Ashley Lightspeed’s Operations at Lightspeed Ventures

During the time she worked in the business sector, Ashley Lightspeed achieved a lot at a young age. She utilizes prototyping as an essential instrument in the growth of business ideas and the development of industries. From a tender age, she was interested in business and development.

Ashley sat the whole day with her dad as he sketched buildings and construction plans. As an architect, her dad envisioned her daughter becoming an architect. But later Ashley ventured into business. She loved coming with new business plans.

Currently, she works at Lightspeed Ventures and has aided in the development and expansion of the company. Ashley has incorporated diversity in the organization by offering support. Her talents have portrayed the potential in woman, particularly their contribution to retail businesses. Get the latest update on her twitter to find out more.

Perhaps it is the reason Lightspeed has been employing more female workers. Ashley Lightspeed has established firm brands and is still facilitating the growth of the company. Her tremendous experience is after working for various firms at executive positions. She gives hope in every firm she gave services.

Ashley Lightspeed pursued her education at Duke University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. She started her career soon after joining hands with Bain and Company. After numerous accomplishments and hard work, Ashley landed at Thumbtack as a category manager.

Her primary duty was to plan and organize events. During her tenure, Thumbtack turned into a prominent occasions’ planner company. She joined Stanford Business School to extend her studies. While she pursued education, she operated on business ventures that assisted her in achieving secure the job at Lightspeed Ventures Capital.

Ashley met Lightspeed partners at an occasion planned by Thumbtack. Considering the proper seed, she planted on both organizations; she has been working with the organization for quite some time. Lightspeed Venture has recognition as one of the quickest growing organization.

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Betterworks: Team Edition for Small and Growing Businesses

Keeping an organization agile, current, and on track with its goals can be a constant struggle. There is typically a disconnect between high-level objectives and the communication to those carrying them out. However, one company has sought to change that. Betterworks’ new software has improved productivity, efficiency, and general business function. They accomplished this through continuous performance management from managers to employees. Historically, their products have excluded small and growing businesses. The software was simply out of reach for many, but that is no longer true.

Team Edition

Team edition is the latest release from Betterworks. It allows small and growing businesses to select the management tools used for a custom experience. With up to 100 people to a team, each can set aspirational goals and track progress. Companies can expect to make course corrections in real-time and improve communication throughout the team. The software allows for scheduled progress check-ins for immediate course correction. With this customizable software, one can expect high-level engagement throughout the team.

Betterworks Vision

The vision for Betterworks has become more accessible to small businesses. Their vision is to provide every business with the capabilities to do business better. This recent expansion of Team Edition has delivered a cost-effective solution to many. Their software is effectively reaching all types of corporations, teams, and organizations. This new offering is helping to change the way reviews are handled and have introduced revolutionary concepts. Gone are the days of standard reviews that focus on the past or previous behaviors.

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Luke Lazarus Takes On The Struggling Companies And Startups To Achieving Success In No Time

Australian business consultant Luke Lazarus is helping clients navigate the world of entrepreneurship. It’s no secret that most entrepreneurs fail in the first year. 95 percent of them go out of business in the fifth year of operation. Why are the statistics so startling?

There are some major components that are not being addressed, and that is why so many fail in the process. Mr. Lazarus is willing to help these entrepreneurs start their business and help other struggling businesses flourish.

Luke founded his startup consulting firm in 2013, called Luke Lazarus Consulting. It has been growing tremendously ever since opening in Melbourne, Australia. Due to his experience as a serial entrepreneur, Luke knew exactly what struggling businesses needed to succeed.

This comes from building four successful companies and selling them all for huge profits. He also earned a executive Master of Business Administration degree from the Melbourne Business School in his home country of Australia.

One of the biggest factors that Mr. Lazarus stresses to companies is having a good business plan and a story that’s synonymous with your company. In addition to having these components, Luke does a lot of market research to make sure his clients are set up for success. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler and Luke Lazarus | Medium

The startup consultant breaks down each company to see where improvement can be made. He looks at their daily operations, books, financial forecast, and every other part of the company. One of the major factors with failing companies is their finances.

They simply do not know how to manage this money or raise it in the first place. They may not be keeping tabs on spending, earnings, costs, etc. This is crucial to closely monitor, and Luke Lazarus is there to teach clients how to do so. When it comes to raising capital for their companies, Luke says that it is rare they use their own money.

Clients have to go to financial institutions and other places to ask for funding. This is the other part where Mr. Lazarus comes in. He helps create a story behind a company’s brand that go hand in hand. If you can’t capture a investor’s attention in a short period of time, then you will most likely not get the funding you need.

