James Reese Tigerswan

TigerSwan and James Reese are Unique

Former Delta Force commander, James Reese, founded his TigerSwan, LLC, in 2008. TigerSwan is a Global Stability and Crisis Management services and consulting firm that provides due diligence and all-source protection from fraud and corruption for clients with operations in more than 50 countries. TigerSwan uses state-of-the-art technology and monitoring to create a secure and safe environment.

James Reese Tigerswan

James Reese is the Chairman of the TigerSwan firm, which is also a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. As a decorated combat leader and a disabled veteran, he retired from the Delta Force in 2007 after more than two decades and is regarded as an experienced cross-functional leader with more than three decades of successful achievements inside and outside of TigerSwan.

One of James Reese’s dedications is speaking to groups about TigerSwan and his background, and one such occasion was a Chevy Tahoe and Suburban event, FRIEND OR FOE, at The Range Complex (TRC), which is a North Carolina facility for training special military officers stationed at the Fort Bragg Army base. James Reese is also one of the co-founders of TRC. He likes sharing some of the particulars of the training with Delta Force, which is the most elite Special Ops Team in the world.

The amazing experience included the simulation of hostage rescue mission in the middle of the night by special field operatives with live ammunition being fired using infrared night goggles to navigate a full-size Chevy SUV in unfamiliar territory at speeds up to 100 mph. There were shooting exercises including a target 800 meters away with a long-range rifle and trying to learn to eye a perfectly still metal breastplate through a gun scope, and more.

The event was particularly focused on highlighting how the Chevy Suburban and Tahoe are often among the most trusted tools and the team’s first and last line of defense for some of the United State’s most elite special forces. Reese said that they need something that always works and, when it is run into or gets hit with bullets, it still goes.

Reese detailed how a Chevy Tahoe one time helped save him and his commander during a Baghdad insurgent ambush and how they trust the reliability on covert missions. They don’t need anything fancy; they need something that works each time and can be depended on.

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Raffaele Riva; white knight for startups

Raffaele Riva is a well-known name which is becoming more and more prominent in the angel investing scene of multiple startups. He started out as an entrepreneur himself and started a tech company back in 2006. He expanded this company in a proactive manner and sold it after a few years. This is when he turned his sights to the investment ventures. However, he was not much interested in the usual investment opportunities. He wanted to do something different in this field and as a result, he became an angel investor. An angel investor can be defined as an individual who is willing to supply the capital to risky startups. An angel investor invests in businesses which a normal venture investor would not touch with a ten-foot pole. However, due to his dedication towards his field and a high level of business acumen he managed to gather over the years as a businessman as well as an Oxford MBA, he has turned multiple dreams into realities. Raffaele Riva not only invests in new startups, but he also acts as a guiding light for the CEOs of the newly born companies and guides them in various aspects related to the different dynamics of the businesses. His work as an angel investor has attracted the attention of many different stakeholders in this field such as investment outlets in NYC and his contributions to the business markets have been recognized globally. The businesses he has invested in are also grateful to him as he helped them when no one was willing to, and as a result of his bright ideas and dedication, he has been able to push them to the realms of success. Over the years, Raffaele Riva has developed a habit of guiding the new CEOs by spending time with them and being with them every step along the way.

Dick DeVos and Education Styles

Dick DeVos doesn’t ever forget about the individuals who mean a lot to him and to his family members. He doesn’t ever forget about the places that have made a serious impact on his existence, either. What place has impacted this businessman from the United States? Grand Rapids is a major metropolis in Michigan that has influenced this person in all sorts of ways. He’s been a fan of the Midwestern locale for a long while. He was a major influencer in the city in the nineties. He handled significant lobbying duties for Grand Rapids for some time back then, too. What exactly was all of his lobbying about back then? It was about construction work and its effects on urban settings.


DeVos is just as tenacious as he’s ever been. His ambition isn’t something that ever fades. He’s married to a lady who is equally ambitious. That lady is Mrs. Betsy DeVos, formerly known as Elisabeth Prince. People called her Elisabeth Prince when she was a lively and vibrant college student in Holland, Michigan. She attended Calvin College for her four-year formal education.


Dick DeVos has a true penchant for business. This penchant may be something that he inherited as well. His father was a big part of the Amway Corporation and all of the things it had attained for decades. The younger DeVos tackled the role of Amway CEO in the nineties. He thrived in the position for years and years on end as well. DeVos hasn’t been the leader of the business for a while. He made the decision to go after other pursuits not long after the millennium commenced. DeVos currently is busy with all sorts of activities that involve the Windquest Group in the United States.


