Flavio Maluf Has Established A Legacy Of Environmental Awareness:

In the country of Brazil, the company known as Eucatex is very well known. This highly successful outfit is a major producer of products such as doors, partitions, floors and paints among other products. At the helm of this major business operation is its longtime Chairman of the Board Flavio Maluf. Flavio has recently celebrated his sixty-seventh birthday and he has had a long and distinguished career that has focused significantly on areas such as social programs as well as work toward sustainability. His career truly has been a testament to everything that can be good about the world of business. Learn more about Flavio Maluf at InfoMoney

The eucalyptus plant is at the heart of the beginnings of the company that Flavio Maluf runs. This plant was the raw material that Eucatex used when it was initially founded back in 1951. By 1962, the company was putting a lot of efforts to reforest land that had previously been cleared. Eucatex is also known for its Environmental Education Program which provides critical information in terms of environmental protection. Forest management and overall concepts of environmental protection are major concepts that this critical program focuses on. The results have been quite impressive and the program has become extremely popular. To date, it has already had in excess of 27 thousand visitors. Flavio’s vibrant company is also invested into stimulating the economy in Brazil with job generation in areas that range from services to hotels and hospitality.

Flavio Maluf has also put a lot of effort towards prevention of forest fires. The dry season is the time of year when these are the most likely to occur and so Flavio Maluf  has invested a lot of time and money into having firebreaks constructed. These constructions help to stop fires before they can do heavy damage to vegetation in forests. These areas are just a few environmental topics that Flavio has been passionate about during his long career.

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