The Career And Accomplishments Of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a Masters degree in Business Administration, and also attended Staffordshire University where he received his doctorate degree. In 2010, he became the CEO, the officer of finances, and the secretary for Trucept.

Previously, in 2009, Mr. Bonar became a member of the board for STTN. Later in the same year, he was appointed as the president of the company. This was partially due to the fact he has more than eighteen years of experience, in not only Europe, but Asia and the United States as well.

This experience was earned when he was with IBM. Mr. Bonar also has twenty more years of experience in companies with a high growth. These companies were both of a public and a private nature, and were located in the United States and the United Kingdom.

From a period of time encompassing 2003 through 2006, Mr. Bonar was with a company called the Solvis Group, as their CEO. This company handled the medical staffing for numerous call center markets. Then, from 2004 through 2009, Mr. Bonar held the position of CEO with Dalrada Financial.

This company provided financial services, such as workers compensation and insurance in the health industry. This was done on a direct basis to individual consumers.

As the president of the company as well as a member of the board for Allegiant Professional, Mr. Bonar’s experience grew yet again as he remained with them from 2007 through 2009.

Allegiant Professional was a company who traded publicly. During this same period of time, Mr. Bonar was responsible for the founding of AMS Outsourcing. This firm was a PEO, and they specialized mainly in the field of transport. Mr. Bonar also established this company internationally in Mexico and the Republic of Czech.

Brian Bonar was also on the board for a large multitude of other companies where he received several titles of an honorary nature. His extensive knowledge and experience in the financial field make him an expert in matters of finance and investment.