Luke works with clients to create these stories so investors, consumers, etc. are emotionally compelled to support their brand and company. Instead of just focusing on the product itself, Luke helps these companies show what their brand can do to enhance people’s lives.

Working to help clients succeed in the business world has been very fulfilling to Luke. He has to ability to build companies and make millions, but helping others is more satisfying than making a buck.

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Military Leadership Leads to Business Success

“james reese tigerswan” T5

James Reese, the owner and founder of TigerSwan brings his experience as a decorated combat leader to the business. His unique experience has proven to be an asset when selecting staff and charting the course for the business. Once referred to as “one of the finest special operators in the modern military” by the Commander of Coalition Forces of Iraq and Afghanistan; it is undeniable that Reese has what it takes to lead TigerSwan while providing a much-needed service for military veterans.

Like many small businesses, the idea of TigerSwan and its business model was born at the kitchen table over coffee. The company is now a respected small business with 300 employees and operations that span the globe. A veteran small business has many challenges that James Reese is determined to get a head of. He acknowledges that the nature of his business requires that he draw from his military experience to provide leadership, guidance and moral support to employees while provided a service to the public.

James Reese fully understands risk and reward. Owning and operating a business is a risk but can yield huge rewards. One area that Reese has identified that can contribute to the success of the business is hiring the right staff. Reese seeks out employees who can see the value in the vision of the company and work towards its growth.

There are several challenges that veterans re-entering civilian life must face. They must adapt their skill set to an ever changing technological world. James Reese had these challenges in mind when he formed tigerSwan. Starting a business is no small feat. In many cases there is limited starting capital and high barriers to entry. One thing that worked in Reese’s favor is that he is classified as a disabled veteran which opened funding opportunities for the new company.

At the time of the formation of TigerSwan, the Department of Defense was seeking out contractors to provide support services. Because of the company’s vision and Reese’s accountability, TigerSwan was awarded a contract which provided the working capital needed to form and ultimately grow the company. Reese reinvested the money from the contract into the business to improve business systems and recruit capable staff.

When in the military, Reese was given come of the military’s best soldiers to lead in the most challenging circumstances but now with his business, he had the task of selecting the best. Along with recruiting capable staff comes compensation. It can be challenging to pay top-notch people a top-notch salary; especially when the business is new. Reese looks for staff who can properly represent the core values of the company and he balances out the lack of experience with ongoing training. Employees who are early in the career are often eager to gain experience and will take advantage of opportunities for training and growth.

For example, Reese recruited an intern to assist with finances. After the completion of the internship, the student was offered a part time opportunity with TigerSwan. The student initially worked on financial tasks. It was dual benefit because the student got the experience and the TigerSwan got a young, innovative employee who was committed to his professional development and the development of the company. With hard work and dedication, the once part time intern now holds and upper management position with the company.

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Mauricio Mendonca Godoy An Incredibly Active and Productive Businessman

Setal,a company based in Rio de Janeiro, with offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was created to deliver services of administration, engineering supplies and construction to the oil and gas sectors. Its CEO Maurício Mendonça Godoy expects winning times for future projects. Since he decided to introduce the Aveva Plant, an information management and engineering design innovator, Setal has made incredible forward progress. Previous work procedures and old methods where omitted, and when Aveva stepped in with the most modern systems it gave Setal a tremendous push forward. The new modern systems where integrated in the company.

Production and efficiency increased in very positive way while overall manpower was reduced to 30%. This resulted in a much wanted expansion for the company and its affiliates. Maurício Mendonça Godoy along with Setal expect to attain a very high level of efficiency in industries such as marine, oil and gas, petrochemical and energy with the utilization of the Aveva Plant. At this moment the company boasts of a good will throughout Latin America and other countries second to none, thanks to the implementation of all these modern and technical practices.

Because of the innovations introduced by Maurício Mendonça Godoy the company has now larger projects that extend not only throughout Brazil but also through Latin America, among its main projects are four refinery expansion for Petrobras leading the way in those very important industries mentioned above and at the same time promising a bright future for Setal. And this all due to the clever imagination of one man. Mauricio Mendonca Godoy,as Setal’s leader, was receptive enough to move the company to new horizons and decided to invest in Aveva Plant. He is positive that in this way Setal will achieve a much brighter future for itself and its 400 employees. Needless to say all those working along with Setal and Maurício Mendonça Godoy will enjoy a bright and prosperous future.

