The Transparent Trend With Donata Meirelles

The 2019 Louis Vuitton fashion show brought back an old trend, and it may be here to stay. The relaunch of the transparent bag has everyone in awe. Major celebrities, such as Rihanna have been given the bag to show it off in public for this new trend. DonataMeirelles, the fashion expert at Vogue Brazil magazine is excited for the new trend. She is a large fan of the transparent bag and has even dusted off her old collection in anticipation. In a recent article for Vogue Brazil magazine, she gives the readers some tips on how to rock the transparent bag.

The first thing that is important to consider according to Meirelles is that organization is key when it comes to rocking a transparent bag. It is a good idea to put only what you need and take out everything else, such as old tickets and crumbled up receipts.  View Donata Meirelles profile at Linkedin.

Once you get this down, Donata recommends a large metallic bag and a wallet to put everything that you need but don’t want to show through the bag into. She also recommends to put sunglasses in the hood of the bag to make them more of a fashion statement.

The transparent bag is also a great place to show off a special makeup product, such as the ones with beautiful and unique packaging. It is also a good idea to show off your smartphone with the screen facing inwards. This way no one is able to see your important and often private messages.

The best reasons to use a transparent bag according to DonataMeirelles is because it goes with every outfit. It is also a great small bag to use when travelling, and it allows you to see if you have everything you need before leaving your house.

DonataMeirelles thinks that the transparent bag trend is here to stay this time around.

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Glenn Schlossberg on Fashion

He started out in fashion from his dad’s dress shop. He learned about the fashion industry on the ground floor. Glenn Schlossberg is both a clothing designer and business entrepreneur. Once he got the hang of creating a garment,he thought to himself that there was room for improvement. Glenn Schlossberg has no fashion degree, even so he created Jump.

Jump is for homecoming and prom apparel. Then he added some more labels and thirty years later, he is able to recognize what will be in style according to the fashion industry.

Glenn Schlossberg’s very first taste of success came from a small store named Montgomery Ward. It was his big break. What he received was a million dollar check. To begin with a check of this tremendous amount, was quite lucrative considering that it was his initial amount.After that he was known for being able to predict the trends in the fashion industry, even without a degree. He had a knack for taking clothing and turning his ideas into pure gold or platinum. The styles he created were both modern with a classic touch. His creations were his own.

The Jump Design group was founded in 1990. Glenn later studied at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. He said he had a need for speed. The fashion moguel’s love for fashion was a family affair. Days and nights were spent on the familys apparel line. Glenn might have started with no education, but later found it useful.

In conclusion, Glenn Schlossberg’s small beginning in his father’s dress factory and warehouse,was the start of something he carried down from his dads generation to his own generation. Carrying on a legacy of style and fashion. The family name remaining in place for years. Trendy and modern clothing for the eyes to behold and with his own personal touch added to every garment made that had his name on it. You could say it was worth every penny, starting out with a million dollar check from Montgomery Ward impressive for such humble beginnings. A large sum of money for just starting out. Being able to predict the fashion industry comes in handy.

Doe Deere: The Bright Bold and Beautiful

At the age of just seventeen, a passionate young teen along with her sibling and mother ventured into the U.S to start a new life. Homeless shelters were what they’d have to call home for the next two years. Surviving on extra cash from working odd jobs and sympathetic strangers gave Lime Crime founder Doe Deere the pere to be perseverance to buckle up and not only succeed, but succeed far and beyond her expectations.

Doe Deere’s new venture is a vintage based company known as Poppy Angeloff. With passion driving her force, Deere discovered the idea of of her jewelry company by accidentally stumbling across a few pieces of vintage family heirlooms. This sparked the idea of Doe creating her own company based around vintage like jewelry. Deere fortunately was not in this alone. The unconditional support from her sister shifted Doe’s ideas from questionable thoughts, to actual reality. To really push her company to the best of its ability, Doe took it upon herself to study and research everything she needed to know about jewelry designing and the history behind it. During this time she ultimately figured out that the vintage inspired era reeled her in the most. Her mission for Poppy Angeloff was to design and produce vintage like jewelry that others would want to pass down for generations to come.

