Military Leadership Leads to Business Success

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James Reese, the owner and founder of TigerSwan brings his experience as a decorated combat leader to the business. His unique experience has proven to be an asset when selecting staff and charting the course for the business. Once referred to as “one of the finest special operators in the modern military” by the Commander of Coalition Forces of Iraq and Afghanistan; it is undeniable that Reese has what it takes to lead TigerSwan while providing a much-needed service for military veterans.

Like many small businesses, the idea of TigerSwan and its business model was born at the kitchen table over coffee. The company is now a respected small business with 300 employees and operations that span the globe. A veteran small business has many challenges that James Reese is determined to get a head of. He acknowledges that the nature of his business requires that he draw from his military experience to provide leadership, guidance and moral support to employees while provided a service to the public.

James Reese fully understands risk and reward. Owning and operating a business is a risk but can yield huge rewards. One area that Reese has identified that can contribute to the success of the business is hiring the right staff. Reese seeks out employees who can see the value in the vision of the company and work towards its growth.

There are several challenges that veterans re-entering civilian life must face. They must adapt their skill set to an ever changing technological world. James Reese had these challenges in mind when he formed tigerSwan. Starting a business is no small feat. In many cases there is limited starting capital and high barriers to entry. One thing that worked in Reese’s favor is that he is classified as a disabled veteran which opened funding opportunities for the new company.

At the time of the formation of TigerSwan, the Department of Defense was seeking out contractors to provide support services. Because of the company’s vision and Reese’s accountability, TigerSwan was awarded a contract which provided the working capital needed to form and ultimately grow the company. Reese reinvested the money from the contract into the business to improve business systems and recruit capable staff.

When in the military, Reese was given come of the military’s best soldiers to lead in the most challenging circumstances but now with his business, he had the task of selecting the best. Along with recruiting capable staff comes compensation. It can be challenging to pay top-notch people a top-notch salary; especially when the business is new. Reese looks for staff who can properly represent the core values of the company and he balances out the lack of experience with ongoing training. Employees who are early in the career are often eager to gain experience and will take advantage of opportunities for training and growth.

For example, Reese recruited an intern to assist with finances. After the completion of the internship, the student was offered a part time opportunity with TigerSwan. The student initially worked on financial tasks. It was dual benefit because the student got the experience and the TigerSwan got a young, innovative employee who was committed to his professional development and the development of the company. With hard work and dedication, the once part time intern now holds and upper management position with the company.

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Todd Levine: One of the Most Respected Lawyers in Florida

There are many law firms operating currently in the United States, but the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. Law Firm stands out because of the number of business clients whom they have represented through the years. Todd Levine is one of the attorneys working with the law firm, and he is satisfied with how he is performing. As an attorney that represents the business sector, it is important for him to gather every detail about the case, and create a strategy that would enable him to create arguments that would protect his client.

Most of the cases that he handled in the past ended in favor of him and most of his clients are happy that they have trusted an attorney like him to handle their cases. Todd Levine is one of the premier lawyers working with the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. Law Firm, and because of the competitive nature of the law firm, they have been awarded some of the highest recognition in the legal services industry.

Todd Levine has been bringing his own ideas to life through merging creativity with logical thinking. When he is not inside the court to represent a client, Todd Levine is busy playing with musical instruments. He is also dedicating some of his time creating artworks, and the combined focus and creativity is helping him transform his mind to better cope with the stress inside the court. When he goes back inside the court as an attorney, it would be easier for him to create strategies that can help him uncover the weaknesses of the opposing party. It can also enable him to point out some flaws on the arguments of the opposing team, much to the delight of his clients.

Todd Levine is also telling his clients about the importance of being prepared, especially if they will be facing the judges inside the court. As an attorney, he would advise his clients to look for pieces of evidence that can help them with the case, and in the end, the results are in their favor. Today, many people are flocking to his law firm and asking him to represent them in court.

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Jingdong Free Range Chicken Farm Is Huge Hit With Consumers

JD.Com has developed a new kinder, gentler way to raise chickens that has produced an amazing array of benefits, from healthier meat to reduction in poverty where the farms are located.

Jd.Com (also known as Jingdong) was well aware that consumers all over the world have been developing a deepening consciousness about the well-being of farm animals. Millions of people love to eat chicken, but they also want to know that the food on their table was raised with humanity.

