Well Rounded, Understanding Staff – Capitol Anesthesiology

Over the last four decades, Capital Anesthesiology has learned how valuable a well-rounded, understanding, compassionate staff is. They currently cater to over 20 facilities in the Austin, Texas areas, including trauma centers, hospitals, dental offices, and outpatient surgical centers.

Every physician and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist understands the high standards of the practice, and are continuously researching the newest scientific research, the most up-to-date procedures, and they maintain the extremely high education standards of Capitol Anesthesiology Association.

They know how important it is for them to remain abreast on the data in their specialty. This reassures patients that they are receiving the safest, and most comfortable experience when it comes to anesthesia.

They ensure that patients are comfortable and supported before, during, and after their procedure. Even after the patient is released from medical care, if they have any questions, they are more than welcome to call in and request information regarding their care, and after care.

Staff members are extremely active in the community, and in various charity organizations in the Austin, Texas area. Staff members also volunteer their time to provide low-cost, and no-cost, anesthesia for families who normally cannot afford state of the art medical care.