Grace Farms Foundation Slavery Eradication under Sharon Prince


Sharon Prince is a prolific figure who has touched several lives worldwide. She is the President and Chair of Grace Farms Foundation. The organization uplifts life in various realms such as art, faith, justice, nature, and community.

Through her efforts, Sharon Prince Grace Farms has managed to grab highly coveted awards including the AIA National 2017 Architecture Honor Awards, as well as the 2016 Innovation by Design Award by the Fast Company.

Besides her role with Sharon Prince Grace Farms, Sharon Prince sits at the Board of Next Generation Nepal, a charitable organization that aims to stop child exploitation and trafficking. Her contributions to this course earned her the Abolitionist Award by NOMI Networks and Lives of Commitment Award by Auburn Seminary.

She added more proficiency by acquiring an MBA from the same institution. Sharon Prince led the inception of the Grace Farms Foundation Architecture + Construction Working Group. Its chief aim is to create awareness about modern slavery in the workplace.

The group entails people in different professions, such as activists, architecture journalists, and artists. In addition to that, it involves designers, developers, owners, and construction companies. Sharon Prince leads the experts to ensure that workers are not under involuntary service.

Her initiatives are mainly on educating people that they ought to be in the best working environment. On that account, no one should work in harsh places that could harm them. With joint efforts, the individuals have a goal of having more stringent laws against slavery. Construction projects exhibit a lot of effects on modern slavery. According to Sharon Prince, effective policies should be put in place to combat the problem.

Sharon Prince sensitizes the world about forced labor, including the October 6th. She spoke about how the finance industry could aid in impacting modern slavery. It was at Harvard University that she aired her views about the topic. Other stakeholders who are on the forefront are the Yale School of Architecture and AIA. The theme embodies having the right procurement process and project specifications. See This Page for additional information.

All sectors are part of the efforts, for instance, government, private and public. For this reason, Sharon Prince is the major force behind the elimination of forced work. Her brilliant mind comes in handy to create a haven for all workers. In terms of education, she studied BS/BA at the University of Tulsa.


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How Richard Liu Qiangdong Created One of China’s Largest Companies, one of China’s most successful e-commerce platforms, is the brainchild of Richard Liu Qiangdong. His approach to business helped the business to grow at an unusually rapid rate. While he does expect the rate of growth to level out eventually, he still anticipates future expansion.

Richard Liu believes his business philosophy is one of the most important factors that distinguishes from its competitors, which makes it a topic of interest to those who want to understand his success.

Richard Liu Qiangdong began his company in 1998, but Richard didn’t focus on digital sales at the time. Richard Liu Qiangdong relied on traditional storefronts to sell computer accessories. That changed during the SARS outbreak of 2003. He chose to send his workers home to protect them from infection. That naturally led to a decrease in sales, especially when combined with the public’s reluctance to go out in public during the outbreak. Digital sales were a natural way to solve that problem.

That transition became the defining moment in Richard Liu Qiangdong’s career. Digital sales were relatively new at the time. Many of the stores that operated over the Internet relied on counterfeit items and other dubious strategies. Richard Liu Qiangdong decided that his business would only sell legitimate items and would strive to offer good, honest service to customers. That choice allowed to stand out from the competition and thrive.

Richard Liu’s current efforts with still emphasize the user experience. His company has been focusing on rapid deliveries in recent years. More than half of all orders within China get delivered within six hours. Most of the rest reach their destination in less than a day.

In addition to his corporate work, Liu spends a great deal of time speaking about business and the economy at major events. He spends his free time enjoying China’s deserts and spending time with his family. Go Here for more information.


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The Successful Career of Peter Harris

Peter Harris commenced his career as a banker (investment) and manufacturing executive. Afterward, he ventured into the finance sector, where he worked for Boston Marks Group Limited as the Finance Director and Shareholder for three years (1989 to 1992). He provided both financial and insurance consultants to the aviation, transportation, and contracting businesses of New Zealand.

After leaving Boston Marks Group, Mr. Harris became the Chief Executive Officer of General Capital Limited. He worked at the company for four years (1992 to 1996). He offered investment banking services to high-end private corporate markets and high-end private clients in the contracting, aviation, and transportation sector.

In 1996, Peter Harris joined CBL Insurance Corporation based in Auckland, New Zealand, which deals with reinsurance services. CBL also provides underwriting, income protection, brokerage, and property deposit and rental guarantee bonds services globally. Harris served as the company’s International Business Director from 1996 to 2007. He was involved in the final buyout of CBL Insurance in 1996 and also oversaw the company’s increased growth and acquisitions worldwide. According to Harris, building strong partnerships is essential to any business as it helps it to grow in the international market. As such, he created strong relationships with expert manufacturers and distributors, thus helping CBL grow to a worldwide level.

