Richard Liu Qiangdong Shares Idea and Insights at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

During the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Richard Liu Qiangdong was among the guest speakers who graced the stage. Richard Liu shared insights and ideas related to the e-commerce industry. He tackled issues about e-market and the role of the government, stakeholders, and other sponsors in promoting the trend.

Richard Liu is a world-renowned and revered business leader who hails as the founder of one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China. According to Forbes, he has estimated net worth of $7.3 billion with the platform estimated at worth $57.6 billion.

After graduating from the highly-coveted Renmin University of China back in 1996, Richard Liu took to mastering computer programming skills with some freelance coding work. Later, he furthered his studies with an EMBA from the China Europe International Business School. He was assimilated into Japan Life, a health product firm. It was here that he managed to land several roles throughout his two-year tenure. Richard Liu Qiangdong served as the director for computers and also the business director.

With the skills and technical know-how, Richard Liu decided to venture into his entrepreneurial career by setting up a magneto-optical product selling shop in Beijing. The shop did tremendously well, managing to expand to 12 stores by 2003. However, the business was brought to its knees following the SARS outbreak.

The outbreak forced Richard Liu to re-strategize the brick and mortar business model into the current e-commerce platform, which gave rise to In the beginning, he dealt with a host of quality consumer goods and services.

The e-commerce platform has become a force to reckon with in the Chinese market. Currently, has attracted several shareholders, including WeChat owner Tencent with a 15 percent stake worth $215 million. The partnership sees the promotion of the network through the social networks of WeChat with over a billion monthly active users.

Walmart also became a shareholder of with an increase of the stake to 12 percent. Other investments made by include the $397 million investment in Farfetch. The partnership sees the capitalization by both firms about the reach in China with the experience in luxury fashion.

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Article Title: Act Like Richard Liu Qiangdong And Take Action

Regardless of the time of the day, we can all find ourselves diving deep into thoughts. In this state, we could start thinking about things that matter, and the ones that don’t. This is true for founders such as Richard Liu Qiangdong and for business people in general.

Richard Liu Qiangdong didn’t let overthinking stop him. He kept on going despite the different circumstances that he faced on his journey to success. You may think that you are the only one who can overthink in life but there are others out there.

We could stress about that one dinner where we wanted to say something witty but didn’t, or that one presentation that could have gone better. We could fret about the Earth’s growing temperature, or the work performance review that is still about a year way.

To surmise all of this in a simple sentence: we overthink about things.

Learn how founders like Richard Liu Qiangdong may stop himself from overthinking and may see significant value in minimizing his possible tendency to overthink.

On Overthinking

Needless to say, thinking is not a bad way to spend your free time. Learning from your past mistakes, putting together your present, and planning for your future is nothing but positive. But the problem arises when the “thinking” grows to the point of being a hurdle.

That is when it needs to be addressed.

How Overthinking Keeps You From Doing Your Best

Overthinking is a distracting practice through and through. It pulls your focus away from what matters, and tangles you into a web of thoughts that doesn’t do anything to put you on the path of fulfillment.

In fact, it wouldn’t be incorrect to state that overthinking could be quite crippling at its worst, and very consuming at its best. It makes you susceptible to developing anxiety and depression, and could make these conditions worse if you already have them.

That is why, it is highly important to address and resolve the issue if you are to succeed in your professional and personal life.

When you stop overthinking, you are able to stop fretting about details that do not matter, and focus on things that do. It provides you with more clarity, and lets you make better decisions in a timely manner.

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Betterworks: The Newest Way to Manage Your Objectives and Key Results

BetterWorks is an app that was founded in 2013, to provide you with the organizational tools you need to make your organization more productive and more profitable. It has a goal science foundation that helps you to have and keep track of objectives flow. BetterWorks has several features, including goal setting, gamification, and charting.

