If you follow your dreams, you can succeed like Drew Madden

In the current world, those who are passionate about technology can explore different ways of solving issues experienced in society. For example, the healthcare sector today relies on technology for innovation. The industry experiences different issues like lack of proper data protection leading to hacking or being compromised in various ways. Some entrepreneurs are the best when it comes to the identification of a problem and solving it. There is a need to take action like installation of technologically advanced equipment or the use of an online record system that can solve some of the pressing issues in the healthcare industry. Companies have also emerged with the aim of conquering these challenges. Companies like Aetna, CVS and Amazon, are licensed to deal with pharmaceutical products.

Drew Madden is an individual who has contributed a lot to the transformation of the industry. He has been looking on ways to help the healthcare sector deal with some of these challenges it is facing. He wants to address these concerns because he believes these are issues that can be solved. The entrepreneur is an industrial engineer who is highly trained and has a vast experience in the development of Electronic Medical Record Systems. He has also worked for top companies in the country and contributed to their achievement of goals. That is how he has gained a lot of experience in the industry. He has also started companies that have become successful. After helping Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew Madden went on to launch Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners is focused on helping firms in the implementation of electronic record system that is secure and efficient. Drew Madden is not only focused on the design and implementation of these systems at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, but he is also focused on how the systems benefit the healthcare systems and clients. The experience of Drew Madden comes from the many years he worked with various customers. After working in the field for years, Drew realized that most of the companies relied on an electronic medical record that is not complex enough to handle the increasing data in the modern world.