The Rise of Ara Chackerian

Based out of the San Francisco, California area, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist Ara Chackerian has truly made a name for himself. He graduated from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida where he earned a bachelor’s degree for marketing. Since then, Ara Chackerian has co-founded several companies primarily in the health care industry. His extremely generous philanthropy has also been a major topic of discussion and source of admiration for many others who are around Chackerian, as well as those watching from afar. He has also gained a lot of respect for his work to better the environment through sustainability-related work. Ara Chackerian has also been involved in many programs to improve the education the youth receive in schools.

Immediately after graduating college, Ara Chackerian co-founded and served as chief executive officer of BMC Diagnostics. He also went on to sign on as a general partner of ASC Capital Holdings, which he has done for the last twelve years. He has served ornis currently serving as a board member for several companies. Those companies include, although are not limited to, The Hatlen Center for the Blind, Pipeline Healthcare, Juma Ventures, and Mint Medical Education. Chackerian also co-founded and served as board member of TMS Health Solutions.

Few would argue that what Ara Chackerian has done is wildly impressive. He has co-founded and helped build up several companies that look to reinvent the way health care system works as we know and he has also been involved in several charitable causes that look to help the youth’s education and the environment, among many other things. For his latest project, Chackerian and a long time business partner look to spread awareness and improve access to a new, innovative mental health treatment called transcranial magnetic simulation. Ara Chackerian has been successful for decades for a reason and it will be a pure joy to see what he has in store in the future.

Ashley Lightspeed’s Operations at Lightspeed Ventures

During the time she worked in the business sector, Ashley Lightspeed achieved a lot at a young age. She utilizes prototyping as an essential instrument in the growth of business ideas and the development of industries. From a tender age, she was interested in business and development.

Ashley sat the whole day with her dad as he sketched buildings and construction plans. As an architect, her dad envisioned her daughter becoming an architect. But later Ashley ventured into business. She loved coming with new business plans.

Currently, she works at Lightspeed Ventures and has aided in the development and expansion of the company. Ashley has incorporated diversity in the organization by offering support. Her talents have portrayed the potential in woman, particularly their contribution to retail businesses. Get the latest update on her twitter to find out more.

Perhaps it is the reason Lightspeed has been employing more female workers. Ashley Lightspeed has established firm brands and is still facilitating the growth of the company. Her tremendous experience is after working for various firms at executive positions. She gives hope in every firm she gave services.

Ashley Lightspeed pursued her education at Duke University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. She started her career soon after joining hands with Bain and Company. After numerous accomplishments and hard work, Ashley landed at Thumbtack as a category manager.

Her primary duty was to plan and organize events. During her tenure, Thumbtack turned into a prominent occasions’ planner company. She joined Stanford Business School to extend her studies. While she pursued education, she operated on business ventures that assisted her in achieving secure the job at Lightspeed Ventures Capital.

Ashley met Lightspeed partners at an occasion planned by Thumbtack. Considering the proper seed, she planted on both organizations; she has been working with the organization for quite some time. Lightspeed Venture has recognition as one of the quickest growing organization.

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CEO Zeco Auriemo Is Someone JHSF Owes Credit To For Its Newfound International Real Estate Success

Considering the monetary impact that JHSF has witnessed through the leading efforts of its current chief executive officer, it is certainly worth taking a peek into how Zeco Auriemo came into that role over time and which projects that he has had the most influence in with regards to the impressive expansion that we’ve seen from JHSF so far. Brazil is an interesting real estate region to discuss, and among the most prominent development companies over there is JHSF, which, in accordance to Zeco’s wishes, no has a luxury focus in its property developing endeavors. This luxury element can be quite clearly seen at locations like the Parque Cidade Jardim.

Besides just being the professional backbone for JHSF, Mr. Zeco Auriemo also has outside responsibilities. This is because the CEO also has to manage efficiently a family of two Brazilian children and a wife with what time he has remaining outside of JHSF. After learning about engineering during his Sao Paulo, Brazil studies, which were inside FAAP University, Zeco was later intent on becoming a member of JHSF, where he would help out with the organization’s parking administration efforts. This was all before Auriemo’s ascension up towards CEO and his company altering expansion decisions.

