Billy McFarland, a Savvy Businessman

Billy McFarland is a successful tech entrepreneur located in the United States. He is well known nationwide for the prominent Spling ventures and the Black Card largely known as Magnises.Billy was born in New York City and spent much of his early life in New Jersey.

According to Forbes, Billy McFarland later on joined Bucknell University based in Pennsylvania. Here he was pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in computer engineering. Not different from other young individuals in college, Billy wanted some fun. However, this was not possible since he could not afford the required expenses. He shortly dropped out of college to pursue an entrepreneurial career.

His Accomplishments

Billy’s first venture was Spling. It was a company that focused on making URLs look more attractive and better. During his time at Spling, he managed to attract big clients such as Discovery and Universal. Later in 2013, McFarland founded his second business venture called Magnises.

Magnises is a Black Card aimed at targeting young experts living in different Eastern Coast Cities. Billy McFarland targeted individuals within the age bracket f 21 to 31 years working in industries such as the finance industry, technology and fashion industry. Initially, Magnises was only available in Washington D.C and New York. Recently, McFarland announced his plans to make the services available in other cities such as Chicago, Boston and Atlanta.

According to news from Crunchbase, Billy designed unique features for the Black Card including Magnises NOW, Club Pass and Hotel Pass. Currently, Magnises helps its members access the very best deals available in the cities.

Interestingly, the inquiry takes a maximum of 2 to 3 minutes thus convenient for clients. The Hotel Pass allows is users to spend their nights in classy hotels within the cities at subsidized rates.


This creation by McFarland has been able to attract more than 12000 people in the United States within a short time frame. Among these members are notable and prominent actresses, basketball players and songwriters.