Sharon Prince Hopes for a Better World

Since Grace Farms opened in October 2015, it has played host to a variety of performances from many distinguished artists. Carrie Mae Weems is one of those distinguished artists, and she put on a performance that touched on the violence that people regularly experience in their lives.

Carrie Mae Weems Has Long Contemplated Her Relationship With Violence

Weems has been creating content for about three decades that focuses on issues such as power imbalances in society and sexism. She also contemplates how social injustice is codified and allowed to remain in place through systems that people have created. Those themes are some of the same ones that Grace Farms was designed to contemplate.

Grace Farms Devotes Itself to Five Core Values

Grace Farms seeks to solve problems through faith, community and artistic expression. Founder Sharon Prince Grace Farms believes that this can help people define justice and seek it in their own lives as well as in their communities. Grace Farms itself is essentially an open nature preserve in which people can forge relationships by expressing themselves and listening to others do the same.

Grace Farms Seeks to Help Both People and Animals

At Grace Farms, the goal is to help both people and animals escape the perils of violence and trafficking. This is done largely by educating people about those perils and why they exist in the world. Carrie Mae Weems mentioned that it is difficult to ignore the forces that create the conditions for violence and slavery once you have seen them.

About Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince is the founder of the Grace Farms Foundation, which was created in 2009. She went to the University of Tulsa to pursue both her undergraduate degree and MBA. Furthermore, she has hosted several convening events that have focused on violence against women throughout the world.

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T.J. Maloney Maloney Takes Lincolnshire to Greatness

Tj Maloney has been with Lincolnshire Investment Company since 1993. Mr. Maloney, the company president, is well-educated. Maloney received his bachelor’s degree from Boston College in 1975. Tj Maloney earned his J.D. degree in 1979 from Fordham University. Maloney is a member of the Board of Trustees at Boston College. Tj Maloney had more than 30 years experience in the management investment business.

Tj Maloney is speaker of choice at schools such as Columbia University, supporting their M.B.A. program. Maloney served on the Board of Directors of Fordham University and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Boston College. Tj Maloney won the Richard J Bennett Memorial award in 2007 that was presented by Fordham Law School. Tj Maloney formerly served on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of English Speaking Union of the United States and Board of Trustees in the Tilton School.

Prior to working Lincolnshire, Maloney practiced merger, aquisition, and securities law at the Boston College Wall Street Council. Mr. Maloney has directed many companies, including Custom Alloy Corp, Polaris Pool Systems, Walbash National Corporation, and others.

Frank Wright and Steven Kumble founded Lincolnshire Management in 1986. Tj Maloney succeeded James Tozer after Wright died in 1992 leaving the company presidency and CEO positions vacant. In 2005, Mr. Kumble left Lincolnshire to found Corinthian Capital. The company is headquartered in New York, N.Y. Lincolnshire Investments has been named the 5th ranking private equity firm by CNN and Fortune Magazine. Private Equity News puts Lincolnshire Investments in the top 10 for private investment firms. Customers give Lincolnshire a five star rating. Lincolnshire Investments has between 200 to 500 employees. Most of the employees believe it’s a great place to start a career. The investment company encourages employees to aspire to higher positions at the investment firm.

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Jingdong Free Range Chicken Farm Is Huge Hit With Consumers

JD.Com has developed a new kinder, gentler way to raise chickens that has produced an amazing array of benefits, from healthier meat to reduction in poverty where the farms are located.

Jd.Com (also known as Jingdong) was well aware that consumers all over the world have been developing a deepening consciousness about the well-being of farm animals. Millions of people love to eat chicken, but they also want to know that the food on their table was raised with humanity.

The standard for decades has been for large factory farms to raise massive numbers of chickens in dark, dank, closed environments crammed with thousands of tiny cages. Chicken entrapped in super-narrow compartments spend their entire lives in windowless buildings, never experiencing sunshine or fresh air, much less being able to simply get up and stretch their legs or flap their wings.

Now the JD.Com “Running Chicken” initiative has changed all that. The Fortune Global 500 company has set up large-scale outdoor and “free range” chicken farms in Wuyi County, Hebei Province. Here chickens spend at least 50% of their lives outdoors under sunshine and fresh air. They get to live like real, happy chickens. They interact with each other, run, flap their wings and get healthy exercise.

The results have been remarkable. It turns out that raising chickens under more natural conditions produces meat that is far lower in saturated fats, thus producing less cholesterol problems in human consumers. The chicken also has been shown to produce superior amount of omega-3 acids, beta-carotene and vitamins A, B and E.

JD.Com also leverages high technology in a fascinating way. For example, each chicken is fitted with a specially-designed tiny pedometer. The goal is to allow each bird to take one million steps during their rearing lives.

Another huge benefit of Jingdong’s Running Chicken program has been much-needed jobs for the people of Wuyi County. Poverty there has been a long-term problem. The free-range farm has provided thousand in dollars-equivalent income for more than 500 families. This has allowed Wuyi County to be removed from China’s list of impoverished locations.

JD-Com’s 300 million active users have also reacted with extreme positivity to the Running Chicken initiative.’s: Twitter.