Peter Harris was later promoted to the position of Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in the company in 2007. There he led the company into becoming the largest insurance corporation (New Zealand owned) in terms of annual GWP. Harris was in charge of an international team that provided insurance and reinsurance centered on credit and financial risk in the construction, building, and constructing sectors. He worked at CBL for twenty-two years.

Harris grew CBL into a successful internationally known company from two employees in New Zealand to over 550 staff members in twenty-five nations.

Additional Information

Peter Harris was raised on a farm in New Zealand. He studied Chartered Accountancy at the Manukau Institute of Technology. Mr. Harris then went to the AGSM @ UNSW Business School. Later, he attended Auckland University, where he studied Marketing. Peter Harris enrolled at the Australian University Graduate School of Management for post-graduate education.

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HGGC’s Success, Promotions, and Hires

HGGC is a leading middle-market private equity firm in Palo Alto, California. Originally established in 2007 under the name H&G Capital Partners, the firm currently has about $4.3 billion in cumulative capital commitments. The firm rebranded itself to HGGC in 2013, making some top management changes along the way. They were named the 2014 M&A Mid-Market Private Equity Firm of the Year by Mergers & Acquisitions magazine, and is currently led by private equity executive and CEO Richard F. Lawson, Jr.

The firm mainly focuses on technology investments, though it also has investments in business and financial services, as well as consumer, and industrials. It specializes in leveraged buyouts, recapitalization, growth equity in the middle market and mid-cap private and public companies. HGGC’s debut fund, or Fund I, held closes in March 2008 and 2009, receiving $1.1 billion investor commitments. Its following two funds, including the firm’s flagship Fund III, also surpassed their targets with $1.3 billion and $1.84 billion investor commitments respectively. Last October, HGGC announced a merger between Mi9 Retail and MyWebGrocer, one of the firm’s portfolio companies and a leading provider of retail software solutions, in a marked effort to revolutionize the retail industry.

HGGC recently announced a series of ten promotions and five hires in March, expanding its operational team after an investment from Dyal Capital Partners. These moves help expand the firm and implement their strategy of ‘Advantaged Investing.’ The members of their team promoted to Partner are Les Brown, John Block, Steven Leistner, Harv Barenz, and Lance Taylor. Some of these team members, such as Les Brown, have been a part of the firm since as early as 2007.

Other promotions include Kurt Krieger to Chief Legal Officer, Jay Tabu to Principal, Chris Schulze to Vice President, and Neha Vaidya and Peter Cozzi to Senior Associates. Newly joining the HGGC team are Greg Caltabiano, Lindsay Sparks, Mo Gulamhusein, Holland Reynolds, and Chandni Shah. Caltabiano and Sparks will work as Executive Directors and directly support the firm’s portfolio companies. President and Co-founder Steve Young has expressed great pride in the firm’s existing team and welcomed the new members. Trailblazing the Ecommerce Business in Asia

The growth of eCommerce has impacted the way businesses operate globally. This is as a result of the elimination of physical stores and intermediaries, who have been critical in increasing the cost of business operations, hence high product prices. One of the most impactful eCommerce stores in the online business arena is JD. Com. Under the able guidance and leadership of Jing Xu, JD has transformed from a small, physical, Chinese store to become one of the leading online stores in China and internationally. The primary objective of establishing this store was to facilitate manufacturers and other producers to market and sell their products to consumers without having to rely on selfish intermediaries. has been a success to the owner, producers, and consumers as well. One of the businesses that have benefited significantly from the services of this company is the sale of bird’s nest. Bird’s nest is a delicious food whose popularity has continued to grow among the Chinese youth. This is as a result of the top level of nutrition that comes with the delicacy. For instance, credible reports indicate that bird’s nest is the second leading source of organic proteins. This has persuaded the well-enlightened youth to develop an affinity for the food, hence its increased demand.

One aspect that has made impact significantly on the sales of bird’s nest is the consumption behavior among young individuals. Most of them make their purchases online. Therefore, JingDong saw a market opportunity that was ready for exploitation, and it did it. Reports indicate that the sales of bird’s nest increased by more than 50% in the past five years. The same statistics showed that 70% of the people who consumed this product were below the age of 35. This was a clear indication that youth was quite satisfied with the services provided by the eCommerce store, and hence the increase in their purchasing habits.

