James Dondero

James Dondero is the co-founder and current CEO of Highland Capital Management, located in the Dallas area. His mission in life is a philanthropic one which is why he created the Highland Dallas Foundation: the wing of his companies that’s dedicated to charitable activities.

Dondero donated one million dollars to The Family Place, a domestic violence shelter, allowing it to become the leading shelter for men and children in Texas. After that, he went on to give another million to the Dallas Zoo in order to build a Hippopotamus enclosure. Read more about James Dondero at HuffPost.


When it was in need of support, Dondero helped finance the construction of the now-iconic Perot Museum of Natural Sciences in a testament to his love for education and space travel. It fit next to his two million dollar donation to the Southern Methodist University Scholars Program (with a goal of promoting honest politics) and his support of the Education Is Freedom program, which aims to give college-bound students work experience. Visit The News Version to know more about James Dondero.


James Dondero has donated to countless other causes, such as The Bush Library and Capital For Kids, emphasizing his noble goal to get everyone to help each other and the charities of the Dallas area.

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Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

In 2009, Sergey Petrossov had a brilliant and yet wild idea for a business. He mulled over numbers for airline travel and realized that most planes only see flight for 200 hours per year. But what if each plane could see over 1,000 hours per year? He did not know yet, but his question was about to make private travel by plane much more affordable and simultaneously more pleasant as an overall experience.

Chartering a private jet can be a costly pleasure. But JetSmarter makes it much more manageable. By merely having more available flights and multiple ticket options, and travelers can save money and time. Since private jets are not at the central, larger airports, there is no long TSA security lines and not have to deal with a commercial airport. Travelers enjoy flying with like-minded people, which gives people a much better flight experience.

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov says that his company offers 120 flights per day and they connect to nearly 3,200 airports in 172 countries. Members of JetSmarter pay an annual fee of $15,000, and every year after that is $10,000. Members can make their own travel dates or can hop on an existing flight.

Even though the annual fee to JetSmarter may seem steep for some, it does not compare to the perspective of clients. Most of Sergey Petrossov’s clients are looking for a much more enjoyable and hassle-free airport experience. Travelers are not only looking at the numbers, but they are also looking at how can they make flying fun again.

Peter Briger’s Years of Experience with Goldman, Sachs and Asian Finance a Key Influence at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger’s Years of Experience with Goldman, Sachs and Asian Finance a Key Influence at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a principal founder of the Fortress Investment Group, a diversified long-term, risk adjusted investment manager with 1,750 global investors in hedge funds, private equity and investing vehicles. It specializes in management of operations along with industry-specific knowledge, mergers and acquisitions and investing in assets. After two decades, the firm, based in New York, has more than 900 employees and manages assets of more than $43 billion in terms of debt and equity and causal, ground-level factors in close consultation with renowned corporate professionals and stakeholders.

About Peter Briger came onboard in 2002 with experience gathered over 15 years at Goldman, Sachs and from significant time involved in Asian finance. Fortress Investment Group made a series of acquisitions between 2006 and 2007, such as RailAmerica, the Canadian Intrawest and Penn National Gaming, and made a high-profile IPO in 2007. This was the first of its kind for a hedge fund, which made a daring move of taking operations into a more public arena. This not only increased exposure but gave the firm more visibility, an attribute other firms, such as the Blackstone and Carlyle groups, found valid enough to follow suit.

Currently, Peter Briger, listed on the Forbes 400, maintains Fortress Credit, managing real estate investment and credit. He is also a principal player in a Japanese purchase of Fortress. He is one of Fortress’s principals along with founders Randal Nardone, also CEO, and Wes Edens, all of whom also serve on the Fortress board of directors. He attended Princeton and earned a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. He serves on the Princeton University Investment Company board and is actively involved in work for the San Francisco-based Tipping Point for low-income families and the chartered Caliber Schools. Click here.

Dr. Jejurikar Of Dallas Establishes Himself As Nationally Recognized Brazilian Butt Lift Specialist

Dr. Sam Jejurikar of Dallas is a nationally recognized Brazilian butt lift specialist. This is a type of surgery that takes fat from the waist and injects it into the buttocks to create a beautiful, rounded butt. In addition to enlarging the butt, it also helps its definition, projection, and contours.

He is a specialist in all types of butt enhancement procedures. This includes butt augmentation with implants and butt augmentation with fat (aka Brazilian butt lift). Dr. Jejurikar’s philosophy is to always make safety the number one consideration when performing this or any other type of cosmetic procedure.

He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who received post-graduate training in aesthetic surgery. He works at the world-renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and has offices in both Plano and Texas. Dr. Jejurikar has been named one of the best doctors in Dallas for several years.

He earned his medical degree at the University of Michigan Medical School. As one of the best students in his class, he was elected to be a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. He completed his residency at this university. He spent another year of training at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, where he further specialized in aesthetic surgery.