As an artist and entrepreneur, Doe has been inspired by many elements just like any artist and has came up with many ideas and creations for other brands. One brand being Lime Crime. A cruelty-free, vegan cosmetic brand that’s all about putting your best self forward by giving it’s wearers a natural spotlight where ever they go. Also known as the makeup for unicorns. Bright colors is what this brand is all about, but before the cosmetic line came about, Lime Crime was previously the company name of Deere’s own fashion line. Despite her vibrant and bright appearance, Doe and her husband used to be in a rock band living in an apartment together in Brooklyn, New York. This ultimately inspired Deere to create her own fashion line based around trendy, rebellious, and punk like designs. Not being able to afford actual models in order to promote the line, Doe herself took matters into her own hands and began modeling her own designs. Before she knew it, she was becoming more known for her makeup looks than the actual clothes themselves. Long and behold, Lime crime cosmetics was born.

Deere’s transition from fashion designing to creating vibrant and bright makeup colors wasn’t a difficult decision at all since she was still staying true to herself and her passion. Lime crime cosmetics went on to become a company known for it’s colorful trends, and pigment longevity by gathering only the best ingredients found around the world. She sold the company over a decade ago but is still involved. At the moment, Doe’s main focus is expanding her jewelry business Poppy Angeloff. Contributing to women’s plight to be comfortable and confident with who they are and impacting their mood through bold and bright creations is what pushes designer Doe Dethe best artist she can be.

Advantages of Using Cleansing Conditioners

You will be in a position to come across many different hair products in the market for damaged hair. It is advisable for you to purchase cleansing conditioner since it can be washed easily after applying it. You will be able to experience the best changes for your hair after using cleansing conditioner. Make sure you have an idea on the problem your hair has before purchasing any conditioner. One of the benefits of using cleansing conditioners is that they help strengthen your hair only if you are persistent.

In case you have dyed hair, cleansing conditioner will also work perfectly for you. It is advisable for you to ensure you choose the best formula for your hair to ensure the color does not come out. Cleansing conditioner ensures the color of your hair is protected and keeps it strong and safe from breakages. These products do not form foam and you are just required to apply it at the roots of your hair so it can work perfectly. Make sure you do not rinse your hair for five to ten minutes after you apply the conditioner.

Wen by Chaz Products

It is important to always keep your hair strong, protected revitalized and nourished by using Wen by Chaz products. These products contain natural ingredients as well as herbs which ensures your hair gets all the necessary requirements to keep it healthy. In case your hair has various needs, you can highly benefit from using WEN by Chaz line of products. They do not only work best for women with damaged hair but also for women with perfectly healthy hair. With continued usage of these products, the overall health of your hair will be improved especially due to their natural ingredients. These products will help you manage your hair and give you an easy time when brushing and styling it. For more info, check out the product’s Twitter page.

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Fabletics Online Sales Success Using Modern Reverse Showroom System

Fabletics is a fitness clothing company founded by Kate Hudson. Customers have to enroll for membership to access the apparel online; it has different classes of membership such as regular membership or VIP membership. They have physical stores where customers can also buy from, and pick their online purchases. Fabletics does not charge enlisted members that don’t buy anything from the online stores.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Success on Amazon


Amazon controls 20% of the online fashion market. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has succeeded in Amazon sales, developing a $250 million enterprise in just three years. High-value brands have previously been defined by quality and price of the goods.


Fabletic’s strategy is paying off for their membership brand as they plan on an expansion program that will open additional physical stores totaling their stores to sixteen. Current open stores include locations in Illinois, California, Florida, and Hawaii.


Three Ways Fabletics Stands Out from Competitors


  1. Fabletics Reverse Showrooming


Fabletics started out in a unique way, turning online shopping into a positive experience where they build lasting relationships with their clients. They have managed to get their customers rely on their ever fresh products and designs. As a result, close to 50% of the people that visit their stores are already Fabletics members and another 26% enroll in the stores. Customers shopping experience and purchases get recorded in their online shopping cart.


