McDonalds Food Packer, OSI Group, Co-produces the Impossible Burger for Impossible Foods

OSI Group History


In 1909 Otto Kolkovsky and his two sons landed in the United States as German Immigrants. They moved to Deer Park, a small suburb of Chicago. It was not long after landing that Otto and Sons was the name of their meatpacking store which expanded throughout Chicago. In 1955 Ray Kroc the owner of McDonalds, offered Otto & Sons to be the official producer of the McDonalds franchise burger. Both companies expanded internationally, McDonalds thru its franchises and OSI Group as its official meatpacker. OSI Group carries on that tradition today now for over 65 years. OSI has always expanded into other areas of service because of its deep innovation history allowing it to serve multiple needs in the food industry. OSI has proven itself by over 100 years of award-winning innovations to the food industry.

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Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods is a Redwood City headquartered business specializing in producing plant-based foods. Impossible Foods launched its business in 2011 with the focus of solving the solution to finding a 100% plant-based burger. Specifically, Impossible Burger was seeking to produce an all plant-based burger that tasted, smelled, looked, cooked and “bled” like beef, but retained its 100% plant-based quality. In 2016 it was ready to showcase its discoveries. It significant development was a plant-based burger with “heme,” which is a protein found in the roots of the soybean. “Heme,” as seen in both animal and plant protein, is what causes beef to taste like beef. Food critics and others first tested the Impossible Burger in mid-2016 in a New York Upscale restaurant owned and operated by David Chang. The Momofuku Nishi debut of the Impossible Burger was widely received.

Growing Demand Increases

Soon the Impossible Foods flagship burger began to be demanded by thousands of restaurants. Unable to keep up with the production demand at its 68,000 square food production facility, Impossible Foods offered a co-production agreement with OSI to help it keep up with the order. Sheetal Shad, speaking for Impossible Foods, says Impossible Foods can go anywhere and everywhere now with the support of OSI. OSI is located in 17 countries with sixty-five locations and over 20K employees.


OSI Food Solutions Product Capabilities

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OSI Food Solutions began as a small meat market in Oak Park, Illinois back in 1909. Founded by Otto Kolschowsky, the company operates in 17 countries with over 65 facilities, providing employment to over 20,000 employees. OSI is one of the largest private companies in the U.S. and provides high-quality meats. OSI Food Solutions secures good prices on quality products ensuring food safety and reducing preparation time to match the consumers’ culinary profiles. Their products not only satisfy a wide range of tastes but also allow you to choose classy choices for your palate’s satisfaction.

Beef Processing

OSI Food Solutions produces variously cooked, formed and raw beef products including beef steak, Salisbury steak, meatballs, meatloaf, and burgers. Beef processing market is massive in the globe. OSI continues to supply beef even with its developing future uncertainty. OSI is constantly improving the beef products production and delivery efficiency to ensure the end customer consumes healthy products.

Poultry Processing

From chicken nuggets to chicken meatballs, poultry ranks among the largest food markets worldwide. OSI poultry processing supplies chicken products to restaurant chains. The company provides raw cuts in China and the United States through its divisions. Recently, OSI Food Solutions expanded the Toledo-based plant for increased chicken processing following the growing chicken-centric menu servings. OSI is committed to expanding its chicken processing capabilities with the growing chicken demand across the world. They have hinted establishment of new plants due to the high demand.

Pork Processing

OSI pork processing includes cooked sausage links, cooked and raw sausage patties, roasted bacon bits, riblets, pork, bacon chips, and both precooked and raw bacon strips. Flavored sausage products, Genoa salami, and hot dogs are some of the company’s specialties. The hot dogs also come in poultry and beef versions. OSI supplies custom products allowing menu customization.

Heat-and-Serve Sous Vide Processing

The Sous Vide which was initiated by high-end restaurants has expanded to processing plants as well as home kitchens. Sous Vide foods are one of the trending culinary choices. OSI Food Solutions uses this method on vegetable products and protein items to maintain consistency. The method involves moving and heating water at a particular temperature for even cooking.

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