Fortress Investment Group On Becoming A Respected Asset Management Organization

Fortress Investment Group is centrally situated in New York City. It is an investment management company that Softbank Group recently acquired. The new business deal has attracted the attention of various investors. It is one of the most successful dealings. In a transaction that made a splash in Florida, the firm completed the acquisition of Worth Avenue building situated in Palm Beach. Tiffany & Co is a property that was bought at $20 million.

It’ll retain current tenants. However, there are plans to revamp it and upgrade it to an upscale facility that will offer business professionals with class A office space. The transaction has generated a significant buzz with investors wondering the next move that the organization will make in the future.

Formed by three main principals, Wes Edens, Peter Briger, as well as Randal Nardone, Fortress Investment Group is a respected investment management company located in New York. It was established as a private equity organization in 1998. In 2007, it traded its shares to the New York Stock Exchange, thereby becoming the first private equity organization in the US to be in such a position. In June 2016, the organization was in charge of managing approximately $70.2 billion found in alternative assets and credit funds.

The firm’s assets and shares in the market continued to develop rapidly. Its private equity funds amounted to approximately 39.7%. During the 2008 economic downturn, Wes Edens and his colleagues were named some of the sector’s prominent losers. However, they survived the situation and emerged winners. They also reinvested in their business. In 2014, Fortress Investment Group was the year’s hedge fund manager. Initially, it had received recognition as the world’s macro-focused hedge fund manager.

By becoming part of SoftBank Group, Fortress Investment Group is better-placed to create a portfolio in real estate management as well as infrastructure. They are working together to help acquire the firm’s interests. Fortress Investment has integrated its operations with its affiliates and expanded into various projects, including the lending of funds. In 2006, Fortress Investment purchased Intrawest. The transaction was conducted in a complete leveraged buyout.

Jingdong and Great Decisions

Thanks to effective leaders at Jingdong, more brands are able to reach their customer base and build better for their audience. This is something that is of the utmost importance because it helps to grow overall value.

Yet, another key component that will matter to companies is that of making decisions in Jingdong with strong momentum.

The idea, Jingdong exectives know, is to make great decisions quickly. This means that one would have to synthesize the data, one would have to quickly make assessments, then come to a decision. Large companies may quote possibly make great decisions but they may make in a turtle like manner.

The idea at Jingdong is to continue to move fast while making certain that each decision is of a good nature. As such, it is important to understand what factors contribute to good decision making. This idea of making compelling decisions is not easy for startups or for large corporations, one must make certain that they prioritize the right things, and do it in a manner that is consistent.

The fact of the matter is that velocity is quite key in the world of business and in Jingdong, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it. If one moves slowly, they will not be able to capture the gains that are present, that are always waiting to be seized.

When one makes decisions in a quick manner, one commits to doing the best in a quick manner. When one does this, one can see that results are on the horizon, one sees the progress, the growth, the yields that come from these decisions.

High speed decisions at require individuals to have the mindset that is catered to tailored situations, each problem requires a different way of thinking about it, but must be done with the constraint of speed in mind.

Most decisions, executives know, can be undone, as such, one can state that high quality decisions would minimize the downside while improving the chances that the upside are met. Remember that as long as better decisions are made in a great manner, one can see that more can be derived with the limited time in life.

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Agera Energy on Their Online Social Media

Agera Energy is well-known for their electricity and natural gas options. They offer their services all over the country despite being based out of New York.

What sets Agera Energy apart from a lot of the other companies out there is that they are incredibly active throughout social media like Facebook and Twitter. This is allowing people to keep in touch with Agera Energy and get the answers that they need for their own household or business needs.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing company, you can either visit the Agera Energy site or check them out on social media where they will be happy to respond to you. Be sure to take a look at this option for yourself to see why so many people are choosing this energy company and are finding them to be one of the best out there for all of their household electrical services.

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The Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank – A Fruitful Partnership

Softbank is a company that is driven by the development of the information age. Softbank is most popular for having major stakes in one of US’s major telecommunications companies, Sprint. Softbank also owns major stakes in companies like Uber and Alibaba. Softbank owns the Vision Fund as well, which has financial support coming from Qualcomm and Apple. Vision Fund is an organizational effort from Softbank that is dedicated to funding an innovative technologies. Even though Softbank has acquired Fortress, Fortress still operates under its own independence and discretion. Softbank is not allowed to influence the work of Fortress as per their transaction deal.

Although this is the case, the Fortress Investment Group and Softbank has vowed to help each other in further developing their causes and to use their resources to solidify their new business strategies even more. The acquisition of Fortress by Softbank has elevated Softbank into the world-tier. Fortress has opened up high-class financial management for Softbank which serves as a big stepping stone in Softbank’s venture into the private equity business. Recently, Fortress has closed down on a deal for the acquisition of the iconic Tiffany and Co. building. The Tiffany and Co. building is a 16,000 plus square foot property, offers 11,000 square feet for retail, and is over 60 years old. Fortress Investment Group was able to close the deal with the help of Kean Development and Hyde Retail Partners.

