The Rise of Ara Chackerian

Based out of the San Francisco, California area, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist Ara Chackerian has truly made a name for himself. He graduated from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida where he earned a bachelor’s degree for marketing. Since then, Ara Chackerian has co-founded several companies primarily in the health care industry. His extremely generous philanthropy has also been a major topic of discussion and source of admiration for many others who are around Chackerian, as well as those watching from afar. He has also gained a lot of respect for his work to better the environment through sustainability-related work. Ara Chackerian has also been involved in many programs to improve the education the youth receive in schools.

Immediately after graduating college, Ara Chackerian co-founded and served as chief executive officer of BMC Diagnostics. He also went on to sign on as a general partner of ASC Capital Holdings, which he has done for the last twelve years. He has served ornis currently serving as a board member for several companies. Those companies include, although are not limited to, The Hatlen Center for the Blind, Pipeline Healthcare, Juma Ventures, and Mint Medical Education. Chackerian also co-founded and served as board member of TMS Health Solutions.

Few would argue that what Ara Chackerian has done is wildly impressive. He has co-founded and helped build up several companies that look to reinvent the way health care system works as we know and he has also been involved in several charitable causes that look to help the youth’s education and the environment, among many other things. For his latest project, Chackerian and a long time business partner look to spread awareness and improve access to a new, innovative mental health treatment called transcranial magnetic simulation. Ara Chackerian has been successful for decades for a reason and it will be a pure joy to see what he has in store in the future.

Ashley Lightspeed’s Operations at Lightspeed Ventures

During the time she worked in the business sector, Ashley Lightspeed achieved a lot at a young age. She utilizes prototyping as an essential instrument in the growth of business ideas and the development of industries. From a tender age, she was interested in business and development.

Ashley sat the whole day with her dad as he sketched buildings and construction plans. As an architect, her dad envisioned her daughter becoming an architect. But later Ashley ventured into business. She loved coming with new business plans.

Currently, she works at Lightspeed Ventures and has aided in the development and expansion of the company. Ashley has incorporated diversity in the organization by offering support. Her talents have portrayed the potential in woman, particularly their contribution to retail businesses. Get the latest update on her twitter to find out more.

Perhaps it is the reason Lightspeed has been employing more female workers. Ashley Lightspeed has established firm brands and is still facilitating the growth of the company. Her tremendous experience is after working for various firms at executive positions. She gives hope in every firm she gave services.

Ashley Lightspeed pursued her education at Duke University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. She started her career soon after joining hands with Bain and Company. After numerous accomplishments and hard work, Ashley landed at Thumbtack as a category manager.

Her primary duty was to plan and organize events. During her tenure, Thumbtack turned into a prominent occasions’ planner company. She joined Stanford Business School to extend her studies. While she pursued education, she operated on business ventures that assisted her in achieving secure the job at Lightspeed Ventures Capital.

Ashley met Lightspeed partners at an occasion planned by Thumbtack. Considering the proper seed, she planted on both organizations; she has been working with the organization for quite some time. Lightspeed Venture has recognition as one of the quickest growing organization.

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Military Leadership Leads to Business Success

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James Reese, the owner and founder of TigerSwan brings his experience as a decorated combat leader to the business. His unique experience has proven to be an asset when selecting staff and charting the course for the business. Once referred to as “one of the finest special operators in the modern military” by the Commander of Coalition Forces of Iraq and Afghanistan; it is undeniable that Reese has what it takes to lead TigerSwan while providing a much-needed service for military veterans.

Like many small businesses, the idea of TigerSwan and its business model was born at the kitchen table over coffee. The company is now a respected small business with 300 employees and operations that span the globe. A veteran small business has many challenges that James Reese is determined to get a head of. He acknowledges that the nature of his business requires that he draw from his military experience to provide leadership, guidance and moral support to employees while provided a service to the public.

James Reese fully understands risk and reward. Owning and operating a business is a risk but can yield huge rewards. One area that Reese has identified that can contribute to the success of the business is hiring the right staff. Reese seeks out employees who can see the value in the vision of the company and work towards its growth.

There are several challenges that veterans re-entering civilian life must face. They must adapt their skill set to an ever changing technological world. James Reese had these challenges in mind when he formed tigerSwan. Starting a business is no small feat. In many cases there is limited starting capital and high barriers to entry. One thing that worked in Reese’s favor is that he is classified as a disabled veteran which opened funding opportunities for the new company.

