Alexis Kennedy and Weather Factory

Weather Factory is a game development company founded in 2017 by Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan. They built Weather Factory to explore unique and indie-style game development types with a humorous and niche aesthetic. Currently, the company is working on a game called ‘Cultist Simulator.’ This game is Lovecraftian card game that has themes of apocalypse and love. Cultist Simulator is nominated for two BAFTA awards, a rare feat for an indie game. Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan are talented game designers and they have recruited a great team at Weather Factory to help create more fantastic games.

Alexis Kennedy is a renowned writer and game designer. In addition to Weather Factory, he also founded Failbetter Games, the studio that created Fallen London and Sunless Sea. He also works as an inspirational and public speaker, and Alexis Kennedy has spoken at dozens of international events. He has worked on Stellaris and Dragon Age, some of the most popular indie games in the past few years.

Lottie Bevan is also young and successful. She worked at Failbetter Games with Alexis Kennedy and works primarily in the marketing sector. She has won several awards for her work and recently founded the ‘Coven Club,’ a professional support network for women in the gaming industry. Like Kennedy, she also speaks at international events about marketing, product and feminism in the gaming sector.

Weather Factory employs several other talented individuals. For instance, Marc Gagne, who is the team’s resident full-stack developer. He is currently working on small patches and follow-ups to Cultist Simulator, as well as a secret project. Since Weather Factory is a ‘Microstudio,’ they often need to hire freelancers to fill the gaps. They work with a talented and varied team, usually with a focus on UX and art design. These freelancers may become part of the team soon.