Career life of Jana Lightspeed

Jana Lightspeed is an expert in the consumer investment department at the Lightspeed Company. Throughout her career, she has always handled her clients in the best manner. She is successful in most things that she does and her responsive nature is the reason behind the great achievements she has brought in the industry. Her life and experiences have strengthened her to keep working harder and sharing her expertise with other people that show a strong drive towards achieving great things. At the beginning of her career, she was dedicated to learn and acquire more knowledge from other people that she believed were better than her. Based on the issues she has gone through in her life, she believes that it is crucial for people that have passion towards being the best to pay a lot of focus on the people that motivate and encourage them to keep doing their best to achieve successes in their careers.

Jana Lightspeed is self-driven and she always knows the things she needs to achieve and accomplish within a specified period. She is keen to address issues that affect her career and the running of the Lightspeed Company. She believes that she has great potential towards accomplishing a lot of things and with this, she has striven hard to meet most of her plans.

Besides, Jana Lightspeed likes to involve other executives in the consumer department in the things she plans to set ahead in the firm, as she believes that their opinions matter and with them, she can change the activities at the venture to improve the services that she offers to her clients. She believes in the great contributions that the customers of the enterprise have brought towards its growth, and as a result, she always gives them the priority when it comes to offering her services.

Nina Vaca Shares Tips With Female Entrepreneurs On How To Break The Glass Ceiling And Build A Business

Nina Vaca has become quite a renowned Latina businesswoman, and in the process has helped aspiring female IT workers utilize their skills in the big tech industry, and she’s made her way to the corporate boards of several other publicly traded companies. She has also become a leader of several other non-profit entrepreneurship education and support groups, and she recently spoke at the 2019 Dallas Startup Week’s Women of Innovation Summit. In her lecture, Vaca listed three keys to success she had learned in her time as a successful entrepreneur.

Vaca first said entrepreneurs need to find the one thing they’re very good at and excel greatly at it. When you do this, you lay the cornerstone of success in many areas of business. Second, you should respond with finesse when a situation doesn’t go the way you planned. When you do, you’ll usually find you can remedy the situation and move on to other things. And lastly, Vaca says don’t get sidetracked by side issues or short-term failures, but instead, always stay focused on the long game by staying true to your goals and fulfilling your dreams.

Nina Vaca’s company, Pinnacle Group, has been ranked twice by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing women-owned businesses in the U.S. She is the daughter of Ecuadorian immigrants and learned from them the basics of running small businesses. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas State University and master’s degrees from several other universities including Harvard Business School. Vaca founded Pinnacle Group in her own apartment in 1996 with only $300 in startup capital, but she used ingenuity to turn it into a billion-dollar IT staffing company and bring it to prominence in the Dallas metro area. Vaca has won numerous awards for her entrepreneurship including the Enterprising Women, Woman of the Year Award in 2016.

Ara Chackerian Heath Solution Professional

Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist, entrepreneur as well as an investor. Besides he is the managing director of ASC Holdings. His investments include healthcare companies in earlier stages that are committed to improving the healthcare systems in the United States. Ara has more than 20 years in building the companies, and he is also the founder of MBC, a company that provides diagnostic services and TSM that integrates behavioral services.

Ara Chackerian has served as Chief Executive Officer of BMC, chairman and vice president in different companies in the global medical industry. Ara pursued a bachelor of science in marketing from the University of Florida State. His professional career, therefore, revolves around health solutions and entrepreneurship as well as investing. His significant interest, however, lies in healthcare. He is mostly committed to environmental activities and development of nonprofits programs that help the youths in different sectors.

Ara Chackerian and his longtime business partners wanted to extend their experience by creating an outpatient diagnostic center. Therefore they spent more than ten years building a different network of centers in California. However, their research and technology made them realize that TMS was the third pillar that would become a psychiatric center with medication and talk therapies. The main aim of the center was to treat patients suffering from depression.

The experiences made Ara realize that ideas are part of the day to day experiences by making conscious efforts of a pleasant life. His parents were part of his motivation while growing. Also, Ara grew in an environment that valued thinking hard about life. Ara learned that there were ample opportunities for connecting care providers with behavior healthcare providers to ensure healthcare cases such as depression are handled with experts within the medical sector. If a collaborative care model is created, patients with high-level needs will have effective treatment with affordable costs.


Vijay Eswaran Speaks At Concordia Summit

Vijay Eswaran is seeing what the effects of technological change in the workplace climate are doing, and he often speaks on how entrepreneurship in the Asian business community is doing with this. He attended the Concordia Summit in New York this last fall in which he brought up the need to keep updating university curriculums to make sure students have the correct training for their respective industries. Eswaran and his holding company, QI Group Ltd. own a stake in a Malaysian college known as QI University. He also spoke on how more women were becoming business leaders, but he still believes there is a lot more work to do on that front.

