The Genius of James Dondero

Dondero attended the University of Virginia. He graduated with honors with degrees in Accounting and Finance. He immediately began his financial career with American Express. Between 1985 and until he departed in 1989, Dondero was charged with around $1 billion on behalf of American Express. He then helped for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. From its origin in 1989 until 1993, Dondero helped it to grow to be worth $2 billion. In 1993, James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management. Highland specializes in managing alternative assets, particularly high-yield fixed income investments.

He remains its president today. He is also a leading investment manager in the company. In addition to his many responsibilities at Highland, he chairs the board and serves as the CEO of HCM Acquisition Company. He also serves as chairman for Cornerstone Healthcare Group, CCS Medical, serves on the boards of American Banknote Corporation and MGM studios, and is a president and Portfolio Manager of NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund, president of NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. So, yeah, Dondero continues to have oodles of experience. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Dondero’s primary focus has for years been Highland. During the nationwide financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, the company almost went under. But Dondero saved it and led it to become the most profitable investment company in the world. He remains one of the most respected SEC-registered financial advisors and brokers in the world. He has also been a Chartered Financial Analyst. Only a few in the financial industry can attain this extremely hard to get designation. Most who attempt it, fail. Dondero is proud to have earned it and kept it since the 90s.

It was Dondero’s amazing financial foresight that inspired him to lead Highland to heavily invest in Argentinian bonds. This has proved a very profitable move for Highland in the face of Argentina’s continuing economic rise. To help and take profitable part in this rise, Highland has set up the Argentina Fund. His insanely busy professional life has allowed him to live very comfortably. Among other luxurious perks he owns the 72nd most expensive mansion in Dallas and commonly enjoys the very rare giraffe jerky.



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