The standard for decades has been for large factory farms to raise massive numbers of chickens in dark, dank, closed environments crammed with thousands of tiny cages. Chicken entrapped in super-narrow compartments spend their entire lives in windowless buildings, never experiencing sunshine or fresh air, much less being able to simply get up and stretch their legs or flap their wings.

Now the JD.Com “Running Chicken” initiative has changed all that. The Fortune Global 500 company has set up large-scale outdoor and “free range” chicken farms in Wuyi County, Hebei Province. Here chickens spend at least 50% of their lives outdoors under sunshine and fresh air. They get to live like real, happy chickens. They interact with each other, run, flap their wings and get healthy exercise.

The results have been remarkable. It turns out that raising chickens under more natural conditions produces meat that is far lower in saturated fats, thus producing less cholesterol problems in human consumers. The chicken also has been shown to produce superior amount of omega-3 acids, beta-carotene and vitamins A, B and E.

JD.Com also leverages high technology in a fascinating way. For example, each chicken is fitted with a specially-designed tiny pedometer. The goal is to allow each bird to take one million steps during their rearing lives.

Another huge benefit of Jingdong’s Running Chicken program has been much-needed jobs for the people of Wuyi County. Poverty there has been a long-term problem. The free-range farm has provided thousand in dollars-equivalent income for more than 500 families. This has allowed Wuyi County to be removed from China’s list of impoverished locations.

JD-Com’s 300 million active users have also reacted with extreme positivity to the Running Chicken initiative.’s: Twitter.

Aaron Lupuloff Weighs In on Literacy and its Assessment

Aaron Lupuloff on the Evolution of School Environments

Be patient and ask for help. Those are the words of Aaron Lupuloff, the Executive Director of the prestigious Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. The institution is devoted to improving student achievement in addition to shaping the future of the leaders of tomorrow.

Background Information

Founded in 2006, the Gwinnett County Public Schools is a charitable organization devoted to offering its students with viable resources to enhance education in its public schools. The organization is also committed to maintaining its world-class standards of County Public Schools. The Board of Trustees is a direct representative of the group of schools that governs that Foundation. Therefore, it maintains the belief that people should be involved in the community development of education. This is aimed at promoting a healthy and responsible citizen in addition to a great quality of life in the county.

Mission and Vision

The school’s mission is to uphold the international standards of Public County Schools by enhancing a strong internal as well as external relationship between students, scholars, and the community. This has been achieved by providing resources to improve the academic background of students from different walks of life.

Aaron Lupuloff has been supporting students of Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation to acquire education. He also supports their dreams. Globalization has impacted the administration of education in many societies. As such, even the community has been affected when it comes to carrying out their daily activities. The number of illiterate individuals has gradually decreased from 87 % to 14%. In the US only, significant measures have been taken to enhance literacy. However, literacy hasn’t always been acquired or measured the same way from the institutionalization of various schools across the world. Even though they were initially the benchmark of success and achievement, evaluated assessments are currently unpopular. In the US, a country that once heavily relied on assessment has begun to move away from the cut-and-paste benchmarking of educational excellence. This move has been significant in improving the administration of education in the United States. It has also facilitated the administration of new teaching methods in recent years.

Why End Standardized Assessments?

According to youngupstarts, the movement wasn’t only aggravated by the dissatisfaction of students that were sent into the workforce but their need to adapt to new learning styles. As such, it was reiterated that standardized learning hasn’t been imparting creativity in learners. It’s also not about fostering growth or enhancing positive learning. When more students were exposed to this system between 1990 and 2000, more received lower scores.


Aaron Lupuloff is a new manager at the GCPS team. He joined the educational center as the Senior Executive Director in 2015 and has offered support to the organization through charity work. With the help of his wife, Jan, Lupuloff has supported various members of the local community. As such, in 2011, they supported the NHS Foundation Hall of Fame by improving the living standards of the local community.




Isabel dos Santos: Spearheading the Next Revolution in Africa

During the Africa Summit 2019 held in Brussels, Germany, Angolan business leader, Isabel dos Santos disclosed that the competitiveness of African can be improved with the use of technology and education.

Isabel dos Santos also firmly defended this statement during the European Parliament with emphasis on digitizing African as a means of combating the enormous challenges faced. She revealed this as a speaker at the African Summit 2019, which was organized by the European Reformists and Conservatives. This hails as a political group of the European Parliament.

The head of Unitel also revealed that the revolution of mobile telecommunications should be followed by the digital revolution in Africa. In her statement, with time, there would be increasing e-commerce sales and transaction to enable traditional stores to embrace digital banking in Africa.