Vijay Eswaran is Malaysian-born but also has family history in India. He graduated in 1986 with an MBA from Southern Illinois University, and then 12 years later cofounded QI Group Ltd. The key company QI manages is QNet, a direct selling and network marketing organization. Eswaran chose this business model because people who know how to make sales can earn commissions on their own selling QNet products and using their own sales strategies. He also opened up several other businesses including QI Lifestyle and a finance and investment firm known as QI Asset Management.

Vijay Eswaran is not only a business executive, but he also writes books and blogs on spiritualism. He believes having a spiritual routine and following certain dieting rituals to have the right mindset and discipline when he arrives at the office. Eswaran wrote about this in his books “In the Sphere of Silence” and “18 Stepping Stones.” Vijay Eswaran has also closely embraces his father Vijayratnam’s principles of generosity and sacrifice, and as a philanthropist he’s even named a foundation in his honor that supports special needs children programs, environmental issues and educational resources for poorer communities. In addition to the Concordia Summit, he’s been an honorary speaker at the World Economic Forum, and the Prime Minister of India invited him to speak at the 2012 6th Pravasi Divas. Uplifting the Community Through their Success is one of the leading e-commerce businesses – it is lead by Richard Liu Qiangdong, one of the most established entrepreneurs in Beijing and has one of the most interesting business histories. Richard Liu Qiangdong has led to be one of the most technologically advanced and data driven e-commerce company and retail providers, online or offline. Moreover, under the leadership of Richard Liu Qiangdong has done a lot of sustainable efforts in order for the company to be more environmentally friendly and they are also making efforts to give back to the community that has helped them attain this kind of success. has projects like the Grean Stream Initiative and Recycling Program that has reduced their waste production and their emissions – they have also promoted better and sustainable options to the community. has also shifted their plastic packaging for a more sustainable option – they are now employing a courier service that is completely plastic free. is also helping start-up companies and physical stores in their community by letting them in their technology and they are making them utilize the logistics and inventory technology that is employing in order for them to improve their productivity and business efficiency. knows that they have a huge platform and they want to utilize this to help more people and to extend their influence through their network which had more than 300 million active has also used their platform in order to expedite the packaging and delivery of donated goods into areas that are in need of the donations – and they use their technology to track every single step of the way including the consumers and suppliers. They use this system to increase the efficiency and to punctuate on the philanthropy of in China, and to the world. recognizes their platform and they want to run their business in a way that they are leaving a positive impact in their community – which is why they do not want to be selfish with their technology, resources and innovative ways in order to uplift the community as a whole.

Profiling Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Success

Nick Vertucci was born in a humble background that ordinarily to many would have given him many excuses into failing in life; he chose not to let that stop him. By the time he was 18 years, he was running a prolific tech business that made him quite a fortune. However, the wave of dot-com era made the company get on its knees, and shut down soon after. He sunk in a financial struggle, where he lost much including his home.

Well, soon the smoke of yet another venture began to bud up. Nick attended a real estate training that turned his misery into financial freedom. After getting facts about real estate, Nick Vertucci found this an area of interest and decided to seize the opportunities therein. He developed a Turnkey System where he would buy a foreclosure, give them a facelift, rent them out or even sell. His business got profitable, then began working with other investors after publicizing his errand on his channel, The Real Estate Investing Hour. It changed his financial outlook.

Following his accomplishments in real estate and his enviable investing strategies and skills, he sought to get other people out of the financial drain into freedom. He established the Vertucci Real Estate Academy to educate people and possibly make them find unqualified success in the field. Today, the academy is ironing out the Real estate, and many have benefitted from it.

About Nick Vertucci

Nick is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy based in California. He is also the author of, The Seven Figure Decisions; this is a book that is a personal account of his life, the highs and lows. He also gives detailed investing strategies and encourages people to try things out playing it safe may not lead you into riches. His financial problems turned into business success is the memoir.

OSI Group Continues To Offer Its Customers The Best Food In The World

OSI Group is an American food company that has facilities in countries all over the world. It is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois and was founded in Chicago by a German Immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. Many people have eaten food that originated from one of OSI’s facilities and probably don’t even know it. The company offers a variety of product meats, other protein items, deli foods, snacks, and so much more. OSI is known for its ability to offer its customers customized food options and does so by employing chefs who focus on creating menus that serve specific regions of the world.

OSI Group is led by its president and chief operating officer, David McDonald, and its chief executive officer, Sheldon Lavin. Combined, the two men have more than put OSI on the map; they have made it one of the 100 American top food companies. OSI employs more than 20,000 people and has a very diverse workforce. The company is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate for any legal reason, whatsoever. OSI Group takes pride in the fact that it encourages its employees to think like a business entrepreneurs, and the company also treats every single worker like a member of its own family.Recently, OSI Group has been ramping up its expansion efforts, and one of the moves it made was to purchase a former Tyson Foods facility in Chicago.

