Empiricus Research Company Details


Empiricus Research is a consulting firm that specializes in selling information through newsletters. This company is a partnership of Brazilian entrepreneurs Rodolfo Amstalden, Filipe Miranda, and Caio Mesquita, with The Agora, which is an American firm. Currently, its newsletters have 180,000 subscribers. Empiricus in partnership with Mario Sabino and Diogo Mainardi owns 50 percent of the website, O Antagonista.


Empiricus defend those termed as politically incorrect and use the polemic promotion strategies to do so. It is the video named The End of Brazil, which was sponsored for Google Ads and social media views that gave Empiricus attention. In this video, the firm predicted a disastrous outcome for Brazil’s economy. It also condemned the policies formulated by the government of Dilma Rousef. This video can be compared to the American play End of America, which was also produced by The Agora groups subsidiary, American Stransberry Research.


Empiricus employees a host of promotional strategies. One of these strategies is paid ads at Facebook and Google. Their themes are designed to address political matters. The design of these themes is attractive and always captures the attention of customers. Examples of these themes include: Which stocks should go up if Aécio wins the elections? What if Aécio Neves wins? and Protect yourself if Dilma win.


The Brazilian judiciary suspended these advertisements, which were produced during the election period because of their potential impact to the elections. However, a TSE (Electoral Supreme Court) withdrew the suspension after Supreme Court Judge Gilmar Mendes recommendation. In another occasion, Empiricus included the question Trump or shame? Is it time to buy? In a banner with the portrait of former Graca Foster who is the former president of Petrobras.


Free bulletins (Market in five minutes) and monthly paid subscriptions, with different plans are offered by the company. View More Information Here.


More about Empiricus on https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empiricus