Lee May and Beamridge Are Supporting Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club

Boxing Club Fundraiser Support

Lee May is hosting a 10k fundraiser to help the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club purchase a new minibus. Any money received in the fundraiser will go towards the club to help them with their work. Lee May is a proud sponsor of the club and are happy to be a part of their training improvements and be a part of the grooming of young boxers who can now successfully compete in boxing tournaments. More than boxing, the club works towards the development of our youth. They get the benefit of being in a family environment and groomed with the values instilled by the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club.


About Lee May

Lee May has been a fan of boxing for a long time so he is especially proud himself to be a sponsor of the club. We are all hoping to help Lee May get the extra support he needs to reach his goal of 20k. No matter the size of the donation, it will be greatly appreciated.


About Beamridge

Beamridge was founded in 2013 by wealth and construction experts with experienced beyond 100 years. The company holds the highest standard of quality and safety while providing ingenuity and innovation to its projects. The company creates lasting relationships with clients and is a chosen contractor in the market. The company ensures professional, cost-effective service that will please the client beyond expectations.


Company Culture

Beamridge believes on sustainable construction practices. The company is eco-friendly and strives for an accident free work environment. The company has built a culture around caring for each other and being responsible for each person’s safety. Beamridge is looking ahead positively at the future. The company’s infrastructure has grown as well as client base and construction services offered. The company is now a provider of Design and Build, Residential and Commercial projects. The company believes in investing and taking care of its most valued assets, which are the people that work for and represent the company.