How to get Funds from Venture Capitalists with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is known with many titles. He is a businessman, entrepreneur and most importantly a venture capitalist. He is currently based in Dallas, Texas where he manages a diversified portfolio.

He is currently serving as the chief executive officer and chairman of a company called Timber Creek Capital. Some of his most ventures can be found in the telecommunication industry, and they include Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom, and Blue Jay Wireless. He also has some interests in the real estate industry.

There is a point in life where you cannot go any further without the help of outside investors, and this is where Marc Sparks comes in. Before he can fund your project, there are some unique features that Marc looks at, and they include:

Unique services. Marc Sparks says that for you to receive the funds of venture capitalists, your product must be unique. Venture capitalist look for a product that will easily return their investment and a product that is not easy to replicate.

Your product should have sales data. Venture capitalists are looking for an effort. They want to see effort and not just ideas and empty words. They look into things like whether you have invested some of your funds before seeking external funds.

Always have a clear cut strategy. Marc Sparks insist that for you to receive funds from venture capitalists, you should have a strategy in your mind all the time. This includes a sound business idea at all times. He insists that presentations determine whether you will receive the funds that you are looking for.

According to Marc Sparks, failing in school is not the end of life. He believes that regardless of your grade, you can still make it in life. As for him, he acquired a C during his school days. He uses this as an example and has even edited a book using his life as an example. The book is called they can’t eat you.

After doing business, Marc gets involved in some philanthropic works. His greatest efforts have come with the Samaritan Inn that happens to be a shelter for the homeless.

He has been involved with this facility for over three decades now. He has also been involved with other institutions such as the Habitat for Humanity where he has helped build homes.