Jack Plotkin, Harvard Alum, and Modern Healthcare Advances

JACK PLOTKINJack Plotkin has gained notoriety as the CEO of Cardinal Solutions, a modern customized company that focuses on advisory and investment assistance. The firm is based out of New York City and has been gaining success for a number of years now. Plotkin has over 20 years of experience and hands on training when it comes to investment, marketing, and business growth. He is most comfortable working at the crossroads where business and technology join and change lives. With more than 100 past and current Fortune 500 firms having received counseling and advice from Plotkin, he has a wealth of knowledge that can be beneficial for businesses across all major industries. The majority of his passion and focus are in the areas of healthcare and life sciences.

Plotkin feels that we are just now catching up to the full potential that modern medical and technological advances present to us. We now understand that to be living and to be healthy involved more than basic vital signs, lab results, and diagnostic picture. True health and a life worth living is one that relies on much more than the bare minimum. However, what is exceptional about where we are now in the modern world today, is our technical ability to track, record, interpret, and apply a wealth of data and records related to individual health and wellness.

Today we have wearable technology that can record everything from the number of steps we take, to our blood pressure, to our breathing rate, to our blood sugar levels. This gives us access to personalized data that can make developing tailored health care and treatment plans much easier and much more practical. This has been one of the goals of Plotkin and his team, to keep healthcare up to date with the modern time and to ensure people are taking full advantage of the technological tools available to them.


What the future holds remains to be seen but Plotkin and his team are ready to help doctors, health care professionals, researchers, and individuals take the next step towards an even smarter way to monitor and improve health in the digital world we live in today!

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