Smita Shah Marks Annual Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago

Smita Shah, who is chairperson of the Delhi Committee for Chicago Sister Cities International, joined a few public figures to celebrate the yearly event, Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. Among them were First Lady Amy Eshelman, Andrea Zopp, who is World Business Chicago CEO, Senator Dick Durbin, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot. It would be the fifth year in a row that the man who fought for civil rights initiatives in the world was honored in the event.


Mayor Lightfoot declared Mahatma Gandhi Day on the 2nd of October for the city of Chicago. Through the guidance of Smita Shah, the Delhi Committee for Chicago Sister Cities International created the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon back in 2014. The aim was to honor the long-standing relationship between the United States and Mahatma Gandhi. She believes that the luncheon would bring recognition to the Indian Community of Chicago. Smita Shah viewed it as a way to bring together the various communities in Chicago without leaving anyone behind.


Borrowing from the philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi would inspire people to have an impact on bettering the lives of those around them. Delhi, which is a neighboring city to Chicago, shows a significant connection between the city and India. It also highlights the cultural significance of the Indian-American community in Chicagoland. Smita Shah is also known for her entrepreneurial pursuits. SPAAN Tech is a project management enterprise that focuses on ventures in the field of construction and engineering.


The firm offers and implements workable solutions for a broad range of industries, including water, aviation, energy, transportation, and technology. It provides tech solution services, construction and program management, amenity, energy efficiency, as well as engineering. The head offices of SPAAN Tech are in Chicago, Illinois, where Smita Shah currently works as the president and founder. Before venturing into business, she acquired the basis of her skills using her academic history.


She went to prominent institutions of higher learning like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


(MIT), the University of Oxford, and Northwestern University. Smita Shah graduated in 1994 from Northwestern University, where she got an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering. She then went on to pursue her Master of Science degree in Environmental and Civil Engineering, where she graduated in 1996.


At Oxford University, Smita studied for one year and graduated in 2007 in Management Studies in Business with a Post Graduate Certificate. Aside from her academic credentials, she holds certification for LEED AP BD+C and Professional Engineer (PE) with a particular interest in engineering, construction, and program management.


The World Business Chicago has a subsidiary known as the Chicago Sister Cities International, which is devoted to forging a connection and sharing concepts between Chicago and its partners in the global community. The Chicago Sister Cities International acknowledges the understanding as well as the cooperation via citizen diplomacy and, at the same time, endorsing various cultural arts, tourism, worldwide trade, state exchange, and international education. Learn more:


Background Information


Smita Shah first became a member of the Chicago Sister Cities International and later got the chairperson role for the Delhi Committee. She believes it offers a platform to nurture worldwide leadership in Chicago, along with honoring the multiple communities in the city.

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