At the time of the formation of TigerSwan, the Department of Defense was seeking out contractors to provide support services. Because of the company’s vision and Reese’s accountability, TigerSwan was awarded a contract which provided the working capital needed to form and ultimately grow the company. Reese reinvested the money from the contract into the business to improve business systems and recruit capable staff.

When in the military, Reese was given come of the military’s best soldiers to lead in the most challenging circumstances but now with his business, he had the task of selecting the best. Along with recruiting capable staff comes compensation. It can be challenging to pay top-notch people a top-notch salary; especially when the business is new. Reese looks for staff who can properly represent the core values of the company and he balances out the lack of experience with ongoing training. Employees who are early in the career are often eager to gain experience and will take advantage of opportunities for training and growth.

For example, Reese recruited an intern to assist with finances. After the completion of the internship, the student was offered a part time opportunity with TigerSwan. The student initially worked on financial tasks. It was dual benefit because the student got the experience and the TigerSwan got a young, innovative employee who was committed to his professional development and the development of the company. With hard work and dedication, the once part time intern now holds and upper management position with the company.

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CEO Zeco Auriemo Is Someone JHSF Owes Credit To For Its Newfound International Real Estate Success

Considering the monetary impact that JHSF has witnessed through the leading efforts of its current chief executive officer, it is certainly worth taking a peek into how Zeco Auriemo came into that role over time and which projects that he has had the most influence in with regards to the impressive expansion that we’ve seen from JHSF so far. Brazil is an interesting real estate region to discuss, and among the most prominent development companies over there is JHSF, which, in accordance to Zeco’s wishes, no has a luxury focus in its property developing endeavors. This luxury element can be quite clearly seen at locations like the Parque Cidade Jardim.

Besides just being the professional backbone for JHSF, Mr. Zeco Auriemo also has outside responsibilities. This is because the CEO also has to manage efficiently a family of two Brazilian children and a wife with what time he has remaining outside of JHSF. After learning about engineering during his Sao Paulo, Brazil studies, which were inside FAAP University, Zeco was later intent on becoming a member of JHSF, where he would help out with the organization’s parking administration efforts. This was all before Auriemo’s ascension up towards CEO and his company altering expansion decisions.

Whether it happens to be office buildings, shopping locations, prominent residences or even an executive airport, Zeco Auriemo is sure to find a way to leverage luxury offerings and JHSF’s resources to create immensely wonderful properties, and these developments can do quite a lot for the bottom line over at JHSF. These results from Zeco’s project involvement can be clearly observed in his properties of Brazil, but also in his properties of Uruguay as well as the U.S. Thanks primarily to Mr. Auriemo, JHSF has consistently flourished in both Brazilian real estate and luxury real estate.

Steve Richie’s Promotion to Papa John’s New CEO

Papa John’s International Inc. is the world’s largest pizza delivery company. Towards the end of 2017, the company announced that Steve Richie would be promoted to CEO and steer the company towards meeting its objective. He would then start serving in the role fully as from January 1, 2018.

Mr Richie, who is now 44 years old, has worked at Papa John’s for a very long time starting his career as a customer service representative back in 1996 earning $6 per hour. From there he became the company’s franchise owner in 2006 and 2010 started to work in an increasing capacity towards anything leadership related. His ambition saw him get promoted to become Papa John’s Chief Operating Officer in 2014.

In 2015, Steve Richie continued climbing higher up the hierarchy after being named the new president for the company. Ever since Richie started working for Papa John’s, he excelled in every single position he served. Steve took his responsibilities seriously and always made sure he did a good job.

The promotion to become the new CEO for such a large company is only as a result of his hard work and determination. The company’s top brass believed that Richie was the right person to put the spotlight on their pizza as well as the rest of the team members. Steve Richie has proved to be the best leader that Papa John’s needs and under his stewardship, the company can pursue its next stage of growth.

Being the new CEO comes with a different role, one that has many challenges. Steve Richie is tasked with leading the company towards global development. He also has the responsibility to oversee the right marketing strategies for the company while providing customers with world-class experiences towards their brand. Richie is confident that Papa John’s will grow stronger and achieve great success.

Luke Lazarus Unique Approaches to Startup Marketing Consultancy

Luke Lazarus has a set of principles which have helped him to rise above challenges and become successful in business. He always strives to stay productive and make the most out of his time. Lazarus believes that successful people have a tendency to keep looking always. His track record of achievements speaks for itself.

