HIPPEAS: A Unique Brand of Organic Chickpea that Targets Millennials

Nowadays, people are getting more conscious of their eating habits. They are always in search of tasty, flavorful, and healthy options. HIPPEAS, an amazing brand of organic chickpea puffs has redefined the health and nutrition sector by starting a peas-full snacking uprising.

Essential qualities of HIPPEAS

Other than being light and crunchy, HIPPEAS are rich in fiber and proteins. They are low calorie, non-GMO, approved gluten-free, certified organic, and kosher. Comprised of fiber (3grams) plus protein (4 grams), HIPPEAS is the best choice for consumers searching for delicious snacks made with ingredients of high standards of quality. Hippeas chickpea puff snack is available in six mouthwatering flavors, including Far Out Fajita, Sriracha Sunshine, Maple Haze, Pepper Power, Vegan White Cheddar, and Happenin’ Hickory.

What makes HIPPEAS exceptional?

HIPPEAS is made in its unique design and does not borrow any aspects from other snack packs. The brand attempts to combine two philosophies: tasting good and doing good. In addition to addressing the nutrition requirements of its consumers, the brand is also giving back to the needy communities. Currently, Hippeas has entered a partnership deal with Farm Africa, a nonprofit that strives to eradicate poverty and hunger in the rural areas of Eastern Africa. A certain percentage of the brand sales will be awarded to chickpea farmers living in Eastern Africa to improve their living standards.

Livio Bisterzo’s incredible career profile

Livio Bisterzo is one of the most accomplished Italian entrepreneur, investor, and dedicated philanthropist. Having attended the celebrated University of the Arts situated in London, Bisterzo has an extensive marketing background. He ventured into the business arena in 2003 by instituting an event business. He knew the trick to remaining relevant even during times of economic downturns is to diversify his portfolio. Thus, he proceeded to develop a dynamic investment portfolio consisting of consumer products, hospitality business, and lifestyle brands.

Bisterzo has managed to expand his business on a global scale. For instance, Kyoku for Men products are present in over 26 nations. Little Miracles, a Danish beverage business gained instant popularity globally barely a year after Bisterzo acquired it. Currently, Bisterzo and his lovely family live in Los Angeles. He launched Green Park Holdings, a premier food innovation company focusing on the ever-evolving nutrition and health sector.