Betterworks also has objectives and key results programs (OKR). Here, managers and directors can assign objectives, measure their progress as well as provide feedback using a drop-down menu which keeps everything consolidated. Each assigned task shows a percentage bar and tracker bar. This way, one can know how far along each objective is. OKR programs have proved to be the best and most effective when it comes to setting, tracking, and achieving objectives in a company.

BetterWorks helps you to categorize your goals into three: departmental, one-vision-one-focus, and thematic objectives. Departmental Objectives are mainly for companies that have a general idea and already know the direction the organization should take. Betterworks Software can help such a company by ensuring that departmental OKRs are assigned and well known by each department. One-Vision-One-Focus Objectives are OKRs set by companies who have one defined goal to achieve. The last category of Objectives and Key Results is thematic objectives. Here, an organization chooses a specific inspiring theme that motivates the departments.

To put Objectives and Key Results in action, one has to choose the best ones first. Managers should execute these OKRs well to make a difference in their companies. They should motivate their teams and constantly adjust the team’s plans to achieve the objectives. One needs to provide ongoing feedback and training for the employees. To remember all the objectives, align, and reevaluate them is not easy. That is why most people are using BetterWorks. Revolutionizes a New Industry

In recent years, the food industry has transformed more than any other industry. More people are interested in learning where their food comes from and how it gets to their tables. As the farm-to-table trend spreads around the world, even large, multibillion-dollar conglomerates have to bow to customer behavior and adjust their tactics.

While other companies look for easy ways to satisfy customers, started over from scratch. didn’t get its start in food but has grown into China’s largest retailer in recent years. Though JD was new to the food industry, it still wanted to give its 300 million customers better meat products.

In 2016, launched its “Running Chicken” program, which aimed to provide jobs to some of China’s most impoverished regions and offer high-quality chicken meat to urban customers. That program has been more than successful at its mission and even inspired a series of domestic and international partnerships benefiting all parties involved.

Last year, JD experienced a huge increase in sales of imported kiwifruit and small apples from New Zealand. JD’s partnership with top New Zealand-based companies like Zespri affords JD consumers the option of acquiring the freshest fruits before any other store has it available. Sales have increased by over 80 percent in the last two years.

An industry that was much needed on JD’s site was a luxury brand. For years, Chinese fashion companies struggled to get their designs into the international world of fashion. When got an opportunity to invest in a Chinese luxury fashion brand, the company invested nearly $400 million. Today, Farfetch is a major part of fashion category.

Like all partnerships and investments, being on is beneficial for all parties involved. When Tencent invested over $200 million for a 15 percent stake in JD, they agreed to promote on their social media site, WeChat. also sells many products that can be found in Walmarts, as Walmart invested over $100 million for a 12 percent stake in the company.

Betterworks Reveals Why the Composition and Leadership of HR Determine Business Success

Betterworks was founded in 2013. It is an HR software that is used for Continuous Performance Management, by aligning developing and activating the workforce of the growth of the business. Betterworks have replaced the ineffective and tiresome annual performance review of employees in some organizations. Betterworks released a survey report which revealed that the leadership and reporting structure of any business and the composition of the HR team significantly impacted on the forward thinking of a business. The report shares steps which any HR professional should take to ensure that each person in their organization is properly positioned to deliver their best in line with the desired outcome of the business.

The report also includes the following findings: Managers and HR professionals view HR as an investment in technology and management practices for forward-thinking human capital. Secondly, the composition of the HR team is essential. CEO being the forward thinkers and able to impact change in the organization, they receive reports from c-level leaders. Lastly, Feedback in an organization is crucial as this serves as a link to share between c-level executives, employees, HR, and managers.

Chief Executive officer of BetterWorks states that CEOs who are forward thinkers align, develop and motivate their workforce in a bid to maintain a competitive advantage. Such CEOs hire HR leaders who have the potential to bring together and create a satisfying experience for employees. Also, organizations that have the HR officer reporting directly to the CEO were in a better position to create a performance management program that was effective.