Recently, the CEO of JingDong, Mr. Jing Xu, announced that his organization had partnered with Tong Heng in the supply of bird’s nest. This initiative aimed at enhancing the efficiency with which consumers got the product. The move would also improve the quality of delivery, considering that Tong Heng is the leading producer of the delicacy in Asia, based in Indonesia.

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Property Developer Wasseem Boraie Expresses His Enthusiasm About His Company’s New Atlantic City Apartment Complex

For the first time in about 50 years, Atlantic City recently had a market-rate apartment complex open. This is NoBe, which was developed and is managed by Boraie Development LLC. It has 250 units and cost $85 million. It’s near the $2.4 billion Ocean Casino Resort that also recently opened.

V.P. Wasseem Boraie, who took the lead in building NoBe, said he’s happy his company got in early on revitalizing the neighborhood it is located in. There was a lot of development around it as it was going up. The four acres Boraie Development purchased were blighted and he said the only way to handle that is to build on it. Wasseem’s father, Omar Boraie, founded Boraie Development. Wasseem says that he learned about how to see opportunities in cities from his dad. In the case of NoBe, it was about the basics of the market. Atlantic City gets millions of visitors a year and yet it remains an overlooked place to build an apartment complex. He said that earlier that day he parked his car at NoBe and saw people walking along the boardwalk and around the neighborhood. That never happened in the past. Wasseem is excited about Atlantic City and its future.

Jeremy Goldstein Has Always Wanted To Make A Difference And He Accomplishes This Through Various Means

Jeremy Goldstein is a professional individual who bases his operations out of New York City, New York. The reputation that he enjoys is that of a leading attorney and committed philanthropist. He has been active for many decades now and began practicing law upon the receipt of his J.D. in Law Degree that he earned at NYU’s prestigious Law School. Before studying at NYU, Jeremy was a student at both Chicago University and Cornell University. These academic studies background that he possesses has helped him greatly and allowed him to become a lawyer of great esteem in New York City and abroad. One of the reasons that Jeremy Goldstein has achieved such great success during his celebrated career as a lawyer is due to the type of legal work that he focuses on. The focus of his practice, known as Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, is on the world of corporate law. This includes areas ranging from the compensation of CEOs, corporate governance, mergers, and acquisitions, along with other major factors in the corporate law realm of practice. The reputation enjoyed by Jeremy Goldstein is as an attorney who will always go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to defending the interests of his elite base of clients. This has helped him to earn a strong level of trust within his industry and it has also led to the development of his impeccable reputation.


The years that Jeremy Goldstein has spent focusing on corporate law have been very profitable and enjoyable for him. He first recognized the special need for this type of law practice after he first graduated from law school and he decided that it was a niche he would focus on and excel in. Since making this decision, he has become one of the preeminent corporate law experts in the world and has served as the lead counsel for financial giants such as JP Morgan Chase and major global conglomerates such as South African Breweries. Along the way, Jeremy Goldstein has found himself involved with some of the most significant cases in the mergers and acquisitions realm. He has also had the chance to make a major difference in the careers of many of his top CEO clients as he has worked with them in efforts to refine their business practices in terms of corporate governance. When Jeremy Goldstein takes on a client, he is always looking to find ways to insulate them against negative legal consequences, and he has the knowledge and experience to be able to do just that.


Though he is famed for his legal prowess, Jeremy Goldstein is also an individual who is highly regarded for other work that he does. Foremost among this is his charity work and his commitment to the cause of mental health awareness. He has supported the charity organization known as Fountain House for many years now as it endeavors to help those that suffer from mental illness. As a part of his work, Jeremy Goldstein has organized fundraisers that bring in many thousands of dollars in order to help out.


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Sudhir Choudhrie, the man who is changing the lives of heart patients

A visit to the cardiologist can be scary. The heart is a delicate part of the human body. It is not possible to live when the heart is not functioning in the right way. Heart patients live very complicated lives. Most of them cannot perform some ordinary activities so that their hearts do not stop. With major medical advancements, it is not possible for heart patients to access the most complicated treatments and live a happy and normal life. Heart transplants are now possible. Top renowned surgeons and cardiologists in the world have conducted many surgeries, giving their heart patients a chance to enjoy life. Sudhir Choudhrie did not know that he was going to have a normal life when he realized that he had a serious heart issue.

