The Successful Career of Peter Harris

Peter Harris commenced his career as a banker (investment) and manufacturing executive. Afterward, he ventured into the finance sector, where he worked for Boston Marks Group Limited as the Finance Director and Shareholder for three years (1989 to 1992). He provided both financial and insurance consultants to the aviation, transportation, and contracting businesses of New Zealand.

After leaving Boston Marks Group, Mr. Harris became the Chief Executive Officer of General Capital Limited. He worked at the company for four years (1992 to 1996). He offered investment banking services to high-end private corporate markets and high-end private clients in the contracting, aviation, and transportation sector.

In 1996, Peter Harris joined CBL Insurance Corporation based in Auckland, New Zealand, which deals with reinsurance services. CBL also provides underwriting, income protection, brokerage, and property deposit and rental guarantee bonds services globally. Harris served as the company’s International Business Director from 1996 to 2007. He was involved in the final buyout of CBL Insurance in 1996 and also oversaw the company’s increased growth and acquisitions worldwide. According to Harris, building strong partnerships is essential to any business as it helps it to grow in the international market. As such, he created strong relationships with expert manufacturers and distributors, thus helping CBL grow to a worldwide level.

Peter Harris was later promoted to the position of Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in the company in 2007. There he led the company into becoming the largest insurance corporation (New Zealand owned) in terms of annual GWP. Harris was in charge of an international team that provided insurance and reinsurance centered on credit and financial risk in the construction, building, and constructing sectors. He worked at CBL for twenty-two years.

Harris grew CBL into a successful internationally known company from two employees in New Zealand to over 550 staff members in twenty-five nations.

Additional Information

Peter Harris was raised on a farm in New Zealand. He studied Chartered Accountancy at the Manukau Institute of Technology. Mr. Harris then went to the AGSM @ UNSW Business School. Later, he attended Auckland University, where he studied Marketing. Peter Harris enrolled at the Australian University Graduate School of Management for post-graduate education.

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Colbeck Capital Management: The Company Offering A Range Of Services In Investment Management

Colbeck Capital Management is a company that strives to offer the very best services when it comes to investment management and potential. The company is known for offering an incredibly efficient range of services to companies that are on the lookout for new investment ventures, or those who are in financial conditions that need improvement. The company has been operating within this sector for an extended period of time and has always tried to enforce the very best values when it comes to the investments that they are looking to make. The company has worked with a variety of names in different sectors and has been able to offer their expert advice to clients coming to them from a range of industries. Over the years, Colbeck Capital Management has developed an extensive portfolio of clients and companies who have all been looking for ways in which they can develop their companies and who are looking for potential investment ventures that they can partake in. Through this, Colbeck Capital Management has helped several companies achieve their investment and professional goals and has helped them become notable names within the industries that they are working in.

One of the reasons why Colbeck Capital Management has emerged as such a well-regarded name in the investment industry is owing to the contribution made by the professionals working at the firm. The company is known for having an incredibly proficient roster of professional investment advisors and managers who are all well experienced within the field. The professionals working at the company are well aware of the intricacies of investments and the potential routes that clients can take when looking to expand their horizons. Through the work of these professionals, the company has been able to offer nothing short of the very best to clients who come to them. In this manner, Colbeck Capital Management has been able to secure itself as a well-known name in this industry and has grown extensively over the past few years owing to this development. The company would not be where it is if it wasn’t for the hard work and dedication put in by the professionals working at Colbeck Capital Management.

The range of services provided by investment companies is always important because it helps the client understand what are the potential routes that they can take with regards to their own development. Colbeck Capital Management offers a wide range of services that are designed to help companies who are looking to expand and invest in new ventures and newer markets. Through these services, the company aims to help its clients experience the growth that they need to increase their profitability. The company is also known for offering a wide range of services to clients who are in financial trouble and who are seeking some kind of expert opinion to know which direction to move in. The company is known to have helped several well-known names in the past who have been in harder financial situations. With their expert opinion, the company has helped these clients move in a direction that is positive for their growth and development.

Peter Briger’s Years of Experience with Goldman, Sachs and Asian Finance a Key Influence at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger’s Years of Experience with Goldman, Sachs and Asian Finance a Key Influence at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a principal founder of the Fortress Investment Group, a diversified long-term, risk adjusted investment manager with 1,750 global investors in hedge funds, private equity and investing vehicles. It specializes in management of operations along with industry-specific knowledge, mergers and acquisitions and investing in assets. After two decades, the firm, based in New York, has more than 900 employees and manages assets of more than $43 billion in terms of debt and equity and causal, ground-level factors in close consultation with renowned corporate professionals and stakeholders.

