Igor Cornelsen – Investment Expert With Over Five Decades of Experience in Finance Industry

Igor Cornelsen is one of the leading investment bankers from Brazil who spent much of his career working for major banking organizations in Brazil. After completing his education in engineering from the Federal University of Parana, he went on to pursue masters in economics from the same university. Even though engineering was his first love, he got fascinated by the world of economics after watching how the financial market moved. The calculation skills that he learned during his time doing engineering came in handy to do market analysis after doing lengthy calculations.

Igor Cornelsen joined Multibanco, one of the leading banks in Brazil, in the year 1970 and was promoted to be the board of directors in the year 1974. Just two years after joining the board of directors at Multibanco, he became the CEO of the organization. Under his leadership, the bank’s revenue continued to grow manifolds. However, after the Bank of America took over the bank, he left the job in search of other career opportunities. It is during this time he worked for Unibanco as well as Libra Bank PLC for a while.

Igor Cornelsen is heading a US-based investment advisory firm called Bainbridge Investments, which he started after retiring from the banking world. Igor Cornelsen says that helping people manage their investments smartly and using his years of experience and expertise to do the same is what inspires him. There are many individuals and middle market companies that are sailing in the financial doldrums due to market volatility. Igor Cornelsen helps his clients identify the investment opportunities in the market so that they can reduce the risk of losses. As Igor is continually researching the investment opportunities in the market, he ensures that weak investment products are weeded out that doesn’t stand firm against the market volatility.