As a young boy who had no experience in health issues, the young man went about his life activities just like everyone else. As he got older, the young boy realized that he could not remain active like other boys of his age. One of his brothers had an issue with the heart too. The family of Sudhir Choudhrie had a tough time handling two children with heart complications. Expert doctors said that it was a genetic problem. The medical issues could only get cured after a heart transplant. Getting someone to donate the heart was not easy. Sudhir Choudhrie was one of the most fortunate heart patients to get a successful heart transplant.

His brother was not this lucky. Before he could access a new heart, the young man passed away, breaking the hearts of the family. Having a heart patient, according to Sudhir, is one of the toughest things. The family is always in a panic because they do not know when the heart will stop functioning. In 1999, Sudhir Choudhrie got the life breakthrough he wanted. After waiting for a heart for a very long time, the best serial entrepreneur got a donor. His wife was happy because this meant that her husband was going to live a longer life. More than eighteen years later, the family still celebrates the doctors who conducted the complex surgery. Sudhir chose the best professionals in the medical industry to handle the complicated health problem.

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The Famed Luxury And Higher-End Consumer Goods Retailer Gump’s Is Starting Back Up Soon – Can You Believe It?


The United States has managed to maintain the number-one spot out of the world’s roughly 192 internationally-recognized countries in terms of annual gross domestic product, the leading measure used to determine the dollar value of the total economic output of a country, state, city, or region. Go To This Page for more information.

As such, people living in the United States – in general, that is, as not literally everybody has a wad of cash in their front pockets at all times, ready to spend relentlessly and without any second thoughts.

One of the nation’s most popular single retail stores is Gump’s. The upscale retailer focuses on any and all types of goods that modern department stores would have, though Gumps’ has long had a noticeable affinity toward ultra-high-end clothing, jewelry, and apparel – as well as furniture and less-expensive knick-knacks, odds-and-ends, and other forms of decorations that scream, “This is home!”


The Origin of Gump’s

Like so many other new businesses in the 1800s, Gump’s – which was created in 1861 – was formed by immigrants who had just recently, a few months prior to first stepping off the boat that transported them from Europe to the land of widespread economic opportunity, to be exact.

The two brothers who founded Gump’s initial location in San Francisco, California, were Gustave and Solomon Gump, hence the name of the eponymous store. They founded it at just the right time, as prospectors had widely flocked from the rest of the U.S. – as well as from around the world for solely this reason – to take part in the historic California Gold Rush, which meant the city of San Francisco’s long-term inhabitants and transient prospectors alike brought so very much money to stimulate the local economy. See Related Link for additional information.

Gump’s closed momentarily in December 2018, though it’ll be starting back up soon in both of its historical locations – in San Francisco and in New York City, New York.







Breaking Down How Seymour Segnit Managed To Get His Ultra-Fast, New-And-Improved Charging Technology To Market And Make Quick, Easy Work Of Reaching His Funding Goal


You can learn a lot of very, very, seemingly-infinitely helpful information by studying what others have to say. This is especially true as far as interviews that help uncover business people’s ways of thinking, insights, and the like are concerned.


Who Is Seymour Segnit?

If you don’t know who Seymour Segnit is just yet, the first thing you will, in fact, want to know is that he recently went head-to-head with IdeaMensch’s lead interviewer, dropping hordes of helpful knowledge to the masses. At least, that is, to all people who like to learn about general and business-related methods of improving their lives.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go digging for any such information – not on the Internet, in print, by talking to people, or otherwise. Without further ado, let’s start uncovering these intellectually-attractive tidbits he bestowed upon us. See Related Link for additional information.


Mr. Segnit Is an Innovator Who Developed an All-New Technology for Improving Chargers for Tech Devices

Technically speaking, a tech device could include a 20-year-old Inspector Gadget McDonald’s Happy Meal toy. However, in this capacity, these devices are things like smartphones and laptops and computers in their most modern, high-tech, advanced forms.

Seymour Segnit, prior to creating MAGFAST, LLC, attempted to bring an improved USB charger to market, though, before he was able to actualize the full-on bringing of such souped-up chargers to market, his potential customer base grew impatient and disappeared.

Fortunately, Mr. Seymour Segnit managed to get it right the second time around with MAGFAST. As a matter of fact, he already developed the plans for manufacturing MAGFAST chargers en masse prior to opening up a request for funding.

Since Seymour Segnit brought a fully-functioning, super-promising prototype to his web-based funding request that convinced people to help fund the project, he was able to drum up $300,000 in just 15 short minutes. Talk about a good showing! Go Here for more information.


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