The survey implies that any organization, large or small should support the evolving performance of employees. To have an effective HR, then it should be empowered and in return should be accountable for the motivation of the whole workforce. HR leaders can influence a positive change in organizations.

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Stream Energy Impacting on The Community

Stream Energy is an energy company based in Dallas, Texas. The company makes sales in energy and energy products. Stream Energy has incorporated community help into its fiber. The company has made substantial sales in the energy sector. They sort to first transform the condition of their clients in the face of hurricane, helping them establish themselves following the effects of Hurricane Harvey in the US.

Stream Energy recently launched a philanthropic foundation named ‘Stream Cares’. The company which makes direct sales launched the foundation to make its compassion efforts throughout the United States of America official. The Energy entity has been involved in various community projects since 2007. Hurricane Harvey, however, gave Stream Energy the chance to demonstrate the impact of cooperate organizations on the community, taking the brand to yet another level. It is then that the company resolved to helping the community through its own charity arm and other charity organizations in the country.

Branding involves appealing to the community. By creating a charity organization, the company would be able to help the people while appealing to potential clients and boosting their customers’ loyalty. Launching Stream Cares would allow the company to give back while winning the hearts of various people which would significantly increase their customer base.

The publicizing cooperate givers receive in the wider America is certainly important for high-sowing brands. It protects the company from heavy losses, scandal implications, and perhaps retrenchments due to economic hard times. Businesses in the US are one generous lot. The cooperates contributed about $19 billion to philanthropy in 2016 only.

Stream Energy has established great relationships with charity organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross through the years. The company’s employees and leaders take part in various projects in the grassroots creating a name for the company. Stream’s successful associates earn from the sales making generous donations in the community.

Stream has identified homelessness as Dallas’ most devastating impediment to growth. The company partnered with Hope Supply Company to put a smile on Dallas homeless families. The company’s employees and leaders came together in an event in which they made supplies, meals and money to about 1000 children.

HGGC Takes a Cautious Approach to Investing

Companies that make their money investing have various strategies that they use. Some are much better than others. The companies that stay around the longest are usually the ones that do not rush into foolish investments. The Palo Alto private equity firm HGGC has always been very careful about any potential investment opportunity. This is because there is so much at stake. Possibly losing money is only part of the problem. There is also the chance that they could get the reputation for being very reckless investors if they do not carefully research all of the potential outcomes before investing money.

HGGC lays out all of the possible scenarios at meetings with all of the corporate executives. These people have literally decades of experience working for some of the most successful investment companies all over the world. These people would never throw money away on an investment that has no chance of making a profit. This is why the people and companies that choose to invest with HGGC have the utmost confidence that their money is in the right hands. They are confident that they will see a nice return on their investment without their money being put at risk unless it is necessary.

One of the things that HGGC is known for is being extremely cautions. There are many private equity firms that want to get the jump on their competition. They think the best way to do this is to be the first to make an investment that no other company has done yet. There are times when this strategy will pay off. However, it is also common for the investment to go nowhere and a large amount of money is lost. Therefore, the cautious approach that is taken by HGGC is one that proves to be successful more times than not.

After a decade, HGGC has many satisfied clients who are all too happy to sing their praises. This speaks volumes about the quality of work that they have done since they opened for business 12 years ago. The company continues to get bigger based on their history of success.

Ashley Lightspeed and Digital Media Investment

Ashley Brasier, or Ashley Lightspeed as she is often referred to, has become a prominent figure in the investment and venture capital sector.

From her experience at Bain & Company to her degrees from Duke and Stanford, Ashley has had the experience and the educational background to be able to carve a niche for herself in the competitive investment space.

And she has done that with great aplomb.

Currently a partner at a leading VC firm, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley Lightspeed has been able to lead new and innovative ideas from their shadow of obscurity to a light of prominence and exposure. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

The fact that Lightspeed had been the company to invest in prominent entities such as Goop and Snapchat only adds to how effective its identification of potential household brands could be.