About Peter Briger came onboard in 2002 with experience gathered over 15 years at Goldman, Sachs and from significant time involved in Asian finance. Fortress Investment Group made a series of acquisitions between 2006 and 2007, such as RailAmerica, the Canadian Intrawest and Penn National Gaming, and made a high-profile IPO in 2007. This was the first of its kind for a hedge fund, which made a daring move of taking operations into a more public arena. This not only increased exposure but gave the firm more visibility, an attribute other firms, such as the Blackstone and Carlyle groups, found valid enough to follow suit.

Currently, Peter Briger, listed on the Forbes 400, maintains Fortress Credit, managing real estate investment and credit. He is also a principal player in a Japanese purchase of Fortress. He is one of Fortress’s principals along with founders Randal Nardone, also CEO, and Wes Edens, all of whom also serve on the Fortress board of directors. He attended Princeton and earned a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. He serves on the Princeton University Investment Company board and is actively involved in work for the San Francisco-based Tipping Point for low-income families and the chartered Caliber Schools. Click here.

The Best Company Investment is in Its Employees, Says Angela Koch

Buying coins made out of precious metals like silver and gold has been a sound investment for quite some time, provided the distributor is backed by government assurances like U.S. Money Reserve, Angela Koch, their CEO, has handled a few hundred thousand transactions, and that was only possible because she has a workforce ready to meet any challenge.

When it comes to her employees, Koch wants them to feel both responsible and in command of their role, that they are there to do more than just sell. That entails a hands-off approach that allows her to step back so each employee can decide how to function, a move that has increased productivity for the company.

Before she was a corporate executive, Koch left her college studies behind to become a mother. While her husband started off his career in pro gold, she was the primary provider for the family. A bevvy of responsibility and an incomplete education placed a great deal of pressure on her. Koch was unsure of what to do next. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve | Glassdoor

Koch took on several jobs. She decided that it was important to her to master each one. Regardless of how limited the role may have appeared, she collected as much information about it that she could find, devoured it, and used it to advance her standing. Despite her dedication, there didn’t seem much room for career advancement, and fewer still were options pointing towards something better.

What these many jobs did for Koch was place her at KLA-Tencor. Running meteorology systems and computational analytics, she transitioned into the strategic business development division, handling acquisitions and mergers.

There she learned about running a business and developing strategies. Those are skills she displayed for her mentor, a rancher who produced Kobe beef. He asked her if she had the confidence to get the ranch a certification that shows their cattle was hormone-free.

Koch didn’t intend to become a rancher, but this career pivot was something she approached with the same seriousness as every job that came before. Learning about an entirely new industry, making it her own, and appealing to customers and business partners made her confident that she could do this at the executive level.

No longer a rancher, Koch went to work for U.S. Reserve and worked her way up the company ladder to become CEO. Years on, her system takes sales, marketing, and the ERP system to make the customer experience with information that can empower those employees.

What’s next for Koch? Corporate expansion. Koch is motivating her employees to be more confident in the steps they take in their daily roles. This entails a good separation between work and life, a better understanding of their strengths, and openness to collaboration.

About U.S. Money Reserve:

For more than 10 years, U.S. Reserve has been a reliable distributor of silver, gold, and platinum coins, issued by the United States government, to hundreds of thousands of clients. A reliable group of representatives assists in every transaction to help investors make the right choices to bolster their portfolios.

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T.J. Maloney Maloney Takes Lincolnshire to Greatness

Tj Maloney has been with Lincolnshire Investment Company since 1993. Mr. Maloney, the company president, is well-educated. Maloney received his bachelor’s degree from Boston College in 1975. Tj Maloney earned his J.D. degree in 1979 from Fordham University. Maloney is a member of the Board of Trustees at Boston College. Tj Maloney had more than 30 years experience in the management investment business.

Tj Maloney is speaker of choice at schools such as Columbia University, supporting their M.B.A. program. Maloney served on the Board of Directors of Fordham University and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Boston College. Tj Maloney won the Richard J Bennett Memorial award in 2007 that was presented by Fordham Law School. Tj Maloney formerly served on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of English Speaking Union of the United States and Board of Trustees in the Tilton School.

Prior to working Lincolnshire, Maloney practiced merger, aquisition, and securities law at the Boston College Wall Street Council. Mr. Maloney has directed many companies, including Custom Alloy Corp, Polaris Pool Systems, Walbash National Corporation, and others.

