How Steve Lesnard Became a Global Success in Sports Marketing

Those who follow sports may be familiar with the name Steve Lesnard. His success led to him being a top executive at one of the top athletic brands ever to exist. His experience in the the world of sports, as well as the connections he has made, has given him the edge with all things sports and anything related to shopping for sports.

What is his customer looking for when they are shopping for sports related items? What do they want to experience as the consumer? Thankfully, Steve Lesnard realized that his knowledge could be enhanced by reviewing data and marketing research that gives him the inside scoop into this information.

Technology has a lot to do with how brands expand these days. Technology, as well as data come together for the benefit of your consumer. This is true regardless of who they are. He knows that there are some things that never change, and this is true for building relationships.

Steve’s early life was spent split between two countries. One of three children, his family would live part-time in Corsica, spending the other portion of the year in Paris. It gave him a strong cultural connection, with shopping opportunities on nearly every corner. He was drawn to certain games during his childhood, and it was his values that he paired with gaming to create challenging and interesting games for others.

Sports was a big part of his life, and his love for sports, games, and his connection to shopping as he grew up would prep him for what would later become a lifetime of success in his business. When he got older, he decided it was time to attend business school in order to learn more about the world around him and how it would function in business.

Steve Lesnard had a great example, born to a hardworking mother and father. They instilled solid values in his life early on, including a strong work ethic, as well as integrity. It looks like it paid off for a successful career.