Santos further singled out urban planning and agriculture as potential areas with technological challenges. She also stated that comfortable public transport and secure and affordable prices were among unresolved issues faced in a host of the African cities.

It is therefore vital for the application of the technology in agriculture and urban planning to the smart African cities to enhance the quality of life while optimizing costs. When referring to the agricultural sector, Isabel dos Santos mentioned her beliefs as a potential area for competition.

According to the entrepreneur, a competitive agricultural sector in Africa will require focusing on top-level agricultural technology which will optimize costs. This will essentially empower the governments and mass populations to embrace new technological concepts.

She is a firm believer that is focusing on technological development in Africa will lead to massive changes in issues relating to continuity and stability for the legal framework. This will, in turn, attract the creation of job opportunities, which is a priority for Africa in terms of retaining young talents.

Isabel dos Santos is listed on the Forbes list as the eight wealthiest people in Africa. She has an impeccable portfolio with over twenty years of experience in different fields. Some of her business interests have touched on various industries such as telecommunications, energy, financing, mining, media production entertainment, and banking.

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Sharon Prince Feels That Open Spaces Communicate

Sharon Prince is the President of Grace Farms. She looks back over her life and thinks of how she has always believed that open spaces can advance good in the world. The builders designed Grace Farms to inspire communication, and to break down the barriers that exist between people. The architecture allows light to flow through 200-plus floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Occupants can access 360-degree views of beautiful land and rolling hills.

The view enables occupants to be completely close to nature The complex offers access to ten native habitats restored by the builders, along with lush meadows and roaming pollinators. There at least 80 sighted bird species. There is a definite relationship between the indoors and outdoors of the complex. Add to this a determined attempt to cultivate feelings of peace in an environment that welcomes everyone.

The designers hired Sanaa who is a Japanese architect. Grace Farms is, in essence, everything to everyone. It is a center for nature, a gym, a hub where social justice groups can meet and communicate a community garden, and many other things. The underlying concept was for a structure that would blend into its surroundings.

Public spaces can be much more than locations that are simply well-designed. Open space architecture is where people and communities can come alive, and where people can feel a definite sense of belonging. The very future of cities and communities may hinge on building effective public and open spaces. Sharon Prince describes Grace Farms as a place where the community can enjoy peace and the wonders of nature.

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Brazil’s JHSF Commemorates Garden City’s First Decade In Paris

JHSF celebrated the first ten years of Garden City’s operations, one of the most luxurious spaces in the Cidade Jardim. Last year, Jose Auriemo Neto and JHSF celebrated its first ever decade of operation in Paris with a lot of personalities attended. A new digital platform was also announced in this party.

Jose Auriemo, the developer of JHSF’s Parque Cidade Jardim, made sure that it will not just be a shopping sector. Four private towers make up the Garden City, where the Cidade Jardim Townhouses are located. JHSF and Jose Auriemo Neto celebrated its inception at The L’Avenue, a fancy restaurant in Paris. In addition to the celebration of the Garden City’s first decade, JHSF also released a digital platform to support its online sales and revealed that the Garden City is on its new phase.

The party was hosted by JHSF’s two prominent figure: CEO and chairman Jose Auriemo and Robert Harley, the chief executive officer of JHSF Malls. A lot of personalities attended the party including Constanza Pascolato, Lala and Gisela Rudge, Sofia Derani, Celina Locks. and Bruno Khouri. Jose Auriemo was joined in the party by his wife Mariana Auriemo.

Garden City was not the only success that JHSF celebrated last year. The company’s Catarina Fashion Outlet, which is already boasting 140 stores and 20 kiosks, added two new international brands. The first brand is the American New Balance, in which it specializes with shoe sportswear. Italian Diesel, a known company for their outstanding fashion and jeans, was also found its new home at the Catarina Fashion Outlet. This collaboration has been a success so far.

JHSF, Brazil’s largest real estate developer produces real estate properties with the highest luxury. It also manages the Fasano Hotel & Restaurants, as well as a corporate business airport. Although it was found in 1972, the company realized its growth potential in the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto.

Jose Auriemo, also known as Zeco Auriemo, is the one responsible for Parque Cidade Jardim. He is currently the leader and the face of the company. He proposed his idea and convinced his father to hear him out. he was successful in convincing his father after a presentation and a ride around Marginal Pinheiros.

