The life and career of Dubai’s real estate titan and DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is Dubai’s real estate titan and the owner of the globally recognized DAMAC properties. He started this real estate company in 2002 to cater for the growing need of foreigners looking to settle and own property in the region. Soon after starting the company, the DAMAC owner landed a lucrative deal to construct a luxury apartment 38 stories tall. This is how the self-billionaire began to change the Dubai skyline. A metropolis now synonymous with skyscrapers was just another city before Mr. Sajwani started building. He had a vision for the city, a vision that saw it grow to a global business, real estate, and holiday hub.

A life of achievements

Despite coming from a humble background, Mr. Sajwani has had a lot of success in his business life. He started his career at GASCO where he was hired as a contract manager. He went ahead to start a catering business in1982 which over the years has been very successful. Catering aside as real estate is where he shines. Since Hussain started his real estate company in 2002, he has managed to complete over 20,000 projects successfully. Most of these projects were luxury residential buildings. His most notable projects include the Tiger Woods conceptualized golf course that will be done in collaboration with the Trump Organization; the Fendi interiors luxury villas, apartments and cottages; and the Italian fashion house, Versace interior luxury apartments.

The ‘Donald of Dubai’

The businessman, Hussain Sajwani is a close of the real estate tycoon and U.S. President, Donald Trump. The two are always seen hanging out together during family and business gatherings. It is this close friendship between Sajwani and the U.S. president, Donald Trump that has earned him the nickname, ‘Donald of Dubai.’


Now a self-made billionaire, Sajwani uses part of his wealth for philanthropy and to promote good courses across the world. His philanthropic efforts have been acknowledged across the globe. The DIMAC owner recently made an AED two million to the underprivileged children dressing operations around the world. He has also made generous contributions to other philanthropic organizations for different courses.

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Time for Change is Now! Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner Speaks

Born in the United Arab Emirates in 1953, Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC properties as well as its current chairperson. DAMAC properties is an investment company focused on property and real estate.

In 2017, DAMAC properties was the world top most company that has grown tremendously while DAMAC Owner was named number 4 millionaire in the world by Forbes. His net worth is approximately $4.5 billion.

Struggle for existence surpasses Survival for the Fittest Hussain Sajwani in his recent speech on “An Opportunity to embrace Impactful Change.”

DAMAC Owner terms the phrase an impossibility. Since the world is ever-changing and change is inevitable. Change comes with challenges though which need to be addressed systematically. But it also possesses opportunities for growth.

Hussain Sajwani attributes the society’s change in behavior to great innovations and inventions in science and technology. He comments the societies and people for embracing emerging technology. Since they are a play a crucial role in providing global order.

He confirms that there are uncertainties on food security, socio-economic disparities, climate change and more. According to Hussain Sajwani, they are the major challenges hindering not only prosperity but also peace. He feels the ongoing transformations in socio-economic behavior in technology will be a major solution.

He further states that the middle east should be at the forefront of this transformation. Especially the youth and teenagers between the age of 15 and 29. The prominent DAMAC Owner says that EAU is the center of global politics. It’s human, geographical and natural resources makes them a global point of focus.

Hussain Sajwani is proud of the middle east population which stands at an approximate 400 million. He says that 25% of this population under the age of 25. Also, 40% of the oil reserve of the world’s oil is sourced from the middle east. A passenger traffic serving as an international terminal is indeed God sent.

He finishes his speech by saying the time for change is now. The time for self-empowerment is now, and everybody should rise. The rich and the poor, young and old and embrace the technological innovations. This will not only shape the Middle East but will highly contribute to prosperity globally and peace.