Teach to One Helps Children Learn Math

Teach to One is a digital learning platform that helps middle school educators teach math. The product has been quite successful so far in its primary purpose of raising math skills and has also allowed many students to better structure their time and be more productive.

A customized approach

Students interact with Teach to One through computers, and information on each student’s learning habits are gathered. The algorithms then help each student’s classroom teacher create a customized approach for each learner. Children learn best in different ways, so Teach to One might recommend direct instruction to one student, for example, and a group-learning approach for another student in the same class.

Furthermore, because Teach to One is available online, children can learn at home as well as at school, meaning that their parents can become active and involved participants. Teach to One eliminates the need for the bulky and expensive textbooks of the past that had to be lugged between school and home and were often lost. The platform is available anywhere, reports by washingtonpost.com

Teachers like Teach to One because it frees them up from planning and enables them to spend more time helping those children who need it. The platform comes with thousands of lessons and exercises, and these are all assigned to students as they need them. Collaborative teaching opportunities with educators all over the planet are available through Teach to One as well.


According wordpress, Teach to One provides fast and friendly feedback to learners. Students earn badges, do bonus exercises and also get data back on how they are spending their time. The result is enhanced motivation and productivity. Instead of 30 students being taught the same lesson the same way, each child now is now moving at their own pace and being given exactly the type of instruction they need.

In conclusion, Teach to One is not about replacing fact-to-face education; it’s about giving both students and teachers the tools they need to succeed. Teachers certainly aren’t replaced by computers with Teach to One.