Talkspace and Depression

Michael Phelps is a champion swimmer. He has teamed up with Talkspace for a campaign on national TV. Talkspace is an organization that offers online therapy. The main agenda of the campaign is to ensure that the stigma connected to mental illness has come to an end. The organization makes sure that its clients get connected with a specialized therapist who can be reached through social media, Smartphone, tablet as well as a computer when they need help. As a world champion, Phelps has battled with depression and anxiety. His condition was getting worse unit he had started thinking of taking his life. He then realized how a strong man he is and got up to seek for help. Phelps claims that it was the therapy that saved his life

Through sharing about his anxiety and depression, Michael Phelps hopes that the story will encourage the people who are going through the same situation to come out and seek help. The champion will be the spokesperson of Talkspace as well as coming into its board of advisers as a member to assist the organization with its continuous strategy. Phelps has a broad knowledge when it comes to mental health advocacy, and he is devoted to improvements that are data-driven in the sector. This makes him of great value to Talkspace. The organization aims to become that central key when it comes to individuals taking care of their mental health.

Currently, most people are discussing mental health issues but have forgotten the stigma that comes along with depression. According to many people, the stigma that is associated with mental health has made them fear coming out to seek help. This is why Talkspace is out here looking for ways to end this stigma. The company wants to pass across a message that depression does not happen to the chosen few, it can affect anyone. Despite Michael being among the world’s best athletes, he had lost hope in life after he got into depression. With Phelps in the campaign, the organization aims to reach many people and encourage them that there is hope for their challenges.

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