Rebel Wilson: She’s Comfortable In Her Own Shoes

Fame can be a dangerous thing for a lot of people in Hollywood if they don’t know how to handle it the right way. Rebel Wilson knows how to handle fame the right way and she uses it for the right reasons. The films she picks, they are films that are funny and they mean something.

She is not just looking to get a paycheck and call it a day. That is not her style. Her style is to have a great work ethic, bring it every single day she’s on set, and to not to take herself too seriously. She takes the work seriously, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

So many people are in disbelief when they hear that Rebel Wilson grew up a shy girl, so shy that her mom had to bring her, kicking and screaming, to a community acting class.

If I were Rebel Wilson, I’d be thanking my mom for that now. Sometimes the things that challenge us or scare us the most are just the things we need to grow as an artist. That was the case for Rebel Wilson. She needed to see it wasn’t so scary and she needed to try it out.

She talks about how she was socially awkward growing up, but one thing that really helped her out was entering the Tournament of Minds, which is an Australian creative competition where one has to be quick on their feet and perform. This has served her quite well in her career these days. She is one of the best at improvising. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Review and Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter

If you ever see any deleted scenes or gag reels from her movies, you will see that she has co-stars cracking up with some of her line deliveries and the things that come off the top of her head. She has the “it factor” that so many people in Hollywood are looking for all of the time.

It took some time for her to get there, but now that she’s there, she’s really enjoying it and having a lot of fun with it. She is truly feeling like herself and not the awkward teenager or the shy young girl.

She’s bold, confident, and willing to try out anything in her movies to get a big laugh. Everyone in Hollywood has a story, and Rebel Wilson’s story is truly a heartwarming and funny one, much like the actress herself.

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Rebel Wilson: Gratitude for a Bountiful 2019

2019 is a bountiful year for Rebel Wilson because of the number of projects that were given to her. One of the highlights of her career is her first lead role in the movie “Isn’t It Romantic.”

The story of the film centers on the life of Natalie, a hopeless romantic who will be transported magically in an unknown world that is filled with rom-com clichés.

Rebel Wilson said that she shares a lot of similarities with the character, and it will be very easy for her to portray the life of the protagonist. The director of the film, Todd Strauss-Schulson, said that Rebel Wilson managed to give justice to the character, and he enjoyed watching the film.

The test audiences who have seen the film before it was distributed to the cinemas also enjoyed the story and the performance from Rebel Wilson, praising her acting, as well as the flow of the story. The movie was given a theatrical release in the United States back in February 2019, and the rest of the world managed to watch the film through Netflix.

“Isn’t It Romantic” is not the only project that will be given to Rebel Wilson. It was also reported that she will be appearing on a Broadway Musical – “Cats,” to be specific. “Cats” has been a popular musical for years, and Rebel Wilson stated that she is excited to play the role of JennyAnyDots.

The musical will be shown in November 2019, and the Australian actress is already doing a lot of practice to perfect her performance. Aside from “Isn’t It Romantic” and “Cats,” Rebel Wilson will also be starring in two film remakes – one would be the hugely popular film entitled “Private Benjamin” and the other would be the comedy show entitled “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.”

The actress was also chosen to become a part of the cast for “The Social Life,” a movie starring Amanda Seyfried. Rebel Wilson was also given the role as Fraulein Rahm in Taika Waititi’s “Jojo Rabbit,” a dark comedy-drama film.

Rebel Wilson managed to transform from a small=time actress into one of the biggest names in Hollywood, thanks to her perseverance to succeed. Rebel Wilson said that she will continue to hone her craft, and she is also dreaming of receiving an award someday. Read more: Pitch Perfect Star – Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Hair Secrtes | Today

The Australian actress managed to appear in several other movies in the past, but the most memorable character that she played so far would be Fat Amy from the “Pitch Perfect” movie series.

Her confidence also allowed her to become one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood today. She continues to inspire other people in pursuing their dreams, just like what she did when she started playing different characters in Hollywood.

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Rebel Wilson’s Isn’t it Romantic


Isn’t it romantic is an anti-rom-com movie, currently on Netflix, featuring Rebel Wilson, an Australian born actress, writer, and producer. She is known as Natalie in the movie and acts alongside Jennifer Saunders who casts as her mother.

The thirty-eight-year-old graduate from the Australian Theatre for Young People started her career by appearing as Toula on a comedy series known as Pizza and a sketch comedy series The Wedge. Five years later she won the Tropfest best actress award for the role she played in Bargain and hence appeared in City Homicide as a guest.