Frank Wright and Steven Kumble founded Lincolnshire Management in 1986. Tj Maloney succeeded James Tozer after Wright died in 1992 leaving the company presidency and CEO positions vacant. In 2005, Mr. Kumble left Lincolnshire to found Corinthian Capital. The company is headquartered in New York, N.Y. Lincolnshire Investments has been named the 5th ranking private equity firm by CNN and Fortune Magazine. Private Equity News puts Lincolnshire Investments in the top 10 for private investment firms. Customers give Lincolnshire a five star rating. Lincolnshire Investments has between 200 to 500 employees. Most of the employees believe it’s a great place to start a career. The investment company encourages employees to aspire to higher positions at the investment firm.

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Master Of The Mortgage Market

Michael Nierenberg worked for Bear Stearns for 14 years. Some of the titles he held were head of interest rate trading operations as well as being the co-head of structured products. He was also involved with mortgage backed securities trading and also served on the board during his time with Bear Stearns. Prior to his time at Bears Stearns, he was with the now-defunct Lehman Brothers.

During this time, he successfully guided his professional career through the crippling mortgage crisis of 2007. Navigating those waters was indeed challenging, yet he found solutions and a way to move on and now he is CEO of New Residential Investment (NRI). Mr. Nierenberg likely earned the equivalent of his PhD in mortgage-backed securities during the crisis, and now he runs a REIT based on opportunistic deals in residential real estate.

This could well represent the next junk bond market. NRI is also involved with the non agency mortgage backed securities market (RMBS), which ballooned from a $600 billion market in 2003 to over $2 trillion at its peak in 07. RMBS mortgages are privately held and not backed by the US government, or any of its entities, because the borrowers could not meet the standards, so there is credit risk. Just like with junk bonds, where there is credit risk, there is money to be made. Click here.


James River Capital’s CEO Gives Business Advice Two Entrepreneurs

James River Capital is an investment advisory company that offers investment advice and the company currently only serves clients that are based in the United States. The advice that James River Capital offers is in the areas of commodities trading, investment management, and many other financial services. The founder of James River Capital is two gentlemen by the name of Paul Sanders and Kevin Brandt. Paul Sanders is the chairman and the chief executive officer of the company. Kevin Brandt is the president of the company and Laura Piper is the chief compliance officer.


Paul Sanders states in an article on that entrepreneurs should understand that no one is going to provide them with funding just because they have a brilliant idea. He is more than qualified to educate entrepreneurs on the issue of funding because he himself is a successful entrepreneur and the chief executive officer of James River Capital. If you need more qualifications is education speaks for itself he has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and he has an MBA from the University of Chicago. Paul Sanders also lets entrepreneurs know there is a bright side to things there are funding opportunities available for entrepreneurs who are just getting started but you have to know what steps to take to get the funding. The first step to getting funding is bootstrapping and this means you should use your own resources first. This could be a savings account, checking account, credit cards, or taking a loan from family and friends. The reason why bootstrapping can be a good place to start is because it will cover startup costs and prevent the entrepreneur from having to give up equity in their business.


Another reason why the bootstrapping method can be beneficial is that the potential investors will see that you the entrepreneur has put your own money behind yourself and this will motivate you to succeed. Because of this, you can more than likely get an investor that will invest with you because they see that you put your own money behind yourself. The next form of funding that Paul Sanders recommends is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is like a Kickstarter campaign you have a large group of people who support your idea and they donate various amounts of money to show their support. The benefit of crowdfunding is that you do not have to give up any equity and the people donating are not expecting to be paid back. If you plan on crowdfunding you must put together some type of marketing plan to get your idea out to the general public. Learn more:


 If an entrepreneur is looking for funding for their business, there are many options out there and available. If you are a serious entrepreneur and passionate about the idea to find yourself and if need be do the research and you will be able to find creative funding. Take the advice of successful entrepreneurs like Paul Sanders and you can be on your way to having a very successful business.

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Bhanu Choudhrie’s Path to Success

Bhanu Choudhrie, founder of C&C Alpha Group, is an accomplished figure in the business world. His own firm focuses on various industries, ranging from banking and real estate to utilities and hospitality, as well as aviation and healthcare. Born in India, Bhanu Choudhrie takes a global approach to business and is known for a successful investment in developing markets such as India and the Philippines. Additionally, he serves on multiple executive boards. In the U.S., for example, he is currently a member of the Executive and Risk Committees for Customers Bancorp and the Board of Directors. He has received many awards, such as the United Kingdom Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008.