Learn more about Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jejurikar – https://ideamensch.com/sameer-jejurikar/

How Telehealth Is Shaping The Future Of Medicine

Jack PlotkinJack Plotkin believes telehealth might be the future of the medical industry but how has it evolved over the years? Well, it dates back to the early 1950s when the only way they could perform this procedure was by answering yes or no questions about their symptoms over the phone. The doctor was then expected to try and diagnose the medical condition based on the knowledge they acquired. As you might imagine, this was not the easiest method of diagnosis but, nowadays, it has become easier with the rise of portable fitness gadgets that can keep track of your vital signs and transmit your biometrics wirelessly to the medical lab for analysis. Of course, even after they receive this information, it can still be difficult due to lack of access to EMRs.

It’s not just doctors who are struggling with this. There are many nurses who work at calling centers who also find their access to electronic medical records to be scarce. However, it seems there may be hope yet for medical professionals as they are currently working on a new platform known as Virtual Health which seeks to successfully integrate the EMRs with the rest of the medical database to make it easier to access the medical records they need. Jack Plotkin reminds people that Medicare and Medicaid do not cover these telehealth treatments nor do any of the major insurance companies. And as you would expect, these procedures tend to get pretty expensive.Jack Plotkin

As such, it is typically only affordable to those who are able to pay for it out of pocket but nevertheless society always finds a way to make these types of things more commonplace. And with new people coming on to the telehealth scene, this seems to be only a matter of time.

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Talkspace Is A Great Way To Express Your Feelings

Most users have a great explanation about this new counseling app. Although the app has a weekly fee, the reviews online state that it’s well worth the payment. Users get a chance to talk to counselors through a text. On some occasions, they may express how they feel in a video chat. The alternative way to counseling is growing every day. Users are choosing to purchase weekly passes to talk to a professional. Of course, the app has saved many lives. The counselors are proud to be on board through this technical way of helping people.

Users have typed many reviews that discussed the importance of the app. They can set up their counseling at any time. It will even give them ideas of how they can help themselves through an emergency. Fortunately, the users keep growing because of this cool way to counsel. The counselors are trained and have taken boards to be licensed. That means that you don’t have to sit at a doctor’s office to get help. You don’t have to worry about people talking about you because of your mental state. You can set up a counseling session every day and wait to talk to a licensed professional. Read more at medicaldailytimes.com to know more about Talkspace.

After the session, you can read blogs about helping your self-esteem. You can cancel your membership at any time. There are no contracts involved with the app. You can sign up for the counseling as you need it. The reviews online have stated that counselors seem to care about their clients. The clients or users can feel the difference in their lives. That’s exactly why the app is convenient. You can download it and a counselor will be ready to service you. The users love the fact that they don’t have to talk to the same counselor. You can receive the best advice by having several counselors get you started with your day.

Learn More: https://www.askmen.com/dating/dating_advice/talkspace-couples-therapy-review.html

Jeremy Goldstein: The Notable Attorney From Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney who has spent a considerable amount of time working with several companies and businesses who are in need of a proficient lawyer who is able to carry out their legal tasks. Goldstein stands as a notable attorney from New York City whose contribution to the field has been nothing short of remarkable. The work that he has done over the years has helped several companies attain a prominent status and is something that has helped several companies get out of the troubling situations that they are in. His contribution has been nothing short of remarkable and is also one of the reasons why he is so sought after in the field today. His knowledge and understanding of the legal sphere is nothing short of incredible, and something that has paved the way for numerous developments.


Currently, Jeremy Goldstein stands as a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, which is a law firm operating within New York City. The law firm is known for offering sound advice to individuals and upper-level management of companies who are currently facing some form of legal trouble and need legal aid to help them through the process. The company is especially known for the work that they are able to do for transformative businesses who are moving into new avenues and who need a company that can help them through this entire process.


Jeremy Goldstein currently stands as the chairman of Mergers and Aquisitions and has worked for most of his life within this sector. His knowledge and understanding of the field go well beyond what most people tend to showcase and is something that people are in awe of when it comes to the kind of work that he does and the impression that he has made.


The qualifications that Jeremy Goldstein holds are one of the reasons why he has emerged as such a prominent name within the industry. He attained a degree from New York University and also holds a degree from Cornell University. He then went on to attain a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. Being a part of these institutions gave Jeremy Goldstein an edge over others in the industry and gave him the push that he needed to truly establish himself as a well-regarded lawyer and someone who wants to work for the benefit of his clients.


The work that Jeremy Goldstein has done through the course of his career has been nothing but incredible, especially when it comes to the numerous clients that he has worked for over the years. His positive contribution has helped the company attain a positive recognition for being a company that is able to offer impeccable services to its clients, helping them with their legal woes.


Visit http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/ to learn more.

