyptian businessman with an estimated net worth of $6.9 billion. Among the companies he has invested in are Adidas, OCI NV, and LaFargeHolcim Ltd. He is actively involved in managing OCI NV, a multinational fertilizer company.

Bucks Owner Is in the Best Bind: His Soccer Team Also Has a Big Game

Steve Lesnard and the Mediums of Modern Advertising

In the 20th century a company could expect consumers to have pleasantly of passive time to soak in their message. Placing an advertisement in a newspaper, road sign or in a magazine were effective means to reach the eyes of consumers. However, times have changes and the spread of technology has completely reshaped the game of advertising to a specific audience. Consumers spent less time on a singular task and instead use a variety of apps during a smartphone session. Steve Lesnard recognizes the need for companies to evolve with the changing consumer dynamic. A recent Medium article he publishes expands on the critical parts to an effective 21st century marketing plan.

The first is learning how to best resonate with consumers. If they are spending less time on a singular task, then that means a company has to develop short and concise taglines to attract attention. A company needs to make a single sentence that tells the story of he product and its application. An example can be found from Apple when they launched the iPod over a decade ago. The tagline “10k songs in your pocket” encompasses the contrast in the size of the product versus its storage capabilities. Apple further perfected these tag lines as they’ve switched to newer products.

However, getting the attention through a witty tagline is only half the battle. The other step is showcasing how the products works in the first place. Several companies use videos with actors or have previous users demonstrate the applications. Steve Lesnard has also occasionally seen companies work harder at direct encounters. He mentions a company using their Yeti mascot to connect with consumers on a personal level. There is nothing stronger than seeing a product used as its meant to be in the appropriate setting. Mastering the ability to make a product real is something every company needs to establish.

While reaching the eyes of an individual might be harder than ever, Steve Lesnard sees positive aspects to new technology. Video demonstrations are an effective cost measuring since it can be played on repeat for all consumers.

Bhanu Choudhrie Is Changing The World Through Smart Investments

Bhanu Choudhrie has managed to accomplish many things during his career as an investor and entrepreneur. On a philanthropical level, he is frequently engaged in activities to help make the world a better place through education and more. After graduating from Boston University, he founded his own family business, C&C Alpha Group. His interest in entrepreneurship was partially fueled by his family’s history in many different industries. For example, his father founded a business in India that imported and exported televisions with his brother, the uncle of Bhanu Choudhrie, and the family have also been involved with investing in real estate for decades. Throughout the years, he has managed to have a significant amount of impact throughout many of the industries that he has been a part of. Visit Bhanu Choudhrie on Twitter.

With entrepreneurship running in his blood, it was no surprise when Bhanu Choudhrie chose this path for himself as well. With C&C Alpha Group, he is not only participating in some of the types of business that the family has been part of in the past, but he is also expanding it and making it bigger than the businesses that his family had been involved with previously. Honoring the legacy that his family has built over the years is something that is important to Bhanu Choudhrie as he is proud of where he came from but was still able to achieve success under his own merit.

In order to be as productive as possible, Bhanu Choudhrie tries to start his day early. He believes that an early start is the best way to start your day as it gets you in the right mindset for productivity while helping you get tasks completed before your actual business day starts. During this time, he goes through his emails and the latest headlines while getting ready for his workday. Staying informed is something that helps him to make strong business decisions that have a positive impact on his portfolio. The portfolio of C&C Alpha Group is known for its diversity and this gives the entrepreneur an opportunity to be involved with and learn about many different industries. Learn more