Privinvest Shipbuilding – 2000 vessels in 20 years and ready for a greener future!

With a successful track record of those nautical accomplishments, most companies would be sitting back and just relaxing on their reputation of building some of the most advanced ships in the military, commercial and the mega-yacht industries. But their design innovations are also being channeled into renewable energy in the form of more efficient ship engine technology and pure energy production. Under the research capabilities of the Privinvest subsidiary, CMN, it has invested in exploring new improvements in Marine Renewable Energies in the field of hydro-kinetic and turbine industry. These innovations will see a future of greatly reduced consumption of fossil fuels for marine transport.

The involvement by Privinvest in renewable energy isn’t only reserved for fuel savings on the water, they are actively growing in the areas of tidal and wind energy. Partnering with Hydroquest in 2013, as part of the new Series project. Its objective is to build and operate an initial farm of 10 tidal turbines, each producing 1.3 MW of power in the in Raz Blanchard, Normandy region of France, with the potential to apply these tidal turbine farms all around the world.

They have established their naval reputation by building some of the fastest and effective up to 95 meters such as the missile-armed Fast Attack Craft and the Vigilante range of patrol craft. Each of these is designed to maintain excellent sea-keeping objectives but to also operate at optimal efficiency. The CMN warships are used by 38 Navies around the world and have been the leader in producing the fastest surface combat craft for the last 68 years.

The Privinvest Shipbuilding Group is poised to maintain it’s excellence in producing the most efficient naval, commercial and mega-yachts currently available. But their leadership in energy production and fuel efficiency will guarantee their place in the ever more environmentally conscious marketplace, well into the future.