The TigerSwan Team Does Its Duties

James Reese Tigerswan

Back in 2008, James Reese co-founded TigerSwan. The private security firm seeks to provide solutions to complex problems and dangerous situations. Private security concerns worry people all over the world. Sometimes, things become so dangerous hiring a team of experts becomes the only solution. With a presence in 50 countries, TigerSwan seeks to provide those solutions.

James Reese does understand the complexities associated with security-related missions. He is a former leader with the elite Delta Force. Upon leaving the service, Reese chose to use his knowledge and experience to enter the private security world. He also assists with training private contractors and current military special operations personnel. Reese also co-founded a tactical training facility located in North Carolina.

James Reese Tigerswan

James Reese learned there are tremendous differences between serving as a Delta Force leader and running a private security firm. In the military, Reese wasn’t concerned with budgeting or marketing. Neither was his team. The former military members who work for TigerSwan do maintain a “mission-centric” approach to their duties. James Reese must stay on top of other aspects of running TigerSwan. The firm isn’t a wing of the military. It is a private company locked into the realities of running a small business.

Thankfully, the assembled team provides the experience necessary to perform required duties expertly and efficiently. Nothing substitute for experience. When a small business has access to experienced professionals, things come with a greater potential to run smoothly. And the former military personnel aren’t the only ones who provide valuable experience. Civilian workers in non-field positions contribute greatly to TigerSwan. James Reese publicly expressed his approval of the full hybrid team that comes together to make TigerSwan work.

Reese mentioned he carries a lot of weight on his shoulders as CEO. The employees put their efforts into making TigerSwan succeed, and they rely on the company for a livelihood. Reese doesn’t want to see the company falter since so many people need it to remain in business. So far, it seems the company maintains the right path for success. Everyone seems to be working well to achieve the same goals.

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Is Betsy DeVos Working with Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates?

Throughout her years in education reform, Betsy DeVos has fought extremely hard for educational choice. In fact, she has gone on several interviews and given away millions of dollars in support of these programs, despite how unpopular they have become in the education community. While many students have said that educational choice helps them go to a better school, public school educators and administrators disagree with these programs.


So what are the issues with Betsy DeVos’ educational choice platform?


For one, many state that DeVos is using educational choice to funnel public funding to for-profit schools. DeVos challenged this in an interview with “60 Minutes,” where she explained to Leslie Stahl how the program works and said that it doesn’t use public funding at all. In fact, philanthropy has helped with educational choice most of all.


DeVos has given away $35 million to education, and she has some major donors who support her campaign. This includes Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Sam Walton of Wal-Mart. It’s clear that many people support the ideals of educational choice, but there are some misconceptions of how it works.


After the interview, many people realized that Betsy DeVos is just trying to help out underprivileged students who are stuck in failing school zones. Students should feel safe and inspired to go to school, rather than afraid. It’s clear that in some school districts, it’s been difficult to get resources because of low standardized testing scores. While DeVos says that she can’t uproot the entire system, she can offer relief to students and parents.


This means that students are allowed to go to schools outside of their zones with educational choice. The best examples of these policies are in Florida. The Sunshine State offers the most opportunities to students. They don’t have to pick a failing school. Rather they can choose virtual school programs, homeschooling programs, magnet schools, or private and charter schools. DeVos has toured the state with the First Lady Melania Trump to view the progress.


It’s been remarkable how students are changing towards new schools. Many other states are working towards their own educational choice programs, but it’s been difficult fighting the stigma that these programs would use tax dollars for private school vouchers.


In addition to education reform, DeVos has also been working on campus safety and policies regarding gun violence on campus. It’s clear that America’s schools have problems, which is why new guardians have been placed on campus to keep them safe. There have been new drills and other policies regarding teachers with guns that have also helped to protect students.


DeVos has said that she will continue to fight for educational choice despite the opposition. She has one more year to convince more states about the effectiveness of her programs.


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