DeVos is redolent of many people who have had fascinating existences thus far. He’s redolent of them in that he has a true adoration of charity. He’s just as enthralled by philanthropy. DeVos bonds with Betsy over that. She’s a woman who is committed to doing positive things for the citizens of the United States. She’s committed to doing positive things for people globally as well. DeVos and his wife like to donate funds to the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation any time they can. It’s a non-profit favorite that’s associated with education, family issues and culture.


The West Michigan Aviation Academy is one of the most remarkable schools in the entire United States. It’s in Grand Rapids. It’s not just a standard educational institution in the city, though. It’s so notable that it’s actually part of its airport. People who travel in and out of the region are often highly familiar with it and with its aviation approach. People who want to become pilots frequently decide to go to the charter school. It’s been in action since roughly 2010. DeVos wants to boost the amount of charter schools in the United States. His wife honestly wants to do the same exact thing. They’re both authentic education buffs.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.


Smita Shah Demonstrates How An Empowered Woman Empowers Others

As President and CEO of SPAAN Tech, Inc., Smita Shah is a household name in engineering and business. From designing electrical systems and navigation aids for O’Hares International Airport expansion to inspecting a $510-million renovation for the Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line, Shah has blazed a path for businesswomen to follow. To become the influential leader and role model she is today, hard work, ingenuity, and perseverance play vital roles in her road to success.


At a young age, Shah learned the power of utilizing her natural skills and interests. In high school, the self-proclaimed nerd developed a passion for solving complex equations and participating in math relays. Working hard to win statewide competitions with her peers, the daughter of Indian immigrants eventually earned her Bachelors of Science from Northwestern University and her Masters in civil and environmental engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


In 1998, Shah founded a Chicago-based technology and project management firm that quickly became one of the fastest-growing companies of the year. Over two decades, her team has continued to reach new heights developing complex electrical systems and infrastructure both in the public and private sectors. As an influential mentor and education advocate, Shah uses her platform to inspire young women in their pursuit of math and science studies.


“The Smita Shah Empowerment Method” centers on shifting the mindset of young women who find it difficult to enter a male-dominated field by eliminating negative self-talk. Shah believes that empowerment begins with how individuals perceive their self-worth. Knowing themselves inside and out eliminates the role society contributes to downplaying a women’s influence and contribution.


The challenges and opportunities that Shah has experienced throughout her career are lessons that women relate to and can apply in their own lives. Her formula for success includes rebounding from challenges, being proud of their accomplishments, and asserting confidence in their skills. No matter what qualities someone brings to the table, everyone can learn from each other to make informed decisions and take decisive action. Speaking at international engagements and inspirational summits, Shah instills that a strong presence commands respect by not letting fear overpower dedication and innovation. Learn more: https://cee.mit.edu/tag/smita-shah/


At the center of Shah’s career is a proven track record that a woman’s voice is worthy of being heard and creating change. Bridging the gap between her native country of India and the United States, Shah proves the power behind believing in one’s abilities to make their dreams come true. Her work in public service, such as promoting math and science education as well as her advocacy in politics, has garnered multiple titles and awards including the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

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The Beginnings For Dick And Betsy DeVos

Almost 30 years ago, Dick was working for the family company when he learned of plans to construct a new convention center and sports arena in the downtown Grand Rapids area. Though he was trying to work his way up the ladder to CEO of Amway, Dick DeVos decided he had to do something to try and stop the plans from going through.


He made some calls to other prominent business leaders in the area and together they formed the Grand Action Group. They all felt the new convention center was going to be detrimental to the area. Though they were not successful stopping the plans from going through, they still felt there were lessons to learn from trying.


Both Betsy and Dick DeVos came from families who were wealthy. Instead of living a lavish lifestyle and doing nothing constructive, they both spent much of their lives trying to change policies and institutions. They are both mega-donors for the GOP. Their political influences and big donations have helped to cause major changes in both labor and education state laws.


In 2012, Dick changed the Michigan law that allowed employees to be able to work without having to become members of unions. During that time, Betsy was working on expanding charter schools across the country. She was successful in this and in time became the Education Secretary for President Trump.


Though the pair are big in politics and education, their generosity with donations extends into other areas as well. From 1989 to 2015, the family reportedly gave away more than $139 million in donations to other types of charities such as health and human services, arts and culture, leadership programs, churches and policy initiatives that are centered around educational reform and scholarships for students attending private school systems.


DeVos Backed Charter School Growing


Betsy and Dick opened up a charter school in an unused area of the Grand Rapids airport in western Michigan. It is a nonprofit school that started with only 80 students. There are more than 1,000 students to date and many of the kids attending have to take public transportation from out of the country to attend. Each spring, a public lottery is held for the school to pick the students who can attend when applications exceed the openings.


