Amazing Life of Philanthropist Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a remarkable philanthropist who has had a great impact in utilizing innovative solutions with an end goal of ending social problems. For many years, he has been devoted and committed to help others together with his lovely wife, Betsy DeVos. Interestingly, DeVos passion for philanthropy grew upon visiting Potters House Christian School and observed that many parents experienced difficulties in settling fee arrears for their children. It was then that Dick and Betsy started supporting individual students in Potters House Christian School. This led to additional commitments and responsibility in assisting low income families. These commitments eventually resulted to more and more activities in philanthropy.


His Early Life


Dick was born in October 1995 in Grand Rapids. He is one of the successful American entrepreneurs who hails from Michigan. Dick DeVos is the son of the prominent businessman, Richard DeVos who is the founder of Amway Corporation, a successful firm in America. Dick is a graduate of Forest Hills public school systems. He began working at Amway, a family business, in his childhood stage. Mr. DeVos managed to graduate from Northwood University with impressing grades in business administration.  Being a man well established academic wise, Dick DeVos has earned various honorary doctorates from universities such as Grove City College, Northwood University and Central Michigan University among others.


His Career and Community Outreach


Dick DeVos started working with Amway in 1974 holding a number of positions in different divisions including manufacturing, sales, finance as well as research and development. Later on in 1984, he raised the bar to become one of the vice presidents of Amway. Under his direction, Amway managed to triple its international sales and opened numerous new markets. Currently, DeVos serves as the president of Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a foundation that focuses in philanthropy and has donated thousands of dollars with an aim to support educational, civic and community organizations.




Besides being a busy man, Dick DeVos is a devoted family man. He is a father to four children and spends much of his free time with his family. Dick DeVos is a generous and remarkable man. He has played a great role in touching people’s lives following the many contributions to his foundation and firms.


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  1. With the help of his wife, Betsy, DeVos has achieved lots of success in philanthropy. He later on attended study programs at Wharton school and the prominent Harvard Business School. That is the best way for to realize what they need to do for these ones too.

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