Whether it happens to be office buildings, shopping locations, prominent residences or even an executive airport, Zeco Auriemo is sure to find a way to leverage luxury offerings and JHSF’s resources to create immensely wonderful properties, and these developments can do quite a lot for the bottom line over at JHSF. These results from Zeco’s project involvement can be clearly observed in his properties of Brazil, but also in his properties of Uruguay as well as the U.S. Thanks primarily to Mr. Auriemo, JHSF has consistently flourished in both Brazilian real estate and luxury real estate.

Steve Richie’s Promotion to Papa John’s New CEO

Papa John’s International Inc. is the world’s largest pizza delivery company. Towards the end of 2017, the company announced that Steve Richie would be promoted to CEO and steer the company towards meeting its objective. He would then start serving in the role fully as from January 1, 2018.

Mr Richie, who is now 44 years old, has worked at Papa John’s for a very long time starting his career as a customer service representative back in 1996 earning $6 per hour. From there he became the company’s franchise owner in 2006 and 2010 started to work in an increasing capacity towards anything leadership related. His ambition saw him get promoted to become Papa John’s Chief Operating Officer in 2014.

In 2015, Steve Richie continued climbing higher up the hierarchy after being named the new president for the company. Ever since Richie started working for Papa John’s, he excelled in every single position he served. Steve took his responsibilities seriously and always made sure he did a good job.

The promotion to become the new CEO for such a large company is only as a result of his hard work and determination. The company’s top brass believed that Richie was the right person to put the spotlight on their pizza as well as the rest of the team members. Steve Richie has proved to be the best leader that Papa John’s needs and under his stewardship, the company can pursue its next stage of growth.

Being the new CEO comes with a different role, one that has many challenges. Steve Richie is tasked with leading the company towards global development. He also has the responsibility to oversee the right marketing strategies for the company while providing customers with world-class experiences towards their brand. Richie is confident that Papa John’s will grow stronger and achieve great success.

T.J. Maloney Maloney Takes Lincolnshire to Greatness

Tj Maloney has been with Lincolnshire Investment Company since 1993. Mr. Maloney, the company president, is well-educated. Maloney received his bachelor’s degree from Boston College in 1975. Tj Maloney earned his J.D. degree in 1979 from Fordham University. Maloney is a member of the Board of Trustees at Boston College. Tj Maloney had more than 30 years experience in the management investment business.

Tj Maloney is speaker of choice at schools such as Columbia University, supporting their M.B.A. program. Maloney served on the Board of Directors of Fordham University and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Boston College. Tj Maloney won the Richard J Bennett Memorial award in 2007 that was presented by Fordham Law School. Tj Maloney formerly served on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of English Speaking Union of the United States and Board of Trustees in the Tilton School.

Prior to working Lincolnshire, Maloney practiced merger, aquisition, and securities law at the Boston College Wall Street Council. Mr. Maloney has directed many companies, including Custom Alloy Corp, Polaris Pool Systems, Walbash National Corporation, and others.

Frank Wright and Steven Kumble founded Lincolnshire Management in 1986. Tj Maloney succeeded James Tozer after Wright died in 1992 leaving the company presidency and CEO positions vacant. In 2005, Mr. Kumble left Lincolnshire to found Corinthian Capital. The company is headquartered in New York, N.Y. Lincolnshire Investments has been named the 5th ranking private equity firm by CNN and Fortune Magazine. Private Equity News puts Lincolnshire Investments in the top 10 for private investment firms. Customers give Lincolnshire a five star rating. Lincolnshire Investments has between 200 to 500 employees. Most of the employees believe it’s a great place to start a career. The investment company encourages employees to aspire to higher positions at the investment firm.

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Isabel Dos Santos Businesswoman of the Decade

One of the most influential characters in the world of business today is Isabel Dos Santos. Born in Africa, the well-recognized entrepreneur has made quite an impact on the development industry over the course of her career. She is considered to be one of the most successful business leaders to come from the African continent. There are over 50,000 employed individuals who would be more than happy to testify to that. She has been the point-man (or woman) of the company Unitel; Angola’s largest and fastest-growing telecommunications company.

