Betsy DeVos and True Action

Betsy DeVos has a mind that is in a league of its own. This lady simply doesn’t think like the vast majority of human beings in contemporary society. That’s due to the fact that selfish acts are quite unfamiliar to her. She’s long been an individual who has put others first. She was that way when she was a lot younger as well. People who were acquainted with a girl called “Elisabeth Prince” back in Holland, Michigan in the seventies knew that she would never hurt a fly. She still wouldn’t hurt a fly.


DeVos is more than just an eager college student right now. She’s actually a professional who has one of the most desirable positions in the United States. It’s a desirable position in all different sections of the globe. President Donald J. Trump can pick between all sorts of professionals for his Administration roles. He selected DeVos first and foremost, however. That functions as proof of her excellence. There are so many people who grasp just how distinctive this individual is. She’s not the kind of person others can find on a daily basis. She’s the kind of individual most people only encounter once during their lifetimes. There are even many human beings who never meet others of her caliber.


Some people think in detail about charity. Others ignore the concept entirely. DeVos is without a doubt an individual who is under the first umbrella. Charity isn’t something that makes her feel tired. It’s something that exhilarates her to no end. It’s something that exhilarates her husband Dick as well. They constantly go the extra mile to promote charitable and philanthropic causes in the United States. They have an organization they refer to as being the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. It’s a trusted non-profit. People have been giving their time to the group since the eighties.


Betsy DeVos resides in the United States. Despite that, she takes a highly global approach to all sorts of subjects. She considers the planet as a whole any time she can. She wants the United States to better its approach to its educational system. She believes that the system still has quite a few flaws. She wants it to operate in a manner that’s a lot more efficient. It makes her feel sad any time she realizes that there are American students who feel at a loss about their schooling options. It makes her feel like she has to do something about the situation. DeVos is a person who regularly thinks about taking action. She’s also a person who regularly takes action. People who are “all talk” aren’t at all engaging to her. She doesn’t want to be like them.


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