Mauricio Mendonca Godoy Announced The Collaboration Between SETAL And AVEVA

SETAL Oil and Gas announced a joint partnership with AVEVA, the leading multinational information management firm, to use AVEVA plant on its operations. Previously, the company utilized a traditional manual technique comprising of paper and batch-wise workflow. However, the new approach, through AVEVA plant, entails multiple benefits compared to the primary methods such as the provision of smooth flow of data between different disciplines within the company.

As such, AVEVA plant enables all data generated to be integrated between all employees hence creating a closed link of both engineering and construction departments. On the other hand, the software ensures that there remain reduced workforce expenses, thus increasing company profits. According to SETAL CEO, Maurício Mendonça Godoy, the past approach demanded significant workforce and resources as well as accompanied poor data flow and scope amendment. He added that SETAL’s decision to invest in AVEVA Plant would benefit significantly on eradicating such challenges.

Process Engineering Manager at SETAL, Newton Libanio Ferreira, stated that AVEVA plant was launched during the AVATAR Project; therefore, enabling the integration across all areas. It monitors data flow while reducing workforce henceforth essential to measure AVEVA plant benefits in operations. Santiago Pena, Vice President of AVEVA in Latin America, commented that SETAL had complex projects such as the expansion of refineries including Replan, Reduc, Revap, and Repair in Petrobras. More so, each project utilized the AVEVA PDMS software to expand and complete all operations.

Completion of the P-74 Project

Petrobras commissioned the construction and engineering of P-74 Project while Estaleiros do Brasil finalized its end. However, Maurício Mendonça Godoy announced the extension of the completion date to mid-2016 rather than initially planned. He also added that the project is at its final stages while other operations were ongoing at the modules. During the meeting held at Piratini Palace, Maurício Mendonça Godoy together met with Governor Jose Ivo Sartori highlighting about the project.

During the meeting, Maurício Mendonça Godoy stated that the P-74 platform lacked essential aid to finance the project after the Merchant Marine Fund delayed the disbursement of funds. As such, the Secretary of Development, Science and Technology, Fabio Branco, promised to assist in reconciliation between the two companies and distribute the money quicker.

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