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Founded in the year 1993, the Highland Capital Management firm is an asset investment firm located in Dallas, Texas, United States. Over the years, the company has been majorly doing investments on assets such as investment on vehicles and also in funds including hedge and mutual funds. Apart from its own investment, the company as well provides advices and techniques to their clients on how to invest.


The firm was responsible for designing the first software to electronically track loan portfolios, which is used by a majority of loan managers. They sold the software to JPMorgan Chase in 2003.


With how the Highland Capital Management has grown today is because of passionate, able, talented and more so intelligent employees in the company. The company provides employment to many who are willing to work as a team and more so doing quality and good recruitment so as to generate exemplary and excellent services.


With the help of good leadership and committed employees, Highland Capital has been able to achieve more and harvest more incomes from able clients. With this fact, the company has been positively progressing over the last 25 years since its foundation.


Highland Capital Management has been able to form partnership with quite a number of companies and direct persons from its foundation till to-date. Considering the partnership, the company has been able to raise much capital thus venturing more into the business platform and providing services to retail investors and institutions. Apart from this, the company also has ventured into private equity investment so as to offer diverse investment options. Find More Information Here.


One of the companies that placed up the private equity with the company is the South Korea’s National Pension Service which majorly invests in healthcare sector thus providing an alternative investment to the company. Majorly operating in Asia and North America, Highland Capital has strategized on how the alternative healthcare investment will operate so as to ensure quality deliverance to the clients. See This Article for more information.


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Nitin Khanna: A Clever Entrepreneur

Global Relations and Superior Consulting

Nitin Khanna is a clever entrepreneur who happens to be the CEO of Mergertech. This is a Merger and Acquisitions advisory company. Providing tech consulting services is done with superior expertise from a talented team and by fostering global relationships. Nitin Khanna began his professional endeavor by working at Oracle. He also worked in paper manufacturing after he graduated from Purdue. He is known as a Portland-based entrepreneur who took the long road to success as he pursued he own passions in life.

A Natural Curiosity: Various Business Enterprises

Nitin Khanna seemed to be born with a natural curiosity about various business enterprises. When he was just a young boy, he enjoyed spending time around the following:

* cement plants

* motorcycle parts factories

* others

He developed his own unique philosophies as a young lad and used his own mental recordings as a blueprint for his future endeavors. He seemed to have picked up on some very keen ideas about the business world as he stood looking through his own young eyes at the operations and the workings of the various enterprises. His natural curiosity seemed to fuel his own future success. He is a clever entrepreneur with clear observation skills that gave him an added advantage in business.

A Family of Entrepreneurs

Nitin Khanna has a very interesting background. He does come from a family of entrepreneurs and this seemed to be a source of inspiration for him. He was born in Himachal Pradesh, India. His own father was a colonel in the army. Structure, commitment and dedication seemed to be weaved into his early years. He is an intelligent and educated individual. He may have developed a self-sufficient nature starting at the age of eight years old. He attended The Lawrence School in Sanawar India. This is an independent boarding school. This school is, also, an inspiration to many because it models a strong “Never Give In” attitude.

Advice From Nitin Khanna

It is apparent that Nitin Khanna is worthy of providing consulting services to others. He is rather astute and quite credible in terms of his own character and abilities. Previously, he mentioned that if he were asked to give his younger self advice, he would offer the following words of wisdom:

* do not get anxious

* remain patient and steady in everything you do

* stay focused on all goals

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Highland Capital Management Announces The Retirement Of Mark Okada


Highland Capital Management is a global alternative investment firm. Highland Capital has evolved over the last 10 years by expanding its services to help other classes and investment strategies. Highland Capital Management serves institutional and retail investors around the World. Highland’s investment team helps solve issues related to real estate, private equity, and structured credit.

They also conduct business out of the firm’s satellite offices in Singapore, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires. Highland Capital Management’s emergence into Europe came in part with the acquisitions of other financial institutions. They also acquired NexBank and ING Capital Management in 2004 and 2006 respectively.

Recently, Highland Capital Management announced that founder Mark Okada is retiring. He will vacate his full time role and take on a senior advisory role to assist with transition activities. Even though he is retiring, Okada will retain his ownership stake at the firm. Highland Capital President James Dondero will continue to manage Highland and all of its affiliated businesses. Dondero says that he will also become the co-Chief Investment Officer.

Dondero says that he is grateful for everything that Okada brought to the firm. Dondero says that Okada helped set up the firm to be successful over the next few years. Dondero says that he is looking forward to Okada’s future contributions to the firm. In preparation for his retirement, Okada has transitioned a lot of his responsibilities to different teams. He also mentored co-Chief Investment Officer Joe Sowin. Okada says that he is proud of his career and everything that the firm achieved for their community and investors. Click Here to learn more.


About Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management strives to be disciplined. The firm uses the alpha by avoidance strategy. Highland looks for ways to use checks and balances that lower the risks and volatility. Highland hopes to have their visions align with the interests of their investors.

Highland promotes a transparent entrepreneurial culture. Team members are encouraged to brainstorm innovative new ideas that will add value to investors. Highland Capital Management strives to make a difference in the community through volunteerism. Highland assists many different nonprofit organizations in the Dallas community. Read This Article for additional information.



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Empiricus Research Company Details


Empiricus Research is a consulting firm that specializes in selling information through newsletters. This company is a partnership of Brazilian entrepreneurs Rodolfo Amstalden, Filipe Miranda, and Caio Mesquita, with The Agora, which is an American firm. Currently, its newsletters have 180,000 subscribers. Empiricus in partnership with Mario Sabino and Diogo Mainardi owns 50 percent of the website, O Antagonista.


Empiricus defend those termed as politically incorrect and use the polemic promotion strategies to do so. It is the video named The End of Brazil, which was sponsored for Google Ads and social media views that gave Empiricus attention. In this video, the firm predicted a disastrous outcome for Brazil’s economy. It also condemned the policies formulated by the government of Dilma Rousef. This video can be compared to the American play End of America, which was also produced by The Agora groups subsidiary, American Stransberry Research.


Empiricus employees a host of promotional strategies. One of these strategies is paid ads at Facebook and Google. Their themes are designed to address political matters. The design of these themes is attractive and always captures the attention of customers. Examples of these themes include: Which stocks should go up if Aécio wins the elections? What if Aécio Neves wins? and Protect yourself if Dilma win.


The Brazilian judiciary suspended these advertisements, which were produced during the election period because of their potential impact to the elections. However, a TSE (Electoral Supreme Court) withdrew the suspension after Supreme Court Judge Gilmar Mendes recommendation. In another occasion, Empiricus included the question Trump or shame? Is it time to buy? In a banner with the portrait of former Graca Foster who is the former president of Petrobras.


Free bulletins (Market in five minutes) and monthly paid subscriptions, with different plans are offered by the company. View More Information Here.


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