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África tem tanto potencial… Mas como podemos abrir os nossos mercados africanos para o mundo? Tornando mais fácil e acessível o acesso dos empreendedores locais à Internet, estamos literalmente abrindo empresas africanas para o mundo. Quando facilitamos a conexão entre as pessoas pela Internet, criamos novas comunidades 🙌🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #África #Tecnologia #economia #MondayMotivation Africa has endless potential… But how can we open up our African markets to the world? By making it easier and more affordable for local entrepreneurs to access the Internet, we are literally opening African businesses to the world. When we make it easier for people to connect via the Internet with each other, we create new communities 🙌🏾

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Isabel Dos Santos is considered to be a major player in the economic growth Africa has undergone in the last 20 years. Due largely to her efforts, African products reach all for corners of the world. As time goes on, more and more commercial partners are looking to purchase their goods and merchandise. Isabel Dos Santos has made it a personal endeavor to lower the import bill of her homeland. She believes that her people must produce the goods that they are currently buying abroad and has put a tremendous amount of faith in their manufacturing industry to pull it off. At the moment the African import bill has been on the rise but with determination, Dos Santos believes this can be turned around.

Isabel Dos Santos has one over-all mission that ties into every project she takes on and that is for Africa to live up to its potential. She believes that investing in Africa is investing in the future. Under the Africa – Russia panel at the 2019 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, she shared her perspective on Africa and appealed to Russian investment on her continent. Isabel Dos Santos strongly believes that the future of Africa still has many pages to write. The Iconic businesswoman has gone on record stating: “I’m in love with my country and my continent. Every day I move for its development.” Powerful words, that have inspired thousands of fellow Africans to follow suit and show the rest of the world that their continent deserves a seat at the industrial table.

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The Ingenious Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is one of the pioneers of technology in today’s banking and financial world. His work in technology will forever have a great influence, especially in these industries. That small gold chip in your credit and debit card communicating with your bank, he is the man behind the whole thing. He is the founder of blockchain technology. The ingenious Mr. Belamant serves as the real definition of a great mind at work to serve the world.

About Serge Belamant

Serge was born in Tulle, France. His father, who was a tiler by trade, later on, moved his family to South Africa. At this time, Mr. Belamant was 14 years of age. He then attended Witwatersrand University to study Computer Science in Johannesburg.

His Ingenious Work

He joined various companies after university, where he was key in developing most of the technological advancements that played a key role in the way we use the financial banking system in today’s world.

In 1989, Serge Belamant founded NET UEPS Technologies, Inc. He designed UEPS which stand for Universal Electronic Payment Systems. This led VISA to partner with him in 1995, where he was put to task in designing the latest idea of Offline Pre-Authorized Card chip (COPAC). These are the current chip cards we use in our financial world today.

Net1 and Serge Belamant later developed the digital payment system in the year 1991. It was responsible for transferring welfare funds to needy people in South Africa. The demand for this technology grew tremendously and is used in many countries in the world, such as Iraq and Russia.

Recently, in the United Kingdom, the ingenious Mr. Belamant co-founded Zilch Technologies, which is an amazing company to date. At Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions and Prism Group Holdings Pty. Ltd., he serves on their Board of Advisors where he continues he’s ingenious works.