The facility is located in the south side of the city and will help to provide stability and infrastructure for another nearby plant.The purchase came in at $7.4 million, and OSI offered employment to a number of factory workers that were set to lose their jobs as the Tyson Foods facility closed down.OSI Group also recently purchased a controlling stake in Baho Food, which is a Dutch company that has subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany. The company offers its best food products to many European countries and is expected to increase its offerings in the future. OSI also acquired Flagship Europe, which offers its customers pies, sous vide products, frozen poultry, and condiments. It is expected that the purchase will help the company to reach more European markets, and this will continue to fulfill its mission of expansion.

Stream Energy: Helping The Victims of Natural Disasters

Stream Energy is an emerging energy provider headquartered in Texas. The company has expanded to other states, providing the locals with affordable energy. In recent years, Stream Energy has also focused on philanthropic activities, benefiting the locals who have been heavily affected by disasters. Stream Energy started their philanthropic activities back when the company is only a few years old. They did not have any specific department to handle their philanthropic efforts, but they had to rely on the volunteerism of their employees. As more and more people benefited from the assistance provided by Stream Energy, the company soon launched a separate department that handles all of their philanthropic activities, calling it as Stream Cares.

Stream Cares initially had a few volunteers, but this number grew exponentially as more people wanted to share their expertise on the company’s philanthropic department, helping a lot of people in the process. One of the most memorable events for Stream Cares would be the time during the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. The devastating 2017 hurricane is tied with Hurricane Katrina as the costliest natural disasters in the United States. Many homes were devastated by its high-speed winds, and storm surges inundated the coastal areas of Texas. The inner cities were not spared from the devastation, as Hurricane Harvey caused the rivers to swell, and the flood it created swept away homes and even communities. The city of Dallas was flooded, and billions worth of damages was recorded in the city. Knowing that a natural calamity is destroying their home state, Stream Energy started to mobilize their philanthropic team and sent in as many people as they can to help those who are affected.

Stream Cares came to the rescue, helping those who were trapped above the roofs of their homes. They also gave away food packs and clean water bottles to those who are staying inside evacuation centers. Aside from providing food and water, Stream Energy also provided clothes, blankets, and sanitary products to those who have escaped the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. Through Stream Cares, the company also donated a considerable amount to the American Red Cross.

Network Marketing And Gourmet Coffee Are What Organo Gold Does Best

Organo Gold has been around for roughly ten years since Bernardo Chua took interest in starting up his very own network marketing company. Bernardo started up his company in British Columbia and it has become so much more than he had ever hoped since 2008. Millions of people from around the globe have been involved with Organo Gold, either through purchasing their services and products or getting involved in one of the business deals. Unlike other network marketing companies, Organo Gold is also on another mission, which is to bring Ganoderma to people all over the world and raise awareness on its healing properties.

Over the years, Organo has continued to add to its collection of gourmet coffees, teas, and nutritional mixes.Bernardo Chua grew up on stories of the Ganoderma mushroom and how people have been using it for centuries to help aid the body. There are a variety of benefits from drinking Ganoderma infused coffee and tea, most notably increased energy and immune boosting effects. Most importantly, all of Organo Gold’s coffees are made using Ganoderma, making them much healthier alternatives to the traditional coffee that most people drink, which are often processed to the point of being widely unhealthy.

Traditional coffee can give a boost of energy, but it is usually accompanied by a crash later on, while Ganoderma’s energy boosting effects can be felt all day long.Organo Gold has become a player in the coffee market and Bernardo Chua has plans to keep the ball rolling, which is why his company offers a variety of business opportunities for customers and investors to make use of. Organo Gold is willing to partner up with potential investors or business owners which want to promote coffee products and also make money in the process.

Igor Cornelsen Points to Abundant Investment Opportunities

Igor Cornelsen has changed the atmosphere when it comes to investing. It is a breath of fresh air to all of the new investors that have become tired of the same routine of listening to financial gurus that talk about 10% returns on investments without showing anyone what they need to invest in to make these type of returns.

Igor has become a very transparent investment planner that knows that it is not a luck of the draw when it comes to maximizing your returns. He knows that there is some ground work that has to be done, and it all starts with the mindset of the investor.

There are more than a handful of investors that look at the stock market as the only possible way to make decent returns on their Investments. Most of these investors have their eyes set on stocks that are already too expensive to purchase. This is not what Cornelsen would recommend. There is no need to chase after the hot stocks that have already elevated to the point where it is not even economically feasible to purchase a single stock. These are companies like Google that have stock prices that are over $1, 000.

Igor Cornelsen, an investor that has spent a considerable amount of time in Brazil in the field of investment banking, knows that there are other options aside from the stock market where investors can make money. He believes that investors should take hold of their portfolio and gain knowledge on international investment possibilities.

He believes that there is a lot of growth in Brazil, and there are index funds and annuities that people can also put their money into. Igor believes that the best investment possibilities are found when people take the time to expand and learn about new culture.