T.J. Maloney Maloney Takes Lincolnshire to Greatness

Tj Maloney has been with Lincolnshire Investment Company since 1993. Mr. Maloney, the company president, is well-educated. Maloney received his bachelor’s degree from Boston College in 1975. Tj Maloney earned his J.D. degree in 1979 from Fordham University. Maloney is a member of the Board of Trustees at Boston College. Tj Maloney had more than 30 years experience in the management investment business.

Tj Maloney is speaker of choice at schools such as Columbia University, supporting their M.B.A. program. Maloney served on the Board of Directors of Fordham University and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Boston College. Tj Maloney won the Richard J Bennett Memorial award in 2007 that was presented by Fordham Law School. Tj Maloney formerly served on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of English Speaking Union of the United States and Board of Trustees in the Tilton School.

Prior to working Lincolnshire, Maloney practiced merger, aquisition, and securities law at the Boston College Wall Street Council. Mr. Maloney has directed many companies, including Custom Alloy Corp, Polaris Pool Systems, Walbash National Corporation, and others.

Frank Wright and Steven Kumble founded Lincolnshire Management in 1986. Tj Maloney succeeded James Tozer after Wright died in 1992 leaving the company presidency and CEO positions vacant. In 2005, Mr. Kumble left Lincolnshire to found Corinthian Capital. The company is headquartered in New York, N.Y. Lincolnshire Investments has been named the 5th ranking private equity firm by CNN and Fortune Magazine. Private Equity News puts Lincolnshire Investments in the top 10 for private investment firms. Customers give Lincolnshire a five star rating. Lincolnshire Investments has between 200 to 500 employees. Most of the employees believe it’s a great place to start a career. The investment company encourages employees to aspire to higher positions at the investment firm.

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Ahsley Lightspeed on Optimizing

The fact of the matter is that people like Ashley Lightspeed are aware of the growth of the online world. There are a variety of ways to build an audience, to build growth and to create value within the world. Believe me, Ashley Lightspeed has been exposed to a variety of business models within the world today. As such, she knows that there are quite a bit of possibilities that one can delve into but that it pays to have an idea of why one is doing what they do and how they will reach their audience in an effective manner.

Remember, it is key to understand the fundamentals present within the world to be good at business.

Here is one her take aways from what she has learned.


Optimize For The Web

Always remember, that if you sell exclusively through your website, then make sure that it is optimized for mobile devices due to the various modalities that your customers could use to reach out to you.

In any case, keep in mind that being restricted to a single avenue is not going to suffice in this day and age of cutthroat competition. To be successful, you have to fight for your place on more than one front. In order to achieve that, you need to put all of these measures in place.

All of this is not being listed here to make you feel overwhelmed. On the contrary, it is just being described so you could work on the relevant avenues and take necessary actions to make your products available through a wider range.

This ensures that your outreach translates just as well in terms of awareness as it does in terms of possible conversions. It increases your chances of being seen by your audience by twofold, and lets you grasp their attention in a very propitious manner. Read More:

Mark Holyoake Discusses Key Trait of Entrepreneurial Success

Mark Holyoake is the founder and current owner of Oakvest Holdings. Oakvest Holdings is an investment fund that works in private equity, real estate investments, and international property investments. Mark Holyoake has been working in the financial sector since graduating from the University of Reading in 1995. Now, as a prominent international investor, Holyoake has the perfect platform by which to give out advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Since graduating with business degree, Mark has been uniquely focused on creating a portfolio that spans businesses around the world. As we all know, diversifying your financial portfolio is absolutely integral to success Holyoake has made a career out of working in both the residential and commercial sectors across the United Kingdom and into Europe. When Holyoake isn’t with his growing family, he is putting in the work in order to research potential new leads.

One of Holyoake’s crowning achievements came in 2010 when Holyoake helped to invest in a major Icelandic property. That property was, of course, Icelandic Seafood International. Holyoake saw that the country was rebuilding after their own financial collapse, and he got in early with his team. Early adoption is vital to entrepreneurial work, no matter what sector you are operating out of. Holyoake saw that ISI had a rich and textured history of high-quality output. ISI had originally been founded in 1932 and Holyoake was hesitant to leave behind such a storied business. Under his guidance, and that of Holyoake’s investment vehicle, ISI was able to rebound in a major way. Being in the right place at the right time is as much about skill as it is about luck.

