Todd Levine: One of the Most Respected Lawyers in Florida

There are many law firms operating currently in the United States, but the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. Law Firm stands out because of the number of business clients whom they have represented through the years. Todd Levine is one of the attorneys working with the law firm, and he is satisfied with how he is performing. As an attorney that represents the business sector, it is important for him to gather every detail about the case, and create a strategy that would enable him to create arguments that would protect his client.

Most of the cases that he handled in the past ended in favor of him and most of his clients are happy that they have trusted an attorney like him to handle their cases. Todd Levine is one of the premier lawyers working with the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. Law Firm, and because of the competitive nature of the law firm, they have been awarded some of the highest recognition in the legal services industry.

Todd Levine has been bringing his own ideas to life through merging creativity with logical thinking. When he is not inside the court to represent a client, Todd Levine is busy playing with musical instruments. He is also dedicating some of his time creating artworks, and the combined focus and creativity is helping him transform his mind to better cope with the stress inside the court. When he goes back inside the court as an attorney, it would be easier for him to create strategies that can help him uncover the weaknesses of the opposing party. It can also enable him to point out some flaws on the arguments of the opposing team, much to the delight of his clients.

Todd Levine is also telling his clients about the importance of being prepared, especially if they will be facing the judges inside the court. As an attorney, he would advise his clients to look for pieces of evidence that can help them with the case, and in the end, the results are in their favor. Today, many people are flocking to his law firm and asking him to represent them in court.

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Justice Marco Antonio Marques da Silva Vignette

Justice Marco Antonio Marques da Silva received an honor on 1st April courtesy of PUC-Sao Paulo. Being a Criminal Law professor at Perdizes Campus, a recently build auditorium was named after him to demonstrate the act of honor. The university president, Dirceu de Mello, presided over the cutting edge opening ceremony. He captioned Marco Antonio’s acts of justice as someone who is always available to assist whenever possible. He praised him for spearheading the construction and completion of the modern auditoriums terming the honor as quite appropriate in the process.


Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was born in 1958, at Itapetininga City. At a younger age of around 15 years, Marco Antonio already knew what his passion was in life. Contrary to the popular belief that the younger generation especially in its teens is a confused sheep, not knowing where to actually settle, Marco Antonio proved different in this regard. He made a lifetime decision early enough to design a promising path towards a law career.


In 1977, he started his law degree at PUC and completed in 1981 leading to his historic graduation. It is in Pontifical Catholic University where Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva advanced to masters and doctorate as well as brainstorming a little bit on teaching degrees. He attended a postdoctoral fellowship at Coimbra Faculty of Law in the year 2005. Marco Antonia became a professor based at PUC in 1982. Fast forward into the year 2003, he earned his tenure and still lectures until the recent time.


It was in 1983 when Justice Marcos Antonio Marques da Silva was selected to the State Judiciary. He specialized his skills in Palmeira D’Oeste, Diadema, Monte Alto as well as Sao Paulo counties. He got promotion to the position of a substitute judge in 2002 and successfully rose above the ranks to the coveted status of being in the judge bench at the court of appeal. He has a penchant desire for literary works and is the architect of 13 books and 40 articles. Included in his literary works is the “Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity” where a joint editing between him and Jorge Miranda, the European Law Professor who has a specific focus in the constitutional laws was witnessed.