The couple also founded the group called Great Lakes Education Project. It is an educational school-choice organization that fights for school advocacy. Recently, Michigan had a bailout for the Detroit school district. The DeVos’ group and many other groups fought together to get rid of the proposal created that would make the formation of a commission necessary to conclude whether public and charter schools could be opened. They were successful and able to block the proposal.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.


When Eric Lefkowsky Speaks, People Listen

In addition to being on the cutting edge of technology-enabled precision medicine solutions as both founder and CEO of Tempus, Lefkofsky has quite the resume in the technological sector of the United States. In addition to his work as the co-founder of Groupon, Lefkofsky also co-founded a venture fund investing in disruptive technology, called Lightbank. This list just continues before even beginning to address his work as a patron of the arts and public works in the Chicago area as a co-chair of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation along with his lovely wife, Liz.

Eric Lefkofsky and Margaret Anderson recently sat down at the Milken Global Conference to discuss both their roles in changing healthcare both domestically and internationally in the future. The interview specifically asked the question, “Can the World’s Largest Companies Save Health Care?” Objectively, that is a question that has debatably been left far too long to have escaped the need for a conference to answer that in mere minutes. Something, that both were happy to acknowledge.

Immediately, the interview began with the simple acknowledgment that health care outcomes have been on the decline for some time, yet, costs have never once failed to grow for the American consumer. Lefkofsky was quick to acknowledge that he never envisioned founding a company until like Tempus until his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer about five years ago He was perplexed by the lack of data that was being put to good use in the medical sector given the huge amounts of it that through the cloud and other advances should have been targeting the industry for years.

Lefkowsky effectively ended his remarks by pointing out how difficult it has been for “big tech” to break into an arena which is the largest part of the United States economy for years with no sign of slowing down its financial growth. Find out more about Eric Lefkofsky: https://www.marketscreener.com/business-leaders/Eric-Lefkofsky-1743/biography/

HGGC Takes a Cautious Approach to Investing

Companies that make their money investing have various strategies that they use. Some are much better than others. The companies that stay around the longest are usually the ones that do not rush into foolish investments. The Palo Alto private equity firm HGGC has always been very careful about any potential investment opportunity. This is because there is so much at stake. Possibly losing money is only part of the problem. There is also the chance that they could get the reputation for being very reckless investors if they do not carefully research all of the potential outcomes before investing money.

HGGC lays out all of the possible scenarios at meetings with all of the corporate executives. These people have literally decades of experience working for some of the most successful investment companies all over the world. These people would never throw money away on an investment that has no chance of making a profit. This is why the people and companies that choose to invest with HGGC have the utmost confidence that their money is in the right hands. They are confident that they will see a nice return on their investment without their money being put at risk unless it is necessary.

One of the things that HGGC is known for is being extremely cautions. There are many private equity firms that want to get the jump on their competition. They think the best way to do this is to be the first to make an investment that no other company has done yet. There are times when this strategy will pay off. However, it is also common for the investment to go nowhere and a large amount of money is lost. Therefore, the cautious approach that is taken by HGGC is one that proves to be successful more times than not.

After a decade, HGGC has many satisfied clients who are all too happy to sing their praises. This speaks volumes about the quality of work that they have done since they opened for business 12 years ago. The company continues to get bigger based on their history of success.



“Marc Beer collects $42M for new projects “

Renovia Inc. can now proceed with now projects after CEO Marc Beer helped the company to raise $42M. The money will be used to promote products meant for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders, and there is expected to be a significant boost in the new research. The CEO said that a large sum of the money was raised through a series B round while the remainder was collected through venture debt. This is good news for the company which has been exploring various ways to fund its operations and to venture into new markets.


Diagnostic and therapeutic products


Based in Boston, Renovia Inc. is trying to develop the latest diagnostic and therapeutic products that will help over 250,000 women suffering from pelvic floor disorder. The necessity for these programs stems from the fact that these women have been experiencing a lot of difficulties in managing this condition. In addition to that, the doctors who have been trying to help them have had little help from the available products and therefore, it was important to develop something that will cater to these limitations. Their products have been designed after a long period of research.


The Longwood Fund contribution


To raise the money, Renovia had to rely heavily on the Longwood Fund. This is a healthcare company that had earlier invested in Renovia, and therefore, it was instrumental in raising the money. It is this company that joined the B round, and it is through this round that $32 out of the $42 was collected. With such a contribution, there is no doubt that the company has cemented its investment and so, it is going to play a significant role in determining the future of Renovia. There were other players involved in the collection of the funds. Learn more: https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/potmsearch/detail/submission/6457372/Marc_Beer


A new version of Leva


While announcing the news, CEO Marc Beer said that one of the solutions that the company was going to develop using the money was a new version of Leva. The Leva has been instrumental in the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions, but the company feels that an upgrade would be more ideal. Indeed, their desire is to come up with better solutions that solve new challenges and so, it informs their decisions.