Duda Melzer; the man behind RBS Group

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer or commonly known as Duda Melzer is a world-famous businessman who hails from Brazil. He is operating in the realms of digital marketing. Duda Melzer folds an MBA from the esteemed Harvard University. He belongs to a rich family and this background has played a pivotal role in making him who he is today. The source of riches of his family is entrepreneurship and he is carrying on the family tradition. Duda Melzer is currently performing his services as the chairman of the famed RBS group. He has worked hard to significantly increase the extent as well as the growth of his business. The tradition of the family business he is currently handling is to provide quality services to the different set of communities it has an interaction with. The main game style he plays with is explosive growth while sustaining other factors to ensure the growth does not lead to a level of being disproportionate in the business factors of the company he is in. This pursuit of a high level of The Company under him which is called Grupo RBS is famous on a national level in Brazil. The area of digital marketing has rapidly evolved over the course of a few years. This has led to a high level of complexities which means that there is also a higher level of prerequisite marketing acumen which is needed now to ensure a higher level of the success rate of the marketing campaign being held digitally. The likes of Duda Melzer are carrying forward this tradition of innovation and are constantly coming up with better and more effective as well as efficient ways to approach areas such as digital marketing. The roots of the company under Duda Melzer were laid in 1957 and under his leadership; it was ranked as the best publisher and the fifth best in terms of newspapers. This is what has made him such a seasoned professional when it comes to areas such as digital marketing. The client list he has consisted of multiple different professionals from different fields and markets who have rendered his services and have reached new horizons of success and prosperity in the markets. To see more about Duda you can visit his facebook page.,grupo-rbs-presidido-por-duda-melzer-ganha-destaque-no-behance,70001701615

When Eric Lefkowsky Speaks, People Listen

In addition to being on the cutting edge of technology-enabled precision medicine solutions as both founder and CEO of Tempus, Lefkofsky has quite the resume in the technological sector of the United States. In addition to his work as the co-founder of Groupon, Lefkofsky also co-founded a venture fund investing in disruptive technology, called Lightbank. This list just continues before even beginning to address his work as a patron of the arts and public works in the Chicago area as a co-chair of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation along with his lovely wife, Liz.

Eric Lefkofsky and Margaret Anderson recently sat down at the Milken Global Conference to discuss both their roles in changing healthcare both domestically and internationally in the future. The interview specifically asked the question, “Can the World’s Largest Companies Save Health Care?” Objectively, that is a question that has debatably been left far too long to have escaped the need for a conference to answer that in mere minutes. Something, that both were happy to acknowledge.

Immediately, the interview began with the simple acknowledgment that health care outcomes have been on the decline for some time, yet, costs have never once failed to grow for the American consumer. Lefkofsky was quick to acknowledge that he never envisioned founding a company until like Tempus until his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer about five years ago He was perplexed by the lack of data that was being put to good use in the medical sector given the huge amounts of it that through the cloud and other advances should have been targeting the industry for years.

Lefkowsky effectively ended his remarks by pointing out how difficult it has been for “big tech” to break into an arena which is the largest part of the United States economy for years with no sign of slowing down its financial growth. Find out more about Eric Lefkofsky:

The CEO of OSI Group Is Sheldon Lavin

There are many things that make a business profitable. Having great leadership at the top is certainly one of them. You need to have great people in charge in order to overcome the competition. OSI Group has a brilliant man in charge of their entire operation. His name is Sheldon Lavin. He has been running the company since the early 1970s when he decided to buy a piece of the company that would give him the controlling stake. He has since taken the company to levels of success that few people could have imagined. There have been many profiles of Lavin that were written in some of the most respected financial publications.

Sheldon Lavin takes all of his success in stride. He knows that it has been a total team effort. He could not have done all of these great things without many brilliant people surrounding him. Lavin started out as an accountant. He would work with various people who needed to get loans for their businesses. Lavin liked doing this job. It allowed him to meet a man named Otto who owned a meat processing company. Lavin helped Otto get a loan. In the process, Lavin became very good friends with Otto.

Sheldon Lavin would take a keen interest in the daily operations of the meat processing company. A few years later, Lavin bought the company and began his plans to expand it across the entire country. These plans turned out to be very profitable. The company exploded in popularity. Profits were soaring at this time. At this point, Lavin thought it would be in the best interests of the company to further expand the company into other countries. OSI Group became very profitable in China. They are now one of the biggest meat suppliers in the world’s most heavily populated country.

sSheldon Lavin has done it all at this point in his career. However, he continues to be the CEO of OSI Group with no plans to step down from that position any time soon. He said that he still has a lot to offer the company for the foreseeable future. The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

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