He is also well-known for his philanthropic efforts with Path to Success, a program focused on assisting those without access to education and providing support to people with long-term health problems and financial need. In order to remain productive and successful, Bhanu Choudhrie has identified and incorporated many key elements into his working life. He keeps to a schedule by getting up at 6:30 every morning and working independently until reaching the office at 10. He breaks for lunch and then works until 6, when he leaves the office, and then takes care of a mixture of business and personal affairs until midnight, when he goes to sleep.

He also emphasizes balance; he makes sure to exercise daily and relax before bed through pleasure activities such as reading or watching movies. On the business side, he relies on a strong team and focuses on making his thoughtful decisions. Bhanu Choudhrie believes that investments should not be made impulsively, but rather should be made after careful consideration. Additionally, he focuses heavily on educating himself about the world around him and global events so he can understand the current economic climate. He also believes that it is important to be accepting of any failures that may arise and treat them as a learning experience. Bhanu Choudhrie is dedicated both to his business and to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and these factors contribute to his successful career.


Sheldon Lavin Is a Brilliant Businessman

One of the most powerful people in the meat processing industry is Sheldon Lavin. He is currently the CEO of the OSI Group. His financial career is quite astonishing if you take a look at where he started and where he is now. He has risen to the top of his food industry because he has foresight and the ability to make deals. He originally went to school to be an accountant. However, all of that changed when he started to help a family get the financing they needed to buy a meat processing plant. The name of the family’s company was Otto & Sons. Sheldon Lavin began to work very closely with the family who owned Otto & Sons. They had already been around for many decades by the time Sheldon became involved with them.

He began to get very interested in the meat processing industry. He would eventually buy a large stake in Otto & Sons and began running the company. It was not long until Sheldon Lavin began to greatly expand the operations of the company across the United States and into various foreign countries. OSI Group now has literally dozens of facilities that are located in many different countries. Their most lucrative partnership with another country to this point has been China. This makes sense when you stop to consider that China has more people than any other country in the world. Therefore, they have more people who eat meat.

The Chinese people have been very receptive to the services that OSI Group can provide. Under his brilliant leadership, OSI Group has turned into a global powerhouse. They are now one of the biggest and most respected companies in the entire meat processing industry. This is thanks in large part to the many decades that this brilliant man has spent at the helm of the company. The employees of OSI Group love to work for Sheldon Lavin. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that he is willing to take suggestions from any employee. According to Sheldon good ideas to improve the company can come from anywhere.

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Longtime Executive Marc Beer Named New Chairman For LumeNXT

The top surgical illumination company LumeN XT recently named its new Chairman of the Board. In a recent announcement, it named longtime executive and entrepreneur Marc Beer as the company’s new Chairman of the Board. Beer will take over one of the top leadership positions in the company. For many years, Marc Beer established himself as one of the most successful entrepreneurs and executives in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. He will look to help LumeN XT continue making progress towards developing surgical illumination technology. 


Shortly after being named as the new Chairman of the Board of the company, Marc Beer had a few remarks about the company and its team of professionals. Marc said that he is very happy to be working with some of the most competent and innovative engineers in the biotechnology industry. He is also thrilled to be working with a group of dedicated surgeons who are very experienced with using surgical illumination technology. Beer also mentioned that the surgical illumination procedures are among the least invasive available and will likely advance the quality of healthcare in the near future.


Since the introduction of surgical illumination procedures, the healthcare industry has been able to make important progress towards providing better care for patients. One of the ways in which it has helped the healthcare industry improve is by making it easier for professionals to complete their tasks. For surgeons, they are now able to have enhanced vision as well as be more precise when performing surgical procedures. They are also able to take advantage of more flexibility during operations as well. LumeN XT has been able to use surgical illumination technology to make valuable contributions to the healthcare industry. These contributions include more precise surgeries, lower costs and improved safety for surgeons and patients.


LumeNXT co founder Paul Rhyne expressed his viewpoint on the recent appointment of Marc Beer as the new Chairman of the Board. In his statement, Rhyne said that Marc has proven himself as both an executive and as an entrepreneur. Over the course of his career, Marc has been able to provide valuable guidance to healthcare companies in their startup and expansion process. Under Beer’s leadership, these companies have been able to raise revenues, increase profits, introduce better solutions and also complete expansion. Therefore, Marc will likely become a valuable contributor to LumeN XT in the near future.


Marc Beer has recently been associated with a medical device technology company known as Renovia. This company helped develop technology to treat pelvic floor disorders. He was also a founder and chairman at Minerva Neurosciences which developed treatments for a number of conditions associated with the central nervous system. Over the years, Marc has held top managerial positions at other healthcare and biotechnology companies. As a top executive, he helped these companies improve their products and services as well as assist them with their expansion to multiple markets worldwide.