About Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He is a specialist in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. His main aim was and remains to help patients achieve high-quality health throughout all the stages of their lives. His commitment is in providing the advantage of the emerging medical studies to his patients.

Dr. Dov Rand and his team have expertise in providing treatments on many different health issues. The doctor is popularly known for his expertise in treating erectile dysfunction using emerging methods. He uses a treatment philosophy on the approach of” pill for ill’ when treating his patients. Dr. Dov Rand engages in health optimization from a prevention position. He teaches his clients on ways to create sustainable health for themselves.

Insightful Career of Dr. Dov Rand

Acting as a role model to his patients is one thing that he takes pride in. Dr. Dov Rand does this by ensuring he leads a healthy and active life. He involves himself in activities that keep him sharp and help him to gain more knowledge which he uses in his daily practices.

Continuous learning of new information is the key to his success. Attending conferences and frequent reading of books helps Dr. Dov Rand to advance his professional development. Bringing his patients the benefits of new scientific information allows them to be healthy in ways that could not have been possible before.

Dr. Dov Rand is a great believer in continuing with education. He recommends people to use anything from which they can get information from. He encourages people to use the internet and peers as sources of information to stay abreast of their fields other than just focusing on school.

Counsel to Young People

Dr. Dov Rand advises young people to believe in themselves and not to trust other people blindly. He tells them to do what they can to achieve their goals and be who they want to become in the future. By doing this, he assures them of attaining the best in life. He also recommends people to read the “unbroken” which he believes is truly inspiring.

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