The current retail tenants on the site are expected to remain untouched, but they plan to build more high-class office space on the second floor of the building. The Tiffany and Co. building is an architectural wonder and is one of the world’s most popular retail shopping destinations. One reason that the Fortress Investment Group is such a successful company is that it does not charge an outrageously high amount for its services. A lot of global investment companies charge very high for their standard service – Wes Edens does not believe in that kind of business. Fortress Investment Group charges a standard, flat rate for their consultations and this model gives their clients to save money on quality advisory services. Wes Edens still considers to be working with Fortress in the future.



Madison Street Capital Awarded Turnaround M&A Deal of the Year

M&A Advisor has revealed what’s sure to be a massive boost to the Madison Street Capital reputation; they have named the Chicago based banking firm as the winner of its 13th Annual Turnaround Awards. The award – Distressed M&A Deal of the Year – is awarded to businesses with revenues of between $25MM and $50MM.



This is due to the firm’s role as exclusive adviser to Sachs Capital Group during their acquisition of RMG Networks. The deal, which saw Virgo Capital invest alongside Sachs Capital Group, was led by Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen. Merion Investment Partners also provided debt financing throughout the transaction. Founder and CEO Charles Botchway thanked the team that was responsible for the award and recognized the honor that came with receiving it.



The M&A Advisor also announced the winners of each of the other categories; namely the Restructuring of the Year, Transaction of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, Sector Deal of the Year, Firm of the Year, Turnaround Product/Service of the Year and Professional of the Year. Nominations represented a total of 275 companies; an independent jury of industry experts judged these.



Roger Aguinaldo, Founder of The M&A Advisor, commented that the winners were the cream of the crop and represented some impressive candidates. When announcing the winners Mr. Aguinaldo noted that the industry was increasingly demanding when it came to professionals, the winners delivered the highest levels of performance in an increasingly stressful environment.



Mr. Botchway said that the Distressed M&A Deal of the Year award helped to highlight the firm’s ability to navigate this kind of complex transaction. The award comes as the international banking firm has posted continual growth year-on-year over the past half-decade. For example from 2014 to 2015, the amount of hedge fund deals that were either closed or announced jumped by 10, going from 32 to 42 respectively.



Furthermore, if these transaction volumes were measured by AUM, then 2015 was approximately 27% higher than in 2014. This also helped lead to record growth across 2016 and beyond. In fact for much of its 14-year existence, Madison Street Capital has continued to go from strength to strength. Over the near-decade-and-a-half, the firm has repeatedly shown that they are dedicated to providing integrity, excellence, and leadership across all of its services.



In 2016, the investment bank also introduced a few new mechanisms to accommodate both buyers and sellers in their transactions. The winners of the M&A Advisor Awards will be presented with their awards on March 28, at a black-tie event during the 2019 M&A Advisor Distressed Investing Summit. The summit is set to take place in Palm Beach, Florida.


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Equity First Holding, LLC Information

Equity First Holding, LLC is a lending company that was started in 2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana and has an office in New York as well.

Equity First Holding, LLC is a lending service that will give out loans to businesses along with individuals if the loans they are giving seem like they will get their money back or will improve on the loan given through stocks, bonds or any kind of better return. It is completely up to Equity First Holding to decide whether or not they feel the loan is worth doing before they will give out the loan.

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Madison Street Capital Changing The Landscape Of Mergers And Acquisition Transactions

The Madison Street Capital was recently recognized as a finalist at the 17th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. Out of the 650 tough competitors in the market, Madison Street Capital were one of the finalists in the category of Debt Financing Deal of the Year.



Headquartered at Chicago, Illinois, the financial institution specializes in providing unique advisory services, handling transactions in mergers and acquisitions, and affordable valuation services for all sorts of businesses. Since its inception in 2005, they have been positioning their client for launch into the global market.



Their expertise and dedication to every client are evident from the progress the clients have made in a short span of time. The approach of Madison Street Capital is unique in the sense that they concentrate on upcoming markets that they believe is a crucial reason for the growth of their customers. Madison Street Capital reputation has been very impressive due to their track record of high standards of excellence and effective customer service. The customers are tied up with the company for years and entrust the company with the responsibility of handling their assets. The vision of the founder and the compliance of the employees with it has proved to be very beneficial for the company.



In the recent past, Madison Street Capital disclosed its ambitious plans of starting its operations at Austin Texas. The CEO Charles Botchway mentioned that it is a strategic move by the company as Austin is becoming a booming marketplace for businesses and big corporations and on the verge of becoming a major technological hub. CEO Charles Botchway is excited of starting their operations at his home city Austin and also mentioned how the move will positively affect the current economic status of the city which would be an added bonus for him.



Renowned and leading technology-based companies and businesses in diverse fields have started their operations at Austin making it a financially rich area attracting more companies to set up their base. Considering the marketplace and rapid developments at Austin, Madison Street Capital decided to continue with their expansion starting from Austin.



With new operations at Austin, Madison Street Capital will employee more talented people to have enough workforce for an increasing number of clients and better execution of projects. Currently, the investment banking firm is on the lookout for new offices spaces at strategic locations and have plans to start operations from Austin at the onset of next year.


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