Given the firm’s focus on digital media ventures, Ashley Lightspeed with her bachelor’s major in visual and media studies as well as markets and management seems to fit right into its business model.

That is why, Ashley Lightspeed has been focusing on all sorts of new ventures that focus on digital media and the trends associated with them. Through her focus on innovative ventures that transform the consumption, production and dissemination of media, Ashley has been able to support businesses that operate in this highly competitive but immensely in-demand space.

Since Ashley is a member of Lightspeed’s consumer growth division, she focuses on startups’ growth strategy. As part of her role, she makes sure that the pertinent businesses has an airtight brand strategy before going ahead and providing it with the capital that it needs. With that, she also closely looks at innovation and how it is being accommodated in the solutions that are being forth by the startup in question.

Ashley is likely to continue to be a great asset to the firm and for the people that she works with on a regular basis. View Ashley’s profile at

Doe Deere: The Bright Bold and Beautiful

At the age of just seventeen, a passionate young teen along with her sibling and mother ventured into the U.S to start a new life. Homeless shelters were what they’d have to call home for the next two years. Surviving on extra cash from working odd jobs and sympathetic strangers gave Lime Crime founder Doe Deere the pere to be perseverance to buckle up and not only succeed, but succeed far and beyond her expectations.

Doe Deere’s new venture is a vintage based company known as Poppy Angeloff. With passion driving her force, Deere discovered the idea of of her jewelry company by accidentally stumbling across a few pieces of vintage family heirlooms. This sparked the idea of Doe creating her own company based around vintage like jewelry. Deere fortunately was not in this alone. The unconditional support from her sister shifted Doe’s ideas from questionable thoughts, to actual reality. To really push her company to the best of its ability, Doe took it upon herself to study and research everything she needed to know about jewelry designing and the history behind it. During this time she ultimately figured out that the vintage inspired era reeled her in the most. Her mission for Poppy Angeloff was to design and produce vintage like jewelry that others would want to pass down for generations to come.

As an artist and entrepreneur, Doe has been inspired by many elements just like any artist and has came up with many ideas and creations for other brands. One brand being Lime Crime. A cruelty-free, vegan cosmetic brand that’s all about putting your best self forward by giving it’s wearers a natural spotlight where ever they go. Also known as the makeup for unicorns. Bright colors is what this brand is all about, but before the cosmetic line came about, Lime Crime was previously the company name of Deere’s own fashion line. Despite her vibrant and bright appearance, Doe and her husband used to be in a rock band living in an apartment together in Brooklyn, New York. This ultimately inspired Deere to create her own fashion line based around trendy, rebellious, and punk like designs. Not being able to afford actual models in order to promote the line, Doe herself took matters into her own hands and began modeling her own designs. Before she knew it, she was becoming more known for her makeup looks than the actual clothes themselves. Long and behold, Lime crime cosmetics was born.

Deere’s transition from fashion designing to creating vibrant and bright makeup colors wasn’t a difficult decision at all since she was still staying true to herself and her passion. Lime crime cosmetics went on to become a company known for it’s colorful trends, and pigment longevity by gathering only the best ingredients found around the world. She sold the company over a decade ago but is still involved. At the moment, Doe’s main focus is expanding her jewelry business Poppy Angeloff. Contributing to women’s plight to be comfortable and confident with who they are and impacting their mood through bold and bright creations is what pushes designer Doe Dethe best artist she can be.

Agera Energy on Their Online Social Media

Agera Energy is well-known for their electricity and natural gas options. They offer their services all over the country despite being based out of New York.

What sets Agera Energy apart from a lot of the other companies out there is that they are incredibly active throughout social media like Facebook and Twitter. This is allowing people to keep in touch with Agera Energy and get the answers that they need for their own household or business needs.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing company, you can either visit the Agera Energy site or check them out on social media where they will be happy to respond to you. Be sure to take a look at this option for yourself to see why so many people are choosing this energy company and are finding them to be one of the best out there for all of their household electrical services.

Agera Energy’s Facebook Page.