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Farming For Grace With Sharon Prince

Grace Farms Foundation was built on the philosophy that space can translate human attributes and establish a diverse platform to advance global positivity and awareness. The above statement is from the company’s president, Sharon Prince. The company is located in Connecticut, New England and consists of 80 acres of land that is free for all visit.

For Earth Day 2019, Grace Farms joined forces with The Nature Conservancy. Together they held expert panel discussions, resource sessions, and other themed programs for the annual Earth Day celebration.

The event at Grace Farms also consisted of family activities, demonstrations, and habitat tours. One of the main attractions at Grace Farms is the bird enclave. More than 70 species of birds can be found there.

The Falcon demonstration that took place in the early afternoon at Grace Farms inspired dialogue during Earth Day 2019. One of the hopes that the foundation had was to provoke face to face interaction amongst people because that type of communication has diminished in this present day.

Grace Farms Foundation was founded during October 2009 by Sharon Prince. She is progressive about nature issues as well as other major issues like child exploiting and human trafficking. Sharon Prince is an advocate for all things positive and constantly invests her time into helping humanity. She hopes that people who attended Earth Day 2019 at Grace Farms went home appreciating nature more and curious to learn more. The Chair and President is just as passionate about anything she puts her time into.

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OSI Group: An American Success Story

Innovation has always been at the forefront at OSI Group. From its humble beginnings in 1909, when German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky opened a family meat market in Oak Park, Illinois, to today’s sprawling corporation ranked number 63 on Forbe’s list of American’s largest private companies in 2018. The company today operates at over 65 facilities in 17 countries with annual revenue of $6.1B. It’s international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois is the center of the action for the corporation which handles meat processing for the retail and food service industries.

The story of OSI cannot be told without the fateful merging with one of the most famous American corporations: McDonald’s. Ray Kroc did not open his first McDonalds until the mid-1950’s but well before he entered into an agreement with the sons of Otto Kolschowsky which eventually led to OSI becoming the first supplier of fresh beef to the fledging behemoth. As McDonald’s took off towards becoming one of the most famous franchises ever developed, Otto& Sons joined the ride and reaped the massive rewards.

Over the next 10 to 20 years, Otto & Sons expanded towards becoming a global entity. This was carefully intertwined with the booming McDonalds. The initial success of the hamburger giant was the consistency it promised with each and every sandwich. Therefore, as Otto & Sons became the global OSI Group, its goal was to provide McDonald’s with the best and most affordable product and stand-out in the busy food supplier business.

OSI continued to explore and became an important food provider all over the world. Through the 1980s and 1990s, expansion moved the company into South America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

More recently, the OSI Group has become a champion of value-added protein products, including pizza, all the while remaining loyal to its hamburger eating base. The OSI Group further expansion, including China, has also led the company to add some non-meat products to its resume.

The OSI Group is an American success story. From humble beginnings to worldwide dominance. The corporation’s story owes itself to being true to its initial values of excellent client relationships, investing in technology and understanding the global market.

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How Mike Nierenberg is changing the investment landscape

For many years, Mike Nierenberg has made investment part of his career. Through his company, New Residential Investment Corporation, he has been showing people how to invest in public real estate. He uses a unique approach to investment, and that is the reason he has been mostly successful. According to information from the company’s website, they try to make changes to the investment process, and these changes have always made it easy for people to invest regardless of the project that they are working on. There are many projects that he has invested in, and he still seeks new investment opportunities.

Passion for helping other investors

Mike Nierenberg has a passion for helping people who want to invest. He loves to show people how to make more money, and this is the reason he frequently talks about this topic. If you follow him through his various online platforms, you will notice that he does not miss an opportunity to educate his followers about investment. He also focuses on the latest investment opportunities because he knows that it is the easiest way through which his audience can invest and make money. In addition to that, he tries to make people see things from a different perspective so that they can understand the magnitude of the investment opportunities at their disposal.

A worldwide audience

Although New Residential Investment Corporation has its headquarters in New York, Mike Nierenberg does not restrict his audience to one location, he has a lot of followers coming from various regions in the world. This is the reason he uses the internet to get to this audience. Most of the time, h will be taking questions from his audience and letting them know the most rewarding opportunities. He focuses on real estate, but he also advises people who want to invest in other opportunities.

New Residential Corporation became an independent publicly trading company in 2013, and Mike Nierenberg took over as its leader. It had been a subsidiary of another company, Newcastle Investment Group. Through this company, many people have learnt how to make money by investing in various opportunities.

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