Isn’t it romantic and the normal romance comedy movies

The movie deviates from the normal rom-com movies and by large chooses not to blend with their characteristics. With the normal expectations that Wilson would fall for her best friend Devine, Wilson Rebel does not seem to see that he is the best man for her.

She then falls for a doctor who she wakes up to in a hospital. It is also the norm of rom-com movies that the leads have to be unattainably hot with the audience and everyone, in particular, being able to see their attraction to each other before they do.

This is not the case in this movie since the doctor and Rebel’s attraction and falling in love is in a way spontaneous. Save for the hospital scene, not every scene in the movie is bright and colorful as would be expected.

It is however evident that the movie does not fully separate itself from the mother genre as Wilson’s life later becomes a rom-com complete with the romantic comedy tropes after she falls in love with the hot doctor. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Why Wilson is the perfect role for the cast

Wilson is able to derive humor from social awkwardness. Her ability to identify her shortcomings and brush them off in a humorous way makes her even better. This helps her embody her character which is by large mostly bewildered.

Background music and the scenes

The background music perfectly blends with the scenes. For instance, the music that accompanies the hospital scene is perfectly placed, the romantic type of music coming from Vanessa Carlton. Other tracks are filled with Donna Lewis, Six Pence None the Richer as well as Annie Lenox.


It is amazing how the movie is able to make fun of the overused statements in rom-com movies both cheekily and naughtily. With the satire in it, it is able to ignite interest even from the non-rom-com movie lovers as well.

Wilson is nevertheless a perfect cast. The movie is absorbing and lovely with the ability to capture an audience in its one hour and thirty-nine minutes of cast.

The Chainsmokers: Getting Where They Are With Hard Work

When Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart were introduced in 2012, they hit it off immediately and wasted little time in forming the Chainsmokers, a DJ/Producer two-person band. Mutual friend of Pall and Taggart, Adam Alpert, knew both men wanted to be DJs. Pall was in New York actively looking for a new partner, and Taggart was in Maine working at a museum. When they met and formed the band, both men quit their day jobs, Taggart moved to New York, and the Chainsmokers officially began. After their live debut in September of 2014, the Chainsmokers have been releasing music and playing live shows almost non-stop.

The Chainsmokers have released several charting EPs, and one full-length album that hit #1 on both the Dance/Electronic and Top 200 Charts at Billboard. They also put out many singles, which can be downloaded for free from their website. Their most recent release, put out in July, is the single “Side Effects”, a collaboration with Emily Warren. Warren, the singer on the track, is a good friend and frequent collaborator of the duo. Pall and Taggart have spoken about how they have a tremendous rapport with Warren, and how they can come up with a song idea with her very quickly. Warren performed the song live with the Chainsmokers for the first time in Atlanta, GA.

“Side Effects” is another step in the Chainsmokers’ evolution as musicians. Though they are a dance/electronic duo, Pall and Taggart both enjoy many other forms of music and try to integrate them into their sound as much as possible. For “Side Effects” they took some influence from disco and funk, making an upbeat song about loneliness and bad decisions made as a result of said loneliness. This sound is in contrast to their other recent releases, most of which have been slower and darker. The Chainsmokers write their music based on their feelings and the happenings in their life, making their music more personal than most dance musicians. When in winter, they tend to be more melancholy, and this last year was no different.

Alex Pall’s Musical Journey

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are an awesome dual together forming the Chainsmokers. Alex Pall has been a DJ while growing up. He was DJing around the New York city thus building on his career. To him being a Dj was a hobby and as important as work. While pursuing his passion, he realized that it was part of him Alex quit his job and focused on doing music full time with the help of his manager. After sometime Alex was introduced to Drew through his manager, who in turn moved from Maine.

Alex and Drew’s meeting before they decided to work together was mainly based on what each of them wanted and adapted musically while growing up. Sharing their ambitions and what type of music was working at that time directed them to the kind of music they will venture in to. With time, through gigs, Alex witnessed the incredible talent Drew had in producing music. They slowly got to learn each other’s preferences through weekly meetings. They perfected their trade and with time have become bigger than anyone could have imagined.

The Chainsmokers have been working with songwriters to write songs where they pitch in ideas about themselves and guide them through writing the songs but they write some of them on their own. Pall expressed how excited he is that their music is going international. He is quite pleased with the positive comments on social media where he realized that people from all walks of life are enjoying their music.

Pall admits that being in the live shows is a changing experience. They get the challenge to expand their music with the increasing audience. He gives an example of their song Selfie which made them go around the world not only once since they wanted to bring different things on the table. Each new song challenges them to form new experiences to attract an audience.