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The mental health disorders should not be neglected even if the symptoms are very light and rarely felt. In most cases, the mental health issues tend to grow with time when left untreated, and it can and would impact your life in many ways, personally as well as professionally. If the conventional treatment for mental health issues that you are facing hasn’t benefited you much, it may be a good idea to trust the alternative mental health care offered by Neurocore Brain Performance Centers.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers was established in the year 2004 and is a privately held company. It has done extensive research to explore the various possibilities in the field of applied neurosciences. As the technology world continues to advance, so does the medical world and the treatments it offers. In the mental health world, the technology is playing a very significant role as it is helping explore the full potential of the neurosciences applications. The biofeedback technology used by Neurocore has helped in developing a brain training program that is very useful in treating mental health issues. It finds out which portion of the brain is responsible for triggering mental health issue that a person is facing and how it can be cured or treated to keep it in a controlled state.

Neurocore is known for its trained professionals who ensure that each of their clients is well taken care of. They do not have strict timing and always ready to accommodate their clients in every way possible.

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Find the Core of the Problems: Neurocore

Find the Core of the Problems: Neurocore

Today’s world is bombarded with stressors that affect our most essential function: the ability to reason. Anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other psychological conditions may be the result of overstimulation, or under usage of neurotherapy. Neurocore is an organization dedicated to creating a revolution of neurotherapy. Neurotherapy uses electrical measurements, driven by brain activity, creating a condition of unwanted brain activity.

Since the inception of Neurocore in 2004, the organization has achieved the status of being a central authority in neuroscience. There are eight brain centers in Michigan and Florida, where processes such as EEG, qEEG, and neurofeedback is used to rectify problems with mental clarity and acuity, sleep disorders and stress management.

Innovation is key to Neurocore’s strategy, and the use of biofeedback, or heart rate variability, is a clear example of how Neurocore is helping to change the perspective on neurotherapy. Heart rate variability, or HRV training, takes the subconscious retraining of the brain with regulating mindful breathing patterns through therapeutic breathing. Through this synergy of methods, the patient enhances their mind and body connection.

As an example of an organization attempting to develop their acumen, the Portland Trail Blazers recently utilized Neurocore, adding a “brain room” to their training facilities. This innovative technology provides the opportunity to improve and train the overall function of the brain, endocrine, cardiovascular and respiratory systems through focus on the stress level, recovery and relaxation of the participant.

The next step in psychological and neurotherapy is Neurocore through the development and strategic use of their brain centers. People who feel as if their minds and bodies are being stretched to the limit can find solace in knowing the brain centers exist to help them regain their bio-neurological balance. As Neurocore expands and becomes a mainstay in neurotherapy, people will succeed at isolating and resolving the true “core” of issues affecting their ability to be productive and satisfied with their lives. To find out more about the Neurocore process and neurofeedback, check out their website,, or call 800.600.4096.