As an international investor, Holyoake knows that he can’t rely on a day-to-day schedule in order to find continual success. Having said that, Holyoake knows that he wouldn’t think of excluding collaborative time from his day-to-day routine. Holyoake believes that every successful business is built around a successful team. When you work with great collaborators, ideas flow and form in a fast and effective way. For aspiring entrepreneurs, Holyoake believes that there needs to be a focus on creating a team that you trust and have chemistry with.

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James River Capital’s CEO Gives Business Advice Two Entrepreneurs

James River Capital is an investment advisory company that offers investment advice and the company currently only serves clients that are based in the United States. The advice that James River Capital offers is in the areas of commodities trading, investment management, and many other financial services. The founder of James River Capital is two gentlemen by the name of Paul Sanders and Kevin Brandt. Paul Sanders is the chairman and the chief executive officer of the company. Kevin Brandt is the president of the company and Laura Piper is the chief compliance officer.


Paul Sanders states in an article on that entrepreneurs should understand that no one is going to provide them with funding just because they have a brilliant idea. He is more than qualified to educate entrepreneurs on the issue of funding because he himself is a successful entrepreneur and the chief executive officer of James River Capital. If you need more qualifications is education speaks for itself he has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and he has an MBA from the University of Chicago. Paul Sanders also lets entrepreneurs know there is a bright side to things there are funding opportunities available for entrepreneurs who are just getting started but you have to know what steps to take to get the funding. The first step to getting funding is bootstrapping and this means you should use your own resources first. This could be a savings account, checking account, credit cards, or taking a loan from family and friends. The reason why bootstrapping can be a good place to start is because it will cover startup costs and prevent the entrepreneur from having to give up equity in their business.


Another reason why the bootstrapping method can be beneficial is that the potential investors will see that you the entrepreneur has put your own money behind yourself and this will motivate you to succeed. Because of this, you can more than likely get an investor that will invest with you because they see that you put your own money behind yourself. The next form of funding that Paul Sanders recommends is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is like a Kickstarter campaign you have a large group of people who support your idea and they donate various amounts of money to show their support. The benefit of crowdfunding is that you do not have to give up any equity and the people donating are not expecting to be paid back. If you plan on crowdfunding you must put together some type of marketing plan to get your idea out to the general public. Learn more:


 If an entrepreneur is looking for funding for their business, there are many options out there and available. If you are a serious entrepreneur and passionate about the idea to find yourself and if need be do the research and you will be able to find creative funding. Take the advice of successful entrepreneurs like Paul Sanders and you can be on your way to having a very successful business.

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Mauricio Mendonca Godoy Announced The Collaboration Between SETAL And AVEVA

SETAL Oil and Gas announced a joint partnership with AVEVA, the leading multinational information management firm, to use AVEVA plant on its operations. Previously, the company utilized a traditional manual technique comprising of paper and batch-wise workflow. However, the new approach, through AVEVA plant, entails multiple benefits compared to the primary methods such as the provision of smooth flow of data between different disciplines within the company.

As such, AVEVA plant enables all data generated to be integrated between all employees hence creating a closed link of both engineering and construction departments. On the other hand, the software ensures that there remain reduced workforce expenses, thus increasing company profits. According to SETAL CEO, Maurício Mendonça Godoy, the past approach demanded significant workforce and resources as well as accompanied poor data flow and scope amendment. He added that SETAL’s decision to invest in AVEVA Plant would benefit significantly on eradicating such challenges.

Process Engineering Manager at SETAL, Newton Libanio Ferreira, stated that AVEVA plant was launched during the AVATAR Project; therefore, enabling the integration across all areas. It monitors data flow while reducing workforce henceforth essential to measure AVEVA plant benefits in operations. Santiago Pena, Vice President of AVEVA in Latin America, commented that SETAL had complex projects such as the expansion of refineries including Replan, Reduc, Revap, and Repair in Petrobras. More so, each project utilized the AVEVA PDMS software to expand and complete all operations.

Completion of the P-74 Project

Petrobras commissioned the construction and engineering of P-74 Project while Estaleiros do Brasil finalized its end. However, Maurício Mendonça Godoy announced the extension of the completion date to mid-2016 rather than initially planned. He also added that the project is at its final stages while other operations were ongoing at the modules. During the meeting held at Piratini Palace, Maurício Mendonça Godoy together met with Governor Jose Ivo Sartori highlighting about the project.

During the meeting, Maurício Mendonça Godoy stated that the P-74 platform lacked essential aid to finance the project after the Merchant Marine Fund delayed the disbursement of funds. As such, the Secretary of Development, Science and Technology, Fabio Branco, promised to assist in reconciliation between the two companies and distribute the money quicker.

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