  1. Online Data Part of the Retail Strategy Success


Fabletics understands that quality apparel displayed online as well as in their shops is imperative to the customer’s shopping journey. The local online records about choice reveal that physical stores only stock appealing items which can be tweaked as fashion trends. Stores get stocked according to membership preferences, social media reactions, store mapping data and synchronized sales activity. The brand builds on combining world fashion trends with local data to promote customer satisfaction.


  1. Growth Promoted by Convenience, People, and Culture


Fabletics advances into new regions with the balance of lifestyle, consumer knowledge and experience looks to be paying off. The growth rate for the brand at 35% is a factor of quality products at a competitive price. Fabletics can be listed along with risk-positive and data-aware brands that recognize the new consumer.


From smart distribution to fast purchase choices and creative membership a program, Fabletics has managed to embrace a new type of showrooming and invested in a different type of retail experience. Fabletics seems ready to give its consumers the perfect shopping experience.


Fabletics Review


Members enjoy custom-made fitness outfits as first-time customers. The curated items range from $49-$60 each month. Members also take a survey upon joining and are asked about their workout styles and the outfits they prefer wearing. Every month the site posts over 50 different outfits to choose from, out of the surveys conducted from the previous month.


Fabletics offers top quality outfits that range from thick leggings, great compression that firmly holds after long periods of use. The tops come in high quality and soft textures too. They offer a broad range of style from simple top tanks and leggings with solid colors, stylish cut-outs, bold patterns and sheer fabrics. Fabletics offer value for money. The outfits get sold in pairs at a fair price range from $49-$60 and stay Solid over time.

A Fabletics Way to Sell.

When Fabletics was born, Kate Hudson gave to women all over the world just what they were looking for. What they wanted was simple – gym clothes that are comfortable and at the same time look absolutely fabulous.


Born in 2013, the active and leisure wear brand was the brainchild of Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. Since then, the brand has seen tremendous growth, shaping up into a $250 million company over the span of three years.


However, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, by being part of the active wear movement, has managed to be a pioneer in such a diluted market segment.


One of the reasons Fabletics has succeeded as a brand, besides their activewear looking like a stellar piece of clothing straight out of a fashion magazine, is their business strategy. Fabletics uses a simple subscription-based model to sell to its consumers. It follows a simple system of giving the customers exactly what they want and need in terms of activewear, by letting consumers choose their sport and then showing them options that fit their needs perfectly. Customers can select the subscription plan, which entails them to receive new sets of activewear every month.


Fabletics serves as a convenient and time-saving process to get the latest active wear outfits delivered right to your doorstep, every month of your subscription. With the growth of the brand, six stores were opened up in 2015, and subsequently, sixteen more were opened in 2016.


In a market where in-store purchasing and showrooming is in the midst of a cutthroat competition, simply owing to the number of stores and availability of online shopping, Fabletics decided to try a new market strategy to attract new customers and better serve returning ones.


This strategy known as the reverse showroom technique has proved to significantly aid the brand and customers alike. With the adoption of this strategy, customers can view the outfits and products online on the Fabletics website and then go to one of the many the showrooms and try on the clothes they have picked in their online cart. From there, customers are then given an opportunity to either pay in store or choose to add or keep things in their online cart which they can then purchase at the convenience of their homes.


The aim of this move is to help the brand build stronger relationships with its consumers while offering them a better shopping experience. The aim of the offline store isn’t to make the customer buy the product, but merely try it on and have access to look at it in person before they make their decision. In other words, the store serves as an aid to help customers choose the perfect active and leisure wear which they can later purchase online.


To the brand, establishing loyal relationships with the customers is one of its main objectives. For this purpose, to supplement the reverse showroom technique, Fabletics also developed a system where it maintains the data of all the products in stock and ensures that only those products are shown in stores for greater appeal to its customers. All of this data is sourced from the activity happening in-store, social media updates of people about the brand and data regarding the heat-mapping of the particular store.


Today, the growth rate of the company is at an all-time high of thirty-five percent.