Randal Nardone; The Formidable Force Behind Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is an outstanding and well-decorated financial expert with over thirty years of experience. He is one of the masterminds behind the market leader in the capital and investments industry, Fortress Investment Group. Randal enrolled at Connecticut University for his Bachelor’s degree in Biology and English, then studied law at Boston University. His rich educational background would help him secure a job working as a lawyer for companies like Thatcher Proffitt & Wood and BlackRock Financial.

Randal Nardone then shifted his gear and joined the finance industry. In 1997, he served at UBS as managing director. A year later, he was out for other challenges and this time he would start his own company. Together with Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman, they formed Fortress Investment Group. Randal brought immense experience and skill from his previous working background. He worked as Chief Operating Officer and his main duty was to oversee the venture’s financial and legal matters. Find out more about Randal Nardone at marketscreener.com.

It is at Fortress Investment that Randal Nardone took the mantle on lead operations in the company’s Private Equity division. The department is focused on cash-flow generation from investments made in the Caribbean, Western Europe and, North America. Under his governance, the company has witnessed tremendous growth in revenue accrued from the various investments. In 2013, he was named CEO of Fortress Group and continues to serve in that position till date.

Apart from attaining career and entrepreneurial success, Randal Nardone, has made significant achievements in wealth accumulation. He was ranked at number 557 in Forbes billionaire list having a net worth of $1.8 Billion. In 2017, Softbank Group, a Japan-based multinational group bought Fortress Investment Group. Randal Nardone continued to serve as CEO of the company while still influencing his employees and partners. He is still an active member of the company and also a member of the management committee.

At the age of 51, Randal has achieved considerable success and fortune. Fortress Investment Group remains entirely grateful to Randal for his dedication to grow and see the company rise to unmatched standards.

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Michael Nierenberg’s experience with stocks and interest rates

Anyone that follows financial publications knows about Michael Nierenberg. This is the CEO of New Residential Investment Inc. Apart from that, Michael is the president of the company and also serves as board chairman. One thing that comes to the minds of many people when this executive is mentioned is his vast experience with many financial companies. His career has been about moving from one leading company top another and achieving incredible success. One of the positions that he held for many years is being the head of the mortgage department in those companies.

How he succeeded with Mortgage

When he was tasked with managing the mortgage departments of various companies, Michael Nierenberg came up with multiple strategies that ensured that they earned more income. He put the customers at the center of the plan because he wanted each one of them to get the house of their dreams. In addition to that, he came up with a way of cushioning the companies from the risks posed by the markets and therefore, he became an instant success wherever he worked. Some of his strategies have been adopted by organizations that he never worked with during his career.

His contribution to new strategies

When designing mortgages for customers, Michael Nierenberg also came up with debt refinancing solutions. He knew that unless the clients knew to refinance, they would not get the best out of their mortgages and therefore, they would have problems managing their debts. He designed an education program for his customers that made him understand the things that affect their liabilities. He went ahead to let them know the refinancing options available o them and how they were likely to work to their advantage. This has always been one of his most impactful innovations.

In a nutshell, Michael Nierenberg is a respected executive among the financial players. This position was center when he helped various companies to expand to international markets by establishing new offices and recruiting new employees to take care of the operations of the companies in those new locations. He has helped to boost sales through is a unique approach to the mortgage industry.

For details: ir.newresi.com/CorporateProfile

Stream Energy: Helping The Victims of Natural Disasters

Stream Energy is an emerging energy provider headquartered in Texas. The company has expanded to other states, providing the locals with affordable energy. In recent years, Stream Energy has also focused on philanthropic activities, benefiting the locals who have been heavily affected by disasters. Stream Energy started their philanthropic activities back when the company is only a few years old. They did not have any specific department to handle their philanthropic efforts, but they had to rely on the volunteerism of their employees. As more and more people benefited from the assistance provided by Stream Energy, the company soon launched a separate department that handles all of their philanthropic activities, calling it as Stream Cares.

Stream Cares initially had a few volunteers, but this number grew exponentially as more people wanted to share their expertise on the company’s philanthropic department, helping a lot of people in the process. One of the most memorable events for Stream Cares would be the time during the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. The devastating 2017 hurricane is tied with Hurricane Katrina as the costliest natural disasters in the United States. Many homes were devastated by its high-speed winds, and storm surges inundated the coastal areas of Texas. The inner cities were not spared from the devastation, as Hurricane Harvey caused the rivers to swell, and the flood it created swept away homes and even communities. The city of Dallas was flooded, and billions worth of damages was recorded in the city. Knowing that a natural calamity is destroying their home state, Stream Energy started to mobilize their philanthropic team and sent in as many people as they can to help those who are affected.

Stream Cares came to the rescue, helping those who were trapped above the roofs of their homes. They also gave away food packs and clean water bottles to those who are staying inside evacuation centers. Aside from providing food and water, Stream Energy also provided clothes, blankets, and sanitary products to those who have escaped the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. Through Stream Cares, the company also donated a considerable amount to the American Red Cross.