About Marc Beer


Marc Beer is the chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder of Renovia, a women startup company that develops diagnostic solutions for the treatment of various conditions. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry and has worked with some of the leading companies. In addition to that, Marc has served as a member of the boards of various organizations. It is his vast experience in management that has helped him to get Renovia Inc. to a perfect start by collecting funds on time and ensuring that projects are not interrupted.


Marc Beer and Women’s Health Startup Raise $42 Million for Healthcare Product Development

Accomplished businessman Marc Beer has recently raised over forty million dollars for his women’s health startup. When beginning this endeavor, Beer pledged a great deal of his experience and wealth to this women’s health startup. He co-founded the startup, called Renovia Inc., to utilize his skill and background in development and commercial experience in the field of pelvic floor disorders of women.


Renovia Inc. was founded in 2016 with the aim of improving diagnosis and treatment for the millions of women that have pelvic floor disorders, hoping to advance their quality of life that has been specific to their condition in the past. Women with pelvic floor disorders, such as urinary tract incontinence, can be grateful to Renovia Inc. for its development of a product pipeline that could potentially utilize an app to visualize and diagnose pelvic movement. Renovia Inc. already boasts an FDA-cleared device called Leva, which not only strengthens pelvic floor muscles, but can also treat a woman’s stress and urinary incontinence.


The recent raising of funds for the company comes from 10 million dollars in venture debt and 32 million in Series B investment. The startup funds will be used to proceed in the research and development of several new products, which will also be aimed toward women that suffer from pelvic floor issues. The products will span from diagnostic to therapeutic means of use, and will all be geared toward solving pelvic floor issues, such as urinary incontinence, that effect over 250 million women throughout the world.


The Series B round welcomed investors such as Ascension Ventures of Missouri, Perceptive Advisors of New York, and, most recently, a healthcare-based investing firm called The Longwood Fund.


Renovia’s CEO Marc Beer states his gratitude toward the healthcare companies investments, and welcomes them on board for the upcoming testing and development. He mentions that he feels his vision of improving the lives of those women effected by pelvic disorders is shared by investors, and is looking forward to innovating the technologies and digital health platforms that will grow the data and knowledge of pelvic floor disorders. Research and gathering of information will not only provide therapeutic treatment to these women, but also has the potential to lower healthcare costs in the long run. Learn more: https://gazetteday.com/2018/10/marc-beer-funding-renovia/


The new products to be released will include four products that are involved in the therapy and diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders, one of which is a new model of the Leva device that is currently on the market from Renovia.


Marc Beer: Innovative Solutions for Women’s Health

At least 250 million women around the world suffer from women’s health issues like urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders. Renovia, Inc. is a startup focusing on the development of diagnostic and therapeutic treatments that can be used to treat these common health issues in women.


Renovia, Inc. is co-founded by Marc Beer, and this startup company based out of Boston has been working on several new treatment products for pelvic floor disorders. Their first product has already received FDA approval this past April.


Marc Beer has already raised at least $42 million dollars to invest in Renovia by partnering with several healthcare investing firms. Investment firms such as The Longwood Fund invested in Renovia from the start. Leva being Renovia’s first product approved by the FDA, Longwood Fund intends to invest in the next generation Leva model and four more products that are currently being developed and tested.


CEO Marc Beer has stated that the support they have received in funding this healthcare startup has been overwhelming. As CEO, Beer intends to make the vision Renovia and its investors have in the development of healthcare products designed to improve the effects of pelvic floor disorders in women.


CEO Marc Beer also stated that Renovia intends to use their proprietary and innovative technologies to collect data that will help improve the diagnoses and treatments for these specific disorders. This data can greatly improve treatment by eliminating unnecessary procedures which in turn cut down on health care costs for patients and facilities. The products will also generate more data providing better insight on pelvic floor disorders.


Marc Beer currently serves as Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Renovia, Inc. Marc has over 25 years of development experience in this industry. Mr. Beer co-founded Renovia, Inc. along side Ramon Iglesias, M.D. and Yolanda Lorie around August of 2016. He has had several major positions within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.


March Beer earned his BS from Miami University. The experience, education, and knowledge Marc Beer possesses has helped him have a successful career within this industry and has propelled his role with this Boston based startup. The future looks bright for Renovia, Inc. Learn more: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2013/01/23/aegerion-ceo-on-promise-of-biopharma.html