McDonald’s to Offer An Outlet for OSI Group’s and Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger

Meat supplier OSI Group recently partnered with Impossible Foods, a plant-based burger producer to pool their efforts to meet the increasing demand for impossible burgers. The growing demand for the burger is rampant in various outlets that include large restaurant chains, independent restaurants, and commercial outlets. OSI Group has globally supplied food products for over 100 years and has 65 facilities in 17 countries, which will help to furnish the high demand for Impossible Burger. The company provides food products to McDonalds, one of the most famous food joints globally. One of the major suppliers of Impossible Food products is Burger King, which owns around 7,000 outlets nationally. Although Burger King uses 59 stores to supply the impossible Burger since April 2019, they will start stocking nationwide shortly after holding a planned launch countrywide. See also on Forbes.

Globally, most consumers are becoming environmentally conscious to reduce meat consumption, which is increasing the demand for plant-based sausages and burgers. This demand will financially benefit the partnership as each company offers varying characteristics. OSI Group will offer financial support, expertise, and a supply channel through their multiple outlets such as McDonalds, while Impossible Foods launched the Impossible Burger, which took the market by storm. When responding to customers who questioned whether McDonalds will supply the Impossible Burger, Sheetal Shah, Impossible Foods’ senior vice president of product and operations told them that they were prepared to go anywhere and everywhere to meet their increasing demand.

The senior executive vice president for OSI North America, said the time has come for plant-based meat substitutes when addressing reporters. He said the time was right to grab the opportunity as many companies such as Beyond meat and Maple Leaf Foods Inc, that are offering vegan meat substitute products are expanding their facilities to meet booming demand while reaping significant benefits. The partnership will also financially help Impossible Food’s plan to launch and extend its operations in Asia, where demand for meat is very high. Read: http://www.fooddrink-magazine.com/index.php/articles/producers/1308-osi-group

How Peter Briger Rose To The Top: A Story Of Resilience And Sheer Determination

Fortress Investment Group is a financial investment firm. The firm is renowned for being the first financial firm to be listed on a bourse. The firm boasts of managing a portfolio worth $70 billion. The portfolio’s main investments are alternative assets. The success of these firms, like other firms in the financial sector, lies heavily on the management capabilities. Peter Briger is one of the top figures in Bridge Management. He exercises his vast experience in financial management to shepherd the firm to such great heights. Peter Briger, or Pete, is president and chairperson of Fortress Investment Group. Before he joined Fortress in 2002, Peter worked at Goldman Sachs. He spent a total of 15 years at the firm, during which he was responsible for operations in several areas of the business.

Peter played another vital role at the firm in which he was the co-head of the fixed-income investments. He also doubled up as the head of whole loan sales arm of the business. Briger formed SAT on selected committees and assisted in managing the firm’s divisions in Asia. He was entrusted with such crucial responsibilities because he exuded skill and professionalism in his work. This could be attributed to his educational background. He attended Princeton University and later advanced to the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

At Fortress, Peter was behind some firm’s major deals. He was crucial in the biggest financial transaction in the firm, which was its acquisition by Softbank group. The banking group bought Fortress for $3.3 billion, but it still kept their independence thanks to Briger and his counterparts. Another noteworthy deal that Peter helped steer was the IPO of its secured lending fund. Fortress aimed to gain capital to the tune of $500 million, but the firm closed the offering at $590 million, which was a 20 percent over-subscription.

Wes Edens Continues Two-Decade Run as One of Nation’s Leading Investors

As co-founder, principal and board member of Fortress Investment Group, Wesley “Wes” Robert Edens has established himself as one of the nation’s premier businessmen and investors, being responsible for Fortress’ private equity and alternative investment dealings. Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University, Edens launched his career with stints at Lehman Brothers and BlackRock Asset Investors, becoming partner and managing director at both institutions. He would launch Fortress Investment Group in 1998 with five other principals; upon debuting on the New York Stock Exchange nine years later, the New York City-based firm made history as the first private equity firm with substantial holdings to be traded publicly.

In the midst of the subprime mortgage crisis of the late 2000s that saw the firm’s stock price take a major hit, Fortress was shielded from financial jeopardy as a result of a substantial rise in the value of its majority stake in commercial real estate company Springfield Holdings, a majority stake that was purchased in 2010 on the advice of Edens. Fortress’ starting investment of $124 million would eventually grow to more than $3.5 billion dollars, for a more than 2700% hike in value. Today, Fortress employs more than 900 people and manages assets for almost 2,000 clients across the world, assets that boast a combined value of nearly $44 billion. Beyond his decades-long work at Fortress, Edens chairs the boards of a number of financial organizations like Springleaf Finance, New Media Investment Group and Florida East Coast Holdings, amongst many others.

With a net worth of $2.5 billion and take-home pay of more than $50 million a year, Edens has ranked as high as number 369 on the Forbes’ Billionaires List. In addition to his accomplishments in business and finance, Edens is a noted figure in the world of sports and eSports. He is the co-owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, having purchased the team in 2014 for $550 million along with Avenue Capital Group CEO Marc Lasry. As owners, Edens and Lasry have won plaudits for their intent to keep the Bucks in Milwaukee and the progress made on their soon-to-be-completed $500 million multi-purpose arena for use by the Bucks. Edens is also the sole owner of professional eSports team FlyQuest, which compete in League of Legends and Rocket League .