He has worked with many CEOs across Australia to identify, define and address matters that contribute to business success.

He prides himself in more than twenty years of experience in the business world. In the course of his career, he has helped corporate leaders to formulate business plans as well as assess contributing factors to success and set appropriate priorities. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

Looking back to where it started, he realized he had a thing for business while young. He went ahead to pursue his ambition by earning an Executive MBA at Melbourne School.

He got into entrepreneurship at the age of 24 and started several enterprises which he later sold after becoming successful. Business people got interested in his skills and he leveraged his experience to help struggling businesses to get on their feet.

Luke Lazarus appreciates the role a business plan plays in the success of a business venture. It serves as a guide to create a vision, limitations and provide a financial model that supports it.

From his point of view, a business plan is a product story that would help investors, customers and employees to understand the business better.

Once a business plan is in place, you will need funding. Lazarus comes in to help his clients to secure funding leveraging his storytelling technique.

He uses storytelling to mobilize startup boardrooms and investors to in arms to take the business forward. With his ability to use illustrations which members can relate to on a deeper level, his ability to secure funding is unmatched.

Another challenge which businesses today are struggling with is marketing. He chips in to identify important variables before launching a new venture or product.

Lazarus is also instrumental in the formulations of plans that drives organized sales. He does that through developing a complete outline which incorporates marketing plans.

He is often faced with the question of how he manages to stay productive owing to his success in what he does. Early in the morning, he meditates for 10 to 15 minutes. During the day, he multitasks to accomplish as much as possible within a short time. He is good at keeping time and making every minute count.

When it comes to bringing ideas to life, Luke Lazarus designs solutions that only improves performance in the marketplace. He is always striving to make product become synonymous with the its describing story.

Looking back, the only regret he has is being anxious. If he could go back to his hey days, he would reassure himself that he had the drive to succeed.

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Ashley Lightspeed: Female Driven Economy

Ashley Lightspeed is no doubt considered to be one of the most revered and sought-after talents in the venture capital industry. Her ability to recognize trends and develop innovative business strategies is the reason for her success. Recently, Lightspeed Venture Partners announced that Ashley would be joining the team. The addition of Ashley Lightspeed will no doubt provide the venture capital firm with an asset that has proven herself time and time again. In a recent interview, Ashley Lightspeed spoke about her career, life as well as shared some advice for young entrepreneurs.

Can you provide us with some productivity advice?

Ashley states that although she isn’t a morning person, she finds that waking up earlier than usual and getting small tasks such as emails or phone calls out of the way lead to a more confident day. She adds that when setting the alarm for her morning, she always makes sure to place an Alexa alarm instead of her phones, this helps her not immediately look at her phone. As for the day, Ashley Lightspeed explains that it’s mostly filled with client meetings, this, of course, being her favorite part of the day because it allows her to be creative.

Are there any recommendations for up and coming entrepreneurs?

Stay very close to your customers and see how they react to your product, says Ashley. Ashley recalls while working for Thumbtack the many instances where she needed to stay close to her customers. This allowed her to see not only if they liked the product but how it was used throughout their daily lives. It also provided her with very valuable information on how the product could be improved.

Is there a current trend that you find interesting?

Ashley explains that one of the most exciting trends that she sees rising is the demographic shift in the country. She believes that the baby boomers have not only caught on to technology but will as they become older in age require and demand better technology within their homes. Therefore, there is a huge opportunity in the home IoT technology sector.


Dr. Jejurikar And His Dallas, Texas Medical Practice

Doctor Sameer Jejurikar is a well-known plastic surgeon in the Dallas, Texas area of the United States. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has been in practice from 11 to 20 years now and has earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar currently accepts various different kinds of health insurance from patients and carefully listens to his patients and what they want when walking into Dr. Jejurikar’s office for consultations. Dr. Jejurikar has profound experince and immense knowledge in the art of plastic surgery and he truly loves the work that he does. Dr. Jejurikar knows that each one of his patients are unique and different from the next and so he offers professional knowledge and skill when consulting with his patients. He has received excellent online paitent reviews from those who have went to Dr. Jejurikar for help and he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Jejurikar has received his Michigan State Medical license, his New York state medical liscence, and his Texas state medical liscence and takes private insurance from clients. Some of the insurance types that the doctor accepts are those like BCBS Blue Card PPO, BCBS Texas BlueChocie, CIGMA HMO and CIGNA PPO. Doctor Sameer Jejurikar is associated with the Dallas Medical Center, the Pine Creek Medical Center, and the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and he carefully reflects on his patients’ positive feedback such as certain factors like that of clarity of instructions, good communication, and being able to listen. As a proffesional plastic surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar replaces skin tissue while also doing reconstructive surgery on a person’s face and hands. With his immense experince, keen training, and large knowledge base, doctor Sameer Jejurikar can help many in the world who come to him for cosmetic surgery and lifestyle help.

Jeunesse Global Announces 2019 EXPO 10 Events In Orlando

The year 2019 is getting more exciting for the millions of customers and thousands of distributors of Jeunesse Global. The company recently announced its North America EXPO NEXT 2019 World Tour. The event will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando on Sept. 9.

Event goers will be welcomed by Jeunesse founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. They will give an inspiring presentation of the company’s accomplishments of the previous year, as well as tell stories of the historic achievements of Jeunesse Global over the decade since it was founded in 2009.

Next up will be Jeunesse Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis. He will outline the exiting agenda for EXPO NEXT. He’ll tell the audience about the visionary Jeunesse Global strategy designed to take this unique company to the next level in 2020 and beyond. 

Top business leaders from around the world will also be on hand to give presentations and interact with distributors and other event attendees. But there’s more. Master Classes will be conducted offering new insights on Jeunesse products and ways that distributors can take advantage of new a Financial Rewards Plan. This will include social media strategies and other selling techniques that will help Jeunesse sellers take things to a whole new level through the rest of 2019 and into 2020.

Jeunesse Global is based in Florida. The company has been named among the fastest-growing direct selling firms in the world by the Inc. 500 list. 

Jeunesse global is perhaps best known for its advanced line of skin care products, such as instantly Ageless and Luminesce, two products that take advantage of the latest stem cell research and polypeptide technology. Millions of units of these lines have been sold simply because customers realize they produced results. That means eliminating wrinkles, eye bags and other facial-aging factors within seconds of application.

Jeunesse Global also sells a range of other health-related lifestyle products, including its revolutionary weight loss system, Zen Project 8, supported by the food supplement line, Zen Bodi. Jeunesse also recently entered the haircare sector with its RVL Ultra Refining Shampoo, conditioner, scalp treatment and scalp rejuvenation line.

Rick Shinto Leads InnovaCare Health Into An Era Of Healthcare Revolution

InnovaCare Health is a growing brand in North-American healthcare industry. The company has been in operations since 2012 and has managed to rise the ranks into one of the United States most reputable institutions. Its leadership board boasts of a valuable amount of combined expertise that exceeds 120 years within managed healthcare services and delivery.

At the top of the realm, sits Dr. Rick Shinto who assumes the position as Chief Executive Officer and President of InnovaCare. Shinto has been in the healthcare industry for more than two decades, which explains why he sits at his current position. He has previously held executive positions in various sectors of the industry. Some of these institutions include Aveta Healthcare, MedPartners, Cal Optima Health Plan, MMM Healthcare, and PMC Medicare Choice. At InnovaCare Health, Shinto continues to show his tenacity and dedication to bettering the company’s services and helping it grow into a bigger brand.

Under Dr. Rick Shino, InnovaCare Health experienced progress after joining the Healthcare Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). The initiative seeks to change the healthcare payment system to enable the healthcare industry to provide quality-based services rather than quantity based. The move pushes InnovaCare a stride further into accomplishing its company goals that promise quality and cost-efficient services.

Today, InnovaCare Health has managed to bring over 200000 members on board who seek to enjoy quality yet inexpensive healthcare services. Most of these dedicated members hail from Puerto Rico, where the organization came into an alliance with the Puerto Rican government. Together, their patients receive MMM Healthcare, Medicaid, and PMC Medicare health plans. InnovaCare also prides itself in bringing more than 7500 network providers on board.

Just before announcing that the organization would be joining the LAN community, Rick Shinto revealed there would be some leadership additions. In 2016, the company welcomed back Penelope Kokkinides, who was named Chief Administrative Officer. Jonathan Meyers was selected to head the actuary department as Chief Actuary Officer. Mike Sortino would come as the third addition assuming the position as Chief Accounting Officer. Shinto believes that three additions on the management panel would propel the company further into realizing its full potential. We are looking to see how Rick Shinto and his team will transform the healthcare growing giant.